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amazing how “Without a word, I’ve stayed by your side” <3 #happytaeyongday

Season 2 has already begun! It can’ get anymore exciting than this right?! Well guess again, as we commence preparation for our 3rd annual BNHA WEEK!!! *Present Mic voice* ARE YOU READY?!?!?!

Prompt are as follows-

Day 1- Character(s)

Who is your favorite(s)

Day 2- Words

Words from the show/manga directly or words/lyrics that you think fit

Day 3- Team

Which group work best or which would you like to see

Day 4- Relationship

Platonic or Romantic

Day 5- Moment(s)

Favorite scene and/or mangacap

Day 6- AU

Alternate Universe? Yes please.

Day 7- Free For All

Anything you want!

Day 8- OC/Self Insert

Original Character or maybe you yourself but in this wonderful world of BNHA

This splendid week chalk full of art of all kinds will begin on the 7th of July!

If you have any question/concerns, please let me know x)

ppl always use lyrics from shake it off to make a dig @ taylor’s songwriting skills which i find hilarious because the shake it off lyrics are genuinely the most profound and meaningful lyrics i have ever heard in my life. like literally look me in the eyes and tell me that the haters aren’t, in fact, going to hate. you can’t do it. because the haters WILL hate and that’s just the way things are but i guess the truth of that statement is too confronting for some ppl </3

Some of you may have seen yesterday I had a survey needing to be filled out quick for one of my final uni assignments. As I finish university in 12 days which is terrifying. ANYWAY I am a nerd and I am reading all your answers, 1300+ of you responded in like 2 hours (MAD) and generalizing the long answers so I can show themes and stuff because I gotta get dat high grade but I love it??? I can see individual answers and guess your personalities from it and some of you even put memes in any additional comments which I love (but will not put in my assignment because I will not be marked up for having lyrics to fireflies in my work). IM RAMBLING so procrastinating as I do I thought ya know what would be cool to do a survey once I have finished university for people to do from Tumblr and the questions being stupid like fave memes, TV Shows, ironic sayings and then collating all the data and posting it to get an overview of people on this site and making it super memey and nerdy as its me. (THIS IS LONG SORRY) Would people do this like fill it out or want to see it?? I will think of a way of notifying everyone when I post it so you can see but it may be me but I think it would be funny but also very cool. REPLY TO THIS IF YA SAY YES JAMES HERES A PROJECT FOR YOU TO FILL YOUR TIME WITH AFTER UNI IS OVER

June 9

Surprise! :D

Lauren was at the TODAY Show with Halsey!

They performed Strangers as part of Halsey’s set.

ICYMI, here’s the entire performance!

Lauren looked AND sounded incredible!

She was super grateful for the opportunity!


We have the following people to thank for Lauren’s stunning outfit and makeup today:

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How special was it for Lauren to perform a song which celebrates same sex love on Pride Month?!

Lauren flew to Miami right after performing to be with her girls!

They were at the iHeart Summer Weekend.

As usual, Lauren is the victim of Dinah’s pranks. LOL.

Leo’s the star now!

Dinah, girl!

A lucky fan had the experience of a lifetime with the girls!

Of course, it would not be complete without a Fifth Harmony performance.

Lauren gave a huge shout out to their all-girl, POC band!

Lauren was tired from today but that didn’t stop her from giving her all performing!

Speaking of tired, Normani’ was tired after today’s activities, and Dinah, wanting to go out… got this response:


Ally’s ecstatic over the response to Look At Us Now!

The lyric video of Look At Us Now is out!

Ally also showed some love for Lauren’s performance today! <3

This sisterhood!

Here for this!

Dinah also showed Lauren and Ally some love for their solo endeavors!!!

Again, we’re here for this show of love:

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Caught In a Dream

Originally posted by sugutie

Genre; angst, implied smut

Word count; 1.2k

Warnings; cheating, mild sexual themes, extreme freaking angst…get ready

A/N hello everyone! this is my first time writing on tumblr and I hope that everyone will like the content I post on here! now please enjoy this really crappy piece of writing that I will continue later on

Jeon JungKook.

That name is all but too familiar for your liking. Everywhere you go, the name, “Jeon Jungkook” is chanted like a prayer; all under his religion.

Everyone adores him like some god from a Greek myth or a celebrity from an action movie. But in reality, he’s just a normal college student going for a degree in computer science at Seoul National.

You hated every single thing about Jeon Jungkook- from the way he talks to the way he walks. You hated how he’d always kiss up to a teacher to get an extra day to finish an essay or how he’d always ask you for help on the simplest  things like cooking rice or how to turn on the heater. You also hated that you were titled one of his best friends.


