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Going over their lines a couple hours before the highly anticipated scene versus Lovecraft!
“Dazai, you’re supposed to let me collapse…”
“Don’t worry, Chuuya! I’ll catch you anyways~″
Based off the HC that Dazai often stands on his tippy toes to glomp Chuuya while they’re on set.

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Meanwhile on Yavin IV
  • Hera: This base makes a nice change, to be surrounded by nature and fresh air which should keep all of our morales high.
  • Kanan: A decent place to do training and meditation for myself and my Padawan.
  • Garazeb: Plenty of space for bo-rifle training. But first I gotta put my feet up and listen to music.
  • Sabine: It's so green and calming. Time to capture the scenery with a painting I guess.
  • Chopper: {Warbles approvingly about all the stone surface that he can easily wheel over as opposed to Atollon.}
  • Ezra: So can we have the weekend off? We all deserve a minute of peace-
  • [Everyone jolts at the booming voice of Captain Kallus]
  • Ezra: {Mutters to self} I miss the days when we could rebel against Agent Kallus.
10 Years Later Paladin HCs

my gf @lady11tea has been a little down in the dumps recently so i made her these hcs of how i picture the paladins of voltron being years later, post war which are pretty must based off of random hcs we made previously that you can look at here for stuff to make sense, i guess. feel free to add on

