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Prompt: Could I have one where the tenth doctor goes into the readers head to see if they’ve seen something he hasn’t for one of their adventures. And the reader tries to hide away the fact she’s not sleeping due to nightmares behind a door but she’s too slow or she misses one and the doctor finds out. Some comfort please!

A/N: MY FIRST DOCTOR WHO IMAGINE! Exciting! Hope you like it! Sorry if Ten seems OOC (I tried and I don’t think I’ll do my favourite Doctor justice!)

Warnings: Nightmares, ANGST AHOY!

Not edited/ proof read! Apologies :)


“I need your brain.” The Doctor said.

“You what?” You whipped around to face him as he ran inside the TARDIS, flinging his coat over one of the beams.

“Despite my better judgements, I asked you to not wander off and of course when I went right you went left. I need look inside your mind to see if you saw something I didn’t because I’m stumped.” He scratched the back of his head, pulling at the short hairs.

“You can read minds now?” You asked, exasperated. This man is just full of surprises. Full of them. 

“Short story, yes. Long story, no.” He said swaying on the spot with impatience.

“What’s the long story?” 

“Complicated. Now, do I have your permission?” He waggled his fingers in the air.

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Second Chance (Karamel) - Chapter 1

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One moment can change everything.

When Mon-El lost Kara, his fiancee, in an alien invasion one year ago, he thought he’d never see her again. Since then he’s been trying to build himself a life and pick up whatever pieces of him was left after losing her, and he’s been failing miserably. Just when he thinks he can’t go on anymore and loses all hope, he’s thrust into a world completely different than his; a world in which everything he used to know is changed. Which includes Kara Danvers never dying on that fateful night.

Mon-El soon finds out it won’t be as easy as he hoped it would be to reverse the changes, especially when with each passing day he gets more sucked up into his new life. Because in the end, reversing everything means losing Kara all over again, and he’s not sure he’s strong enough to go through that a second time.

Other Chapters
- Prologue
- Chapter 1: Failure
- Chapter 2: Nightmare
- Chapter 3: Gone
- Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
Chapter 5: Fault
- Chapter 6: Valor
- Chapter 7: Not Enough
- Chapter 8: Happiness

Other Fanfics
Karamel Fanfiction Masterlist

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all the redheaded women I was Totally Gay For before I realized I was Totally Gay

We’ve all looked back and been like, “Really? With that USWNT magazine page slipped inside the cover of my Algebra 2 binder I didn’t think to ask myself if I was a lesbian?” Here is an almost comprehensive list of actresses who made young me weak in the knees, but still didn’t get me to ask myself, “Am I gay?”

Joely Fisher

Inspector Gadget was one of the first movies I remember wanting to watch again and again and again. I guess I just really admired Brenda’s spirit and positive attitude in the face of this sweet buffoon (played by my small musical theatre husband Matthew Broderick) she had to deal with all the time. I definitely wasn’t confused by the feeling I got when the bad guy makes a robot version of her with Jessica-Rabbit-colored hair whose boobs were beyond…

Sigourney Weaver

If you were finishing elementary school in the late 90′s, you also read Louis Sachar’s Holes with your class. You also were still young enough to be excited when the movie came out a few years later. If you were me, you were SO EXCITED to see how the character of the Warden would be brought to life on screen, a character who jumped out at you on the page. A woman was the boss? She slapped men across the face with rattlesnake nail polish?? She answered the door to her cabin wearing a tanktop and put a denim button-down over it as she let them inside??? This is the first character I firmly remember wanting to BE. (A dream that was later realized in college when I dressed as her as part of a group costume for a literary-themed party. At this party I also still did not know I was gay.)

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When rereading your stories inspires you…kind of a part 2 for Movie Night Tease

Warning: Smut

“You are sitting right here!” Jack reached out quickly, his fingers wrapping around Joe’s wrist before he tugged the smaller man down against him. Joe let out a small oomph as his body connected with Jack, who was quick to wrap his arms around Joe’s waist and nuzzle his face into his shoulder.

“Alright,” Joe laughed, shifting so he sat comfortably between his boyfriend’s legs, his back against Jack’s chest. “Guess I’m sitting here.”

“Some times you two are just disgustingly adorable.” Conor wrinkled his nose at his statement, “And that’s odd to say because that’s my little brother.”

