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Lightening Struck... (Flash Imagine)

Not sure where I’m going with this yet..but we’re going!

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Life is lonely.

Everything just fades faster here. 

It’s probably why you became fascinated with humanity. Too much…so much that your fascination got you cast out. You don’t know what you’ll do. You don’t know where you’ll go. Just down…

Barry sat as Caitlin looked at his wrist for a third time. She was astounded by the fact that his bones were just healing before her eyes. His eyes shifted over to the bed across the room where a young woman lay, “Hey…who is she? Was she affected that night too?”

Caitlin glanced over her shoulder and nodded, “That’s Jane…and we’re not sure…she was in the lab with you that night.”

“What?” He looked back a Caitlin quickly, “No one was with me. I was alone.”

“I…” She looked at him surprised, “Well…the police report clearly says that you and she were in the lab unconscious. Both of you were rushed to the hospital and both of your have been in a coma.”

“But…she didn’t…” He looked back to her, “Why didn’t she wake up?”

Caitlin looked back at her, “I don’t know…we’re not even sure why you woke up.”

As Caitlin moved away he stood up walking over to ‘Jane’, “When…you say her name is Jane.”

“Jane Doe.” Caitlin looked at him, “She had no ID and no one seems to be looking for her. Dr. Wells wanted anything related to your incident kept close so we took over her care when we took over yours.”

“…” Barry’s fingers wiggled as he stood next to her. She was pretty and really familiar.

“You can touch her…and talk to her. Though it’s still not proven it helps…” Caitlin smiled as she walked out of the lab, “it’s a nice thought.”

Barry smiled a little before gently taking her hand in his. It was warm, “Hey…I’m Barry…if I can wake up so can you.”

One Month Later

“Hey Jane.” Barry came over with some fresh flowers replacing them with wilted ones in a vase. “How are you?”

He smiled looking down at her, “Yeah I thought you’d like the flowers. I know the last ones were a little much with all the small petals falling everywhere.”

He sat down taking her hand in his. Still warm, always warm, and comforting. He’d taken time out of his day everyday to talk to her. He felt a connection to her and assumed it was because of the accident.

“So strange day yesterday. Ran into a childhood bully…you probably heard the gang and I talking about it.” He smiled a little as he told her everything that happened.

He smiled as he finished and looked over at Wells sitting in the doorway, “Dr. Wells…I didn’t see you there…”

“Why do you talk to her, Barry?” He asked a slight smile on his face.

“Well…I…” Barry looked back at her, “I’m not sure actually…I just…I guess I feel a little connection is all. It’s comforting.”

“It’s comforting to talk to someone who doesn’t respond?” Wells eyebrows shot up in curiosity.

“No it’s not that…It’s…I can’t really explain it Dr. Wells…” He smiled a little, “I just want to be here for her.”

“Hm…” Wells rolled inside to the bed and picked up the tablet that held her scans, “She does seem to have improved since your…chatting has started.”

“She has?” Barry peeked over the edge of the tablet.

“Yes…it seems her circulation has improved and her metabolic rate has increased. We have to change her IV every few hours now.” Wells passed the tablet to him, “Before she only needed one, maybe two a day.”

“What would cause that?” Barry looked up from the tablet.

“I don’t know…maybe…lightening?” Wells smirked.

Barry stared at him, “Me…you think my speed is doing this?”

“Why not? This is exactly what I’ve been trying to get you to find out.” Well looked at him, “Your gift could heal people…you could be saving people on a whole other level.”

“But we can’t be sure that…” Barry looked at her laying there, “You really think just being around me is making her better?”

“Barry Allen…anything is possible around you I’ve found.” Wells smiled turning his chair to leave.

Barry smiled a little taking your hand again, “One day you’re gonna wake up Jane…you’re gonna have to tell me what you dreamed about.”

Your eyes flashed open. It was dark so it took a moment for you to see where you were. 

You swung your feet off the bed and lowered them down to the cold floor. Your eyes shifted over every silhouette in the room. This place…you’d seen something like it before…the word of what it was, was just out of reach.

You took a step forward but stopped when you felt resistance. You looked down at the devices connected to you monitoring your vitals. You ripped them off along with the IV, wincing a little.

Something was wrong…something was missing…

You walked out of the lab…

“Lab…” You said softly as you kept walking. That was the word, you thought as you stepped out into a larger room. 

You stopped in the middle of the room taking it in slowly. Something was off, something was different. You couldn’t place it…

The lights flickered back on making you wince. The light was brighter then you thought it would be. You fell forward holding onto the railing that was in front of you. 

“Yes, of course you may check us all out Dr. Snow…I wouldn’t…” You looked up to a man in a wheelchair, “Caitlin…”

“Dr. Wells you are not going to…Oh…oh my….Cisco!” Caitlin walked forward toward you, “It’s okay…you’re going to be okay.”

You looked at her face as she helped support you. Such a kind face, so much heart…so broken…

“I’m fine Caitlin…I don’t … oh…uh…” Cisco came over quickly taking over for Caitlin, “Back to bed…no need to rush things.”

Warm hands…warm heart…soft…also broken…You looked at his face as he helped you back into bed. He smiled at you…lovable…very lovable…

“Do you understand whats going on?” Caitlin came over taking your pulse.

“Yes.” You looked at her, “You’re helping me.”

She smiled at you, “Good…I’m glad to see communication is working.”

“Communication is a vital part of human culture…without it societies would fall and humanity would cease to exist.” You rattled off quickly glancing at Cisco.

“Wow…that’s heavy.” Cisco crossed his arms, “Uh…do you need me?”

“No, thank you Cisco.” Caitlin smiled at him as he left. She looked back to you, “Do you remember what happened?”

You stared at her, “To what do you refer?”

“You had an accident…you’ve been in a coma for ten months.” Caitlin explained, “Can you recall anything?”

You stared at her for a moment, “There was a light…it happened very quickly…”

You looked at her hand touch your arm, “You were struck by lightening, along with our friend Barry.”

“That is very unlikely…lightening doesn’t work that way…” You told her as she began to listen to your heart. She made a face, “What is it?”

“Just…your heart rate is very fast.” She told you, “We’ll just keep an eye on it.”

“Something’s missing…” You whispered as she turned from you.

“I’m sorry?” She looked at you.

You smiled at her, “I’m fine…I’d like to go.”

“Once we’re sure you’re okay we can let you go home.” Caitlin walked over to you.

Wells watched Caitlin assist you. This was…a surprise. He sighed taking off his glasses wiping a hand over his face.

“Dr. Wells…” He looked over at Barry walking inside.

“Barry…how is everything? Joe and Iris…” He put his glasses back.

“They’re safe.” Barry smiled, “Eddie…took a bullet but…everyone is okay, no thanks to the Flash.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Wells smiled glancing over toward you and Caitlin getting Barry to follow his gaze.

“What’s going?” Barry stared over toward the lab as Caitlin pulled a curtain around them, “Is Cisco okay?”

“Barry…” He looked at Wells, “Jane woke up.”

“She…” He looked back at the curtain then back to him, “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Wells looked at him as he stepped forward, “Barry…”

He stopped looking at him again, “Yeah?”

“You should probably wait until the curtains open.” He smirked a little, “She’s a patient right now.”

“Right…” He looked back at the curtain again, “I…just…I waited for this.”

“Well you can wait a little longer…” Wells told him, “Come to my office…we’ll make some coffee…have a chat…”