guess who i took photos of tonight

I took a road trip! It was pretty great. We went a long way.

I did a bunch of stuff and swam in a lot of pools and went to the Grand Canyon and saw Harry’s Phoenix concert! For the (I’m guessing ~2) people out there who might care but haven’t already seen the photos, some Grand Canyon pictures are below the cut!

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Ectober, Day 1, Black Cat

It wasn’t the black powder makeup, or the “hairy sweater”, or even the yellow eyes that really brought it over the top. It was the fingernail, the painstakingly acrylic-glued long black claws at the end of each hand. “Well?” Tucker asked with a mouthful of plastic fangs. “What do you think?”

“I…” It was terrible. A costume that walked out of a 90’s music video, a cheap costume rip off of the Thriller, and by all standards tacky. “Tucker, I can’t lie. I love it.”

Tucker lit up, his yellow-contacts reflected the midnight lamp light and his mouth split his painted face in two, “Yeah?”

“It is the single greatest thing I have ever seen.” Danny ran a hand through his hair, cold wind whistled through the trees and he zipped his jacket up to his neck. “Everyone’s gonna hate it.”

“I’m hoping to get us kicked out of the Halloween party before we even walk through the door.” Tucker tossed a black sack over his shoulder and started down the block, “That way I’ll have plenty of time to, you know, actually Halloween.”

“You’re too old to actually Halloween.”

“I meant Ghost Hunting!”

“We do that every day.”

Tucker adjusted his sweater, straightening it in a way that was literally just for the effect of seeming like he had important clothes to wear and places to go, “Not as a werewolf.”

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