“Get over it.” Jack mumbled, his face still pressed against Joe’s shoulder.

“He’s just jealous!” Josh chuckled. “You’re getting more action than him.”

“Okay, now we’ve moved to full on weird.” Conor shook his head, “I mean, I’m happy for the both of you, but you’re still my bro, and you’re still one of my best mates. I don’t need to hear about your action.”

“I don’t think anyone needs to hear that.” Joe said, his cheeks growing warm as the boys all laughed.

“Awe, come on, babe.” Jack trailed his lips up Joe’s neck, nibbling on his ear lobe. “I’m sure they’d love to hear all about what we do…”

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Prompt: So I can’t think of a scenario, can I just have a TJ Female reader friendship one?

Word Count: 160


Authors Note: Love me some TJ.

It was tradition that on your birthday TJ would invite you over and the two of you would snack on junk food all night while watching terrible movies, you had been doing this for years and each time TJ managed to find movies that just got worse.

“What the hell is this even about again?” He grabbed the case and showed you laughing along with the non-plot that was happening on the screen. “This doesn’t tell me anything.”

“Think a giant shark caught in a tornado causing hell all over the place! It’s unstoppable!”

You could only laugh at TJ, leave it to him to find these movies. “Does this really say there’s a sequel?”

“Three sequels, and guess who bought them all?”

You groaned reaching for more M&Ms, TJ loved laughing at how ridiculous these movies were and you loved seeing TJ happy. It was a win-win really, so there was no way you were going to stop now.

Your Wish Is My Command Ch. 2

Click Here for Ch. 1

Not even ten minutes after Nico felt sleep overcome him, he was jarred awake by someone nudging him. He opened his eyes and yelped as Will stood in front of him, not even an inch from his face. “I’m bored.”

Nico groaned and sat up. “Well, I’m sleepy. You have to let me sleep.”

“So what do I do?” he asked.

“Watch a movie on my laptop or something,” Nico groaned gesturing to where his laptop rested against the floor. “Give it,” he yawned. Will did and Nico turned it on to find a movie on Netflix. “Ah, perfect. You’ll get a kick out of this,” he said as he put Aladdin on for him. “Now sit, watch, and let me sleep.”

A couple hours later, he was woken again. Will looked annoyed. “That was very inaccurate,” he pouted. “And I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes. Also, why was he blue? Why was there so much singing? Why could he go back into the lamp? What-”

“Oh my God!” Nico screamed into his pillow. “Will, it’s a kid’s movie! It’s just fun and musical and colorful, okay?” Will frowned and crossed his arms as he sat on the floor. Nico arched an eyebrow. “You seem really irritated.”

Will frowned, the reflection of the computer screen on his face. “How did he get free? It doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t work….” Nico blinked in surprise and sat up. “We’re slaves for eternity. There’s no way we get to be free. That genie didn’t even have a backstory or….” Will shook his head in frustration.

“Hey,” Nico said soothingly, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Do you remember your backstory?”

“A little,” Will answered. “It was traumatizing enough that I remember it even though I don’t remember anything else.” Nico frowned and slid off his bed to sit beside Will. He looked at him expectantly and Will took a breath. “I don’t think you want to hear it.”

“Hey, we’re stuck with each other for a while. You’re going to get to know me a lot. I’d like to know you too. What you remember.”

Will looked at him with astonishment twinkling in his blue eyes. He brought his fingers up to the gold hoops that hung from his ear and furrowed his eyebrows.

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If I were allowed to alter 10 scenes in Bleach...

As requested by anon. :)

This anon asked me to specify what 10 scenes I would alter in Bleach if I had that power. Here are my picks!

#10: Rukia wouldn’t magically know about Ichigo’s hollow powers - he’d have to tell her.

This is #10 because I realize it’s mostly just my personal narrative kink - one of my absolute favorite things is when a character who doesn’t know about another character’s power/true identity/whatever encounters it for the first time. And when Ichigo first obtained hollow powers, I was really excited for each member of his team to find out about them - how would he explain? Would they be alarmed? This didn’t happen so much - only with Orihime seeing the mask for the first time (and believe me, I was really into that scene). But with Rukia? She just knew about Ichigo’s hollow mask already, for some reason. She was all, “Huh. Ichigo’s mask looks different again. I’d heard it was changing.” And I was like, “FROM WHO?!? WHO HAS BEEN FEEDING YOU INFO ABOUT ICHIGO’S HOLLOW MASK??” I just - I wanted to know. So, uh, I guess I’d change that scene to include some sort of explanatory flashback. 

