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Michael, how did you think of your YouTuber name? :0c

He suggested the name to me and I guess it sorta stuck-? 

I wasn’t very popular then, obviously, so I didn’t use the account as much, but I made the YouTube channel during the summer after my junior year in high school. So, that was about four years ago. 

Wow… four years. I can’t believe it. It feels so long ago, haha. But it still hurts like it was yesterday.


“Back on the treadmill, trying to fit into my wardrobe!” (SDCC 2017)


06082017 • 1st week of Aug • 🎧 : Holiday - Girls Generation》
When I thought it would be all grey clouds and rain the sun decided to come out. 😌 (open for better quality xx)

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Scorpius: Come to the funeral.
Albus: Of course.
Scorpius: And be my good friend.

- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Act 1 Scene 4