guess who was listening to the radio and having feelings

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I love your Bughead fanfics! They're so good! :) Here's my prompt: Betty and Jughead are listening to the radio, some fun pop song comes on, and Betty convinces Jug to dance. He's not the greatest dancer, but when the music changes to something slower, it's Betty whose out of her element. But then Jughead pulls her close, because turns out secretly he's an amazing slow dancer...

Kickass prompt! You gave me the plot so all I have to do is flesh it out :)

704 words / G-T / AO3


It’s late at Pop’s, and there is no one but Betty and Jughead in the Shoppe. Pop is cleaning or sleeping in the back, knowing his regulars will call on him if they need anything.

Pop has left an old radio on the counter ever since the juke box had broken, and the pair has brought it to their booth and has been switching in between radio stations and guessing the songs as they come on.

The score is 15 for Jughead and 11 for Betty when the next song comes on:

Who’s around when the days feel long

“Oh! I know this!” Betty exclaims, jumping up out of the booth, while Jughead tries to listen for more.

Who’s around when you can’t be strong

“I have no idea,” Jughead slouches in the booth, throwing his arms up in defeat. Betty has shut her eyes and is bouncing up and down excitedly.

Who’s around when you’re losing your mind

Somebody Loves You, by Betty Who!” Betty cheers, dancing around. Jughead laughs at her glee, and her victory dance turns into real dancing.

Jughead watches her while tapping his fingers to the beat on the table. He sees how she dances without a worry, not caring at all.

“C’mon Juggie,” she teases, coming up to him, “get up and dance,” she pulls on his arm.

“I don’t dance,” he says, putting his free hand over hers on his arm, his comment earning him puppy dog eyes, “and by that I mean I can’t dance to this,” he tells her without shame, hoping to get out of embarrassing himself.

Betty is having none of it.

“Oh, please,” she rolls her eyes and pulls him up.

He lets her pull his weight, reluctantly standing while she dances around him to turn up the music. He adjusts his hat from where it’s tilted and loosens his neck, preparing to dance. Betty chuckles at his mannerisms as he starts to side-step offbeat. Every now and then he throws in a little shoulder roll while she hops around, swinging her arms and snapping, then Jughead tries to copy her and fails miserably.

They laugh and dance through the whole song, trying to mock each others dance moves, until the song changes.

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

It’s a slow song and Betty slows her movements and eventually stalls, crossing her arms.

“Well that was fun,” she takes a step towards their booth when suddenly Jughead is stepping towards her and uncrossing her arms.

“Not so fast,” he places one of her hands on his shoulder an holds the other, his hand falling to rest on her waist, “this I can dance to,” he smirks, and leads her in slowly stepping side to side. She is staring at her feet to get the steps right, and Jughead sometimes gently pulls or pushes her hand to indicate for her to step forwards or backwards.

I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more

Betty looks up from where she was focusing on her feet to Jughead, who is smiling at her, inches from her face.

Their steps slow, and Betty finds herself staring at Jughead’s lips, right there in front of her, then realizes what she’s doing and looks up. With a blush rising in her cheeks she finds that Jughead is looking at hers as well and his eyes flash up to meet her gaze.

There is a second pause as the two question what is really happening, then both of them simultaneously meet in the middle to kiss.

It’s instantly heated, Jughead pulling Betty in by the waist, pulling their bodies flush against one another. She threads her fingers through his hair, tugging at the strands to get a better angle in the kiss, as the two of them get impossibly closer.

When they both inevitably come up for air, the song on the radio is just finishing.

Please don’t try so hard to say goodbye

With the sounds of their deep breathing filling the silence between the songs Jughead says, “Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved.”

[DGSummary] DGS #484 & Kamiya’s message

I’m putting HiroC’s message right out front. The rest of the episode summary will be under the cut. My opinion about the article? I don’t really give a damn. People deserve to keep privacy private. There is no obligation from HiroC or his agency to give any of us closure by confirming the details or not. HiroC obviously cares a lot for his fans, as seen from the message, so please continue to support him and respect his decisions~

*note: I will not be subbing any part of this episode. If you would like to make a video with subs or whatever, feel free to use the translations below.

