guess who just found the best photo on the internet

dracosmistress  asked:

how did you learn to draw?

Hey! :D

I started by copying photos (I drew more realistic stuff when I was younger) and just … I don’t know… I drew what I saw. Just hours of practice, I guess… and that went on til I was about 19.

At that time we finally got internet at home!!!! YEAH! (that’s right. no internet before 2012 for me! :D) And I found so many wonderful artists and they made me become interested in drawing in a different style. Then I met my best friend, who draws in a kind of manga style(?) (but different… It’s hard to explain… check out her blog! *-* here! :D) and she showed me some of her techniques and I stalked a bunch of artists to see how they draw. :D

I adopted what I liked and with that I (hopefully) created my own style… :D