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Can you tag the previous cunt in the following rant? Thank you. Okay, first of all, fuck you. Cringe culture in general does the exact same thing, he/she/they is just one of the many people who do. Second, and YouTube compilations don't steal art? They may not even ridicule the art, but hey sure as hell steal it. Suck a dick, faggot. Also, what the hell even are those tentacle things behind your sona? What the fuck?

calm the fuck down, and stop using slurs to sound like a big kid. you’re being incredibly immature about this and guess what! i’m against cringe culture. 
joking on my own personal blog about weird fetish art with friends =/= making blogs and videos dedicated to mocking young artists for harmless art. get the hell off my blog. the person who made that post was obnoxious but you’re being just as, if not more, embarassing. you think calling people cunts and faggots and telling them to suck a dick is cool and doesnt make you seem like an offensive little baby trying to rustle jimmies for cheap? how old are you? 

Most Beautiful: Jon Snow X Reader

And this one is dedicated to the famous and beautiful @restlessanawake who is really awesome! Go check them out! They were a massive help to me in setting up this blog. Hope you enjoy!!

Warnings: Pregnancy. Labor. Fluff overload ;)  One sex joke With him and the whole Stark clan, This is post White Walker War were all is good and Jon knows his parentage, but still goes by Jon Stark, or I guess goes at last. Things are almost too happy. But fear not no one dies.. Well…..Meh

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“Time to get up love.”

You groaned, pushing away the arms that were attempting to shake you awake and moved closer to the other side of the bed. “Jon.. Lemme sleep. Little Mister Stark would not stop kicking last night. I am surprised you couldn’t feel it actually.” You smirked and opened your eyes, hearing his laughter and he carefully turned you around as he echoed your smirk.

“I told you, my love. It will be a she.” You gave him judging eyes and he rolled his own gray ones, “Even our  Lady Sisters and Lady Aunt is on my side. As is Tyrion.”

“Well while that may be true, Bran is on my side and he has the sight.” She winked while forcing herself to stand slowly. “Speaking of your Aunt and Sister, when will the royal Queen and the Hand be visiting?”

He smiled, standing up so that he could help you while he continued, “Sansa and Tyrion promised to be here by nightfall, but you know the Queen. She said she would be here a fortnight ago… She will do her best to make it for the labor. And Arya, of course, must guard the Queen being the head of the Queen’s Guard.”

Your nine-months were up  and being a Stark, family was essential for all things. Holidays. Name-Days. Weddings. And pregnancies.

As though the stress of almost delivering a child was not enough, the anxiety that holding off the labor until everyone was present was madness. Jon, being around you enough, could tell.

“Fret not, Y/N.” He smiled, pressing his forehead yours and wrapping a robe dress around you for the day and kissed your nose, “They will be here. And now, we must break fast.”

No surprise to the couple, Bran was already down stairs, his plate full as he was working on his sister’s-in-law. Seeing them he stopped and blushed, wheeling towards the two slowly as Jon embraced his brother with a hearty laugh.

Brandon Stark was decreed Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King of the North, so the three of you were practically inseparable.

“How is the Lord Snow this morning, Y/N?” Bran smiled, wheeling towards her and placing his hands on her belly as Jon sat. “He get you any rest?”

“None.” Jon sighed from across the room, “She was kicking all night.”

This caused both you and Bran to laugh and Bran to say a small, “We shall see.” As the three of you began to eat your food.


A grand feast was the result of Lady Sansa and Lord Tyrion’s arrive, Jon and the imp drinking away while you, Sansa, and Bran sat across the hall, discussing matters of getting Bran married.

“What about the Mormont girl?” You suggested, “She supposedly has the beauty and wits of the Tyrell’s but the strength of her father’s name.”

“The Queens bastard?” Sansa raised her eyebrows, “She is an adventurous girl. Young though, don’t you think?”

Your sister in law had not left you alone since she arrived, her hand barely leaving your belly.

“Besides. I think our Bran has his eyes on the head of House Reed. Lady Meera, is it not?”

With the words of her name, Bran blushed and brushed it off, “Have you and Jon thought of a name?”

You nodded, “Well since he will not listen to me about the gender, I decided Eddard Robb will have to do.” Bran nodded, a bright grin taking away the blush on your face. Sansa gasped.

“I hate to agree with my Lord brother, I do believe that your babe is a girl.” She winked at you causing both of you to laugh as Jon and Tyrion came towards you guys, handing drinks to Bran and Sansa.

Jon broke the laughter, snaking an arm around your waist to your belly as he looked at Sansa and Tyrion, “When are you and the Hand planning to have children, sister?”