[Explanatory flashback]

Ukitake: Hey, Kuchiki, want to watch all of this surveillance footage I collected on Kurosaki through his substitute shinigami badge?

Rukia: Um, when you asked me to come to “movie night”….

#9: Ishida and Ichigo talk about the whole “stabbing” thing

Am I allowed to add scenes? I’m not sure. So I’ll try to make this the only one! I know Bleach doesn’t do long conversations very much, because that is not as exciting as fights, but I still really wanted this one. I mean, hollow Ichigo stabbed Ishida in the stomach. And there was a moment soon afterwards when Ichigo was all, “So….the stabbing…” and Ishida responded, “We’ll talk about it later. Please go kick everyone’s ass.” But then we never actually saw them talk about it. I wanted it. Maybe it could have happened during the fullbringer arc?

#8: Jacke and Renji just fight

I guess this is a small thing, but it’s always bugged me that Renji refuses to attack Jackie first because “men who attack women are scum.” Like, fair enough on the anti-abuse stance. But they’re two warriors. In an arena. Renji refusing to attack Jackie because she’s a woman feels like a slight. Like he doesn’t respect her because of her gender. Which is not the way I read Renji, so the moment always bugged me a bit.

#7: Kon maintains his serious side

It’s no secret that I am not Kon’s biggest fan. I just don’t find him funny. And I wouldn’t take him out of Bleach or anything - I know people who love him. But I do wish he had maintained his serious side: like, when he’s first introduced with his tragic back story and his decision to not let anyone ever get sent to their death again. That’s so cool. And then he sorta just became comic release who perved on women forever. 

#6: Starrk doesn’t molest his guns

The guns are Lilinette. Who is a child. It’s just weird.

#5: Isshin doesn’t hit Ichigo in fake Karakura Town

So Isshin shows up in fake Karakura Town, in his shinigami robes. Ichigo, who is having a hell of a bad day, stares at him in surprise and confusion. At this point, Ichigo can barely process. He’s bruised. Battered. Eighty percent convinced he’s about to die. And then his dad……..hits him in the face? Nah.

#4: Isshin doesn’t make creepy-ass commetns

Speaking of Isshin, I’d love to alter all of the scenes where he makes weird sexual comments about his daughters so that he, you know, doesn’t.

#3: Everybody remembers their masks

Okay! Enough of the grumpy negativity! Here’s a more positive one! Ever since the Aizen arc ended, we’ve stopped seeing hollow masks. Ichigo doesn’t use his. The visored don’t use theirs. Even though aren’t hollow powers like extra poisonous to the Quincy or something? We might get an explanation later. But regardless, I’d love to alter the Quincy/visored fight so that the visored used their masks. Because the masks are super cool.

#2: Orihime fights in Hueco Mundo

Before Orihime gets kidnapped, she trains with Rukia because she is determined to fight alongside her friends. When she first arrives in Hueco Mundo and Aizen shows her the hogyoku, Orihime decides that she must use her powers to destroy it. And then……..that all gets dropped. I wish it hadn’t! I would have loved to see Orihime go on a covert mission to destroy the hogyoku or use her new combat training to kick Nnoitra in the face. 

#1: Unohana lives

Personally, I still maintain a tiny, desperate hope that Unohana is still alive. But probably she isn’t. If I could, I’d definitely change that. Because I love Unohana. And I will forever be mad that all I know about her bankai is that it has something to do with goo.

Michael Clifford Imagine: He cheated

This is for the lovely anon who requested it! i did my best hun!

I refused to believe the rumors. Michael had been away on tour for a couple months now…3 months 12 days and 21 hours to be exact. And he wouldn’t be home for a few months still…4 months 26 days and 4 hours actually, but I’m not counting. My boyfriend travels a lot with his band these days because they finally got their big break, and who am I to stop him? Although with travel comes rumors and recently they have been out of control. Michael isn’t the cheating type, in the 14 months we have been together I’ve never had to worry…until now. The tweets were becoming too much so I decided to call Mikey, he picked up right away.

