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The Labyrinth Chapter 38

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.7k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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BTS Reaction: Walking in on you masturbating to their moans

Hi anon who requested and others, please enjoy

Kim Seokjin:

His name left your lips through heavy breaths as you listened to his raspy voice on youtube, your fingers playing with yourself in the absence of his. Biting your lip, you raised your hips when you felt yourself reaching your climax, and just as you were about to cum, a pair of warm hands found themselves on your ass. 

“Jin…?” you panted, head turning around to look at him. His clothes were disheveled and his hair was wild mess from practice. 

“Keep going, princess, you have the real thing here now.”

Min Yoongi:

His low, husky voice ran through your body, causing you to squirm as you touched yourself, wishing that he were there with you.

“Yoongi…” you mumbled, toes curling and lips quivering, core aching, when all of the sudden, you heard the door creak open.

“Couldn’t wait for me, could you baby?” A smirk played on his lips as he walked towards you. “Does my voice really turn you on that much?”

Jung Hoseok:

“Do you need some help?” Hoseok’s voice sent shivers down your spine, causing you to jolt in surprise- and pleasure, when you noticed him leaning against the doorway.

“Yes, Hobi,” you whined, pressing your legs together as he made his way towards you.

“You should be glad, Y/n…” he smiled, eyes travelling up and down your flushed pink body. “You get to hear my voice up close.”

Kim Namjoon:

When he saw you, legs spread on the bed, pleasing yourself to his moans on youtube, he couldn’t contain his wild mind.

“You’re so naughty, babygirl,” he licked his lips as he positioned himself between you, his fingers smoothing over yours, directing you where to touch yourself and how hard you should touch yourself.

“I’ll whisper into your ear all night, baby, since you like my voice so much.”

Park Jimin:

“Y/n…what are you doing?” You heard his voice from the doorway and immediately shut off your phone in embarrassment when you realized it was Jimin.

“Jimin I-” you stumbled on your words, pulling your skirt down, trying to collect yourself as he walked towards you.

“Oh baby,” his eyes were filled with desire, making you blush even harder. “Don’t you want to continue? I want to hear your beautiful sounds too.”

Kim Taehyung:

You were curious when you clicked on that video, but now you were touching yourself, almost on the verge of climaxing when Taehyung walked into the room.

“Hmm?” He ran his slender fingers through his silky hair, tongue clicking at the sight of you enjoying yourself without him. “If you wanted to hear my voice so badly, why didn’t you come get me, babe?” You gulped as he took off his shirt, revealing his flexed and toned muscles. “Can you guess what’s going to happen now?”

Jeon Jungkook:

“Are you serious?” Jungkook laughed when he caught you feeling yourself to his moans on your phone, making you purse your lips and close your legs.

“Sorry Y/n, I didn’t mean for you to stop,” he smiled, dipping the bed as he made his way to you. “It’s just…" he began, running his fingers up your legs, “…you know I’m here if you ever need my voice, baby.”

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Wedding Series #13 Part 1: The Night Before (His POV)

A/N: I’ll have it from your POV after this! I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


“Hyung, are you okay?” Jin looked up as Jungkook took a tentative step towards him.

“Of course I’m okay! Do I look not okay to you? Why would you be asking if i’m okay?” Jin rushed out.

“Because if you chop up those vegetables anymore, there will be nothing left to put in the stew.” Jin looked down to see what is now practically onion zest from how finely he’d chopped the vegetable. He quickly dropped the knife and leaned against the counter, gripping the corner so tightly his knuckles turned white as he heavily sighed. He felt Jungkook approach him and place his hand on his back in a comforting way. “It’s okay for you to be nervous and have doubts.” He said as he rubbed Jin’s back. “It’s normal actually. But the reason why you’re having doubts will determine if you’re ready for the marriage.”

Jin looked up at him. “What if she decides that I’m not what she wants? What if we go through this whole wedding, and she just packs up and leaves me? I don’t know if I could handle that.”

Jungkook smiled at him. “And that’s how you know you’re ready. You’re not worried about not being single anymore. You’re worried about what would happen if you become single again.”

Jin let out a half hearted laugh. “When did you become so wise?”

“I’ve been hanging out with Namjoon hyung a lot. You should try it, you might learn a lot from him.”

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“Come in!” Yoongi called out as he heard someone knocking on his studio door.

“Hey, hyung.” Hoseok walked in and set a cup of coffee on the desk in front of him, glancing at the computer screen to see that Yoongi was editing together a video of pictures of the two of you, a song that he had never heard before playing in the background. “What’s this?”

“A wedding gift for y/n.”

“And the song?”

“A part of it.” Yoongi made one final click before deciding to take a break and turning around in his chair to look at Hoseok. “Thanks for the coffee.” He said as he picked up the cup, inhaling the scent before taking a sip.

Hoseok’s eyebrows furrowed at how calm Yoongi was. “Are you not nervous?”

“Why would I be nervous?” Yoongi looked up at him.

“Because you’re about to marry the love of your life.”

“Exactly. She’s the love of my life. There’s no reason to worry.” Yoongi said, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Well, okay then.” Hoseok said, shaking his head at his friend’s logic.

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“I know she wants to stick with the American tradition of not seeing each other for 24 hours before the wedding, but maybe we should just call her.” Jimin said to Taehyung as they stood in front of his and Hoseok’s shared room.


Jimin simply opened the door to reveal Hoseok curled up in a cocoon of blankets in his bed as an answer. “He’s been switching from jumping all over the place talking about how excited he is to…well, that.”

“I’m not dealing with that.”

“Come on, Tae.”

“He’s your roommate, so have fun.” Taehyung patted him on the back before quickly leaving.

Jimin sighed as he cursed Taehyung in his head before sitting on the edge of Hoseok’s bed. “Hyung-”

“What if she leaves me at the altar tomorrow?”

“She won’t.” Jimin assured him. “And even if she does, then she wouldn’t be worth being this upset over.” Hoseok peeked his head out of the blankets to look at Jimin. “I’ve seen the way she looks at and acts around you, so trust me when I say there is no reason for you to be having these feelings.”

Hoseok sat up. “You’re right, I’m being ridiculous.” He jumped out of bed with a bright smile on his face. “Have I told you where I’m taking her for our honeymoon?!”

“Only about 20 times, but I’m glad to hear it again.”

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“Now, a lot of people are against marriage because it’s a ‘government construct’. But marriages happened way before our modern governments were even in place. Even neanderthals had ceremonies and rituals they would do to bring couples together. The only difference is now governments like to give benefits to couples who are married, which I don’t agree with, because why should two people who choose to marry each other get more money than someone who doesn’t feel the need to marry to prove their love for their partner? I mean,-”

“Hyung, I’m more than happy to listen to your philosophical rants, but right now I’m trying to go to sleep.” Taehyung groaned as he stared at the wall, long having given up on playing Overwatch once Namjoon had started his rant.

“Sorry, I guess talking is helping calm my nerves.” Namjoon admitted, glad that the lights were off so Taehyung couldn’t see his face.

Taehyung turned over in bed so he was facing where he knew Namjoon’s bed was. “What was that you were saying about marriage and the government?”

Namjoon turned his head towards Taehyung’s face. “I thought you were trying to sleep?”

“Yeah, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help ease your nerves? I can sacrifice some sleep in return for you being happy.”

Namjoon smiled and continued on with his previous rant.

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“Jin hyung.”

“Yes?” Jin walked over to join Jimin off to the side of the studio, away from where everyone else was gathered.

“Am I making the right choice?”

Jimin’s question shocked Jin. “What do you mean?”

“I’m completely, head over heels, in love with y/n. And I do want to spend the rest of my life with her. But I can’t help but be worried.” Jimin leaned his head back and hit it against the wall behind him.

“If you know you’re in love with her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, then what do you have to be worried about?”

“I’ve heard all these stories about couples who had wild passionate romances, only for all of that to disappear once they put the marriage label on it.” Jimin looked over at his hyung. “I don’t want the love to disappear.”

Jin sighed. “Look into the future, how you see yourself with y/n.” Jimin nodded. “What do you see?”

“I see us, sitting around the kitchen table at dinner with our children, joking and laughing as we talk about our days.”

Jin nodded. “And is that scene loveless?”

“The exact opposite.”

“Then what are you worried about?” Jin smiled at him before standing up and offering his hand out to Jimin. “Let’s get back to practice so we can finish and go home to rest before your big day.”

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“And when we get to the place I rented, we’ll immediately start trying for a family.”

“Please make him stop.” Jungkook said as he banged his head against the table.

“I’m trying to tell you my plans for my wedding, but if you can’t appreciate that, I’ll take myself somewhere else!” Taehyung dramatically closed his laptop and picked it up off the table before stomping out of the room. “Oh, Hobi hyung!” He sang as he entered Hoseok and Jimin’s room.

“Yes, Taehyung?” He froze as he looked up and saw Taehyung pulling up a presentation. “Oh, no.”

“You’re the only other person here and Jungkook has already rejected me. Oh, yes.” Taehyung gave him an evil smile before plopping on his bed and starting his detailed explanation of the day to come.

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“Am I too young?”

“Depends on what you mean.” Yoongi responded to Jungkook’s question without looking up from his phone.

“Too young to get married.”

“There are countries that force 8 year olds into marriage.” Yoongi finally looked up. “You’re old enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“I mean, if you’re ready for marriage is really based on if you’re mature enough for it. So if we’re talking about mental age, then no, you’re probably not old enough. If we’re talking about actual age, you’re at a perfect age to get married.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right.” Jungkook threw a pillow at Yoongi, then immediately ran to his room and locked the door to avoid his wrath. “I was definitely right about the mental age.”