Sansa’s face fell and she set down her goblet, Tyrion taking her hand. “We are waiting.” Silence fell between them as they knew what he meant before Tyrion broke it, winking at the youngest Stark,  “We would like to see little Bran wed to the Reed girl first.” Bran blushed as everyone laughed mutter a small no stop as Jon kissed your cheek, then moved to your ear, his beard tickling her cheek.

“Bet it will happen by years end?”

“Please, by months end!” You smirked and he pepper kisses everywhere on your face, causing you to laugh.

“This is why I love you” He smiled.


A few days had passed and you were still waiting on Dany and Arya. Maesters had demanded you bedridden, fearing labor would come any moment though nothing came for a week. Deciding this and seeing your husbands nerves at an all time high, you had forced him to go on a hunt with Tyrion and Bran, promising that Sansa and a hand maiden be at your side.

“I just want you out lil lord.” You groaned, rubbing sleet off your eyes as you had not gotten proper sleep in several days,(basically since Jon left, your baby had been especially persistent in moving all night) “Stop being so feisty like your father and his family.” You smirked at Sansa who laughed. “Where do you the Queen and her personal guard are?”

“You know Daenerys. “ She smiled sadly, rubbing your belly, “And Arya. Stubborn as mules those two.”

“Aye. That is one way to put it.”

Silence fell as you were both occupied as the baby leapt and kicked about the in your belly causing you to hum in attempt to calm him. When at last he stopped, you sighed and Sansa smiled, but only for a moment when you felt something wet between your legs.

Cursing, you looked at Sansa whose eyes twinkled.

“Do you think-”

“Sansa…” You bit your lip to stop you from swearing again, “Get Ghost. He will get Jon. And get the Hand Maiden… Hurry… Please…”

She ran, laughing gleefully and picking up her skirts hollering, “IT’S TIME! THE HEIR TO THE NORTH IS ON THE WAY!” And within minutes, servants came rushing in, dabbing your forehead with a cloth and offering you food and wine as others spread your legs open. All the while all you could do was scream bloody murder.

“I just want my husband!” You whined, “Gods!” You closed eyes and bit your lip to try to and stop tears from falling out of your eyes.

Then you felt the tickle of a beard on your chin and allowed yourself to cry tears of happiness and the man kissed your cheek and slowly wiped your tears away.

“Hush now love. You need to start pushing.”

“I-I-I-I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” He grabbed both her hands and brought them to her lips,”You are strong.. You can do this… I believe in you… Ready?”

You nodded opening your eyes to meet his dark grey (brown in show) ones.



You opened your eyes to see your family sitting in your room, Bran and Arya making small talk, Sansa talking to Jon on the other side and Tyrion discussing matters with the Queen herself.

“Morning love.” Jon said, moving towards you slowly, a swaddle of blankets in his arms. “You did marvelous love.” He kissed your cheek and helped you sit up, placing the bundle in your arms.

“ Who is this?” You smiled brightly as he moved back to the crib. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

“We were both right.” Jon smirked sitting by you on the bed with another bundle, “Eddard Robb and Catelyn Rose.”

“Twins.” You laughed happily, “Huh. Don’t remember that.”

Sansa laughed, kneeling beside you “Don’t see how you could. You were screaming bloody murder.”

“Honestly Y/N.” Arya piped in, “The Queen and I could hear you from outside.”

“Perhaps we will wait forever to have children, my lord husband.” Sansa added.

“She did have two.” The Queen herself added, “I would never imagine having two back to back.”

“You did have three dragons though, your grace.” You smiled, “Can’t imagine that.”

The Queen smiled, making her way towards you, kneeling beside you and looking down at the babe in your arms, “Dany or Daenerys please.. He is handsome, just like his father, and grandfather.”

“Lemme see!” Bran exclaimed, he rolling and Arya going to Jon. “She has dad’s hair. Mum’s eyes.”

“Opposite for him.” Sansa observed.

“Our perfect family.” She smiled at Jon who kissed her hair, bringing her in, “One boy. One girl. Perfect.”

Jon’s face fell, “What, so we can’t have anymore? Not even try?”

Laughter filled the room in a warm feeling as the world calmly faded to peace and laughter.

Nothing could be better and nothing could break their joy.

ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge Results

AHey everyone! The results are in, and it looks like guessing an author by their writing style is much more difficult than I originally anticipated!! *hands @mr_hawkmoth $5.00*

We want to thank everyone again so much for participating in this event! We had a couple of road-bumps, and I know the Challenge stretched out longer than originally anticipated, but thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, dedication and patience, we feel like this was still a really fun and positive event for the fandom!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for… the winners!


Most Recognized (pre-reveal, receiving the most comments+kudos)

It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer 

(522 k/c)

Most Matched (The fic that the most people correctly matched the author to!) 