  • at age 27, keith’s hair has grown out a little longer kinda like in this post here by @chocozebra. he rocks a side ponytail, pidge and lance forever call it the anime mom hairstyle of death but keith ain’t planning on dying until he’s past his 90s. has chilled out since he was a teen, but he still has a short temper and a blunt way of talking that might piss people off when he starts talking to them. is an early bird
  • at age 27, good ol’ lance hasn’t changed much aside from the toned muscles, the stubble on his chin, and the fact he let his bangs grow longer. sleeps in most days and his face? baby smooth because skin care, he ain’t stoppin the skin care routine now that he’s almost 30
    • got considerably closer when shiro disappeared and all and post!space war, they were just ‘bros who kept in touch’ almost every day after getting adjusted to being home. some time in, lance invited keith over to meet his family ‘as just bros’ and the rest is history
    • these two dorks have been married for a while now and have a 5 month old daughter. They named her ursa and she’s that perfect mix of genes so they are pleased parents. wavy black hair, light brown skin, violet eyes. nickname: ursa bear (which is hilarious to them because it’s just saying ‘bear’ twice). between the 2 of them, lance is the better cook and keith is that parent who only wants their kid eating organic baby food
    • ursa was born deaf. they figured out when she was 3 months old and since then, lance and keith have slowly been getting the hang of asl and have been signing as much as they can in front of her in order for her to have it in her environment as she grows up. the tv permanently has it’s closed captions on. they read to her in asl
    • they live in one of those duo work/home situations. first floor is the shop, second floor is home sweet home. they own a flower shop, super big surprise. they have a delivery truck (no keith, we cannot use a motorcycle to deliver flowers). they usually take turns with managing the store front and being the one to deliver plants. if it’s nap time, ursa’s upstairs napping but if she’s awake, she’s usually in the baby sling while her dads work.
    • have a ton of photo albums and photos around the house portion of their home. lance’s childhood photos, the few childhood photos keith was able to save, some paladin!voltron photos (their last photo of being paladins is a tearjerker for lance), wedding photos, honeymoon pictures, pictures of ursa
    • retired from being paladins, lance and keith now own 2 cats they affectionately named red and blue
    • because lance and keith are on some corny next level shit, they both have this tattoo of the voltron symbol in between their shoulder blades but lance’s is red and keith wanted his to be blue
  • at age 27, hunk –in the words of lance mcclain– has gotten hotter. (”my dude, you’ve always been hot but jeeeeesus you got hotter. how?!” “LANCE” “keith, darling, sweetie, you’re still hot too”)  he’s got this full face stubble beard going on, long hair he keeps up in a ponytail, he still has that awesome headband, eyebrow game still on fleek, same big and friendly smile, sweet chocolate brown eyes
    • post!war, hunk got a huge home welcome from family and friends in the neighborhood. he missed his folks big time and had enough space adventures for a few years because he just spent so much time in space, he doesn’t want to ever hear the word ‘space’ again. but 2 years post!space war, hunk ended up going back into space anyway because he wanted to show shay the universe (the big sap) (he is still a sarcastic sass master tho)
    • since his return he and shay are happily married now. interspecies relationships are slowly happening since the whole ‘aliens reveal’ to everyone on earth. it doesn’t matter if his wife is technically a really tall rock. did hunk ask for all that information? NOPE, SO SHUT YOUR FACE. he lives pretty nearby lance and keith’s place
    • in the process of intergalactic adoption, hunk and shay already have one adopted 13 year old they adore and love with a gentle but firm upbringing. her name’s tess and she constantly brags about being blessed with the sweetest parents ever. she’s got dark hair, dark skin, glasses, finally convinced hunk and shay to let her shave at least a portion of the side of her head because FASHION, and likes to make jewellery and wants to make it an actual occupation in life
      • her uncle lance is her godfather and he spoils her a lot with jewellery making kits
    • is a part time model (fight me on this. model!hunk is my life)
    • but the modeling has to be part time because hunk is now the owner of really successful restaurant that serves combinations of earth and alien style cuisine cuz you already know that hunk was all over inventing new recipes as the years passed by. yes, sal from vrepit sal’s work there. hunk is basically gordon ramsey in his kitchen
    • like lance and keith he has a voltron tattoo in between his shoulder blades, but his is actually yellow because he can colour coordinate with his old lion
  • at age 24, pidge is still short but she’s happily single and aro-ace af. #noparentalstress. her hair is back to it’s original length from before she cut it to sneak into the garrison to keep it out the way while she works, but she’s been contemplating cutting it short again. 
    • definitely had a good, emotional but happy reunion with her dad, mom, and matt. she finally has her family back and she isn’t ever losing them again. and it’s safe to say that matt and sam are taking a long deserved break from space at the moment
    • remember the olkarians? pidge eventually went back to them as a sort of intergalactic exchange student because holy hell have you see that tech? as if pidge was going to miss the opportunity to learn more about it!!!
    • now the olkarians have an institute on earth and pidge works there as a researcher along side her dad and brother, so she can’t visit her old buddies as much (but hey, she can visit more than shiro). so to fill in the time gaps, she gets a lot of calls from them to make sure she isn’t overworking her self, they enjoy face timing, and will stream crap on rabbit if she isn’t too busy (and sequentially complain about rabbit BECAUSE WE WERE TRYING TO WATCH THE BEE MOVIE AND RABBIT JUST WANTS TO START PLAYING GAMES WITH PEOPLE)
    • but despite being busy, pidge tries to make it back for important and special events like hunk and shay’s wedding, lance and keith’s wedding, she was forced to dance at both weddings. there was no escaping it
    • she may be 24 now, but everyone still calls her the baby gremlin of the group and she wants to fight them
    • has a green version of the voltron tattoo the squad seems to be rocking nowadays
  • TYL!Shiro is still technically the oldest at 35 and is now a diplomat working aside coran and allura in the castle.