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Could you explain Lito/Hernando/Daniela's relationship? Is it canon polyamory or what?

Oh my god, I wish I could say it’s canon Polyamory but I suppose it’s a little more complicated than that. 

So far, the only ones confirmed in a relationship with each other are Hernando and Lito, but they both are very physical and loving towards Dani, who is clearly physically attracted to both of them. 

If I had to guess, I’d say —like many times in real life— they are just enjoying to do ‘whatever this is’ and being a family without the need of labels. 

However, if you want some possible proof of it being poly-ish here are a few things:

  • In s1 there’s a point where they are all sleeping cuddled in bed in their underwear
  • Hernando going as far as to leave Lito for not standing up for Daniela
  • Hernando saying it’s not home if Dani is not there
  • Lito saying “let’s go home” after all three reunite
    • “I think that the fact we could all fit in the tub, means it must be ours.”
  • Lito and Hernando’s constant reassurance to Daniela that they love her and her personality and she’s not a burden in their relationship
  • Lito and Hernando defending her from her parents and taking her in. 
  • “I know this is hard for all three of you to understand, but I have a relationship with this two men that isn’t based on threats, or control or money.”
  • The way they comfort her after and kiss her and hug her. 
  • Both Hernando and Daniela being Lito’s arm pieces, all three of them always presented as a unit. 
  • Daniela started off being attracted to Lito but there’s a clear emotional connection between her and Hernando. 
  • All the domesticity. 

Now, I do have friendships that are that close, even physically, and still are purely platonic, so I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I feel the show is slowly edging us towards that climax of all three accepting they are in their very own kind of relationship. I also think it’d be fun if Daniela got a bf next season and it threw them off/made them jealous/made them realize they are already kinda together. 

Exchange Student -1- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.650

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS. 

“Good morning everyone, please take your seat.” You quickly did what the teacher asked and sat down. “I’ve got some news for everyone. We will start our new program of exchange students. A few of you will be hosting one of the students.” You knew that your mother signed you up for this new program so this wasn’t really a surprise. You were curious though because you didn’t know where this person was coming from. You just knew a few languages which existed out Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese. The reason why you learned Korean was because you loved Korean drama’s, just like your mother so last years she gave us up for night school. We learned Korean together and now we could speak it almost fluently. So I must be a student from either Japan, Korea and a Spanish country.

“Y/n,  I believe that you are signed up for this program right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, could you come over here, I will give you some details about this exchange student.” You got up and your best friend Sophie thought it would be funny to trip you, This backfired though as you saw it coming from miles away. You quickly took a sip from your water and as you passed her desk she stuck out her leg and as you stopped next to her, you turned and spit out the water right over her. At first, she was horrified and then she burst out in laughter and you couldn’t help but follow her and as you both were laughing like crazy, you walked towards the teacher who was just shaking his head. He wasn’t laughing but he also didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was used to it.

“Sorry about that sir.” he shrugged and smiled at you “I’m used to it.” You chuckled because this was true. It was not like you were the only ones who pranked each other but the entire class liked to goof around. Not that it was a bad thing because your class was above average in scores, so this was allowed, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves.

“So the student that will be staying at with you is from South Korea and his name is Jungkook Jeon.”

“If he is from South Korea, shouldn’t you say Jeon Jungkook?”

“Technically yes but this is America, so he should say it the right way.”

“Sure but don’t you think it will be hard for him?”

“He has to get used to it really fast, so please call him by his first name.”

“Whatever, Just know that I’m not going to disrespect his culture.”

“I’m not asking you to but he has to get used to the western way’s.”

“I’m sure he will do that, without throwing away his own culture.”

“I’m not going to discuss this with you. He will be arriving at 11 a.m. tomorrow. You will get two days off, to get him settled, then he has to come to school with you. You will be his guide and you are responsible for him, do you understand this?”

“I understand, thank you, sir.” You grabbed the information and walked back to your seat. You immediately told Sophie about what the teacher had said.

“Wait, what is his name?”

“Jeon Jungkook.” She blinked a few times and you couldn’t help but wonder if you had said something wrong but when she started to blush, you couldn’t stay still. “What are you thinking off.”

“Jeon Jungkook right?” You nodded and that’s when she started to smile but it was her fangirl smile, which scared the hell out of you. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“You really don’t have a clue do you?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking or thinking about.”

“You know that I have been talking about this group called BTS right?” You had to think back but you could remember her saying something about BTS. “Yes, I heard you squeal about them yes.”

“Well, Jeon Jungkook is a member of that group unless there is another Jungkook.”

“Look I really don’t know but I will see this tomorrow.”

“Can I come?”

“No, I don’t think that’s allowed.”


“No, I will let you know if it’s him okay?”

“Ah come on.” she was literally begging you, which was really cute but you had to disappoint her. The last thing Jungkook needed if he really was in that group, was some weird ass fan. “Nope.” you put your finger on her forehead and pushed her back. “Just focus on your assignment.” you chuckled when she stuck out her tongue. “You are too cruel.”

“I know, just deal with it.” She did turn around but within no time she turned back again.

“I can’t focus now.”

“Figures, just go watch bts on youtube then.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I can show you a mv of bts, so you can prepare.”

“Ladies is something wrong?” The teacher stood next to you and you knew it was your own fault for not paying attention. “She can’t concentrate sir.” you didn’t want to throw her under the bus but you panicked.

“Oh really, well I know some things you can do.” Sophie groaned because this usually meant nothing good. You had to pay her back for this eventually and as she followed the teacher. You went back to your work, you were studying music, you had piano lessons and you played the drums in your band. At the moment you were trying your hand at writing songs, which wasn’t that easy but the band was really enthusiastic about it. You kept practicing, which led to one complete song but the song made no sense at all but they still liked it, we used the song for sound check, which was hilarious.

“Y/n, you can go home early today. You probably have some things to arrange before Jungkook Jeon arrives.” You couldn’t help but cringe when he said his name like that but you knew better than to say something about it.

“I do actually, thank you, sir.” You didn’t expect to walk out after only three hours of school, not that you minded because now you could skip Math and chemistry so this turned out well.

“Mom I’m home!” You yelled the second you walked through the door.” She popped her head through the open kitchen door. “Already?”

“Yes, I know. Remember when you signed us up for that exchange student thing?” You asked her whilst walking into the kitchen. “Yes I remember, why?” You ruffled your little brother’s hair before you sat down. “Well, we have been chosen to be a host to a Korean student.”

“Wait, Korean?”

“Yes, his name is Jeon Jungkook and he will be staying with us for at least six months.”

“Really, do you have a picture?”

“No, but apparently he is really famous.”

“He is?”

“Yes, Sophie said he is one of the members of BTS.” You shrugged and grabbed the iPad, you went straight to YouTube and searched them. Apparently, they were really popular as they had millions of views and followers. You clicked on the MV which was called “Fire”. The way it started with them chilling out and then this super handsome guy jumping over a fence and then he just put some guy on fire well that grabbed your attention but then the others came into view and by the end of the video you were deeply impressed and you were wondering how you managed to not know about them earlier.

“So which one was Jeon Jungkook?”

“I really don’t have a clue mom.”

“Aren’t there introduction videos about BTS?”

“I guess there are.” You searched and found a lot of videos and the second you found out who Jungkook was, you were fanning yourself because damn he was hot and around your age. So this would be fun. “This is Jungkook mom.” You showed her and even she blushed.

“He is really handsome.”

“Yeah and about my age mom.” She nudged you gently and you both started to giggle. “Let’s go shopping for this handsome fellow.”

“Let’s do that.” You lifted your four-year-old brother out of his chair and walked to the car.

“What do we need?”

“A bed and maybe a desk?” You suggested when you suddenly got an idea. “Sophie knows what he likes, shall I give her a call.”

“Please.” You immediately pressed her number and after two rings she picked up. “Traitor!” She always cracked you up and this wasn’t any different. “I know but I know a way to make it up to you.”

“Really? I doubt that.”

“We’re going shopping for Jungkook and we need your help.” It was quiet on the other side as she was probably imagining stuff about Jungkook, which was kind of adorable. “Are you still there?”

“What, yes, when are you picking me up?” She was definitely hurrying.

“We will leave now.” Which meant she had five minutes until we would be there and with that, she just hung up the damn phone. “And?”

“She is helping, so let’s go.” You made sure you brother was tucked in safely and after sitting down yourself, your mother started the car and drove off. “So this Jungkook, he is really famous but we aren’t that rich and we don’t have a big house, do think he would mind?”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind mom.”

“I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”

“Mom really doesn’t worry about it, our house is bigger than the average house there, I mean those houses in drama’s, I think it’s like that in real life as well. Sure there are really big houses but overall I think it’s like in drama’s, so please don’t worry.”

“If you say so, I’m just nervous, I never met a famous person.” She was cute when she was nervous but there was nothing you could do about it because to be honest you were also a bit nervous and to think you had to act normal around him. You were wondering why he was coming here though, Aren’t kpop groups really busy all the time? When you stopped at Sophie’s driveway she came running out of the door,  it was so funny, usually, she hated working out but Kpop groups made her do the weirdest things ever.

“Let’s go!” she quickly hugged your mother who was giggling about her enthusiasm. “Alright let’s buy this boy some furniture.” After a few minutes you were walking through the IKEA and that’s when you let Sophie loose, she was running around like crazy, talking to herself, texting people to make sure she was picking the right items. “Why don’t you give Dylan to me, so you can assist her.” your mother nodded towards the crazy person and you quickly handed over Dylan and skipped towards your best friend. “So do you think we have enough, it’s not like we have a lot of money.”