BladeyBug~ abadmeanman 

(9 out of 38 correctly matched)

…and finally, for  Most Creative Reveal, as determined by the READERS—

Those Freckles on Your Butt~ MellyMiraculous

(7 votes)


It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer (500)
Mint Two-Lips – Sidereal Sandman (385) 
Her- Bullysquadess (380) 
I’m like dropping hints that I’m Ladybug- PhantomPierceOkamoto (358) 
Dropping Hints- Clairelutra (344) 
Just Asking for some Privacy- Breeeliss (332) 
A Familiar Pattern- AlyaBug (331) 
It Had to be Her- BaneismyDragon (306) 
We Each write a Letter- TheBoredBookworm (289) 
Those Freckles on your butt- Mellymiraculous (281)



The  10 runner-up READERS

  1. @balloondragons (3)
  2. @lulzifer (3)
  3. @alya-bug (3)
  4. @brittany-the-bookworm (3)
  5. @gabriel-fucking-agreste (3)
  6. @hchano (3)
  7. @hurricanerelic (3)
  8. @tildusia (3)
  9. @bullysquadess (4)
  10. @miraculouspaon (4)

…and our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, with a grand total of 5 correct guesses…


Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge shout-out to all the readers, authors and supporters of this challenge:

You all worked really hard on this event, poured your time, energy, creativity, passion and love for the fandom into this challenge, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you for all that you’ve done!

Special thanks to @mr-hawkmoth for the original idea for the event, and @baneismydragon for their efforts and experience coordinating, structuring, promoting and running the event! I ask that if you get the chance, to show your love for both of them, for their hard work, creativity and dedication to this event and the fandom!

We hope you all had fun! Please feel free to message me @squirrellygirlart to give feedback on the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge, and let us know how you think it could have been improved, what we did right, and any concerns you have!

Individual Response Reports will be released tomorrow to all those who voted, and the Summary Data will be posted up in the next few days so everyone can see what the results looked like! Everyone receiving prizes will be contacted within the next two-three weeks! :D



“yes, i am a dreamer. for a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees dawn before the rest of the world.” - oscar wilde

i guess my required summer reading of ‘the importance of being earnest’ made me fall in love with oscar wilde quotes :“) hahah. anyways!! you might notice a packing list on the last page - because i’m going to csssa this year!! holy heck it’s in 2 days lol,, aaaaaa

i haven’t decided yet but i want to post daily csssa posts on either this studyblr blog or on a new blog dedicated to just csssa content. what should i do? hmm

anyways!! have a good summer!! drink water, eat lots of fruit ❣

Hey, you! The writer/artist/generally creative person!

@original-character-archives is a blog dedicated to those of us who have, you guessed it, original characters. You can submit your character with a little bit of bio and description, and it’ll be posted! The main idea is that, by sharing it, an artist wanting to improve on their skills might doodle them for you, or someone interested by what you’ve written about them might drop you an ask. It’s just a place to appreciate the creativity we have here on Tumblr, and for people to talk about their characters in a place where they know they’ll be listened to.

Drop by and submit now!!

today i want to talk about the phrase “it gets better”

because guess what. sometimes it doesn’t get Better. All the way better.

but guess what. it also does get Better. it gets better. kind of.

this post is dedicated to the boy who said that i am “proof it doesn’t get better.”

what i should have told him: fuck you.
what i told him: gosh thanks sweetie, fuck you

what i should have said: you don’t know me. you don’t know where i have been, or where i am now, or where i want to be.
what i said: don’t pretend to understand what you can’t know. how my mind is a labyrinth and i was locked in the center, in a small quiet room, the eye of the storm if you will.

what i should have said: true recovery is never linear, never a straight upwards slope. you are not a mathematical equation. you are human. you are nature. you breathe into your lungs what fuels forest fires. you are not a number that can be put into a grid, you are not a statistic, you are not a point on a line chart, you are a person.
what i said: i broke open the door at the center of this labyrinth full of Doors. behind this door was a feather bed with memory foam pillows. it was almost comfortable. it was heavy. yeah, seriously, it was almost really comfortable, when i didnt mind the whole swallowed-by-my-bed thing, or the whole brain-encased-in-cement-like-pillow-that-grows-harder-and-harder-and-harder-to escape-the-longer thing. i looked like a beetle on its back. a beetle thinking about trying to get up, arms treading air hopelessly. i hope you laugh at that image. because yeah. it felt peaceful, and comfortable, and hilarious that i’d even think to struggle my way out of this silence. but i did. i did i did i did i did


for some, yeah. better will be a life totally free of mental illness. amazing. it could be you. it might not be. but it could be. the teenage brain is a complicated thing, and sometimes mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, are the products of chemicals that over or under produce. the developing brain is capable of balancing itself out. scientifically speaking, there is a reasonably high chance that a teenager with depression or anxiety will recover in early to mid adulthood.