    • post!war, shiro spent a long, long time on earth recovering from past experiences and trying to get his ptsd to settle. ofc it never completely went away (and everyone else has their own little problems they are dealing with), but he’s a lot better from how he was 10 years ago
    • funny enough, when the offer to become diplomats came up, shiro decided to take the job (the others suspect it had to do with the time he went awol at the end of that dramatic battle with zarkon and now he wants to make up for lost time by helping build bridges between the planets)
    • it is also a suspected theory that he and allura are getting closer because he’s been actually calling her ‘allura’ instead of ‘princess’ and she has been calling him ‘takashi’. pidge would also like to add the fact that the amount of times she has caught matt face timing with allura and shiro is suspicious af and apparently matt brought up going into space sooooooo everyone has their eyes on that
    • everyone would like to say that shiro’s sense of fashion got better over the years, but tbh the only reason he looks good a majority of the time is because of the altean diplomacy clothes he has to wear. the guy still wears sweater vests. ew
    • shiro and hunk argued over who would be ursa’s godfather for the longest time and settled it with an arm wrestling match. hunk won and shiro is salty af and exclaims that hunk only one because shiro willingly gave hunk a handicap by not using his robot arm
    • has a black voltron tattoo in between his shoulder blades
    • his bangs are starting to regain colour again
    • is the butt of every leap year joke and he wants to fight everyone
  • allura the queen. she’s cut her hair shorter since then (shoulder length or short with shaved side of the head, the choice is yours my friend) and is still as beautiful as always because black don’t crack (me: *happily toots own horn*)
    • out of everyone, allura and coran have been the busiest of them all since the war ended because after a short break, allura and coran immediately jumped onto diplomacy missions (the first few bouts the paladins had to join in but things have chilled out since then)
    • earth took the hardest bit of works because damn humans are judgmental against anyone that doesn’t look even remotely close to them, but so far so good.
    • the galra still get the cold shoulder from time to time, but allura and coran have successfuly gotten them into the intergalactic alliance and are slowly helping the galra rebuild their own relationships with the universe little by little now that their dictatorship under zarkon and lotor is over with, plus haggar isn’t around with her druid magic anymore. she’s been jailed and magic free for a while now
    • allura is keeping all the lions on lock down in the castle now that balance has been restored to the universe
    • allura is currently engaging in a private relationship of her own with earthlings shiro and matt, but for now that is underwraps until they figure out a way to break things down to everyone as a big surprise (but little do they know that pidge has already been spilling tea on the side)
    • she can’t bring the castle down to visit everyone as much as she would like, but she does come for visits occasionally
  • coran, uncle friend extraordinaire, and much loved guy. still around and still lovable. may and or may not have changed his style but he still has his glorious mustache. he is still working by allura’s side however…
    • since the space war has ended he has published two books. one book is his autobiography, a bestseller really. and the other…. a cook book on making old altean dishes in order to keep the tradition alive. that book has untold horrors we will not mention *shudders*
    • since the first time, coran has had 4 more rounds with slipperies. has occasional denial on the subject. leave him alone.
    • he face times the paladins as much as possible, especially lance. lance calls coran the most. he and lance had a lot of bonding moments when lance got depressed and insecure in space and coran even found a planet that had rain like earths!!!! (years later, lance was able to do the same with the hot boiling rocks. he thought he and coran were going to die, but coran had fun)
    • with ursa being around, coran is learning more and more of this ‘hand language’ that the earthlings came up with and finds it fascinating. he is just now discovering that not all of the hand languages are the same and is making a point to learn all of them! *eye of the tiger plays in the bg*
    • coran is on the dating scene btw, but the only reason it has been going slow is because allura down right doesn’t approve of anyone dating her second dad. she has this very long list of requirements in order for you to date coran and lance is backing her up on this one because coran deserves the best
  • during the rare times allura, coran, and shiro are able to bring the castle down to earth, everyone literally puts everything on pause and comes to the castle (mostly because ‘guys, i see these giant flying lions coming over, should i be scared?) #dramaticpaladinandlionreunion
    • they’ll pack up, gather their spouses and kids (in the case of  three of them) and head on over to where the castle is located for a good mini vacation of talking about the good times, getting a little emotional about the bad times, how much things have changed, and enjoying each other’s company (”guys, remember how when we got back to earth the first thing we did was go back to the garrison because lance, hunk, pidge, and keith all wanted to punch iverson? classic”)
    • for old times sake, coran will make something and everyone will cringe as hunk pops into the kitchen to give coran a proper cooking lesson
    • they’ll dress up in their old armor and fight against the gladiator sim and see if they still got the moves like jagger. they often joke that shiro is an old man and needs to be careful before he throws his back out
    • will do the old training exercises from the mind meld to the invisible wall to the trust your lion’s eyes thing
      • man did they miss flying with their lions??
    • if they aren’t doing any of that and have the free time to break away, you already know they’ll be sitting in their lions catching up about everything that’s been going on in their lives and how so much has changed since then because the stuff going on in their lives now is the least likely thing they pictured back before all this voltron stuff happened but they wouldn’t change any of it
    • someone is usually crying when it’s all time to go their own separate ways and back to their daily lives. usually allura drops everyone off one by one
    • “we definitely have to do this again the next time you stop by”
    • everyone’s very happy with the way their lives has turned out since ten years ago
Another Mitjo fic!