“I do, so don’t worry, this is on me.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I’m not, this is for Jungkook, so there is no limit today.” You shook your head and slapped her arm. “You are crazy.”

“I know, just let me.”

“I will but only because I can’t stop you anyway.” she smiled and stuck up her thumb. “You’ve got that right sis.” you rolled your eyes and after an hour you were finally done. You were going to get it delivered because she really got a lot. They would deliver it tonight, which meant there was no sleep for you, as you were the one who had to put it all together but luckily for you, you were in a band so you texted your bandmate Christian and begged him to help you. He arrived after the delivery guys left and you immediately went to work. You made sure there were snacks and drinks, otherwise he would never forgive you. “So why are we doing this?”

“Ah, we are getting an exchange student tomorrow.”


“Yeah and you know he is from South Korea.”

“Really? That’s awesome.”

“I know right, now I can test my Korean.”

“I already told you this but your Korean is really good.” It was good to have a Korean friend but he had been living in America since he was really young so it was just different. “Yeah, yeah but he lived in Korea his entire life so it’s just different.”

“Whatever, just put that desk together.” he focused on the bed and after six hours you were finally done. The walls in this room were white, so you decided that black furniture went best with it and after everything was set up, you were really satisfied, it wasn’t really your taste but a guy could live here right? “Yah Christian? Do you think a guy will like this room?”

“I think he will like it.” h ruffled your hair and after that, he left. You made the bed and dusted the room before you went to bed. It was already past 2 a.m. and you had to be on time to get him from the airport because somehow you didn’t expect for a thing to go easy as he was famous. Your mother woke you up the next morning and she was stressed out. “I can’t come with you!”

“Why not?”

“They need me at work, there is an emergency.”


“I know sweetheart but they are understaffed in the hospital, so I really need to help them out.”

“Alright, I will take care of everything, don’t worry.” This was going to be awkward because you had to bring Dylan with you as well, what if he thought he would be your son. What would he think of you, this was going to be great and when you saw the time, you quickly buckled up Dylan and told your mom to jump in and after you dropped her at work, you drove to the airport. You had your sign with Jungkook’s name on it and with Dylan, you walked to the arrival hall and waited. You didn’t have to wait long because you recognized him right when he walked out, he wasn’t alone though as a guy followed him. You quickly held up your sign and Jungkook immediately noticed it and pointed at it. He was even more handsome in real life and as his eyes checked you out, a smile appeared on his face and it stayed there even when his eyes landed on your little brother. He stopped in front of you and the first thing you did surprised him. You bowed whilst introducing yourself in Korean. “You speak Korean?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh yeah, I’m Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me.” he bowed as well and after he introduced himself he introduced his manager. “He won’t be staying, he is just here to go over a few things.”

“Ah okay.” He looked around as if he was looking for someone. “Is your mother not here?”

“She is at work, something came up so it’s only my little brother Dylan and me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine but can you drive?”

“Of course I can.” you smiled at him and his eyes lit up a bit. “Can we go then?” he politely asked and you nodded and as you walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but think that he was just a normal guy, there was nothing really special except for his good looks and the fact that he was in kpop group.

You first buckled in Dylan and then you got behind the wheel. Jungkook sat next to you and his manager sat in the back. “Do you mind if I put on some music?” Well, at least he was being polite. “I don’t mind.” Not long after you heard Justin Bieber fill up the car with purpose and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at this. “You’re a Bieber fan?”

“Yes, I like his songs a lot.”

“Of course you do.”

“You don’t like him?”

“I do but I’m not his fan.” That was the best way to explain this. “Why?”

“I just don’t like him. He does make good songs but I don’t like him as a person.”

“Do you know him personally?”

“No, but I don’t want to.”

“So you judge a book by its cover?”

“Apparently I do.” You felt embarrassed as he pointed this out and the thing was you couldn’t disrespect him as he was older, this was not going great so far. “Do you know me?” This threw you off for a second.

“I know you since yesterday.” You felt the blush on your face because you felt like you did something wrong but he just smiled. “So you haven’t been binge watching my mv’s?”

“No, I only watched “fire” and “dope” they were really good!”

“Thank you, you know it’s a relief that you don’t really know me because if you were a big fan then I couldn’t stay with you.”


“Because you might sell information to reporters.”

“Fans really do that?”

“Of course they do.”

“Well, just so you know my best friend is a really big fan and she will be coming over frequently.”

“That’s okay, she just has to sign some stuff then.” You sighed because this could only mean one thing and that was confidential docs. Probably to protect himself. There was nothing you could do though but he was much more business like than you had expected. “Do I have to call you Oppa? I mean you’re a year older.”

“In Korea you do but it’s maybe weird if you do that here. You can call me Oppa in private.” You nodded and as you drove home you kept thinking about why he was sent here but now was not the best time to ask him about it. When you arrived home, you were worried he didn’t like the house, you first unbuckled Dylan, who climbed out himself and ran to the garden to play with his toys. You opened the door but waited till Jungkook got his stuff from the car. “Please come in.” you moved out of the way and as he walked in, you were already trying to make up an excuse for the smallness of your house. “It’s cozy.” your mouth dropped on the floor because this was absolutely not what you expected.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Thank you, do you want to see your room?”

“Yes please.” you walked up stairs and stopped at the door next to your room. You opened the door hoping he would like this too, he better though as you spent the entire evening putting stuff together. You walked in and Jungkook followed you, as you turned around he was looking around and a smile played on his lips, which made him even more handsome. “I like it, are these furniture new?”

“Yeah, My bandmate and I put them together yesterday.”

“Really? Well, it looks really good.” he touched the bed to see if the mattress was good and you crossed your fingers because this was the best mattress they had. “This feels soft.”

“Do you like soft mattresses?”

“Of course I do.” you smiled and walked to the door. “I will leave you so you can get settled. I mean your manager is waiting for me anyway.” you bowed slightly before leaving the room. You walked to the kitchen where his manager was waiting. “Sorry about that, do you want some coffee?”

“No thank you, I’m in a slight hurry.”

“Ah yes, I’m sorry, what do I need to sign?” He pulled out the documents “I’m sorry for doing this but it’s really necessary.”

“Ah it’s fine, I understand.”

“You’re mother when does she get back?”

“I really don’t know, she is a nurse so she works a lot.”

“I see, well then you are responsible for now.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Jungkook will be staying with you for six months, this is the time he is allowed to stay away from Korea. You are probably wondering why he is coming here, well it’s simple. He needs to finish school and his schedule allows it, he has a comeback scheduled in October and he needs to graduate this year, without any distractions.”

“I understand, well this is a private school and it mayors in different music classes but also in math and chemistry, he can even take lessons in English or Spanish.”

“That good to hear, he will be attending the music classes and he can choose what he wants to do besides that.”

“Okay, I will notify the teacher.” you smiled and as he pointed where to sign, you didn;t even read it and signed the papers, it was not like you were going to tell anyone that Jungkook from BTS was staying at your house. “Thank you and please get your mother to call me.”

“I will.” you bowed again and as he said goodbye to Jungkook, you quickly made something to eat. You decided on something he knew and as you were making the fried kimchi rice, you couldn’t help but think there was something more to this whole moving countries thing. Dylan came back into the house and ran towards the tv and this time you decided to just let him watch it. “Dylan do you want to watch Mickey?” he nodded and started jumping on the couch. “You immediately put on Mickey and friends which made him quiet for at least thirty minutes but this gave you enough time to go check on Jungkook. You walked upstairs and without thinking, you opened the door but you stopped when you saw him without a shirt. He noticed you right away and he couldn’t hide the smirk.

“You like what you see?”

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With all the political language flying around about Harvey, I wanted to go ahead and say something that’s been on my mind for a while.

I love my state a lot. Like, way too much. I annoy some people. It’s bone deep and 75% completely illogical. I feel that way even though the political bedrock of my state is utterly opposed to everything I think government is meant to do. And it’s not like I’m delusional. I know who my state and national congress people are and they make me froth at the mouth in fury on a regular basis.

So when I say I love Texas, I don’t mean I love the government of the state of Texas, I mean that I love the way 90% of the people I know with a spare room are hosting families from down south. The way people aren’t ever hesitant to talk to strangers to ask for help or to offer it. Texas furniture outlets opening the doors and letting people sleep on the couches and beds on display. Bluebonnet jelly (it’s real, and it’s amazing). HEB grocery stores packing up freight trucks and shipping in food where government services wont or can’t go. That our state capitol building is the same floor plan as the national one, but bigger because… we’re Texas? Texans with no obligation to do so buying boats to tow them down to Houston to join in rescue efforts or stuffing the bed of their pickup truck with diapers, formula, socks, and sanitary pads to donate to the programs supplying local shelters.

I guess what I’m saying is, Texas is full of crazy, loudmouth, assholes who will literally give everything they have to support their community in a time of need. And I kind of love it that way?

Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

A/N: Guess who turns 20 on Friday? (Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen ‘Street Kings’ and 'Puncture’, spoilers below.)

You laid snug in Chris’ bed watching ‘Street Kings’ for the first time while Dodger slept peacefully beside you. You’d been living in your boyfriend’s house since he left for South Africa in June as he needed someone to take care of Dodger and your apartment didn’t allow for pets. Chris was secretly glad your lease had a ‘no pets’ rule because he’d been wanting you to move in with him for a while now. Come the 4th of September, it was going to be two years since you officially became a couple. Chris felt like two years was a good time to take that next step up the relationship ladder, especially if marriage was in sight. You both agreed you wouldn’t get engaged until you knew you could survive living under the same roof. Chris wasn’t overly concerned about it; you already lived there five nights a week when he was in LA and things between the two of you were great. He figured if you lived there without him for a few months, the idea of moving in would start dancing around in your brain and the answer he wanted would come much easier.