for some, better will look a shit ton like worse. mental illness will stick around, it will be something you live with for a long time. this is more likely true if you develop a disorder in your later teens or early twenties (but no one can use this as an indicator). having said that, apparently even people with personality disorders have a chance of emergence after about ten years. sometimes a sticky mental illness will only arrive in bouts. it will not be constant. your life will know better seasons.


and a lot worse, but it will always always always always get better. if you have experienced joy, you will experience joy again. there’s no reason you won’t. if it was possible before. it happened. it was real, and so were you.

what i should have said: the better you become at lifting weights, the lighter they do not become. you run track, boy. you keep pushing to run further, faster. and this pain, your heaving lungs and shaking legs, you take it with you. it tells you if it was worth it… they always get you there.
what i said: with every door i break down, comes another breed of monster. the further i get from the center, i think the labyrinth is more and more afraid of losing me to peace, to joy, to myself. it is a selfish thing, these walls, they love me more dearly than you ever will love anyone. the further i go, the tighter it grips into my shoulders, the more the void begs me to stay, the sharper the teeth of the wolves behind every door. when i kill a monster, i yank out its teeth, cracking blood over my hands, and i use the teeth like knives. i break down another door, and the new wolf smells blood. sometimes i can barely hear the murmur of the ocean, or see the slip of the mountains, but the glimpse through a threadlike crack in the wall is enough. i’m coming, i whisper to them. my strikes of light. im coming im coming im coming

sometimes better looks likes worse. sometimes better is learning exactly what is eating at you, what triggers you, what the root problem is, and confronting them with guns in your hands. it hurts. it’s a huge struggle. but in a way, this can be “better.” staring it in the face and fighting will always be better. talking about it will always be better. always. fighting always looks uglier. 

sometimes better looks ugly. like seeing the ugly. like letting others see your ugly. letting friends, family, strangers, or doctors or therapists see your ugly. sometimes better looks like being loved despite all your ugly. 

sometimes better looks like crouching on the floor, crying and begging god to heal you. at least you’re finally asking someone other than yourself.


what i said: ye u right 

sometimes better looks like understanding yourself, and knowing how to cope. sometimes better is not being able to get out of bed, but still being there to lie there. sometimes better is learning to avoid your triggers. sometimes better looks pathetic and ugly to the world around you, but it is contentedness in where you are, and giving yourself the grace to gently grow better.

sometimes better is only patience and grace and forgiveness and quiet mornings where you know you can start the clock over again.

sometimes better looks like ugly catharsis embraced. sometimes better looks like screaming. sometimes better looks like coping.


this is not to say you need to hurt yourself, this is to say whatever hurt you have experienced, it is yours and you have felt it and it will heal in some way, somehow. even if it is visible. even if it is ugly. the ugly is beautiful, they tell stories of your resilience, stories of grace. you do not need physical scars to have a story. you only need the breath in your lungs.


you figure out how to live. you learn how to cope. you let people surround you, one person, or five. you let your hands be held. you let them hold your shoulders up, when you can’t. you embrace them when they can’t imagine it. you exist for each other.

you don’t do It.


you cannot see this future ahead of you. the future is an open highway at five in the morning, with the sun coming up. the earth is round, you can see the horizon. you never know. you never FUCKING know. yeah, dude. there might be a car crash waiting for you. or a beach. or a beautiful sunset. or a hitchhiker who changes your life. four years ago i was a junior in high school, and i had endless panic attacks over the future. i had absolutely no plan whatsoever, and i am still terrified. but i have a plan now. and it’s a good one. one i never ever saw coming. but it’s an open window in april. maybe it feels like sunshine, or a rainy baptism, or a brewing storm prickling my skin with electricity. sometimes the future almost kills me. i don;t know if i’ll go out the window, or if i’ll stay inside. i feel every emotion every day, and i am terrified, and i am hurt and bruised, but sometimes i’m glad i’m here to be terrified. i still want to die, every day, but every day that i stay, i prove to myself that i can. and the earth sometimes opens up the clouds while she rains, and there are rainbows across the sky. when i can’t find the rainbows, when im crying or panicking or lonely or suicidal: i rub my eyes, and there, i see a glimpse of the color. so maybe this is what god meant by promises. i don’t know. 


boy, if you’re reading this, and it hurts, okay. now you almost know how it felt. i hope this helps you feel like you’re getting better. that you’re proof it gets better. because lord knows, we don’t need me to be the example for it to be true.

Honestly, more than anyone else, it’s asexual people I see perpetuating the idea that aces can’t be in romantic relationships or have sex or have children.

Like my campus hosted an asexual meet and greet event, organized by aces, on Valentines Day. You know, the one day of the year dedicated to romance? Screw all the aces who wanted to do something nice with their parnter(s), I guess.