It’s cute fluff this time (no horrible sad zombie AU which I hate but can’t stop thinking about.)

SUMMARY: Jonas is in his second or third year of marine biology at university.  He and Mitch live in an apartment together.  Uhhh also Mitch is making some pretty sweet dough from selling drugs by now???

A/N:  A lot of this is based off of personal experiences with friends taking me to clubs with them and such.  I outlined this in some sort of post-club stupor at 4:30am last week, and I guess I decided to actually finish an idea for once???

Also, this is my first time trying to write in present tense???  It feels super weird to do, but I hope it reads okay!

Anyways, happy Valentines Mitjo Day!!

@smokeplanet @mitjo  <3

Here’s uhhh, oh my god is this the title…

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anonymous asked:

Ryoutaro resembles Gladiolus (from FFXIV) when he was young, do you by any chance based Ryoutaro off him? :)

Not you too~ Hehe XD I mean some of my followers on IG also told me that Ryou looks like Gladdy. Actually, he was based off Makoto from Notice me Senpai instead.

I didnt know about Gladio back then too so I guess its a coincidence? TwT I dont really see the resemblance tbh but I do love him as much as I love Gladio. 

There’s this picture which I never posted here and I think Ryou looks a bit like Gladio?? Idk feel free to judge XP

PS. that’s not his hand :8

NEW SERIES?? (if y'all want??)

So of course im working on Moonlight Reign ch. 3 and it is coming along, but while y'all wait for it I have another series I’ve written like 1 and a ½ chapters for and was wondering if y'all wanna read it? It’s a Taehyung x reader a college AU (i guess?) In which Taehyung is based off of the character Seven (707) from Mystic Messenger (sorta) and is a high profile hacker/agent with a cover job as a TA and you are in college and you both meet because of a mistake he made in a job. Not the offcial summary, but that was a general explanation. It’s definitely a much lighter story to Moonlight Reign, so if y'all let me know you want it, I shall have it posted late tonight or early tomorrow (Saturday) SO PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME AN ASK OR A MESSAGE ANYTHING TO LET ME KNOW Y'ALL WOULD BE INTO IT!

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Looking for a ship in Cross Gene? SAY NO MORE!

Tried to find an excuse to post some cute moments of Cross Gene members being close lol soznotsoz. These are just my Cross Gene pairings photo/gif dump of what pairings I notice right now. Feel free to add more to the list
(May update in the future in a new post)

If I put the name first like (Chanyeol x Baekhyun) then the first name is the one that’s top (if you’re into that)

The Hyung and Maknae (Yongseok x Seyoung)
The traditional oldest and youngest pairing. Most recent discovery not at all that strong with skinship though. Not much to say about this ship but I want more of it >:)

The Foreigners (Sangmin x Takuya)
LOL I know, I know. Sangmin is Korean but he still has the Western look. I was actually going to call it something along the lines of Takuya being the Korean and Sangmin being the foreigner. In ‘Song For You’, Takuya mentions how he’s more Korean now than Japanese and the MC says, “You really sound like a Korean having trouble trying to speak Japanese” or something.  (soz for the gif size)

The (probably) First Couple Fans Notice (Seyoung x Takuya)
Considering Takuya actually knew Shin before debuting is a fact many fans don’t know. So basing off from the chereo of Amazing -Bad Lady-, the Sekuya ship was born. Soz for the small gif lol had to resize btw. But Oh my god, look at how they fucking caress each other. Notice how Takuya turned his head sideways at the beginning? Oh and there’s a lot more of this couple in my files :^)

The Noona and the Tramp (Yongseok x Takuya)
LOL sorry to Yongseok. If Takuya were a woman, I reckon Yongseok would be all over him. [cue Yongseok’s pick-up line from Secret Box]
Yongseok: Noona~ Give me your number~~

The Childish Couple (Shin x Yongseok)/(Yongseok x Shin)
I honestly didn’t know who’d top but anyways, the maknae is always so cute and playful with his hyungs. Look at that perfect skin dudeee. This couple would devo be reversal.

