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Happy New Year! Thank you for offering doodles! How about the Tenth Doctor's New Year's enthusiasm juxtaposed with Alec Hardy's complete lack of it?

…Happy New Year?

ViVi Magazine January issue - Kyungsoo cuts, part one

Staff: Full of thoughtfulness; he would go around the staff present, asking them to please share in his chocolate. Always open and in a good mood, but refuses to talk (laughs). He can be quite playful too!

Kyungsoo about other members:

1. Who sleeps the most? Jongin. He has a special ability. It’s like if he’s sitting, he’ll be sleeping. 

2. Who eats the most? Baekhyun. Everyone eats well but Baekhyun is building his body lately.

3. The most impatient? Chanyeol. That’s why I have to always ask him slow down. I’d rather be relaxed.

4. The member who burns hottest? Chanyeol. All the members are manly, but Chanyeol is even passionate in his private life. 

5. The member who cries most easily? No one lately. The ones who just don’t cry are Jongdae and myself.

6. Who has the best muscles? Baekhyun. He’s been training very hard lately. I’d rather not.

7. Who is the most attentive? Chen is someone who is always concerned and considerate of others. He has a lot to teach.

Mentions by other members: 

Xiumin: Who has the best muscles? Everyone but D.O. (laughs). Maybe because he isn’t working out right now but he has a cute tummy, like a little kid’s. 

Sehun: Which member is the most organized? D.O. He will often clean up after our messes. It’s in his personality.

Chanyeol: D.O. will sort his apps and worry over details.

Chen: Who is the most attentive? He is very sensitive/detail-oriented and is guaranteed to be looking after others. I am fond.

[Kyungsoo’s voice is…]

Xiumin: Trendy.

Baekhyun: Soft and calming.

Chen: Soft like a cloud.

Suho: Gray because it’s not just deep and warm, but has a clear and young tone too. If it were a food, maybe it’d be ice cream with a sweet topping?

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But listen— underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi.

Maybe it’s dramatic, where Dazai lets himself fall into the ocean and Atsushi jumps after him, two bodies plunging into the water; Atsushi’s hands grappling the lapels of an all-too-familiar trench coat in order to bring the elder up to the surface, but the response he gets are Dazai’s own hands framing his face, dark eyes fixing him an unreadable stare before there were lips on his, long and slow, and Atsushi feels like suffocating for a whole different reason.

Maybe it’s playful, where they’re taking long walks on the beach, barefooted and with the sun descending over the horizon; Atsushi takes his eye off Dazai to admire the view for a few minutes and sure enough, the moment he looks back to where Dazai stood, the man has already moved to the sea, waist-deep. Atsushi chases after him and is about to say something about Dazai’s latest attempt at submersion when Dazai turns around, a deceptively sweet grin on his face, and Atsushi finds himself being pulled into the sea by Dazai beneath him. A small peck is delivered to Atsushi’s lips before they submerged, and Atsushi is ready to question Dazai’s action but he is caught off-guard by the melodious chuckle that escapes from Dazai’s mouth, the water droplets dripping from his brown hair, and the way the sunset’s light falls upon the man.

Maybe it’s something else entirely, where Atsushi is the one drowning, fighting to swim up, and there’s hands pulling him towards the land. A coughing and panting Atsushi comes face-to-face with Dazai, both drenched. After making sure that Atsushi is okay, Dazai says something along the lines of, “I have passed up a chance to do suicide, so you better make it up with either a kiss or a suicide with me, Atsushi-kun,” and his tone is light, allowing Atsushi to escape if he wants, but Atsushi doesn’t, not after what Dazai’s done, and so Atsushi surges forward, presses his lips against Dazai’s, and it’s not exactly an underwater kiss but—it’s enough. It’s always more than enough.

Just. Underwater kisses between Dazai and Atsushi. 

Give me Damian being excited for Christmas. Give me Damian not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve, because underneath his hard shell and biting words, he’s still a child. Give me Damian sitting on the couch with Jason, who suffers from terrible insomnia, at one in the morning, trying to guess what the presents are. Give me Damian and Jason eating cookies and drinking milk, debating on if they should open the presents or not at two in the morning. Give me Bruce waking up and walking into Damian and Jason’s scheming and putting a stop to it because “you need to wait till morning.” before going back to bed. Give me Damian staying awake while Jason fell asleep on the couch, then waking him up at six in the morning, just two hours after Jason fell asleep, so he can help Damian wake everyone else up. Give me Tim grumbling while he makes coffee, Dick and Steph bouncing to the couch, Cass and Duke helping Alfred get trash bags ready for all the wrapping paper that’s soon to be on the floor. Give me Damian waiting impatiently by the tree, because Bruce still isn’t up yet. Give me Jason and Bruce having a civil conversation before they go into the living room, and Bruce tells Jason that he loves him. Give me Jason telling Bruce he loves him back. Give me a happy Christmas for Bruce and his family.

What's the fun in That?

Prompt: “You could say you’re sorry you know.” “Now what’s the fun in that?”

Relationship: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

Date Finished/ 12/31/16

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea so yeah. Go ahead and send in some requests for me to write, I’d love for my readers to be happy with my writing instead of just guessing. (Maybe some New Years prompts WHO knows?)

“What the Hell?” You mumbled groggily as you reach out to where Bruce should be sleeping but instead found the cold empty sheets. “God dammit Bruce.”

You slowly get up, pulling on your robe as you walk to the entrance of the batcave knowing that’s where you’d find Bruce at this time of night. Sure enough when you went downstairs and entered the cave, Bruce sat staring at the bat computer.

“You know, I go to sleep with you expecting you to be there when I wake up.” You said sarcastically crossing your arms and approaching him.

“I had work to do.” He mutters not looking away from the screen.

“Like what? Everyone’s in Arkham, and I’m sure the boys can handle a couple muggers and rapists.” You assured him. “I would know because I stayed up waiting for you all last week while you put their asses into Arkham.”

You took a seat on his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “What I’m trying to say is give yourself a break, and come to bed before I make you sleep on the couch.”

“One second dear.” He says typing away on the computer.

“That’s it you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight.” You laugh getting off of his lap only to be pulled back onto it by strong arms grabbing your waist.

“Oh dear, however will I be allowed to sleep in our cozy bed with my beautiful spouse?” He mumbles into your neck lovingly.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry.” You say giving him a playful look.

“Now what’s the fun in that?” He says playfully.

“Bruce Wayne, better yet the Batman, having fun?” You say laughing. “My god I must’ve broken you.”

“Now if anything you’ve completed me.” He says picking you up and carrying you to your bedroom . “and I’m sure I can take a night off of work.”

“Good. The bags under your eyes are starting to look like they belong in a Coach store.”

Let's Play a Game

I need some followers who actually know their dog’s breed(s) and would like to submit a few images for people to guess the breed(s).

Please caption your submission with “Guess the Breed,” include the breed so I can reveal the answer later, and make sure you share body shots, ears, tail, & and a description with height, weight, and personality.

This will probably be a once a day thing for fun, the answer will be posted later the same evening.

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Well, i guess you’ve nothing to worry about since the only ones who are being slaughtered, massacred and murdered are Muslims while you’re sitting all safe in your fancy country not knowing a goddamn thing about the world and coming to my inbox anonymously like a 9-year-old to start shit. go back to sleep child.       

You crawl out of bed, blinking in the sudden, bright sunlight that streams in through your window. What time is it? No, more importantly, what day is it? How late did you go to sleep last night?

And then, you hear it, the sounds of a cheery acoustic guitar drifting down the corridor outside of your room.

“Are we ready for a productive day, Desert Bluffs?”

You, understandably, scream. 

Seventeen Reaction To Their S/O Sleeping Butt Naked

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

Seungcheol: *Very confused and slightly happy*

Jeonghan: Mhhm.. Yeah.. *Staring at their body*

Joshua: *Very happy about this*

Jun: Hey baby guess who isn’t sleeping tonight..

Soonyoung: *Very very very happy about this new arrangement*

Jihoon: *Doesn’t even notice/care*

Wonwoo: *smiley bum*

Seokmin: *Screaming*

Mingyu: go put some clothes on m8 *not today satan*

Minghao: *Happy asf*

Seungkwan: *Makes the face*

Vernon: *Happy with this*

Dino: *not so innocent maknae*

So,  @my-mind-palace-blog tagged all trans followers so here u go:

Nickname: None

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Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: technically pansexual but?? idc
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Favorite colors: All
Favorite animals: oh god don’t make me choose
Time right now: 2:15 am
Cat or dog person: both but I’m allergic to cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: Everyone on Skam and the walking dead 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favorite Singer/Band: …………………..
Dream trip: I really just want to stay living in New York forever but i guess Norway
Dream job: Artist or someone who helps children out of abusive situations
Current number of followers: 384
When did your blog reach its peak: Idk
Date: 1/14/17
How many blogs do I follow: 1,916
Do I get asks regularly: NOPE 
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You better run, better run, better run, yeah I’m coming after you
When you’re sleeping at night, yeah there’s nothing you can do
There’s no place you can hide ‘cause I’m coming after you ~


Okay let me explain. First off, new favorite song, I am going to draw so many things to this so watch out.

Second, AU where Travis is a serial killer who hides his actual face with a gasmask.

and MM belongs to @vindell-lledniv ~


“Wh- who are you!?”
“Shhh… you okay? How’s your head?”
“Uhhh… okay I guess, I just… what’s going on!?”
“No time to explain, I’m here to get you out of here!”
“Wait… is this Cadmus!? Are… are you… are you Jeremiah Danvers!?”
“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mr. Danvers. My name is detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD… also, kinda, I’m marrying your daughter in 3 days.”

#yoonjin #SO CUTE #guess who is going to be coming down with a minor ailment (something not too horrible and embarrassing vereeeeery soon) #maybe some minor allergies #trouble sleeping #maybe he needs some vitamins #i don’t know i’d think of something anything and i know yoongi will too #adorable adorable adorable #bts fanfic rec #bangtan ruins lives

(this is what happens when @fuckmybiaslist’s tags are so funny, they inspire me to write something. sequel to Caramel Macchiato)

Sure enough, Yoongi has to ask Jimin to cover for one of his night shifts again, not because Jimin teased Yoongi again over his little crush, but because Yoongi actually caught a cold. In Yoongi’s defense, he had to juggle senior year of college with a part-time job and a music hobby, so he doesn’t get to sleep much. (He won’t ever admit that the few hours of sleep he does try to get are somehow occupied by ridiculously sappy thoughts of a particular cute pharmacist.)

So, with an enormous grey scarf wrapped around half of his face as a makeshift mask, a thick black coat (“you look like a walking garbage bag”, Hoseok, his roommate, said through a laughing fit, and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to throw a pillow right at his face) and a matching grey beanie, Yoongi makes a walk of shame to the nearest pharmacy for some cold medicine. And, yes, as fate would have it, it’s the very same pharmacy where the very cute Kim Seokjin happens to work.

“Hi, how may I- oh. Um. Hi there.” Seokjin says upon seeing Yoongi in his disheveled, black-and-grey-cocoon state. “You’re from the coffee shop nearby, right? Everything okay?”

Yoongi pulls his beanie further over his ears to hide the fact that they’re probably turning red, and not just because of the cold. “Uh, yeah. Caught a cold, s’all.”

Seokjin tsks as he shuffles over to a shelf. “Well, I warned you, didn’t I. Finals?”

Yoongi nods, then remembers Seokjin has his back facing him, so he adds, “Yeah. And, you know, the job. At, uh, the coffee shop.“

"Oh, right. Here you go,” Seokjin says as he turns around, setting a small box of medicine down on the counter. “Remember to take these twice a day: one in the morning and one at night. And by the way-” is that Yoongi’s cold getting affecting his eyesight, or is Seokjin blushing - “that caramel macchiato you made last time? One of the best coffees I’ve ever had.”

At those words, Yoongi feels warm all over. “Oh, um, thanks.  Well, speaking of coffee-” Yoongi coughs, and his hands are balled into fists as he forces the words out, “Do you wanna grab one sometime?”

Seokjin’s mouth forms a small “o”, and it takes all of Yoongi’s willpower not to scream at the adorable sight. “What, you mean for me to drop by at the café again? I mean, yeah, sure, since I was planning to go back there later today anyways.”

Yoongi really wants to bang his head against the counter, but he spares himself from any further physical pain. He opts for squeezing his eyes shut instead. “No, uh, I mean, onadate?”

“What? Your scarf-”

Yoongi yanks his scarf down and yells (but his throat’s sore, so it really comes out as a croak), “Will you go out with me?!”

There’s a stunned silence, and Yoongi’s starting to regret leaving the house, or maybe being born. Then, the silence breaks as the store fills with laughter. Yoongi thinks he’s never heard anything more splendid in his life. “Goodness, you’re so cute. Sure! But shouldn’t I know the name of the person asking me out first?”

“Uh, Y-Yoongi. Min Yoongi,” he says, taking the opportunity while he’s sniffling to cover the stupid smile on his face with his scarf. “I’ll meet you here then? When I’m better, I mean.”

Seokjin continues to giggle. “Of course, when you’re better. See you then, Yoongi-sshi?” Yoongi gives a curt nod and promptly darts out the door.

“Wait! Yoongi-sshi, your medicine!”

Needless to say, when Yoongi arrives home (with his medicine, luckily) and shares the story with his roommate, Hoseok doubles over in laughter.

“Oh my god… what did you say his laughter sounded like again?”

“Dude, I’m serious. It was like… auditory rainbows.”

“Good God, Yoongi, I think you’re delirious from that cold of yours. Since when were you this cheesy?!”

Yoongi simply shrugs, smiling to himself as he looks at his bag of cold medicine.

(untitled moon lovers post)

While I thought I covered everything I wanted to discuss in my finale post about Moon Lovers… guess who discovered she still had something to say while she was going to sleep last night? #me #nevershuttingup #pleasestopme

I only really have two-three extra things to say. They’re passing observations.

  • King Gwangjong and Queen Daemok

Towards the later years of Gwangjong’s rule, historians say that he grew more and more suspicious about those around him (also in part because many of those who were close to them betrayed him and such). It’s why he killed off his relatives, including Wang Yo’s son Prince Kyeongcheonwon and Wang Mu’s son Prince Heung Hwa. He even doubted his own son, future Gyeongjong (Wang Joo).

And it’s interesting to see how in Moon Lovers, it’s not much because of paranoia that Wang So distances himself from his son. He just thinks that like his mother, the oh-so-ambitious Hwangbo Yeonhwa, that his son is the same. Both of them are ‘hiding’ their true faces behind masks, and he knows one day that they may strike at Gwangjong. 

It’s a possibility since Gwangjong is making changes that upset the noble clans because it was taking away their power. Like I discussed in my Gwangjong post, Gwangjong eventually implemented a law to emancipate the slaves–and it was something that Queen Daemok also tried to stop, like the noble clans. This is seen in the drama, and it is an act that weakens the power of the noble clans.

While Gwangjong does this to consolidate his throne, Yeonhwa also suspects that it has to do with Hae Soo, the one girl he could not forget. And yes, part of it is. Years later, Wang So could very much feel guilty about the events that transpired between him and Soo, and while everyone played a part in that tragedy… Wang So still deeply misses and loves Hae Soo. 

Thinking of her time as a musuri and watching her struggle, he could’ve very much empathized with the plight of the slaves. But more than that, I think the weight of what happened with Chaeryung also deeply affects Wang So, since a lot of their fights and ‘falling apart’ happened after Chaeryung. It was one of the events that eventually drove Hae Soo away. Hae Soo says that Chaeryung’s only crime was that she was born a slave. And that is true. Chaeryung was a slave who was caught between larger systems of power since the day she was born, and deprived her of her own autonomy. In her limited standpoint, she only had the option of being used by those who were above her–Wang Won and Wang Wook, respectively. 

Gwangjong really hits two birds with one stone here–he attempts to repent for his mistakes that made in the past with Hae Soo, as well as protect and consolidate his throne.

I also don’t know if you guys noticed, but Gwangjong is actually using ‘formal language’ while he talks with Yeonhwa here. This is something that he didn’t do before, but probably now does because it follows the etiquette of the time. While the kings were in higher power, they still used formal language with their queens. Furthermore, my mother once told me that during the Joseon Dynasty (and this probably also applies to the kingdoms that came before–Goryeo, and the Three Kingdoms), married couples used formal language with one another. I assume that this would’ve been more widely done among royalty and noble families, so I can’t speak to if commoners practiced this or not. However, formal language was probably used as a sign of respect. 

Growing up, I’ve seen many Korean families, and I can only remember one family where the couple continued to speak formally to one another. (I don’t know if anyone cares but I also know that actor Song Il Guk said that he also used formal language with his wife; seeing his interactions with his wife on the variety show, The Return of Superman, I think formal language also makes us think of how language can influence the way we behave (like if I use formal language, that somehow makes me want to act more respectfully)…. but I’m veering off my point.) 

I just thought it was interesting how there’s a changed dynamic between Gwangjong and Yeonhwa in terms of the way they’re speaking to each other.

  • Narrator Shift 

This is just something I’ve thought about. But I found it interesting that after Hae Soo dies, Baek Ah sort-of becomes the new narrator. 

He’s the one left in Goryeo that is still tied with everyone else, and has remained quite neutral among all of his brothers and maintained good relationships with all of them, even if he was Wang So’s person. Much like Hae Soo, he seems like that sort of neutral character, who could never really intervene into much. 