There’s also a pretty popular post floating around that where someone juxastaposed their asexuality with their parents desire to have grandkids as something absurd, as if sexual desire and wanting kids are inherently linked (which, on a side note, really draws on the fundamentalist christian views of sex).

This isn’t even to mention qpps, the chicken nugget post, the numerous times ace people have felt the need to interject about their lack of sexual desire on posts about romance…

A post I made on a different blog of mine

I just really want a girlfriend who will take me to the theater or to the ballet or to an opera. Someone who will admire the ballerinas with me, their dedication and talent and frail beauty. Someone who’s heart will swell with the music of the orchestra like mine, who will envy the leading soprano’s high note like I do. Someone who will hold my hand while actors exchange lines, who will try to guess the ending with me, or who will discuss the acting skills.
A girlfriend who will take me to museums where I can make cheesy lines about how I am not supposed to touch the art. A girlfriend who will go with me to strange, artistic places in the city so I can photograph her. A girlfriend who will curl around me when I’m writing, put her head in my shoulder and just quietly sit there, holding coffee with me.
I want a girlfriend who will travel to my favorite Thai restaurant with me. Who will come into work while I’m on shift and order a desert as sweet as I am. Who will go coffee shop hopping with me. Who will walk around and hold my hand. Who will go antiquing with me.
I want a girlfriend who will never forget how I aim to please my family above myself, and will love and forgive me for it. Who understands that that doesn’t mean I love her any less.
I just want a good girlfriend.

because i can’t believe it still needs to be said in fuckin 2017 but here we are.

liking, studying, blogging or appreciating a history subject doesn’t mean you approve of it. yes i’m talking about nazism (though it can be applied to various other subjects as well).

y’all need to learn to make the differences between bloggers who are interested by the subject versus those who actually are either apologists of the nazi regime/ideology OR who endorse it. it would be appropriate to call the latter nazis. the former, no, not at all.

the third reich is literally one of the most studied history subject there is around. honestly look around, there is a lot of media centered around it, be it video games, movies, books or tv series. and theres even more non fiction books about it, documentaries, etc. it’s a huge part of history nowadays.

and guess what? there’s a reason why it’s so fascinating, why it’s so terrible and yet interesting. it’s big alright. now those reasons would honestly need a whole post dedicated to them, but they are legit.

i’ve seen people get iffy at the mention of “nazi aesthetics” but it’s actually a thing. fascism relies a lot on its aesthetics to draw people to it. german ww2 uniforms were haute couture. nazi imagery was well thought, had specific color schemes and palettes, was all constructed with aestheticism in mind. it’s part of it, it’s part of the whole fascist package. using the words ‘nazi aesthetic’ does not make you a nazi, it’s another facette of the study of fascism and more specifically nazism, which was even bigger on aesthetics.

now on to the whole blogging about the third reich thing. as i keep repeating, it is a big subject, for some reason people are drawn to it. there’s nothing wrong with studying it. in fact, we absolutely need people to study it, especially in those times where the right is rising again. history is important. history is problematic, and we study those problems. 

if those bloggers you like to call nazis were actually certified historians, if they had a PhD in history, if they were searchers in history, would you still call them nazis? i mean, have you seen books about the Third Reich, written by specialists? they 100% reflect the nazi aesthetic, they have pictures of nazis in them. that’s just how history is. reblogging historical pictures of nazis doesn’t make you a nazi. have you seen documentaries? the notorious apocalypse documentaries use only ww2-era footage. what you do with this material does not make you a nazi, it’s the way you act vis-à-vis of this ideology and the knowledge. it honestly sucks that amateurs who only want to share and learn about a very rich historical subject get told they’re nazis, whether it is online or IRL (trust me, it happens a lot IRL as well. try reading any book about nazism, which often have a swastika on the cover, in the bus. get ready for some looks).

it’s about time we’re able to tell the difference.

contains massive CA:CW spoilers 

Before I start, I want to clarify that it is perfectly okay to hate a character just by not to sympathize with him. You look at the character and just go like “meh” or “whatevs” and continue with your life without trying to justify what don’t need justification.
That being said: What the hell are these “reasons” that tony stark haters are using to explain why we all should hate tony after civil war?

1- He took a child (Peter) for a dangerous fight - First of all: He did not lead the boy to a dangerous fight, he did not think it would be dangerous and yet explained that his only task was to keep himself away and launch web and when in fact the fight became dangerous he sent peter back home

2- He considers bucky dangerous. - You know who else considers bucky dangerous: All #teamironman members. I do not see anyone hating Natasha or Rhodes because of that or even Sam Wilson who also thinks it, but helps Steve anyway. Sharon Carter also thinks it but she is hated for other unjustified reasons. You know who else thinks that Bucky is dangerous? Bucky Barnes. And that’s why he asks to be frozen again until he ceases to be a danger to society. (Oh my god. I love him, he did not deserve it)

3- His violent reaction to seeing the parents’ murder at the hands of the Winter Soldier - You know who else had a violent reaction to seeing his father being killed by the “winter soldier”? T'Challa. And we all understand his actions because we had about two hours of film to watch the changes in his thinking. Tony had like 20 min and that was his initial response (and it was more about the anger he felt at Rogers have hidden the truth from him than anything else).