Only HiroC’s message will be translated closely with the audio. The rest of the episode is gonna be rough/brief/mashed together.


Today, I, Kamiya Hiroshi, have something to say to all listeners, hence today’s radio opening segment was re-recorded in order to accommodate this. Eh, some might have already guessed, but this week, an article regarding my private life has been published in a weekly magazine. In regards to that incident, I would like to first apologize to everyone who has been worried or hurt by it. I am sorry. If you could forgive my usual casual talk, why wasn’t there a better photo than that published…? 

Eh, usually, well, (that photo) might not bear resemblance to the me you see in seiyuu magazines, where I’d be wearing make up and photoshopped, I, for one, am more used to seeing the unappealing old man (in the photo). So seeing me like that, I believe you can somehow understand that I would not want to reveal too much about my private life, or even talk about it. This time, I was surprised that my private life was put in the spotlight from an unexpected source. I might not be someone of high morals, and although this might not be something to boast about, I do have a private life. However, to me, this is a privacy that should be protected. The seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi that everyone knows about exists on the basis of that private life. 

Based on my own perspective, bringing my personal life into my work or entertainment is something I would avoid as much as possible; also, I place a higher priority in doing things that everyone can enjoy rather than doing things I want to do. Also, I would like to avoid lying as much as possible, and yes that might seem rather vague, but I have a strong policy on this. The reason behind this principle is no doubt the result of me being a seiyuu, being someone who stands for myself in front of the public, where even when speaking on radio, I always bear personal responsibility for the works and characters I partake in. 

Whether for the people who took the time to come for events, or for the everyone who matched their schedules to tune in to the channels on TV or the radio, to me the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the time they spent (in events/TV/radio). For those situations, I hope you would recognize that I do my utmost best to be careful in my actions in order to not get out of character. As an adverse effect, due to the fact that there were no intervals for my private life to come in, and that the timing to make any announcements were missed, I believe that is a factor that led to the current state of affairs. However, as a result of working with staff members who understood my principles and doing our best at entertainment, we were able to make the DGS Expo, that just occurred the day before, to come to fruition.   

OnoD: That is right 

Hence, while continuing to uphold my principles, I would like to continue to provide entertainment for everyone to enjoy, and face this industry in the right direction, I hope you will allow me to continue performing through the microphone. Personally, I do not have much means of expression since I do not possess a blog or a Twitter account, with the permission from the sponsors of Bunka Housou, I was given this time (to make the speech). Once the CM ends, I promise to bring you the usual enjoyable broadcast hence I hope you will stay tuned as usual! 

OnoD: Yes! Ah but honestly speaking, the old dude in front of me is still the usual unappealing guy 

HiroC: Um well yeah…! I guess! I’m really sorry ‘kay! 

OnoD: No No, from now on let’s continue to laugh heartily and merrily together~! 

HiroC: Sorry for being the unappealing old man…but please continue to support us! 

OnoD: Yep! 

HiroC: So let’s start off tonight as usual. This is yours and our story! 

OnoD: Episode 484 Today we shall bring you the radio part from Day 1 of DGS Expo 2016~ 

HiroC: Ah, Yonaga-kun, sorry for suddenly calling you back then. 

OnoD: Mengo mengo! [casual way of saying sorry (gomen)] 

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Meryl and Maks Daily Recap July 17th, 2014

Hello everyone.  I want to start with a comment about the Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down today.  I only have the sketchiest idea of what is happening because I just got home.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected and I realize there are bigger issues in this world than the ones we discuss here.  I hope that no one finds a recap today to be a callous decision, I just want to bring a little bright spot to a bad day.

All seems to be going well in Japan.  Miai Shibutani posted a group shot today of Charlie with all the lovely ladies.  The choreography video of Meryl and Charlie has been uploaded and I hear it is a lot of cute and awkward fun and that they speak Japanese, I’ll watch it as soon as I can.

Sheri Leblanc was showing her inner fan-girl today when she posted a video of M&M along with other famous couples.  She’s at sheris-musings.

