guess who got a new psd

anonymous asked:

can you please stop romanticizing a friendship guys and girls can be just friends i'm tired of any guy/girl friendships being automatically shipped just because they are different sexes and look at each other.

          i think i’ve been pretty open that I almost prefer rox.y and eg.gsy ( who im guessing you’re referring to ? ) as close-as-hell friends. I don’t try to silence myself ( on this blog or in discord ) on my attachment to Ro.xy and Eg.gsy. since i got this ask after this post im guessing you took that and assumed that when yells “good girl!” i took it as some kinky af shit which is not true. also “new kink:” is a meme even I use for stuff that isn’t even legitimately kinky. EX. new kink: that roxy gif & this new PSD. I’ll reblog whatever I want on my blog, feel free to unfollow but just because the original person who made that post implied it in a sexual manner, don’t assume I did.

          I am very vocal on ro.xy & eg.gsys relationship and how much their friendship means to me, i’m aware guys and girls can just be friends - but using that excuse isn’t going to stop me from shipping them ?? just b/c their dynamic is so pure and good. those two could grab each others privates & i’ll take it both platonically and romantically, I love their relationship and i’ll take their interactions & interpret them as I please.

tl;dr I do what I want & also new PSD