What a pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Honestly. Baek Ah, the unsung hero of Moon Lovers. I cry myself to sleep because of this kid

  • Friendly Reminder that Wang So enjoys hawk hunting the most 

idk why this is important

but i think it is 


wang so likes hawks idk why but that makes me want to cry??? 

yeah i’m done


Anthony Ramos x Reader 
Words: 1194
Anon: A platonic request for Anthony x reader where he’s introducing them to his girlfriend for the first time.  

hey! i wasn’t planning on posting anything but guess who’s being organised? YOU GUESSED IT IT’S ME… just kidding. i’m not organised at all.

MOving on. I had an audition last night for a musical theatre program which was really cool! Then i had work today which was basically me just being half asleep the entire day and screaming internally. How are you guys all going?

I feel like i had a point to this authors note. Apparently not. Well, im going to go to sleep now because i’m home alone and exhausted, so i will most likely see you all again on tuesday! or maybe monday afternoon. Enjoy! 
Requests are open! Also, if you guys ever wanna say hi, please don’t hesitate! I really like talking to you all!



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“Anthony, I don’t know why you’re so nervous. You get up and perform in front of over a thousand people eight times a week, this should be easy.”

Anthony shrugged, smiling at some fans as you both walked into the Richard Rodgers. “I don’t have to see those people every day of my life. You’re my roommate and my best friend. If I disappoint you, I can’t escape it.”

“How is introducing me to your girlfriend disappointing me down in any way?” You asked, raising your eyebrow at him.

“Well, I mean…”

“Ant, I’ve heard so many amazing things about her. I’ve watched you guys perform together. If anything, I should be nervous. You’re presenting me with talent and beauty and I’m presenting her a mess,” You joked, nudging him playfully.

“You’re not a mess,” Anthony replied, rolling his eyes.

“I snorted milk out of my nose because I was laughing hard at a sexual innuendo,” You replied. “If that isn’t what someone who’s a mess would do, I don’t know what is.”

“Come on (Y/N), it was one time! You have to give yourself credit for all the times you’ve succeeded,” Anthony replied, heading up the stairs. You followed close behind.

“You mean like the time I found twenty dollars on the ground and then got attacked by a squirrel?” You asked. “Yeah, big success.”

“You’re just giving me all the bad examples,” Anthony replied, pouting. “Am I gonna have to push you down the stairs again?”

“See, that would be another one of my flaws. I’m unbalanced and often fall down stairs at your workplace. Maybe you guys should invest in an elevator,” You stated, groaning as you neared the top of the stairs.

“I have nothing to do with the way the building was made. Talk to the big man, he’ll have answers for you,” Anthony replied.

“The big man in the sky?” You asked.

“No, the big man who wrote Hamilton. Lin,” Anthony replied, stopping and turning to look at you as you both reached the top of the stairs. “You’re really not on your game today, are you?”

“Am I ever?” You asked, poking your tongue out at Anthony who face palmed.

“Remind me why I chose to live with you,” He mumbled, heading knocking on the door and heading into the dressing room.

“Let’s see… cheap rent, cool roommate, great view…”

“I thought the roommate was a mess.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, that too. Obviously one of the better points.”

“Of course,” Anthony replied, looking around the dressing room.

“Well, it seems to me that this room is pretty empty. Unless your girlfriend is a cushion… that reminds me! Great cushions! Another incredible reason why you live with me.”

“Stop being silly. This is serious,” He whined, rubbing his face in frustration.

“Aw, is curly annoyed because he can’t find his friend with benefits?”

“You know she’s more than that, and stop calling me curly!” Anthony put his bag down on the couch. You went to copy his actions, raising your eyebrow when he stopped you. “That’s Jasmine’s spot. You can’t put your bag there.”

“You put your bag in my spot all the time. In fact, the reason I’ve been sleeping on the couch is because my bed is covered in your folded clothes!”

“Shush. Follow me.” Anthony grabbed your wrist, pulling you back down the stairs.

“Are we gonna have to walk back up the stairs? Because my legs are already burning and I just don’t know if I have the-“

“Oak! Have you seen Jasmine?” Anthony asked, stopping when he saw his friend. You ran into his back, groaning slightly.


“Pretty sure she’s having some adjustments made on her Maria dress. Basement,” Oak replied.

Anthony smiled at Oak, starting to move down the stairs at full speed. He continued to drag you behind him, stopping when you both arrived in the basement. He smiled wide, dropping your hand and bolting towards a girl in a red dress. You stood back anxiously, watching as he embraced her tightly before being told off by the costume designer. You laughed, covering your mouth when they both turned to look at you.

