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I’m trying to get jack done so here’s finally settled on Gem Lance and Keith’s fusion design Charoite.

Even taller beanpole, got that zip up collar and ultimate mullet. Also their weapon is like a double headed spear but the zip up collar is the true focus here.

(( Holy hell, y’all

One year ago, when DiU was airing and I was starting to get more into Jojo’s, I happened across some blogs with cute JJBA art. And then some more. And then some more. Dailies, Badlydrawns, askblogs… a whole fun little community, tucked away in a corner I hadn’t noticed. And I thought: Hey, I’ve been drawing a fair bit of JJBA lately. Why not give a blog a go? It’ll be good art practice, right?

One year, 1200+ posts(!), 6.9gb of art(!!), and over 1260 followers(!!!) later… Yeah, it’s been good practice, past-self. Thanks for taking the leap, and keeping it up all this way. We’ve come pretty far.

And none of it would have happened without all of you. I’m gonna have some specific shout-outs under the cut, but first, let me just say thank you. To everyone who’s sent asks, added notes, or even reached out to my awkward little self with friendship and messages… You’ve definitely made this past year more special. Wherever the future may lead, I’m incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for accompanying me this far. 

Seriously, thank you.

Keep smiling, my lovelies. ))

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Can't help but think how merformer Prowl and a human would meet. Human would be doing laundry in the river (like how they did before, ya know) and is really serious and diligent in doing their task. Later on for some reason Prowl springs his head up from the deep side of the river, and when human sees him. They just stare at each other. Like. Okay. Howdy creature of the deep.

Imagine the human losing a scarf or something and having it be carried down by the river, only for it to reappear moments later, carried by a large, river dwelling merformer.  The human is speechless as this creature of legend (that they had been previously unaware actually existed before this moment) stares down at them with an unreadable expression.  Finally the creature speaks as he hands them back their scarf.  

“Please keep better track of you clothes.  I don’t want to have to keep fishing them out of the river.”

Little does the human know that this is actually Prowl’s version of flirting. 

this one time I was standing with my parents and some random old dude asked my dad if I was his 2nd wife. my face was 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧like srsly do I look that old 😪
I was low key angry 😡 but I laughed it off even tho It was weird as hell ☹️

I just saw a legit news article titled “zodiac sing that’s most likely to be gay” 

can you imagine only one zodiac sign makes you gay?? all gays are born within the same 30 days and celebrate their birthday together. the article says it’s gemini so… maybe that’s why pride month is in june



Okay so because I am *complete trash* and a meme I decided to make this…. whatever *this* is 😂

A huge thanks to @naijahra for giving me the courage to post this and for being the smollest of beans

I tag these beans:










I can’t get over the Bucky leading an army in Wakanda thing because this pretty much means he’s gonna be fresh out of cryo in this movie so I’m just picturing T’Challa walking into that lab, slamming that mf defrost button, and handing Bucky a shotgun like “wakey wakey white boy time to pay your fucking dues” 

Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.

Roger Rabbit: “ Toons are supposed to make people laugh.”

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i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate