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*He knew he couldn't stay long. Papyrus needed him. Vile would worry. And he didn't want to risk being seen by the others. Standing near Goops' bed, he couldn't help but shed a few tears at his dear friend's state. Before leaving, he reaches out and gently squeezes Goops' hand.* "I never forgot you..."



Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia 

Pairing: Tododeku

A/N: guess who finally caught up with bnha?? (it me) @octorina and @kidovna bullied got me to ship these two pretty hard, so I hope this is any good! Also, Happy Birthday Midoriya Izuku. ♥

“What’s up, Todo-”

Shouto interrupts his question with a kiss, pressing his lips firmly against Izuku’s. Izuku isn’t expecting it, not in the least, but it isn’t unwelcome; far from it. His hands almost automatically loop around Shouto’s neck and he stands on his toes, increasing the pressure of the kiss. Shouto’s hands rest on Izuku’s hips and he squeezes before pulling him closer by the belt loops of his pants.

Izuku pulls back for a second, eyes roving over Shouto’s face, “In school? You sure?”

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