Because you were in love with the boy that is suppose to be your best friend. Jeon JungKook, your childhood best friend is now someone you force yourself to hate - someone you always downgrade in your mind to trick yourself that you weren’t love with him. That you were in love with your best friend.

But what does that do? You always end up falling for his bunny smile, his built physique, his round doe eyes and his soothing voice all over again. Everything about Jungkook bothered you in both good and bad, if that made any sense. You hated his bunny smile because it made him look like a child. But at the same time, you loved his bunny smile because he looked so innocent. Like someone without a single care in the world.

You could never confess to him what you’re feelings, though. JungKook is a taken man. A man taken by none other than your other best friend, and childhood friend. Hyun ShiYoung. ShiYoung, Jungkook and you were always together throughout your lives. You were all born the same year and had houses right next door from one another, your’s being in the middle of the three. The three of you grew up together, going to one another’s houses on a daily basis or walking to the park that was a few blocks away from where you lived.

Back when you were children, you didn’t have to think about finances, feelings, falling in love, school or even getting hurt. Because you knew that there would always be someone looking after you, someone protecting you. Now, you were all on your own. Thinking back to the times where you were so carefree and innocent made a frown come across your face.

“Why the frown, (Y/N)?” your seat mate asked as he look up from his computer.

You snapped back to reality when you heard his soft voice echo in your mind. Ah, you were in school.

“Nothing, Jimin,” you answered, a weak smile spread across your lips. You shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

“Alright. Just tell me if something’s wrong ok?”

“Mhm. Thank you,” you smiled. Your head then turned back to your computer, trying to figure out how the page you were writing for your paper would link to the thesis you were given. You were a law student, studying at Seoul National, same as JungKook and ShiYoung.

You were midway into a sentence when the professor announced the end of the period, telling you to leave his class in an orderly manner.

“Like that was going to happen.” You inwardly told the professor, knowing how  the students in this class were suffering as much as you were, trying to get the year over with. Looking around, you saw students practically running out the door of the class, some even tripping over themselves from walking too fast.

Gathering your things, you put your belongings into your bag as you looked for ShiYoung at the door. She always waited for you after this period, knowing that her professor always lets her class out 5 minutes earlier than your professor. When you saw her smiling face, you sighed as you quickly paced down the steps from where your seat was.

“(Y/N)! You take forever, hurry up! He’s probably already in his car waiting for us!” ShiYoung exclaimed, dragging your wrist the parking lot of the school.

“I still don’t know why I have to come with you guys. I’m just going to third-wheel your date,” you huffed as the two of you continued to walk quickly, approaching a black Mercedes C-350 that was parked with the engine on, waiting for the two of you to enter.

Immediately, you walked to the right side of the car, sliding into the backseat, while ShiYoung took her spot in the front passenger seat next to her boyfriend as they shared a peck on the lips as a greeting.

“Sorry we’re late, (Y/N) here was being a turtle again,” ShiYoung joked as her boyfriend start d driving toward the theater.

“It’s fine. I was only in here for about five minutes anyway,” he smiled, looking back at you through the rear-view mirror. “Thanks for coming with us (Y/N). The three of us haven’t hung out together much after ShiYoung and I started dating.”

“Anytime. You guys are my best friends after all,” you forced a smile to the boy.

“Kookie-ah, what movie are we watching?” ShiYoung looked at her boyfriend lovingly, grabbing onto his hand that was placed on his side.

“(Y/N) gets to pick this one. We picked the last two times already.”

“It’s fine if you guys want to pick! I’m cool with anything,” you said, not caring much about the movie.

“Okay. How about Iron Man? They’re playing reruns of them at the theater we’re going to,” JungKook smiled his bunny smile at ShiYoung, hoping she’d give in. You never really thought about how much Jungkook loved the Iron Man movies until you saw him have a whole collection of action figures.

“JungKook, we saw Iron Man last week for date-night. Can we watch that new melodrama movie that came out yesterday? It looks really interesting and (Y/N) said she wanted to see it too, right (Y/N)?” ShiYoung asked, looking back you with a smile on her face.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that one. Sure, I guess it seemed cool in the trailers,” you answered looking up from your phone.

“Alright then, it’s settled!” JungKook beams.

Throughout the movie, all the two of them would do was make-out and giggle to each other. That made you feel like an absolute third-wheel. Halfway through the movie, you excused yourself to the bathroom after the two of them stopped making out for a good five minutes.

 Instead of turning to the bathroom, though, you headed straight to the exit, because what you hated most was that you were head over heels in love with your best friend who was in a relationship with another one of your best friends. And that hurts.

A few weeks after the movie with JungKook and ShiYoung, you were on your couch in your apartment, FaceTiming your friend from high school back in Busan.

“How’s school going down there for you?” you asked JiHoon as he settled down into his chair with a cup of coffee.

“It’s been ok. Bet the schools up there are better though. Busan is still the same as always, which is good, I guess.” JiHoon wasn’t always the man of change. He liked everything staying the same, which is why he is currently still in Busan, studying for a literature degree.

“That’s good. How’s your music going? Still writing lyrics?” you asked, earning a bright smile from him. He always loved talking about music. Music has always been his passion and has always been his dream. But instead of taking a music course and going for an entertainment major, he took up the literature major since he thought he wouldn’t need the music major later on.

“It’s been going great actually! I’ve been working on a song for this one girl I really like. She works at that coffee shop the four of us used to go to after-school all the time,” JiHoon smiles as he thinks about her. JiHoon never tends to take interest in dating and relationships but seeing him happy makes you happy.

“That’s really great! I’m glad you’re happy,” you smile at him as you take a sip of your now-cold coffee that’s been sitting on your small coffee table for the past two hours. “Does she know about your alias, Mr. Woozi?” you joked as he blushed a light shade of pink. He thought up of that alias when he was just 15- when he first started writing music.

“Not yet. Not many people even know that Woozi is me, yet everyone knows who the infamous "Woozi” is. It’s comforting to see people liking my music,“ he smiles. You loved the dedication he put into his music and the meaning of every single song he’s ever written.

"You seem to like the girl! You should make a move before it’s too late.” The encouragement in your voice makes you think to yourself. If you’ve made a move before JungKook and ShiYoung became an item, would you be here now, or would you be wrapped up tightly in JungKook’s arms as the afternoon seeped in?

“(Y/N-ah. Earth to (Y/N)?” JiHoon snapped at the camera of his laptop, bringing you back from your train of what-if’s.

“Yeah? Oh sorry, I blanked.”

“Thinking about him?” JiHoon was the only person beside yourself to know about this crush you’ve had on JungKook for the past four years.

“Yeah, just a brief thought,” you said weakly, taking another sip of your cold coffee. You really needed to heat this up.

“Just tell the him. You’ve been in love with JungKook for four years. Four fucking years, (Y/N). That’s a long time,” he mumbled, writing something down in his notebook.

“I don’t want to ruin anything…”
Oh you’re definitely going to ruin something. You were pinned up against the wall of a frat party. Pinned by JungKook, ShiYoung nowhere in sight.

“JungKook, w-what are you doing?” you asked, barely able to meet his eyes properly. This is wrong. Something’s wrong. JungKook would never do something like this because he is always, always right.

“Don’t act all innocent, ShiYoung. I saw how you were staring bullets into my back over there. Don’t you think it’s weird for my own girlfriend to not approach me at a frat party?” JungKook asked, his voice slurred, evidence of too much alcohol consumption.

Your eyes widen when you hear her name slip out of his mouth. Was he that drunk to not realize you weren’t ShiYoung? Slowly, you looked up at him, eyes widening when you see him biting his lip, making them red and swollen.

“JungKook-ah, get yourself toge-” you were cut off when his lips crashed roughly onto yours, making you gasp. This wasn’t right, you should push him off, slap him, make him realize he’s with you and not ShiYoung. But you didn’t. You let him kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You let him kiss you like he was actually yours and not her’s.

As the two of you pulled away for air, you looked up into his eyes, filled with lust and desire. No, you told yourself. No, walk away. Run away. Do something to stop him from making a mistake. Stop yourself from making a mistake.

But before you could’ve done anything, his lips crashed back onto yours, but this time, twice as rough and filled with more lust. You were fucked.

 The two of you somehow managed to make it to the second floor, squeezing through many, many other couples passionately kissing on your way up the stairs. Both of you stumbling into an empty room, JungKook didn’t bother locking the door.

“I love you so much,” JungKook mumbled into your neck. You felt a wave of hope that he was talking about you and not ShiYoung but you knew he wasn’t. She was always on his mind. She was always there.

 You let out a whimper as JungKook nibbled at the nape of your neck, surely making a mark and marking you his own, though you knew you weren’t. He started moving his lips down, leaving butterfly kisses along the way down to your collarbone. You let out a gasp as he sucked on a specific spot, making chills run up your spine.

“Only you could make me feel this way, ShiYoung-ah. Oh baby girl, you make me so horny, wearing such a skimpy dress like this. I want to fuck you so hard,” JungKook sighed as he unzipped the back of your dress. “Only you, ShiYoung,” he sighed again as he slammed you into the wall.

Your heart shattered after hearing those words slip out of his lips. This was the moment you were waiting for, though. For the past four years of being in love with him, you’ve always dreamed of this moment. The moment where he would tell you he loved you. The moment where he would leave love marks on you. But all of this was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby girl? You look upset,” JungKook looks at you with concern.

“Nothing, Kookie-ah. Continue, please,” you begged.

That was probably the biggest mistake you’d ever make in your life.

Kris Wu x SE Weekly Interview (May 2017)

Singer, actor, and “little sun” of variety programs…
Kris Wu
“I have always been myself”

“I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it”

In real life, are you someone with a hip hop style?
Yes, I have always liked hip hop. However when it comes to wearing outfits, it depends. When I was young, I would wear extremely oversized pants and tops, because at that time that was the fashion style of rappers, but right now [their style has evolved to] something which incorporates many elements. For example, in the past, you may think that wearing a leather jacket would be of a rock n roll style, and wearing tees would be of a hip hop style. But right now, there isn’t that much of a clear distinction.

You have mentioned before that you have an R&B soul, could you explain this statement?
Hahaha, actually I was half-joking. What I meant was that I really loved this genre of music, really liked the culture, and perhaps I felt that it really suits me, suits my taste. While making this genre of music I feel like a fish in water, because in a very short period of time, I am able to produce many works which I feel are OK.

Many people feel that hip hop culture has a sense of rebelliousness and anger towards it. Do you have a rebellious heart right now? Do you also require such an outlet of expression?
I feel that being rebellious is alright, in a sense that one will express themself in a more direct manner. However there is one point that I would like to reiterate, [which is that] many people have a misconception towards hip hop, they feel that hip hop is very aggressive and also a little noisy, and that it has a slightly negative feel to it, but in fact this is not the case. This is just merely one type of style, which has actually never really became mainstream. Many times, singing rap songs has the feel of reading a poem, it’s all about having a rhythm, and expressing the many beautiful phrases and meaningful stories which are in it. The general audience has to give hip hop music another chance, and this would require the combined efforts of many people.

Will you write a song for one person or a group of people?
Currently not yet, but because I am participating in this show (<Rap of China>), I would definitely personally write a song for the contestants, my team whom I have selected.

This year you have participated in many variety TV programs, do you think that your variety TV skills have increased?
No, I have always been myself.

Earlier on you mentioned that hip hop has a smaller audience. Would you be worried that your fans would not like it?
Absolutely not, because I really love this culture, not only just the music. The reason it is not mainstream is because many people have misconceptions about hip hop culture. If they are fans who like me, I too hope that they will be able to like this culture and genre of music. Conversely, I would not stop myself from doing something just because my fans do not like it. This is something which will not make me happy.

Favourite lyrics of your own songs?
Can’t think of any at the moment, there are too many, perhaps one or two lines from every song

Favourite singer?
I guess it’s still Drake

Favourite actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio

What do you think is your best feature?
My whole being is good looking

Even if you are dieting, what is one food item you have to consume?

Where is place that one most likely to bump into you?
Basketball court

What is your usual method of de-stressing?
Listen to music, play video games at home

If you were to have a superpower, what ability would you most wish to acquire?

I feel that there would be a lot of freedom, I can fly anywhere

Most cute/winsome words you wish to tell fans?

translation: @wu_yi_fan

So, this is entirely @kazliin and their beautiful fanfiction’s fault, specifically the part where they used a song from Notre Dame De Paris for Viktor’s free skate. If Viktor is the singers, that would make Yuuri the object of Viktor’s desire, which means Esmeralda, and there you have it.

Bonus reaction Viktor:

In which QN has to guess the lyrics in the Dice are Cast, Shouta writes the right one (but in hiragana, not kanji), but they decide to go with Morikubo’s.

You can find the full video here: Source

Ever since Evolution Live 2017 happened, I’ve been dying to post something Quartet Night related, so here have a segment from QuizPri.


‪@shouta0811aoi ‬

Finished work!‬
I’m home but,‬

‪Although the date has changed,‬

‪I received a lot of comments from everyone.
‪Aoi Shouta, yesterday was the 4th year anniversary. I’m really happy to receive support from so many people. I want to be able to return that to everyone from now on too.‬

‪Please, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (*☻-☻*) Good Night!‬


Please continue to let me hear your wonderful music and beautiful voice.

