guess who's not doing homework

Sanders Sides as Thing me/friends have said pt
  • Morality: I've eaten 15 mini bagels and I regret nothing and everything at the same time.
  • Roman/Prince: That is not the proper way to sword fight. Have you even had to battle for your life?
  • Logic/Logan: I'm taking honors classes, so naturally I live off the tears of the weaker students.
  • Anxiety: Can someone please just stab me with a spoon so I can get out of here.

guess who got distracted from math homework?!

He be shoppin for Killy in Killy’s clothes (aka buying a store’s worth of chocorobos for his boyfriend) 

[IM SUPER SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN AGES!! I have been really busy with band practice and then track and doing field events until around 6pm so ive just been super extra exhausted lately. (also im not sure if i drew Killua’s shirt right, I had like 30 mins to draw smthn so I couldnt really pull up a ref aaaaa)]. 

Imagine being able to tell the Weasley twins apart

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Fred:”(Y/N), It’s not like you’re the one that is going to get in trouble, if anything it would be me and Fred getting caught”

(Y/N): “I know its you Fred” 

Fred: “No I’m not” 

(Y/N): “Yes you are”


George:”Guess who”

(Y/N):”George, I need to do this homework”

George:”How can you tell?”

(Y/N): “That’s for me to know and you to never find out”

Pretty boy Pika


¥ Bestfriends with Calum in college ¥

• “Calum put that down”
• Cuddles every where
• “I swear I didn’t flash her”
• Lame Twitter updates
• “Guess who didn’t do their homework, this guy!”
• Clubbing in the weekends
• “Woman.Put.My.Bass.Down.”
• secretly taking pictures while he sleeps
• “Honey you look like a burnt cake he doesn’t want you”
• Jealous when he talks to girls
• “Fuck this biology can suck my ass”
• epic eye rolls
• “Oh yeah, just because Michael fucked her you’re gonna fuck her too?”
• Lame fights over lame things
• RJ cuddles
• “You suck”

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