The Husband and Waifu (Shin x Takuya)
Oh Takuya why so many pairings huh? jk jk. The actual first ship to set sail. They’ve known each other for quite awhile and lived with each other longer than other members. TakuShin is one of the most popular pairings in this fandom

Just a random hierarchy of who’d top who:
1. Sangmin/ Casper (as always, absent including this post)
2. Yongseok/ Shin
3. Seyoung
999999. Takuya (jks jks)

That’s all I have for now. Can you guess which one’s my OTP just basing it off the descriptions? lol. Hope you found your one true ship in Cross Gene.

title: reason to stay

word count: 1988

characters: jeonghan and u :’^)

summary: you stay up all night to study for an exam in hopes of not failing… but honestly that’s the least of your worries when you run into the largest fail of humanity on a coffee break. 

a/n: i can’t beliEVE I LOST THIs post T_T well anyway i’m reposting it;;; based off of some tags from this picture of jeonghan looking beautiful;;; which i also can’t find anymore OTL

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Here have a pissed off Undyne~

This is actually part of the last Thomas Sanders vine inspired comic I’m currently working on, had to draw her separate as she refused to be drawn in the comic panel itself, and as I really like this one and also that most of her disappears in the comic itself, so did I decide to post her by herself :D 

anyone want to guess which vine this is based off??

No Control (Harry Oneshot)

In which you wake up the morning after your first time with Harry and find him unable to restrain himself.

A/N: So this needed a LOT of editing (guess I’m a little rusty, heh), which is why it wasn’t posted last night, but as it is it’s basically pure unadulterated smut so I sincerely hope you all like it and that it helps to make up for my lack of posts for the past month or so. And yes, this is absolutely based off of the song from FOUR, ‘No Control’. This idea popped into my head as soon as I heard it. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think :) love you all xx

You’re aware of two things as your mind drifts into consciousness: a sweet soreness between your legs, and the soft drag of fingertips along your back.

Sunlight is coloring your eyelids a dull orange and you know it’s late enough that you should get up, but drifting there, in that soft, lulling space between sleep and awake, warm and relaxed and slowly taking in the memories of the night before, you’re reluctant to open your eyes. You can feel him, the body heat he’s throwing off behind you and the subtle movements of his chest as he breathes, and of course, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on your skin, and your body warms with the knowledge of how intimate you’d been last night.

Neither of you had been virginal, but in the stark reality of Harry’s very public profession and your cautiousness after a string of bad experiences, it was a mutual decision not to rush into bed immediately. You’d let the time come naturally, until his touch made you feel cocooned in safety and care, until he leaned over you and the look in his eyes made you shiver down to your toes, and it had never felt more right to be connected to someone else before. It was slow and unhurried, learning his body as he took you in and held you so close you could hardly breathe. And now you can still feel him everywhere, his hair in your fingers, his hands everywhere at once, his mouth tasting the salt on your skin. You press your thighs together discreetly; it’s almost as if he’s still resting there, his weight pressing into you, hip to hip, although you’ve felt very empty inside ever since he removed himself from you just hours before.

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Phan Hogwarts AU - Halloween Special!

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest chapter of the Phan Hogwarts AU, which is the Halloween special. Lots of pranks, spooks, and fun ensue at Hogwarts with Dan and Phil! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life’s been crazy since school started.

The costumes in this chapter are based off of this drawing by emolise.

You can read Chapter One of the offical AU here.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!

There was a pumpkin on his head.

“Um…Phil?” He asked, shooing Susan away from trying to climb up there as well. “Why…do I have a pumpkin on my head?”

“Guess what’s coming up soon, Dan!” Phil chirped, setting another large pumpkin down in front of him. “Halloween! And that means carving pumpkins!”

“Carving pumpkins?” Dan repeated, finally managing to get the smaller pumpkin off of himself. “Is this some sort of Muggle thing?”

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Fic: Young Volcanoes


Harper finally has a date with Cassandra Cain. Which means, as a law, Tim has to go and ruin her day.

Or Bruce shows his concern in the worst ways.

Ships: Harpercass, off screen mentioned TimSteph, DickBabs, DickKori, Timtam. 

Characters: Harper and Cass centric with appearances from Dick, Jason, Tim, Bruce, Steph, and Duke. 

Notes: Based off this post (X). For @feministbatman who is an enabler. I also HC Harper as 17 and Cass as 16, for notes. We never got their ages, so I had to play guessing game. If later jossed to a weird age gap, know this is the gap I go with.