If all is the same as it was this morning, it seems that most stories stemming from Maks’ interview yesterday are leading with “We’re just friends”.  I’m hoping this trend will continue.

Happy Birthday to Tony Dovolani!  Maks likes several of his birthday shootouts from others and posted one of his own.

Speaking of Maks, he is in Dallas today.  It seems he met with the owners (?) of an higher-end shopping complex (Stanley Korshak), maybe they will start to carry his jewelry.  He was photographed with some cute girls while there.  I thought it was funny and strange that one of the girls put “#strictlybusiness” in her tweet.  Maks was also photographed from away by a fan while he was talking on the phone,  It just so happens Meryl was on IG liking a photo of bulldog puppies at the same time (about 4am in Japan).  He may or may not have been speaking with her.  Some say he would more likely be on the phone with his family due to the tragedy today.  I can’t even tell you if he would have known about it.  If it weren’t for tumblr, I still wouldn’t have heard about it today.  

Val got his wisdom teeth pulled today, hope he feels better soon.

Meryl is up for a Teen Choice Award, not sure who gets to vote on that.

There was a radio interview with Karina posted, but I have not had a chance to listen.  I’m guessing it was not important because I only saw it mentioned once today.

There’s a new “It’s a Maksyl thing” from kbnello and a new “Bad Maksyl drawing” from improbablewhale,  who has a job interview coming up.  Congrats!

I want to write a quick personal note, if you will all indulge me.  I was driving to work this morning and put my music on shuffle.  Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” came on.  As I listened to the lyrics, they really hit me in the heart.  I am not a cryer by nature, but I admit I was having a little trouble keeping my eyes dry.  Then I remembered how Meryl tweeted that Sam Smith was her new playlist, and for the first time I really thought about Meryl the person.  I could imagine her listening to this song and missing Maks.  It can’t be easy for her to be going through all of this, so she must have her reasons.  It’s easy for people to look in from the outside and say, “you should just do this”, or “If you would only do that”.  She is just a normal woman, just like you and me.  Maks is just a normal man.  Every one of us is doing the very best we can with our lives.  We all try our hardest and do what we think is right.  The same is true for both Meryl and Maks.  They are doing the best they can.  I think the next time I feel frustrated with either (or both) of them, I will try to remember that. 

MTVS Epic Rewatch #99

VM 2x08 Ahoy, Mateys!

Stray thoughts

1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I need someone to explain to me WHY they would continue to ship Veronica with Duncan after this sequence…

Let me break down this for you: THIS IS DUNCAN’S MIND. THIS IS HOW HE SEES MEG AND VERONICA. Meg, the sweet, innocent, pure angel (or the Madonna). And Veronica, the evil, manipulative, skanky demon (or The Whore.) And this is self-indulgent misogynistic bullshit, okay? On the one hand, he’s putting Meg on a pedestal because of the bus crash. He really didn’t give much thought to her or her feelings before that. In fact, it kind of seems as though he pretty much broke up with her the same way he broke up with Veronica pre-show: without any sort of explanation. (because let’s be real, for her to be only a couple of months into her pregnancy at the time of the bus crash, they probably had sex right before he broke up with her, otherwise it doesn’t add up.) Remember when Veronica wanted to make amends with Meg back in 2x01? What did he say? Oh, right: “ You don’t owe her anything. You didn’t do anything to her.” Of course, that was before. But now Duncan has a dirty conscience. And instead of owning up to the shitty things he’s done, he blames the whole thing on Veronica. Because he wouldn’t have broken up with Meg if Veronica hadn’t tempted him, right? Because Meg would be okay if Veronica hadn’t gotten in the middle of the two of them, right? Because he can’t save Meg because Veronica still has a hold on him, right? Honestly, I was half-expecting him to dream about Shelly’s party and making it look like Veronica raped him.

Why oh why would you ship Veronica (if you love her, that is) with a boy who clearly sees her in such an unfair and negative light? Seriously, he’s blaming Veronica for all the fucked-up decisions he’s made EVER!

Duncan hate over. For now, at least. It’ll probably resurface a bunch of times before the end of this episode. Can’t wait to get to the 2x12. 

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