4 - Being a stucky shipper - bitch me too the fuck. Guess what: just bc you love bucky does not mean you have to hate Tony. i myself am a stony shipper too. i’m such a mess but it does not matter now. They are different characters and although Cap / Bucky / Tony are forever connected to each other, you do not need to hate one to love the other.

5 - Too much tony in a cap movie -  Boy let me start to explain you about what CIVIL WAR is about

I dedicate this salty post to the people who have the audacity to reblog my tony/ stony/ stucky/ cacw edits to talk shit about tony in the tags. bitch you come into mY HOUSE

chloef8899  asked:

Chris has a boyfriend named Will have you not seen any resent videos or interviews? he talks about him all the time in those. sorry if I'm coming off as rude but they have been together for like FOUR YEARS

Part 2: f you don’t believe me there is tons a different videos and pics of them on Chriscolfernews. And there actually super cute together

Part 3:  And also a friend of mine knows chris and will and she says that they just had there 4 year anniversary in January, and they get really sick and tired of Will getting hate messages from you people. GLEE IS OVER!!! JEEEZZZZZ. Also have you not been on Chris’s Colfer’s instagram he has posted stuff with his bf. I just find it kind of disrespectful and rude that’s all. I’m not asking you to support there relationship but stop posting a bunch of bs that isn’t real!!!!

Part 4:  One last thing if you weren’t so new to all of this u would have seen the interviews that Chris goes to and he was asked about his real boyfriend and if they write together because Will is a screenwrite. (he said yes) he also hasn’t seen this Darren guy since glee ended and btw he has a girlfriend and they have been together since glee started. If u even read Chris’s frickin books u would know him and will are dating!!!! Because he dedicated the last one to him

Part 5:  I’m sure u are a nice person but this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life😂


Oh thank you, thank you. Its been a long week and I am so tired. Its been beyond stressful and you just made my day.  If i wasn’t so new to this? Honey, i am not new to this. I have been around for quite some time and I assure you I have read of all Chris’ books. And I am well aware he has recently named Will as his BF and that he dedicated his book to his favorite human spell checker.

Newsflash, Chris Colfer news is PR. They post what the agenda is. the agenda is to try to sell Chill. Why? Oh I know, I know!!!!!  Because Chris is in a relationship with an actor is is in the closet. And the spotlight has shined brightly on CC for years. and therefore, in order to dim that spotlight, Chris needs to have his own fake relationship. This is called PR. Something that is common in Hollywood. Will is a merkin, a person that is the pretend boyfriend commonly used as a source of protection for one’s actual significant other.  Ever question why Ashley is always with them? Even on their trip to London? Its just so odd….

Oh my naive friend who doesn’t have a clue. Open your eyes. Have you read Chris’ books?  Um Ezmia? MorInA? I guess he just likes to thrown shade at a former co-stars gf. No other reason he would name his villains after her. One of whom has locked Froggy in a mirror. You know Froggy a/k/a Darren who is engaged to Red a/k/a Chris who is trapped by MorInA. And let’s not forget Chris has dedicated a book to Darren. It is called Little Red’s Guide to Royalty. I really suggest you read that one. It has some amazing insight to the current situation.  Here’s a little post i did (X)

And if not that have you read Stranger? Cause there is a whole chapter called Truth Shaming that tells you that celebrities lie!!! Imagine that!!!!!! Shocking I know.  Straight from Chris who says this it’s the most autobiographical book to date. Here is my post on that particular chapter (X)

And Darren has a girlfriend?  Yes, the one that is under contract to play his plus one. And insufferable spoiled brat that lives with a man named BEN.

You see, Darren signed his life away when he joined Fox. And the last thing Fox wanted was (a) for Darren to come out as straight and (b) for there to be any reason to suspect that Darren and Chris were a couple. So heavy bearding commenced in season 4 and it has been relentless since. Why?  No one knows. An obvious mistake.  Fox should have chosen to capitalize on it. But all they could see was the $$$ Darren brought in as their straight teenage dream,

And sadly years later, this is the mess they find themselves in. And they are stuck trying to balance what is right for them, their careers, and for their naive fans who would rather see them both with completely unequal partners than be with each other. It is beyond my comprehension. But this is where we are.