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sonicmegaman7  asked:

So interesting question: what would the characters' zodiac signs be? Starting off with the main gang of four.

I’m just taking a guess and going by a quick Google search to base which signs best suit their personalities. (source)





based off that last post i reblogged, if the aa trio were university professorss edgeworth would absolutely be the hyper type A advanced literature prof that teaches more theory than actual analysis or content and if you go to his office hours he’ll give you an hour long tangent on some obscure concept barely related to the course and expect you to actively engage him in dialogue

phoenix would be like. entry 100 level public policy professor who maybe T.A.s for music theory and he always forgets when he made things due so he just gives everyone extensions. syllabus isn’t uploaded until 4 weeks into the semester. send him an email after 5pm and its lost to the void forever

larry is that one professor that isnt even a prof b/c he doesn’t have a doctorate he just works in the orientation office and gets roped into teaching some intro to the university courses for freshman and he basically turns it into a weekly hangout session with free snacks

so i understand that i haven’t really been on much at all but!!! i am planning on being back on pretty normally in april! esp after my mom’s wedding (the 8th). 

and i am totally in the mood to write SO these will be completed:

  • all the requests that people sent in for this post 
  • as well as a fic i am working on for sasusaku’s first time (due to request) 
  • and a fic inspired by Taylor Swift’s song “You Are In Love”…. ah just guess which couple i am writing about, based off the song ;-)

amazingvinyl  asked:

Are there certain physical traits that can relate to each sign? I think I remember reading an article somewhere about it, and i'm not sure if you've ever posted about it.

YES. Actually guys these guesses off of selfies I am doing is all based around your rising sign. Your rising/ascendant is suppose to determine some of your physical traits. It is okay to be skeptical of that because I am :p (because of genetics) however some traits that belong to my rising do fit my physical description… coincidence? I don’t know. Also I have noticed some conflicting information about rising signs and physical appearance with all the different articles out there. There is also a whole health side to astrology which takes into account your sun and rising.

Here is a list of physical traits that go along with the rising signs.

I have done some research especially on face shape and features to help me with those guesses. With my research I have also found:

Aries risings can be associated with sharp features.

That Taurus rising is also associated with having a rounder face.

Gemini risings have expressive facial features, especially the eyes and are known to have their facial features close together.

Cancer risings are famous for having a round or oval face and big round eyes, they tend to have a medium build but many argue that they can easily put on weight too.

Leo risings are known to have a very proportional face.

Virgo risings are associated with caring about their looks and does want to make an impression with their looks, also some argue they have more square faces than round.

Libra risings care about their looks and might wear a lot of makeup or try to look attractive in some way.

Scorpio risings can have sharp features and might have a prominent chin.

Sagittarius risings are associated with a high forehead and with playing with their hair.

Capricorn risings can have more of a square face.

Aquarius risings can wear odd or quirky clothing and makeup, might have something physical that stands out.

Pisces rising can have more of a short face, they have one of the most vague descriptions as a rising.

I haven’t seen any fix-it-fics written yet,, so I guess the duty falls to me. Based a little bit off of this post by @dadbob. May be crossposted to AO3 eventually. Sorry for any typos, it’s hard to write and cry at the same time.

“… Can we talk?” 

Bitty’s voice was soft and rough, like he’d been crying, which on its own had caused the worst kind of knots in Jack’s stomach. The ones you get when it feels like there’s nothing you can do. But those words? Those words had been at the center of Jack’s anxiety since he and Bitty had started dating. He couldn’t help the way it felt like something cold and hard had grown in his chest, causing him to grip the phone a little tighter. 

“Always, Bits,” He said. God, he was going to throw up.

“I know- Jack, this hasn’t been easy for either of us. We knew it wouldn’t be. But recently there’s just been a lot of pressure. Like, from the media. From-” Bitty choked a little, his words a little ragged. “From the team. And I can’t even blame them; it’s just been so hard, Jack. And I think we need to, maybe, just, I don’t- I don’t know. I don’t think we can keep doing this.” Bitty’s speech rambled and then stuttered to a stop, and Jack’s heart clenched. This shouldn’t have to hurt both of them

“It’s fine, Bits, we can take a-” Jack said, trying to keep his voice steady, at the same time Bitty said: 

“I think we need to tell some of the team.” 