“Oh no!” You gasped as your eyes welled with tears at the sight of Chris’ character on the floor, struggling to breathe as blood filled his throat. “Disco,” you choked out, covering your mouth with both hands. “But he had a fiancée to get back to,” you clutched a pillow to your chest, wailing loud enough to wake Dodger.

You understood now why Chris prevented you from watching ‘Street Kings’ for so long. Your reaction to seeing his character die in ‘Puncture’ proved you couldn’t handle his death, even if it was just for show. You wished he’d just told you his character died a brutal death so you wouldn’t defy him and watch it without him around. When Mike Weiss died, he had to cuddle with you for a hour before you got over the sight of his lifeless body. But he was in South Africa, so how were you going to get over Paul Diskant dying? Dodger answered that question when he licked your face. Your nose scrunched and your lips curled into a smile as you hugged him tightly; laughter ensued when he continued licking your face.

“I’m okay now, Dodge,” you giggled, squirming away from him as he continued to attack you with his kisses. “Thank you- yes, buddy- I’m fine, really. Dodger!” You laughed, pushing his face out of yours. “Buddy, stop,” you cupped his face in your hands, stroking his ears with your thumbs. “You gotta save some of this love for Chris when he gets back.” At the sound of Chris’ name, Dodger barked and jumped off the bed. “Dodger, he’s not back now!” You called after him as he sprinted out of the room. “Oh God,” you chuckled softly as you sat up, reaching for you phone.

You and Chris had been sending daily photo updates to countdown the days till he returned home. Sometimes they were lone selfies; sometimes it was of you and Dodger, or in Chris’ case- him and his co-stars, or fans; sometimes an old photo you’d taken together. Once in a while Chris would share an old photo of him and Dodger on Twitter with the countdown, just so his fans were in the loop too. Your photo update of the day happened at 8:30AM which was 5:30PM for Chris in Cape Town; it was you and Dodger having breakfast in the backyard. You were still waiting for Chris’ which was strange because you usually woke up to his due to the time difference. You figured he was too busy filming and you’d receive two when you woke up the next morning. It was twelve days now, eleven tomorrow. You were excited just thinking about it, though you would’ve been more excited if he could’ve made it back for your birthday on Friday.

Your phone buzzed in your hand, making you flinch. You felt your eyes narrow when you saw a text from him. It made no sense. It was 3:00AM where he was and he should’ve been sleeping, unless they were up doing a late night shoot. You opened the text and felt your confusion increase when you saw a selfie of him and Dodger in the living room with the caption: “0 Days”.

Zero days? No, it was twelve days now and eleven days tomorrow. And that photo, why hadn’t you seen that photo before? All the photos he was sharing were old, and you were aware of all the photos he had on his phone, just like he was aware of all of yours. You intently studied the photo then felt your eyes widen when you saw Chris’ backpack in the background next to the brand new pair of Sketchers you bought last week. You tossed your phone aside and scrambled off the bed, tripping over your excitement as you ran out of the room and down the hallway. The second you got into the living room and saw Chris hugging Dodger, you screamed.

Chris laughed and pulled away from Dodger, rising to his feet with open arms. “Looks like someone got the countdown wrong today,” he commented with a smirk then sucked in air with clenched teeth. You shook your head, unable to hide your joyous grin. “Are you going to come here or are you going to make me come get you?”

“Oh my God!” You threw your arms around his neck, hugging him as tightly as he was hugging you. “You’re finally home!” You cheered as he lifted you off the ground, spinning you in a circle. “Chris, it is so good to see you.” You clung onto him even after he put you down and released you, making him chuckle as he returned his arms around your waist.

“Disco is just a character, sweetheart,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a soft kiss on the top of your head. You jerked back with a raised brow and he laughed, “I could hear you wailing over him in the driveway.” You lowered your gaze, heat rising to your cheeks. “God, I’ve missed how adorable you are.” Dodger barked and jumped around your feet, scratching at Chris’ leg. “And you, pal.” He told Dodger, descending to his knees to give the pup’s head a good, long awaited scratch. “Oh God. You are a lover, aren’t you?” He laughed, nose scrunching at Dodger’s loving licks. “Who’s a good boy? Have you been a good boy, Dodge?” Dodger pounced, pawing Chris’ face. “Oh, I know you have. You’ve been great, haven’t you? Taking care of my girl for me,” he looked up at you with a wink.

“What are you doing home so early?”

“It’s my girlfriend’s birthday on Friday, is it not?” He quizzed and your smile reached your eyes. “I couldn’t miss that for the world.” He kissed Dodger’s head then rose to his feet to take you by the waist, gently pulling you into him so he could kiss you. It’d been so long, it felt like the first kiss all over again; the kind that made you lose your breath and made your head spin. “Mmm…” He hummed as a smile surfaced on his lips. “I have to make sure you have a very happy birthday.” His suggestive tone made your insides tingle and you shivered, making him chuckle. “I didn’t mean it like that, but hey, if that’s what the birthday girl wants then come Friday, we’ll spend the whole day in bed,” he smirked smugly.

“You’re so bad,” you shoved him playfully.

“Yes I am,” he grabbed you and tossed you over his shoulder. You shrieked with laughter, wrapping your arms tight around his waist even though he’d never dropped you before. “Oh, is it good to be home,” he sighed with deep satisfaction as he padded down the hallway to the bedroom.

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Jungkook Smut

Title: Mine forever

Genre:18+  S M U T (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!) and a little bit of fluff? angst too.

words: idk lol

Part: 1 2

Plot: Reader x Jungkook. You break up with Jungkook, yoongi mistakenly invites you over for the annual company end of the year dinner.


‘Hey Y/N, are you alright?’

You run into namjoon as you storm out of Jungkook’s room, crying. You head straight to the front door without looking back or answering his question, secretly thankful that you none of the other boys are around to question you further.

‘Jungkook what’s wrong with Y/N?, she just ran out of here crying, is there something going on?’ He asks the obviously bewildered jungkook, who is still sitting on his bed trying to process the whole situation. Namjoon sits beside him hoping to get an answer…


he watches the younger one intently, eyebrows raised in concern.

‘she broke up with me hyung. its my fault…my’s…it’s all messed up, I guess I kept her waiting for too long..its all my fault…’

‘hey’ Namjoon pats the younger boy on his back. ‘it’s okay, its not your fault, I can understand why she needed you by her side but this is work right? you can’t just neglect that’

Jungkook nods his head absentmindedly. His head spinning trying to connect the dots of when you actually stated to fall out of love with him, he remembered you instructing him not to call you during the tour, he remembered you crying  multiple times when face timing, one thing that stands out to him throughout everything was you reassuring him that you were okay. You seemed okay when you visited earlier, even kissed him. was that all for show? was that all an act to make the breakup less dramatic? 

‘jungkook, you know we are all here for you right? you can always talk to us when you feel like it’ Namjoon says after watching the younger boy blank out for a few minutes.

‘hyung’, Jungkook turns his body to face the older boy, ‘is this why you guys never get into serious relationships, because it’s literally impossible to be committed with our schedule?’

‘no jungkook, for me I guess I was never interested, I never found anyone’

Jungkook let out a deep sigh. ‘I shouldn’t have done this in the first place’ he buried his face in both palms ‘I hurt Y/N really badly’


      It has been 2 weeks since you broke up with Jungkook for good and life isn’t as rosy as you want it to be. Everything reminds you of him, from the coffee shops you both went for dates and his favorite pumpkin spice latte, the winter weather reminded you of your first date with him, he had given you his jacket that looked like a dress on you because your small frame, his sneaky glances at you and shy smile after being caught by you, his overwhelming compliments…if only he wasn’t an idol  you sighed. 

    Over the course of 2 weeks you have received too many messages from Jungkook to count. You never replied to any of them, it killed you inside out to see him apologize for something that he had no control over. You wanted to leave town and never come back or go to where there was no internet or tv or civilization in general. You can’t help but see Jungkook everywhere, he is on your phone, your tv, the radio, the internet and you are going crazy because everytime you see or hear him your heart stops but you reassure yourself that its for the good of both of you.

‘hey y/n will you be able to attend our company end of the year party at the house later this week?’

you watch your body break out in  goosebumps as you read yoongi’s text message.

questions flood your brain as you decide your reply, do they know about you and jungkook? are they doing this on purpose? how does jungkook feel about this? does he even know about this? you wanted to break it off with him for good even though he is still the love of your life and it kills you not being able to see or talk to him and although you will like to  apologize and go back to him, you have already ignored him for 2 weeks and there was no going back after doing so much damage. but you love the guys and you have made up your mind that no matter what happens between you and jungkook, you will still be friends with them.


you replied yoongi


     Its the day of the party and you are still confused about your outfit. multiple clothes are on your bed after hours and hours of deliberation, throughout the search for the perfect outfit, one thought  that never left your mind was jungkook. You think about his favorite color and his comments about your hairstyle and make up and how he prefers your hair down as opposed to your usual ponytail, his favorite perfume -wait- what am I doing? you thought, but you brush aside the thought, convincing yourself that jungkook is not the reason why you are wearing your turquoise dress and wearing your hair down.

    The door to the dorm opened to reveal a confused Namjoon but you don’t know why he seems confused but you let yourself in anyway.

‘heyyyy y/n’ he says in a high pitched voice heavily laced with forced enthusiasm.

and you immediately get the message -they know- but why did they invite you if they are going to act awkward?

‘hey Namjoon’

you watch him scratch his head as he nods at you.

‘hey y/n, welcome’ Jimin walked towards you with open arms, enveloping you in a hug to further confuse you -he doesn’t know?

You look around at the familiar living room as nostalgia washed through you although it has only been 3 weeks since your last visit. you quickly shake yourself out of your daydream as you walk towards the noisy dinning and kitchen area.

‘heyyyy Y/N’ jhope is the first one to notice you ‘hey hope’ you smile at him as your eyes dart around to catch a glimpse of jungkook somewhere, anywhere.

‘yoo ra, you can’t do that!!!, okay rock paper scissors to determine the loser who gets to do all the dishes tonight’

your eyes widen at the familiar voice.

‘no kookie, you always win at that and you know it, lets flip a coin, heads for the winner, tail for the loser’ a female voice yells back at jungkook.


Your eyes widen as both parties approached the dinning room from the kitchen, both carrying dishes.

Immediately your eyes meets his you freeze, the room eerily turn silent as gazes are being exchanged between you, jungkook and the girl-Yoo-ra- the other boys seem to be silently expecting something as well, but jungkook breaks the staring contest and walks toward the large oval table to drop his dishes.

‘hi jungkook’

 you break the silence, he merely return your greeting with a brief glance and a nod before going into the kitchen. Your heart felt a sharp pang at the cold treatment but you brush it off fairly quickly.

‘Where is Taehyung?’ you ask no one in particular but the boys are still in daze from what just happened, well except  Namjoon who quickly excuses himself and pulls yoongi away with him.


‘what just happened back there?’

yoongi finally asks after locking the door to his room behind him, fully facing namjoon.

‘what was that out there?’ he asks again

‘well y/n and jungkook broke up the last time she was here. Namjoon says.

‘they did? you could have told me earlier, I invited her because I didnt know that information’ yoongi replies.

they both sigh in unison. 

‘well its going to be a long night isn’t it?’ namjoon mutters and the older boy nods in agreement.

‘jungkook must be pissed off, I mean I thought we didn’t see her here because she went home for christmas or something. my god! why does Jungkook have to be so secretive? yoongi sighs deeply

‘yea I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t run into her crying on her way out, apparently she broke up with him because she couldn’t handle him being away from her any longer’ 

‘well damn! this is not good’ 

‘you’re telling me’

‘we can’t tell her to go home now can we, namjoon?’

‘obviously not, I’m good with her, I mean she’s our friend but I’m just worried that things might escalate a bit..’

‘what do you suggest?’ yoongi chews on his lower lip in concentration.

‘i don’t know, keep them away from each other?..look hyung, they are not kids I think they should be matured enough to handle this’


  ‘okay everyone! lets hear a word of appreciation from Bang PD-nim’ Jin yells to bring the table to order. 

‘Thank you, uhh first of welcome to everyone here, you guys are the reason…’

all the words he was saying are being blocked out from your ears as you watch Jungkook on the other end of the table with yoo ra seemingly laughing at some inside joke. Your heart can’t help but hurt at what you picture to be jungkook and you. H e seemed to had wanted to be as far from you as possible, you are even more hurt that each time you make eye contact he just continues on like its nothing. It took him 2 weeks to get over you and get another girlfriend, it hurt you more because you have no right to be upset after cruelly breaking his heart and not looking back or contacting him for a little less than a month. did you mean that little to him that it only took 3 weeks to get over you? he was treating you less that a stranger, literally not acknowledging your presence. You felt a knot in your stomach as heat rose up to your cheeks.

‘Nice dress, beautiful’

you are startled by the velvety deep voice that whispered in your ear.


you whispered, smiling. 

‘You look good’ he winked at you.

‘shhh listen to bang PD’ you whispered ‘thanks Tae’ your eyes immediately descends on  jungkook again.

     Soon, everyone was done eating and are playing games around the table. You discreetly get up to grab a drink while you watched them yell, laugh and hit each other. For some reasons, you don’t feel like  joining the game because you are too distracted by Jungkook even though he barely acknowledges your presence. You can feel how careful namjoon and yoongi are around you, they suddenly aren’t as free anymore, they sneak glances at you when they think you aren’t watching. Suddenly everyone is distant and it makes you sad because you love them very much, the idea of breaking up with jungkook and still being friends with the boys will not work and you just started to realize it.

‘its a mistletoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ 

you were brought out of your thoughts by manager sejin.

‘yoo ra and jungkook, you have been caught!’ Jimin squealed happily. And before you know it the whole room was filled with chanting ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’

Everyone seem to have forgotten that you were there.

‘eww’ yoo ra and jungkook both chorused as they tried to make everyone stop but the little crowd was too determined to make it happen. You didn’t wait to see it as you quietly walked away to the kitchen, tears stinging your eyes. It finally dawned on you that Jungkook was no longer yours. You let out a sigh as you were finally alone with your thoughts in the dimly lit kitchen pantry.

Take a deep breath-deep breaths-deep breaths- you chanted with your eyes closed but it wasn’t working, images of jungkook kissing yoo-ra began replaying in your head.

‘are you okay there?’ 

you opened your eyes to see Taehyung.

‘yes, I’m okay’ you whispered

‘so why are you here when everyone is at the dinning table?’

‘I just..I just needed some alone time really, actually I think I should go home now, its pretty la…’

he sweeps you into his arms before you could finish your statement.

‘its jungkook isn’t it?’

At the mention of his name, every emotion you had tried to suppress all through the dinner was let lose. you sobbed uncontrollably into taehyung’s chest as he held on to you tightly.

‘my god, y/n’

‘how did you know Tae?’

‘I overheard yoongi hyung and namjoon hyung talking about it today’

A few minutes later you tear yourself away from Taehyung.

‘better?’ he asks and you nodded

‘you seem like you don’t want to talk about it’

‘there’s no point beating a dead horse now is there?’

this time taehyung nodded in  agreement.

‘I wanna go home Tae’

‘but you can’t right now y/n, there’s a severe snow storm out there, you live a bit far away so I would advise you to stay for now’

‘how can I? I’m uncomfortable here Tae, I don’t belong here anymore’ you looked up to Taehyung’s face, clearly hurt from your statement.

‘so do you only come here for jungkook? aren’t we all friends?’

‘but I got to know you guys because of him in the first place and its tearing me apart to watch yoongi and namjoon so awkward around me, and…and I can’t keep watching jungkook and his new girlfriend’

Taehyung snickered  ‘Jungkook’s girlfriend?’ he smiled  ‘yoo ra is his cousin and that little mistletoe trick out there was a joke y/n’

‘oh thank goodness’ you sighed and taehyung raised an eyebrow, you could guess his next question.

‘so why did you break up with him if you still have feelings?’ he watches you intently as you avert your gaze from him.

‘ don’t have to answer that y/n if you don’t want to’

you nod, ‘hey Tae, I should get going’



‘you are staying here tonight y/n, its too risky for you to drive home in this weather’ 

you stared at namjoon desperately looking for excuses to come up with.

‘umm but, wait, there’s no room for me to sleep in, manager sejin will be in the guest room’ you countered confidently.

‘why don’t you sleep in Jungkook’s room? him and yoo ra can stay in the living room anyway, they don’t sleep at night’ jin contributed absentmindedly, obviously forgetting the impact of his suggestion. 

‘hyung’ Taehyung muttered

Your gaze immediately shifted to jungkook who didn’t seem to care as he busied himself scraping off leftover cake crumbs and shoving them in his mouth.

‘hey jungkook, is that okay? can y/n stay in your room for tonight?’ yoongi asked 

‘sure’ jungkook replied hastily, still engrossed in his cake eating act.

Everyone’s gazes traveled from you to jungkook and back to you in silence.


    Coming over to their dorm was a terrible idea, sleeping over in Jungkook’s bed was an even worse idea, if only you could turn back the hands of time.

 It was already past 11pm, the house was quiet, you had taken a shower and you had remained in your towel, staring out the window, watching as the snow piled up in heaps on the ground, you could hear the whistling of the fast winds as it blew the snow against the walls and trees but heaven knows that you would rather be in that storm than in jungkook’s room.

You remember that you still have some clothes in his drawer, if he hasn’t thrown them out. you closed the curtain and went to his closet to search through his clothes for yours.

‘what do you think you are doing?’

the familiar voice sent cold shivers down your spine. You were too engrossed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear the door open.


you stood there, staring at him, mouth opened wide to say something but you were unable to form words. He was jungkook, just jungkook with his ordinary round neck Tee shirt and grey sweat pants but something about him had changed, you have never heard him speak in such low, cold and chilling voice.

‘what are you doing going through my things?’ his jaw twitched in anger, you were glued to the same spot, still in his towel wrapped around you. It took a few minutes of both of you staring at each other before your defenses kicked in.

‘Now you acknowledge me?’ you scoff.

he squints in disbelief, then laughs it off, turning his back and heading for the door,-there it was again, failing to acknowledge you-your heart dropped at the realization that jungkook does not consider you worthy enough to hold a conversation.

‘jungkook please don’t walk away from me’ your voice obviously shaken from frustration

‘what do you want from me y/n?’

‘can we just talk for a moment please?’

‘no, y/n i don’t want to talk right now’ he dropped his hands from the door knob and turned to you, ‘as a matter of fact, I don’t ever want to talk, I have done all the talking I need to do for the past 2 weeks, you don’t just walk in here and tell me what to do’ he yelled.

‘don’t raise your voice at me jungkook, please’ you sobbed 

‘i didn’t mean to do that y/n, I’m only here to grab my extra blanket, I should get going now, goodnight’

‘I’m sorry jungkook, will you please listen to me?’

he sighed, throws the blanket and his phone on the bed and walks towards you, you wanted to turn around and run away but it was just jungkook, he won’t hurt you right? He towered over you and placed his hand on your bare shoulders, you shivered at his touch but he didn’t seem to be bothered ‘listen, you don’t have to say anything’ his voice softened. ‘after giving it a thought, I realized that you were right all along, there’s no need to subject ourselves to such despair in the first place, you’re hurting, I’m hurting, its a fact that we can’t make each other happy so ending it was a good idea.

you used that opportunity to walk into his already open arms, wrapping yours around his waist, you could feel his body stiffen at your sudden action, both his arms dropped to his sides as you continued the one sided hug.

‘that was my previous thought  jungkook but I realized I was wrong, I can handle not seeing you for a couple of months but I won’t be able to live if I can’t see you forever. I love you jungkook, I love you so much’ you sobbed. ‘jungkook please…I miss you so much, everything reminds me of you, I think about you everyday, I can’t continue torturing myself’ his body was stiff and he wasn’t returning the hug but wouldn’t push you away either, you tighten your grip on his waist and you could feel his stiff body begin to soften gradually.

‘so why did you leave me baby?

your heart soared at the sound of your pet name. This is the jungkook you know, not the one that ignored and yelled at you. Relief washed over you as you sobbed against his chest.

‘so what do you want baby?’

you smiled through your tears as you looked up to his face, his features soft, his eyes not leaving yours as you reveled in his doting look. You pressed your body to him again.

‘call me that again’

‘what? baby?’ 

you nodded

‘baby’ he whispered and you could tell he was smiling. ‘so what do you want?’

‘you. I want you jungkook’

‘can you handle me?’ he chuckled

‘Yes jungkook, I want you, I can handle you and I’m sorry’ you reached up on your tiptoe and pressed a kiss to his jaw. You whimpered as he suddenly grabbed your waist and held you in place as he captured your lips with his. It was soft at first, then he was whispering ‘i miss you’ in between kisses and then he’s deepening the kiss. He lifts you off the ground and you hooked your legs around his waist for support. He carries you to his bed and rested his entire weight on you as he kissed you hungrily while you responded in kind. 

It didn’t dawn on you that you were wearing nothing underneath the towel wrapped around you until he broke the kiss. Panting heavily, you noticed as jungkook’s eyes trailed down your neck to your exposed breasts. The towel had been undone during your make out session.  you quickly scrambled to cover up but he stopped you.

‘don’t hide from me, baby’

you slowly nodded in embarrassment turning your gaze away from him, face flushed. You had forgotten that the towel was small and had barely covered your butt and because you were laying on your back with jungkook on top of you, your legs were parted, also revealing your core. His eyes had trailed down and he had focused on pink core for a few seconds before looking back at you. Your hands flew to cover your face in embarrassment, mumbling some inaudible words that sounded like oh my god but jungkook just smiled. 

‘look at me’ he whispered. You slowly uncovered your face to meet a boyish grin on his face.

‘jungkook’ you whine, attempting to cover your face again but he was faster, pinning both arms down over your head. 

you watch his boyish smile slowly disappear as he dipped down to taste your nipple. ‘so beautiful’ he whispered as he took it in his mouth, sucking lightly. A light whimper escaped from your mouth as you arched up against him for more action. He got your message and applied more pressure. One arm pinned your arms down while the other massaged your other nipple. by the time he was done with your nipples, your back was completely arched against him, it only went back down when he came up to kiss you. His mouth left yours after a while and he peppered light kisses all over your face.

‘did you plan this baby?’ he said between kisses ‘..did you plan to seduce me by wearing that little towel that barely covered your butt?’ you gasped against his lips. ‘…well your plan worked baby’

‘jung…kook’  his name came out in a breathy moan and you quickly clasped your hand over your lips, for fear of being too loud since everyone was home.

Jungkook chuckled at the action and placed a quick peck on your jaw.

‘you know, baby, you are not going to be able to do that much longer, I’m going to make you scream my name all night, gotta make everyone know that you are mine’

‘jungkook’ you gasp

he lifts himself up slightly, revealing the wetness in front of his grey sweat pants in the are that had been in contact with your core. ‘you made such a mess already baby, I haven’t even touched you yet’ he smirked. You closed your eyes and clasped your knees together in embarrassment.

‘open up for me baby, let me taste you’ he said, forcing your knees apart, you give in and spread your legs for him, still closing your eyes. You could feel his cold breath in your inner thigh, it made you shiver. In a few seconds he starts pressing light kisses in your inner thigh, just avoiding your lips.

‘god you smell so good baby’ he said between kisses. Your lips still clasped shut by your hands while all the sound you could make was labored breathing sounds. but soon, your hands were flying to his hair as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking lightly. Your threw your head back at the feeling as you cried out his name,he probably said something and laughed but you were too far away in cloud 9 to hear anything.

you were moaning his name loudly and clearly, you were too out of it to care if anyone hears you. He alternated between sucking, kissing and licking you, occasionally slurping because of how wet you are. He held your hips down to stop you from bucking into his face , your hands went from grabbing  his hair to  the sheets to your hair, body wreathing in pleasure as he drew you closer and closer to your high. Suddenly he stops just right as you were close and you whined in frustration. ‘…jungkook’

He kneels on the bed and takes off shirt and you stare in amazement at his toned abs, your eyes travel down and you almost gasp at his mapped out bulge in the grey sweat pants. In a second he is leaning down and kissing you and you could taste yourself on his lips.

‘see, I told you you won’t be able to keep quiet’ he smirked and grinded his hips into yours. A low moan escape your lips as you feel his bulge rub on your core. ‘You like that baby?’, you moan in approval and he did it again this time, deliberately making you moan into his neck. ‘You want me baby?’

‘yes …yes’ you moan

‘I’m gonna make you feel so good baby’ with that he lifts himself off you, his bulge even more obvious. The thought of him stretching you out made you clench in anticipation while he kicked off his sweat pants and grabbed a silver packet   from his drawer.

The next thing you know, he is on top of you again, looking into your eyes as he slides the rubber on his length.

‘Jungkook…wait, please’

‘whats wrong baby?’ his brows furrowed in concern

you looked away nervously swallowing ‘it’s my..umm, I have never..uh’

jungkook smiles and placed a light kiss on your forehead ‘I know baby, I won’t hurt you, I promise’ he pulled back and studied your face. ‘you trust me right?’

you nodded and closed your eyes in anticipation.

‘open up for me baby’ he said before his lips returned to yours. You obeyed. Your fingers grabbed onto the sheets as he slides the head of his cock up and down your pussy, basking in its wetness, before entering you slowly.

You tore your mouth away from his and cried out at the uncomfortable feeling, you instantly clenched preventing him from entering further ‘are you okay baby?’he asked and you nodded. 

‘you’re sure I can continue?’

you nodded not able to form words.

‘then relax baby, I can’t go on if you don’t let me’

then he is kissing you, distracting you from the discomfort, slowly he starts to enter you making you moan against his mouth.

‘shit baby, don’t clench yet, I won’t last if you do that, you’re already so tight, my god’

He stilled for a moment, kissing you deeply then he starts thrusting slowly, your eyes are closed but you can feel his eyes on you, carefully studying your face for the tinniest reaction.

You gasp as his movements quickly reversed your discomfort into pleasure.


and that was his clue to fully lean into you, burying his face in the curve of your neck.

‘that’s it baby’

His deliberately slow, long strokes had you reveling in the way he filled you up deliciously. He had the perfect angle slightly thrusting upward and grazing that spot that made you see stars over and over again with utmost precision. You spread your legs even more, your nails digging crescents on his shoulders. His name was the only thing you remembered and that was the only thing that came out of your mouth as he fucked you slowly into the mattress, enjoying how tightly you clung to him.

‘god baby, you take my cock so well’

you opened your mouth to say something but a loud moan came out instead and some words. ‘Please’ was the only audible word out of everything you said.

‘please what? tell me what you want baby so I can fuck you right..god you are so tight’

His newly increased pace had you screaming, sounds of skin slapping against skin, squelching, the headboard hitting the wall and his low growls filled the room. You couldn’t help but clench uncontrollably around him as you reached your high, clinging onto him as your legs shook, he fucked you through your high until you begged him to stop, your head is spinning from the pleasure as he peppered light kisses on your face.

‘we are not done yet baby, I want to take you from behind?’

‘jungkook’ you gasped

‘lay on your stomach for me baby’ he ordered as he pulled out with a low pop sound ‘god you are so tight’

 he slips his hands under you and lightly pushed up your butt, ‘stick up your butt a bit baby, yes thats it’ he says as he put his body on you, slightly supporting himself with his elbows so that he is not entirely resting on you.

He entered you slowly, and you both moan, he gave you a little time to adjust before pulling out to just his tip and slamming back in to bury his cock deep into you. His thrusts were deep and fast hitting you in the right spot right from the beginning. This angle was different from the first time, it had you almost in tears at how deep he was, before you knew it, you were clenching around him.

‘god baby, you are gonna cum for me aren’t you?

you didn’t have the strength to hold up your butt for him anymore so you slump into the bed and he followed you only to grab your waist and pull you up so that you are on all fours, his pace not faltering as he did that.

Soon his thrust became erratic, ‘fuck baby’ he growled as he tossed his head back still slamming into you  even as his orgasm crept up on him, his eyes shut as he cums. ‘Y/N!’ he groaned before collapsing onto your back, panting as he waited for both of you to calm down before slowly pulling his cock out of you. He gets up, walks to the bathroom where he took off the used condom and came back with a warm towel to wipe you clean. He returns the towel and  lays beside you scoops you in his arms.

‘hey’ he whispered, brushing loose hair sticking to your face. He slowly planted light kisses on your closed eyes, you opened them slowly when he pulled away.

‘promise you will be mine forever?’ he smiled

you nodded ‘I love you jungkook’ you whispered tiredly and leaned into him.

Jungkook’s phone beeps on the bedside table and he quickly grabbed it to check his messages.

‘are you guys done? I need to sleep.’

he chuckled at yoongi’s text and dropped the phone, cuddling you tighter before drifting to sleep.


Thanks for liking the first part guys, I hope this was good enough? 

btw how many times did jungkook say ‘baby?’ lol

Looks like Tyler found out what is going to happen once the legacy comes back from hiatus…

            First, I’m truly sorry if this post is uploaded in the middle of your school year, but I guess it’s better than nothing right? Well, I would like to congratulate everyone for surviving the past school year and for those who are wondering what kind of post I’m writing today, it is going to be everything (or maybe) you need to know about school life. This is based on my experiences so, do feel free to use any of the tips in this post if you find it helpful.

1.     Sleep early

Holidays are over, time for a reality check, school is going to start soon. Start organizing your life by repairing your body clock back to school season. If you have been going to bed at 3 in the morning because you are playing Overwatch or binge watching your favorite series, I would suggest you try to sleep early (probably around 11 pm) to ensure that your body clock would be ready before school starts. Try to change your sleeping routine at least a week before your first day of school so that your body would be familiarised with the new routine.

2.     Buy your necessary things beforehand

Okay, probably people might go for a last-minute shopping trip to their stationery store because there would be a “Back to School” sale going on, but there are times when you try to find the things that you would need for school only to find out that it is out-of-stock? Well, list down things that you need for the school year such as stationery on your phone’s memo and make a trip to your stationery store a month before school starts to ensure that you have your items ready for school. Personally, I would go to Popular two months in advance to grab all my stationery that I need for the following school year.

3.     Start planning

School is where your brain runs all over the place if you are not ready. That’s me during my first week in Polytechnic (which is equivalent to junior college in the UK or community college in the US). So, I would suggest you start having a bullet journal or simply a small planner with you to school. You do not have to make fancy spreads on your bullet journal if you do not have time to do so. If it helps you with your planning, it is more than enough.

4.     Things to bring to school

You do not have to bring your entire stationery collection to school. Just bring a few black or blue pens (be it gel ink pens or ballpoint pens), two colors of highlighters, ruler, pencil and eraser and you are good to go! Do not forget about your scientific calculator and mathematic set if you need for class. Other than your textbooks or laptop, bring a small notebook (preferably A5 because I feel that it’s the perfect size to slide into your bag) to jot down information during lessons or lectures. Also, do not forget your planner. Other necessities you would need would be umbrella, packet of tissue paper, hand sanitizer, a small bag to keep your sanitary pads or plasters, laptop charger so that your laptop would not die on you during lectures, water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, a jacket so that you would still be comfortable despite the blasting aircon in the lecture theatre or classroom.

5.     Make sure to have your breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most crucial meal of the day because it is to kick start your day. Well, you do not need to have a full table meal for breakfast or you would end up sleeping in class due to overeating. At least you have something for your body to digest before starting your day in school.

6.     Forming good habits

It’s not too late to develop good habits. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”, try to slowly dispense old yet bad habits. Start early before your school year so that you would be familiarised with the new habits when school starts. Good habits include – packing your bag the day before, organizing your room/desk, planning, etc.

7.     What to wear for school

Every school have a dress code for the students to follow and with that, some students would treat their school’s corridor as their fashion runaway. Trust me, you do not need to dress fashionable well to go to school. Wear casually unless you have a presentation to go, dress smart and formal. Also, for makeup, you are already beautiful, you do not have to spend 1 hour on doing your makeup, that 1 hour can usually be used to calm yourself down (or sometimes, sleep in).

8.     Digital notes vs traditional notes

I guess there’s an ongoing debate on what type of notes should you use. Be it digital or paper, both serve the same purpose which is to help you with your academics. There are pros and cons in using either digital or paper which I would probably going to explain in another post. But, depending on your situation, if your lecture does not allow any form of digital notes, I guess handwritten notes would be the only choice, unless you transfer your handwritten notes to your laptop. But during fast-paced lecture, I personally prefer digital notes because I type faster than writing. The other reason why I personally choose digital notes is that I can use it during examinations easier.

9.     Few close friends are enough

You do not have to be friends with your entire cohort. Stick to a few, that will help you with your journey in the school year. It’s best to have at least two or three close friends in each class so that if you are absent for any of the lesson or lecture, you can go to them and ask for help. If you and your friends have the same mindset of achieving good grades for the school year, everything is going to be fine.

10.  Never afraid to ask your lecturer for help

I used to be afraid of asking questions in class because I am afraid that the lecturer would find me someone who ask irrelevant questions in class. But trust me, it’s for your own benefit. Just ask them questions when in doubt. Raise your hands and ask your questions. If you are afraid to ask questions in class, ask after class. Tell them that you have some clarification to make and I am sure that they would be happy to help you.

11.  Attend class regularly

Even though there are schools that make classes optional (not the case for mine), try to at least attend 90% of your classes. That way, you would not have to miss out on lessons and you would not be a blur student who would be rushing for exam notes from your classmates. You would be prepared of what would be tested during the examinations. However, if you are really feeling unwell, please do not drag yourself to school. Instead, visit the doctor and get proper medication. Rest well because it’s an indication that your body is lethargic. Take some vitamins to keep your body healthy and full of nutrients.

12.  Take part in after school activities

There are more than just your academics my dear. Regularly check your school’s board or email for any activities that you can take part. Be it sports competition, maths or science competition or even volunteering work, you can use them for your application for your future’s academics. This not only boosts your certificate but it also gives you the experience that you might miss.

13.  Get used to your campus

If you are a freshman in school, make sure you try to locate your classes beforehand. You would not want to get lost on your first day of class and ended up late. I suggest you search up your classes first before your school’s office and the cafeterias.

14.  At the end of the day, grades do not define you

Listen here sweetheart, despite the grades that are reflected on your certificate at the end of the day, those As or Bs you have does not define who you truly are. What matter the most is your passion to learn. Because your future boss would not only look at your grades but also whether you are capable of working in the company.

Sorry if I wasnt really active, I have my intensive class this week, meaning that I have to draw non stop for 6 hours with onlumy 2x 10 mins break ahaha. I took this class to improve the way I draw nature and I guess background in general?? so the entire class draw outside. But its like fucking hot in Paris right now so it makes it even more difficult ahah. And I have a lot of homework to do but I just finished it ;;; Now I’m going to bed since I only slept 3 hours last night ahah dont kill me Anyway I love you all a LOT! I will never stop to say this eheh. And also sorry to all the people that I hurted, idk who but really sorry. OK NIGHT NIGHT💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Used To This (Lin x Reader)

Sorry this took so long to get up, I’ve been busy. Buttttttt, here you guys go! Hope you enjoy :)

Warnings: swearing, implied smut, making out

Words: 1515

Your back smashed against the wall of your bedroom as his soft lips attacked your neck. It was your first day at a new job tomorrow, and you weren’t really looking forward to having to cover the marks up, but in that moment, you couldn’t care less. He hit the backs of your thighs, signaling you to jump. You wrapped your legs around his waist, hands tangling at the base of his dark hair. Your lips met his once again as he laid you down on the bed, and, well, you can guess what happens from there…

You woke up to a strong arm pulling you closer, not having a clue in the world who he was or why he was there.

Wait a minute…

You lifted up the covers to find yourself and the guy next to you stark naked.

Great. No recollection of last night, and I’m most likely going to need to leave before this guy wakes up.

You wrestle out of the guy’s grip, pulling a blanket with you to wrap around yourself. This action startled him, causing him to shoot up and fall out of bed. You had to hold back your laughter, but you needed to stay composed. His head shot up from the other side of the bed, looking at you with wide eyes. He quickly pulled on his pants, checking his phone and mumbling to himself in what sounded like a mixture of English and Spanish.

“Shit, I’m definitely going to be late,” he groaned, grabbing his things.

“So, um,” you hesitated, not wanting to make the situation more awkward than it already was.

“I, uh, really gotta go,” he scratched the back of his neck.

“Lin,” he mumbled, awkwardly holding out his hand.

“Y/N,” you stuttered out your reply, reluctantly shaking his hand.

“Um, I’ll see you around, maybe?” It was silent for a good minute.

“Probably not… I need to, uh, get ready,” you blurted, abruptly ending the silence. You slipped into the bathroom before he could say anything else, waiting until you heard the front door shut. You slid your back down the door, collapsing onto the floor.

That is hands down the most awkward situation to ever occur.

Maybe I can just start tomorrow, I’m already going to be late.

You shook your head at yourself, before hurriedly showering and getting ready.

By the time you showed up to your first day, you were 43 minutes late, your hair was still wet from your shower, you had mascara smeared up by your brow bone, and one of your socks was falling off.

At least you made it there alive, before dying of embarrassment.

You made a last second effort to make yourself even more presentable. It didn’t do much, so you took a deep breath and walked in the doors. You hadn’t met anyone you were working with yet, all you knew was that this was supposed to be some huge project based on some Founding Father.

Who does that? And why?

Almost immediately after entering the theater, you were surrounded by bright, happy faces.

At least they remember what they did last night. All you have is an idea.

You greeted everyone, smiling. You even hugged Jasmine, like the Jasmine Cephas Jones. You couldn’t really believe it. As you were all talking, you learned more about the job you had.

“So, basically what you are is an understudy for the Schuyler sisters. If one of them can’t go on for whatever reason, it’s your job to step up and take their place.” You nodded, paying close attention. You were already late, which you had apologized profusely for, and you didn’t want to seem like a slacker. One of the doors slammed, causing everyone to look up and see what was going on. You were in the middle of a conversation with Daveed, when someone entered the room.

“There he is! Y/N, you’ve gotta come meet the mastermind behind all of this,” smirked Daveed, pulling you over to the small cluster of people that had gathered around whoever had just entered the room. Together, you pushed your way through to the front.

“Y/N, meet Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

He wasn’t facing you, but the second he was, the color completely drained out of his face, and you’re sure it was the same way with your own.

“I, uh, I should probably go find my dressing room,” you quickly stammered, pointing behind you and attempting to smoothly walk away. However, that wasn’t the case, and you quickly stumbled over someone’s leg, causing you to fall and whack your head off one of the armrests in the chairs. Daveed and Jasmine hurried over to you, but Lin was frozen. He hadn’t taken his eyes off you since he first saw you here.

“I’m fine, I just need to go,” you quickly grabbed your things and full-on sprinted through the doors, hoping to find an empty room, a bathroom. Hell, at that point, a closet would’ve worked. You eventually found the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind you.

Glancing in the mirror, you noticed a small cut above your right eyebrow, a trickle of blood running down your face. You groaned, cleaning yourself up. You didn’t want to go back out there, not yet, so you paced back and forth, trying to find something to think about other than Lin.

Soon enough, you were faced with knocks on the door that progressively got louder the longer you ignored them.

“Y/N, you have to come out sooner or later,” you recognized Daveed’s deep voice.

“If you don’t come out, I’m going to get Jasmine,” he half-threatened, although you knew it wouldn’t do much. Once you set your mind to something, you weren’t going to give in to anything. So, much to everyone’s dismay, you stayed put. You heard a groan, before footsteps getting further away. You rolled your eyes, knowing what came next.

“Y/N, I will not hesitate to pick this lock,” Jasmine warned. You stayed quiet, before some rustling sounded on the other side of the door, before slowly opening. She peeked her head in, before closing it so Daveed couldn’t get in.

“C’mon man,” he groaned, but nonetheless walked away.

“You need to come out now,” she coaxed, rubbing your arm. You refused, and after going back and forth for a good 15 minutes, you gave in. Jasmine did a little celebratory dance, cheering. You just laughed at her and rolled your eyes. Gathering your things, you walked out, afraid of what might happen after that.

Lin was nowhere to be seen, and a script was shoved into your hands. Whoever handed it to you went on and on about how you’ll make a great addition to the cast and how everyone was excited to work with you. You thanked them, before settling down into a group of Daveed, Anthony, Jasmine and Renée. You all went through a few songs, warming up your voices before you did anything too major. In the middle of “The Schuyler Sisters”, someone cleared their throat and you looked up only to find Lin. He motioned you over, and you warily followed. You walked back into what you were assuming was his dressing room, and he shut the door behind you.

“So… New job?” He laughed.

“Yeah,” you sighed, rubbing the back of your neck.

“I’m glad you’re here. I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever see you again,” he said, not making eye contact.

“Why is that? Like, why do you want me here?” You questioned him.

“So I can do this,” he replied, before passionately pressing his lips to yours.

You felt like you were on Cloud 9 when he kissed you, you couldn’t deny it. It was like someone released thousands of butterflies into your stomach and whenever you kissed him, they went wild. Your hands instinctively went to his hair, tugging just the slightest bit, causing him to let out the slightest moan. You took the opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth, faintly tasting dark coffee. His hand squeezed your ass, causing you to gasp, leaving him with the same opportunity you had.

He picked you up and carried you to the couch, sitting you down on top of him. You grind your hips the slightest bit against him, driving him absolutely insane. He pulled you closer, pressing your lips together more furiously.

Someone coughed and you whipped your head around, seeing Daveed and Jasmine standing there with wide eyes. You made an attempt to fix your hair, quickly getting off of Lin’s lap.

“I knew it!” She yelled, punching Daveed’s arm.

“You could practically feel the sexual tension radiating off of them,” she smirked, taking the $20 that Daveed held out to her. Your face burned, redness blossoming across your cheeks.

Lin quickly composed himself, before kissing your cheek, grabbing your hand, and pulling you out of the dressing room. You rubbed your lips, which were swollen from just a minute ago.

Damn, I could get used to this.

Training Day.

Summary: “Could you maybe write a Tequila imagine where he’s an established agent and the reader is going through the training and has to do the honeypot training with him but she’s actually in love with him so it’s that much harder to deny her feelings but he feels the same and maybe they kiss or something.” (Requested by Anon)
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Swear words.
Word Count: 1879

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hibari, xanxus and alaude being gentle with their wife please? I love your header and icon! goals!

I hope this counts as being gentle though it’s more like fluff.. >’’-Admin Lambo


“[Name],” he called your name softly and even quieter than usually.

Slowly opening your eyes, you looked at your husband, who was looking at you with warm expression that made your stomach flutter. How much you loved him. Sitting up, you smiled when you felt his lips against yours quickly. Holding on his shirt, you didn’t want him to pull away.

“I want to show you something.” He said and straightened up, holding your hand to pull you out.

Narrowing your eyebrows, you looked at the time and frowned it wasn’t even six in the morning. “Why are you up so early?” You asked and looked back at Hibari, whose lips turned up in a small smile.

Without saying a word, he held your hand tighter as you left your bedroom and walked down the hallway. Knowing you won’t get any answers, you quietly followed your husband until you stood on top of the hill, behind your house, you eyes wide as sun slowly rose from the mountains.

“It’s beautiful,” You covered your mouth, smiling widely.

Hibari quietly watched you, fond and gentle expression on his face. Hibird flew to your shoulder and chirped before nuzzling his beak into your cheek, making you laugh. Hibari reached out for your hand and held it tightly in his. Raising it, he looked into your eyes and kissed the top of it, without looking away. His actions always spoke more and clearer than his voice and words.


You were rocking your hips from one side to the other, while quietly humming to the sound of music from radio. It was one of your favourite songs and you didn’t mind to turn it up, completely disregarding any weird looks you received from others. You never minded about such things.

Playing with the Queen of Hearts~” Your voice was heard in the kitchen while baking, without realizing that a pair of red eyes were now following your every move. Xanxus stood on the doorway, every worker now gone, not daring to stay any longer, knowing his temper.

But the joker ain’t the only fool, who’ll do anything for you~” You smiled and leaned over table, rising on your toes to put chocolate frosting over cupcakes.

A small smirk spread over Xanxus’ lips before he walked over to you and held you by waist. Letting out a yelp, you turned your head and smiled widely, seeing your husband.

“What are you doing?” He asked, eyeing the cupcakes before you.

“I wanted to surprise you.” You answered and turned back in front, continuing, but his hands made it harder to focus as his thumbs played with your shirt. “Xanxus…” you pouted, eyeing him from the corner of your eye.

“Hm?” he hummed and leaned down, pressing kisses on the back of your neck. A satisfied sigh left your lips, your eyes closing. “Why don’t we go back into our bedroom and leave the cupcakes for cooks to finish?” He asked, his kisses trailing down to your shoulders, his hands trailing up and down your arms before they held yours.

“But cupcakes…” You murmured and turned around, holding on his jacket.

“They can wait.”


You understood completely that job and personal life should never get mixed together. But you couldn’t help yourself going to Alaude’s office every now and then to surprise him. Except that there was one small problem. The ‘surprise’ never worked.

You were sitting on your bed, your arms crossed and lips formed in a pout, which only grew when you heard doors open. You didn’t need to guess twice who it was. Alaude’s footsteps were quiet and almost unnoticeable if it weren’t for the fact that everything was dead silent.

He approached your side, leaned down, held a strand of your hair and raised his hand to his mouth, his ice blue eyes staring right at you. Your cheeks heated up and you averted your gaze, but he caught your chin and turned it back his way. Before you could say a word, he pressed his lips against yours. You never knew what he thought. He always made you flustered even if he intended it or not.

“You’re not playing fair…” You murmured against his lips and you could swear you saw the corner of his lips turning up.

“Come with me,” He spoke softly and held your hand, pulling you from bed.

“Where to?” You asked, but followed nonetheless.

He didn’t answer, which you expected, but still made you pout again. You didn’t look where he was leading you, so when warm and soft wind brushed against your uncovered skin, you raised your head and widened your eyes. You were standing on the terrace and stared at a table for two, candles beside a small vase full of roses, two glasses of wine and two empty plates. There was a soft melody played somewhere in the background, warming you in matter of seconds.

Looking at Alaude, you searched for answers with unspoken questions. He caught your look and smiled the only he way he did for you and you alone. He kissed top of your hands without breaking the gaze.

“You’re really not playing fair, you know?” You chuckled, but kissed him on the lips, knowing that this was his way of apologizing for not being with you as much as he wants to.

More excitement

I jumped out of bed today to head to my volunteer job which is to interpret at a stingrays touch tank.

First of all, I freaking love all the individual stingrays who each have their own personality.

Secondly, it’s easy as beck.

Thirdly, my supervisor freaking loves me.

But most importantly I had no second guessing myself at all today. I went in and kick ass and didn’t feel sick or like I needed to be home asap. In fact, by the time my shift was over, I felt like I could keep going!

What a wonderful day :)