I beg of you. Please take off the blinders.  It is beyond obvious what the truth is.  And for the record. You haven’t a clue what I know. But trust me, it is more than enough to not doubt even for one second what I know to be fact.

A love letter.

Hello everyone! It’s OK if you don’t want to read this long post, but trust me, you might want to. This is a love letter! But it’s not just any love letter, it’s a love letter dedicated to those Who feel that they haven’t tried hard enough. Listen, if you run a role-play blog, or a ask blog, or any blog in general really, I’m so proud of you. Now I know what you’re thinking “Oh God it’s another one of these post that try to be motivational-” well guess what! I am simply a female freshman that is trying their best OK! What I want to say is, I’m proud of you. I know that might not mean a lot to you coming from someone as young as me, but I am proud of you. You might be confused as to why, and that’s understandable. Trust me, I was confused when someone told me they were proud of me, because I felt like my art was stupid and I was stupid, which maybe I am but still. If you are running a role-play and or ask blog, I’m very proud that you made it this far! Yes, you might get some hate, but that doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. That doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is useless, that doesn’t mean you are worthless. People might tell you these things, and try to convince that you are what they say, but you are not. Do you know what you do when you post art? Or when you post something you’ve written? You make history! You form a path for others to walk on, others of the later generations who look up to you. Yes your art may not get re-blogs, yes your art may not get likes, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you try your hardest, that you are willing to post. And it’s OK if you are not, it’s OK to go even years on end without posting, because what’s most important when it comes to running a blog is happiness. If you are unhappy with your work, then find a reason to be, because I swear to you on my life that there is someone out there who loves and appreciates you and what you create. It’s OK if you want to delete your blog because you are unhappy, or what people are saying to you get to you, and that you feel your art isn’t getting enough attention, that’s OK. Just know that there are people out there who love you, people out there who would be so distraught and hurt if you left them permanently. I want to tell you I love you. That I’m proud, that everyone that follows you is proud. It doesn’t matter if you just started out, it doesn’t matter if you have only three or ten followers. Because what matters is that you were willing to try, that you were willing share your art, your creations. You are the hand of God to your work, you are the hand of God in your life, you have power. You have control. And know that you are loved.

  • Clarke: This is Bellamy my best friend and life partner, and the one I trust with everything and whom I adore above all others, my dearest most precious person, who can do no wrong in my eyes because he’s so brave and dedicated and smart, and we have so much in common. I just adore this man, look at him, isn’t he handsome? Isn’t he swell? Yeah my guy Bellamy he’s the best I love him.
  • Bellamy: I guess Clarke likes me, yeah? But I don’t want to assume or anything, you know.

so I was casually scrolling through the “bamon” tag of Twitter, ya know minding my damn business, liking tweets that made me happy. when my ass came across a series of tweets from DE’s.

• Regarding the photos:


(2) If you deadass think that the bamon hug was fan service then what do you suppose call Elena being back into the equation? Elena being talked about? Elena being the high and might even when she’s literally in a fucking coffin?

(3) ya’ll keep shipping Katherine/Elena with whomever has fangs and hair but as soon as your longest POC character is shipped with someone remotely out of the ordinary - your Fallopian tubes are in a knot like lmao is bonnie not allowed to be shipped with Damon?????? So everyone on this show can be romantically linked to the Salvatores but not bonnie? LMAO ya’ll r playing.

(4) ya’ll didn’t just wish for bonnie to die just so E could come back quicker, like :/




DISCLAIMER, if you know who these accounts are - don’t attack them or anything like that. I left one of the display names out, just for everyone to see how disrespectful someone can be just so their delusional ship can happen. This post is only dedicated to people who agree with these tweets lmao also a big ass - DISCLAIMER (again) bc I know some of ya’ll might come for my Asian ass but let me get something straight, my opinions are based on the arguments within those tweets. If you are ever going to argue in return with a different context then I won’t entertain such statements considering IT IS LITERALLY OUT OF CONTEXT.

in conclusion, I believe that Kat Graham is an amazing actress, whose character - Bonnie Bennett - has been done dirty ever since she made these white ass feathers fly around Elena

gardenofroseandthorn replied to your postGuess who just watched the TW S6B trailer? *groan*…

I already love your writing, but if you wanna dedicate a whole *series* to the many different ways Kate and Gerard Argent can die, I will … I’ll think of *something*, but I will also be Very Happy.

That’s basically my fic-ography, LOL! So out of curiosity I just scrolled through my fics to see how many times I’ve killed Kate and Gerard, and how it was done …

Discounting the times they were killed in the same way as it happened in canon (like Kate’s death in TSOIP), I’ve killed Kate six times and Gerard five, which seems lower than I thought it would be! Methods include:

Kate: Peter tears her throat out (x2), Peter shoots her (x2), Stiles shoots her, Sheriff Stilinski shoots her

Gerard: bite rejection (x2, orchestrated once by Deucalion and once by Peter and Stiles), decapitation by Chris, blunt force trauma by Derek, and throat torn out (by Deucalion, but only after Derek and Stiles served him up on a silver platter)

Man, I got way more creative with Gerard than I have with Kate. How have I never set Kate on fire?