There was silence on both ends of the line. 

“Jack Zimmermann,” Bitty said, voice solid and calm. “Do you want to take a break?” 

God no,” Jack said, “Crisse, Bitty, I definitely do not want to take a break. I want to do a lot of things, I want to drive up to Samwell and take you to Annie’s and I just [REDACTED]**, I want to do a lot of things with you Bitty. But I don’t want to take a break, unless you want one.“

“Thank goodness,” Bitty gushed, “I, uh, not to the taking-a-break part. I don’t want to take one either.” 

Jack slumped forward a little bit in his seat in relief. 

“And as much as I would love to have you up here,” Bitty continued. “The weather is terrible and I’d be too worried about you on these roads, driving all the way up here in the storm.” 

“It would only take an hour, Bits.” Jack said, smiling shakily. He could almost feel Bitty’s grin over the call. 

“Mr. Zimmermann, you do know how to make it sounding tempting, but I’m gonna come visit you this weekend anyways. Go home.” 

“Home is with you.” He said. Sweet talk always made Bitty blush.  

“You charmer,” Bitty half-laughed. “But I mean it. Go home. Sleep. Lord, I know roadies are exhausting, and I want to be able to talk to you tomorrow. Really talk. I love you, but we need to find a better way of making this work.” 

Jack let out a breath as the frozen thing in his chest started to melt. “We can do that, Bits. And we can tell people, too, I think. But you’re right, we need to talk about it.” He paused a little bit, not sure if it needed saying, but deciding to say it anyways. “You can always talk to me, Bits.” 

Bitty huffed out a laugh, “I know, sweetheart. I was just a little scared is all, it’s a lot to ask, with your career and, well, everything.” 

“Mon coeur, it’s nothing we can’t handle. Besides, did you see Sportscenter?” Jack snorted a little bit. It was stupidly gratifying to see the same reporters who had put him down in the past have to swallow their words. “My career is already a success. They say I’m going to be just as good as my father.” 

“I think you’re better; you’re my favorite NHL player, after all,” Bitty said, and Jack felt a little bit like he glowed. 

“I would hope so, I’m your boyfriend.” 

“Yeah, well, Tater does come in a close second-” 

“Ha ha, ha.”

“Jack Zimmermann if you keep on like that I might not bake you anything at all this weekend.” 

“I do have a diet plan.”

“Oh hush. Don’t act like-” 

There was scuffling on the other end of the call, and Jack could vaguely hear Ransom saying, “You good, Bitty? You’ve been in there a while.”  

“I’m fine,” Bitty responded, and his voice was faint over Jack’s phone, like Bitty’d put his down. “I’ll be out in a second.” 

“I have to go, but text me when you get home sweetheart.” Bitty said quickly when he picked his phone up again. 

“I will, Bits.” Jack said, turning to buckle his seatbelt. “Love you.” 

“I love you too, baby. We’ll talk tomorrow?”

“Sounds good.” 

 “Love you.” 

Jack smirked. “You already said that.” 

“I know, I just love you a lot.” 

He had never really understood the phrase ‘butterflies in your stomach’ before Bitty, and now he could get them when he and Bits weren’t even in the same state. “I love you a lot too, Bits.” 

“I would hope so,” Bitty chirped, “I am your boyfriend.” 

Jack could hear something about the words “haunted attic,” “90s-themed kegster,” and “ouija board” in the background of the call. After whatever the “ouija board” comment was, Jack could hear Ransom shout, “Holster, you are NOT doing any of that crazy-ass white people bullshit while I am living in this Haus. DO NOT-”

“I really have to go before Holster and Ransom make some kind of terrible life choice,” Bitty said. “Bye, Jack.”

“Bye, Bitty.” He said. Bitty hung up, and Jack stared at his phone for a second before tossing it into the passenger seat. He started up his car, and tried to figure out whether or not Shitty would try to throw a mini-kegster when he finally found out that Bitty was the mysterious “lover” who’d “stolen Jack away.” 

He probably would. 

**I’m a memelord don’t judge me.