“Hey I can’t talk right now I’m busy.” he said rushed.

“Hey sorry I just miss you an-”

“Mike come back to bed love.” an unfamiliar female voice groaned.

“Wh-who was that?” I said shaking and confused.

“Nobody, just som-”

“Babe come cuddle” she spoke again. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I tried to find my words.

“Oh, obviously you have plans for tonight, don’t let me stop you. Bye, don’t call me back…please” the last of it came out in a desperate whisper as I hung up and threw my phone down on my bed. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me. I’m so stupid to think he was different! I lowered myself to the floor and pulled my knees up to my chest and cried while the boy I love was with another girl. I cried for what seemed like a lifetime before my eyes dried up, my body cried itself out. I then turned to anger. How the hell did I fall for such an ass? An inconsiderate tool. I shot up and grabbed my phone. I opened twitter and my rage took over.

“Can’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner. Waisted 14 months.”

I didn’t think about how fans would react. The fans always supported out relationship, our ship name was even a worldwide trending topic once. The boys really do have the best fans in the world, and I just dropped a bomb on them. Instantaneously I got replies from worried fans asking what happened and if we were going to be okay. I shut my phone off and decided to go to bed, it may have been early but i was exhausted from crying so much.

In the morning I woke up to a tweet by Michael:

“You only know you love her when you let her go, and you let her go.”

He always loved to tweet song lyrics, sometimes we even tweeted them back and forth. I felt guilty for my mean tweet but that went away when that girls voice replayed over and over in my head. I checked my messages next. 47 new messages from Michael al saying he ‘can explain’ that ‘it isn’t what I think it is’. What else could it possibly be? And with that thought my phone started buzzing, he was calling me. I panicked but answered slowly.

“Hello..” I said quietly.

“Y/N oh my god, you answered. Hell, I’ve been trying to reach you all night! Love, where have you been?” he responded in a desperate tone. 

“Don’t call me that.” I spat, biting my lip and holding back tears. I didn’t know the sound of his voice would get to me like this. 

“Please, you have to listen to me. I can explain, I-”

“No, I don’t want to hear it Michael. There is nothing you could say to make this better.” I interrupted. And with that, he broke down. I heard him sniffling on the other end of the line with a few curse words here and there. 

“I know I can’t take it back Y/N, but you are so far away and I missed you so badly. I couldn’t take it anymore.” he sobbed.

“So why didn’t you call?! Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t do it?! Why did you have to stoop to that level Michael?! I loved you..” I snapped back. He was silent for a bit.

“You said past tense.” he chocked out. I hated hurting him like this, but what was I supposed to do. 

“Well when you love someone and they break your heart it tends to make you think about how you feel.” I said. “Michael, I can’t talk about this right now. I-I..I have to go.” and I hung up just as broken as the night before. Bawling because the one person who could make me feel better was a thousand miles away in another girls arms.

It had been over a week and there was no word from Michael, I guess he gave up. Douchey, right? I was sitting in one of his old shirts, not realizing it was his, watching old movies alone at home when my doorbell rang. I got up to see who it was, and as soon as I open the door Michael scoops me up into a hug. God he smells like home. I couldn’t help but get lost in the moment and not until I felt tears once again did I realize this was reality. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked in shock.

“Y/N, I can’t live without you. I can’t go on and live my dreams of being in this band without you there by my side. Y/N I-”

“Micheal sto-”

“No, I’m not letting you go again. Y/N I can’t live my dream without you because you are my dream. I don’t want to go to sleep on the other side of the world knowing that you are awake and hurting here. I need you, and I love you. No distance or other girl will ever change that. I only want you.” he explained. I melted, this big doofus standing on my front steps with bright green hair was the boy I love. I couldn’t stay mad, I wanted to, I really did, but it was no use. One look into his puppy dog eyes and I folded. 

“I love you too.” I whispered.

“Love? As in present tense?” he asked wide-eyed. 

“Yes asshole present tense.” I giggled as he pulled me into a much awaited kiss. 

“Don’t ever do that to me again.” I warned between kisses.

“Never my love.” he replied with a smile. And with that he picked me up and carried me inside where we spent the night cuddling and catching up. I’m not a firm believer in second chances, but I do believe in true love, and Michael is my one true love.