Anthony cleared his throat, glancing at the spot in front of him and Jasmine. Your eyes widened with realisation as you moved closer to the couple.

“(Y/N), I’d like you to meet Jasmine. Jasmine, this is (Y/N),” Anthony said, the smile not leaving his face. You took Jasmine’s hand, shaking it gently.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jasmine. I’ve heard so much about you, and I’ve seen you perform a few times too. That note you hit in Say No To This kills me every time,” You said, raising your eyebrow slightly. “Sorry, I sound like a fangirl.”

“No! That’s really cute honestly. Thank you. I’ve heard a lot about you too. Anthony says you’re on Broadway too?”

“Yeah! Well, I’m not as important as you two obviously, I’m just a chorus member in Waitress,” You said, shrugging. “It’s nothing, honestly.”

“Are you kidding me? That’s incredible!” Jasmine replied, smiling. “I love that musical so much! The pies all look so real; I get so hungry whenever I see promo pics.”

“Speaking of being hungry, I need to go eat something before I go to work. Working around those pies is even harder than seeing pictures of them. I have to break the no eating in the dressing rooms rule so often, it’s not even funny,” You replied, smiling at the thought. “Everyone does it honestly.”

“Oh, of course. It’s the same here. Well, except usually with coffee. Which is liquid, so I don’t know if that is exactly food but…”

“Babe, you’re getting a bit off topic,” Anthony said, kissing her forehead lightly.

“Well, I’m allowed to! (Y/N) is cool and we’re gonna be best friends, right?” Jasmine said, turning from Anthony back to you.

“Right! Except, let’s ignite this friendship after the show tonight because I really need to run. Maybe you can come back to ours after the show and we can talk a little more?” You suggested, checking the time on your watch.

“I thought you said I couldn’t bring anyone back on show nights,” Anthony said, raising his eyebrow.

“Well, Jasmine is cool so it’s okay. Plus, I’m going to have time to take a nap before the show, therefore I will be energized by the time we finish work,” You said, shrugging. “Anyway, I really have to go.”

“Of course! You’ve got your key for after the show, right?”

“Uh, hopefully. If not, you’ll get back eventually and I can get in when you do.”

“You’re so unorganized sometimes,” Anthony mumbled, rolling his eyes. He left Jasmine’s side, hugging you quickly. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Tonight,” You replied, turning to Jasmine. “It was super nice meeting you Jazz, I hope I can call you that by the way. Break a leg tonight and hit that note like an absolute queen!” Jasmine laughed, hugging you tightly.

“Go pretend to eat some pie!” She replied, letting you go. You smiled, waving to the couple and leaving the Richard Rodgers theatre.

I guess tumblr fucked up RIP repost

I kinda made this one hella long since i didn’t write anything for like a week lmao. Bless my laziness. THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST THOUGH!!

You had been friends with Max, Ian and Joji since who knows when. You actually lived a couple of minutes away from Max. But this month was going to be fucked up because Joji and Ian were both visiting Max, so they could go to a convention later together. So like always they were all sleeping over at Max’s house and you decided to join them.

You already packed your bags, only taking a couple clothes with you since it wasn’t that far from home. You had already gotten a text from Max saying Joji and Ian had arrived so you quickly took off to his house.

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8 PM Thoughts… 

So…fuck what I said about making this a neutral space. The more I think about it, the more I want Lu to get an idea of how I’m feeling right now, and I guess if I ever see Marshall again I’d want her to know what the hell was going through his head too. But as I’m sitting here watching her sleep…I’m dreading the day I have to explain anything to her, that people who love you can hurt you, that the person you saw the rest of your life with can just leave without a trace. I don’t ever want her to be in the position I’m in right now…and for the first time as a parent…I wish I could keep her small enough that I can protect her from the world forever. And honestly, it hurts. 

Sorry if I’m making no sense…my thoughts are a hurricane right now and I’m scrambling to get my emergency pack together. I’ve kind of been in a daze since I had the realization that Marshall might not ever come back, it’s been almost two weeks without a word from him and the inexplicable guilt started setting in a couple days ago. I won’t get too deep into it, but it’s no secret that I was in an abusive relationship before, and a lot of those old feelings are flooding back…it’s just hard to cope right now when I can’t help but blame myself even though I know that none of this was my fault. And even worse…I’m mad at myself for still giving a shit about Marshall, ironic isn’t it? Anyways…I could probably ramble forever about the shit show that my thoughts and emotions are right now, so…

Much Love & We’ll see whenever the hell I post again -