Bonus round: I’ve killed Deucalion 5 times, too! He probably doesn’t deserve it as much as Kate and Gerard, but he’s still awful.

anonymous asked:

honestly i don't know how anyone could believe that froggy's dedication in TLOS would be Will or just a random dedication. with every book in the series, C writes a dedication to different people and out of all of them, froggy's was the one that stood out. why? b/c it was obviously written for someone special in C's life that he can't mention by real name because he can't or was told not to. with his final TLOS book coming out in july, he may dedicate it to fans or his "beloved charlie" again.

Anon, that dedication was so beautiful and well thought out. 

There is no question in my mind who this was meant for.  “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  It goes back to “too much love.”. 

This is one of the best quotes from that book:

I did a post about this quote a few months ago and concluded: Because all that matters is Darren is perfect for him.  And he is perfect for Darren.  And Chris would not have it any other way. (x)

I am curios who TLOS6 will be dedicated to.  If it can’t be Darren and well, i am realistic and it is April and the book must be due a the publisher soon, I am not sure how many other candidates exist. My best guess are the fans or Cooper and Brian.  But thee is nothing  I would love love more than for it to be to Darren.

Want to be a part of the blog?

I’m looking to find one more artist for this blog so I’m making an artist audition thing since I don’t want to stress out my friend with having them do two drawings per day. Art stresses me out in general on top of editing and recording so I’d really appreciate the help.

Anyway- Rules, yes-


1. You’d have to already be following me. I just want mutual interests for this blog so I know I can depend on you.

2. Friendly obviously because I’d want to be able to get to know and get along with who I’m working with.

3. You can submit a new drawing or an old drawing you’ve done the past 2 months. Here’s the link to the submission box:

4. You’d have to really want to do this and dedicate yourself just enough (not asking for fully but enough) to this blog.

5. I’m not all that great with giving rules so I guess that’s it-

Extra Info:

I’ll basically be giving you one ask each to work on every other day. Yup. That means I’ve decided not to post asks every single day anymore just to give the artists enough time to come up with a visual. I want this to be as less stressful as it can be.

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what would you say the main groups of the Les Mis fandom are?

I’m not sure what you mean by this? If you’re looking for things like the watchalong group or an RP group then let me know, that’s a specific thing and I can signal boost np. If you’re looking for like names and cliques of people, I don’t…really think it works that way? anyway it never has for me.  But there are definitely some noticeable interests that people tend to focus on more or less, and naturally folks tend to chat a lot with people who share their interests, I mean, that’s what fandom is in the first place.  Les Mis is so old and has had So Many adaptations that those interests can get pretty divergent! So some of them are: 

-Character Focus:  The major clusters seem to be around “Old Man” fandom (that is, mostly Valjean and Javert, and the mostly-older characters they interact with)  and “Amis” fandom (which goes in quotes because it tends to include Cosette, Eponine, Marius and other younger-or-perceived-younger characters, who aren’t Amis but also don’t have a Team Name.:P)  There’s also sort of a Patron-Minette fandom?  It’s small but definitely there! 

-Version Focus:  Book and Musical are the big ones, but there are some people really into the multiple movie adaptations or Shoujo Cosette or the (incredible and when will it get a good English translation, WHEN) Arai manga, too. This one’s kind of important to be clear about when discussing canon/interpretations/scenes, for obvious reasons!

Era focus: There’s a sort of Modern AU thing that seems to have developed its own evolving mythos, and, at this point, possibly sentience? It’s very big and growing, is my point.  And there’s canon era fandom, which obviously has a history focus.  

None of these are inherently mutually exclusive and lots of people have interests in lots of them! But someone who’s running a blog super dedicated to musical casts and variations is probably going to do a bit less with book reference  research or modern AU headcanoning just because, you know. Time.  And people tend to talk to/reblog mostly the people who are posting the thing they’re interested in, so…that’s the closest thing to “groups” I know that we’ve got? I mean, also we’re kind of a small fandom–stick around long enough, you know or get known by most other long-timers. I like it! 

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #311

Anybody else who absolutely loves this quote?? Now I’m not sure if you all have the habit of writing down a list of monthly goals on your agenda, but earlier today I just realized I haven’t ticked off any (and there were 9 of them)!! I guess that means I’ve got to work harder as it’s already nearing the first half of the month. This work is dedicated to itsmarlena, chosen from the #310th post. (: Be sure to reblog if you want to be chosen for the next post! And happy monday everyone!!!

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