I opened the gate which your voice knocked on, you showed me a new world. I love that voice of your’s dearly.
Your true heart is what made me fall for you. Your talent, kindness and strength is unlimited.
Thank you for giving me endless happiness, as long as you smile I don’t need anything else. I can only see you.
Your world and my world are different. What I can do for you may still be small, but the feelings I put in them shines strongly.
Please allow me to continue to give you more love; go to your lives and shout “S!”; sway my lights red, blue and purple.
Thank you so much for always being by my side, thank you for meeting me, thank you for finding me, thank you for loving me as a fan. I was saved by your love.

Please never change who you are.

Aoi Shouta, continue to carry that name and fly!!

I’ll support you forever!

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here’s a picture of the first proper gig we played. it was january 2015, we were 17, and it was to ten or so of our friends.

2 and a bit years on and we’re still here. we’re releasing an album tomorrow, which is a little mad, because i dont think any of us really thought we’d keep going so long.

those 10 or so friends still support us today, which is lovely. but the really weird thing is that there are people who arent those 10 friends who support us. like what the heck!! some small time band from south london who use a ukulele for some reason!! someone even got a tattoo of our lyrics!! what the heck!!

i dont really know where this is going. thanks to everyone, i guess. releasing something youve spent the better part of a year working on is a little terrifying. but hey.

we are bears in trees, and you have been lovely.

I Will Be (IAHB Fan Song) (CLIP)
Double Felix
I Will Be (IAHB Fan Song) (CLIP)


Hi so I drew like 4753948 fan arts and then I bought out half the RedBubble store and now I’m thinking??? What do I usually do when I really love a piece of media??? I MAKE A MUSICAL OUT OF IT SO HERE *Throws this in your collective faces* I tried to make this sound as generic as possible and I think I succeeded 

I took advantage of the act that I am a prepubescent boy and made a song about one are you proud of me

Someday I will go from a pitchy soprano to a beautiful tenor that is my dream 



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For Us (Edward Nygma x Reader)

Tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff   @multi-villain-imagines  @awordwhichmeans  @aya-fay  @moaningvaleska  @dv8n666ways

A nice human (can’t find a name written in my notes so I am guessing it was anonymous, I do remember discussing it back and forth a little before I caved and decided to write something for it) suggested an Edward Nygma fic based on the song Meant to be Yours from Heathers the Musical. I let the song influence the story loosely, if you look hard enough you’ll probably find lyrics from the song, some tweaked a bit to make better sense in the context I used them. 

Setting : Basically, after having a big fight with you, Edward overreacts. Which is putting it lightly.

Contains : an explosion, mentions of a corpse, implied casualties and death, kidnapping, a brief moment of near choking. brief mild violence

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played with myself / where were you?

Meet Me in the Hallway and From the Dining Table bookend the album neatly: both songs are understated and slightly meandering: no hook, no chorus, just the intimacy of vocals murmuring lyrics that sound like they’re pulled directly from a diary page.

woke up alone in this hotel room

played with myself

where were you

fell back to sleep

I got drunk by noon

I’ve never felt less cool

From the Dining Table is one of the few songs on the album that feels like it’s directed at a person, not a Woman. There’s a sly, sweet intimacy to it— you can imagine the bright stretch of the morning, the lazy masturbation, the first cold drink and then the second. The slightly-too-soggy text messages and then silence that follows them, how long the afternoon seems. How evening threatens but never quite falls. Even my phone / misses your call / by the way.

The song swells. Maybe one day you’ll call me, and tell me that you’re sorry too. Maybe one day you’ll call me, and tell me that you’re sorry too. She doesn’t, though; that was just a patch of buoyant, wishful thinking. And so he wakes up on some other morning with a girl who looks like her, and she’s a ghost, the girl he wants, which makes sense, I guess, because that’s what ghosts do. They can’t love you. They can only haunt you.

Why can’t you ever say what you want to say? Harry asks towards the end of the song. Writing about Meet Me in the Hallway I posed a different question: where do you run when what you’re running from / is yourself?

Harry Styles is all questions, no answers. Is there any more to do? Plenty— Carolina, Kiwi, Angel— and yet. Even my phone / misses your call / by the way. I think one of my big problems with Harry Styles, lyrically, is that the stakes so often feel low for him. He takes care to dismiss the girls he writes about (Only Angel, Kiwi) or else the circumstances surrounding the song lend an uncomfortably possessive air to more flattering descriptions (Carolina, Woman). He dabbles in abjection but never truly surrenders to it; he makes sure that the grossness of his desire is being absorbed by someone else. He’s so afraid of what he wants that he can’t look beyond it to see the other person in his bed, or imagine that she is scared of her self, too.

I don’t know; maybe I’m projecting. I’ve written three of these before, OWOBs, that is, and I usually try to keep the first person out of it, but it didn’t seem possible with this one. It’s not that I don’t relate intensely and personally to Hanson, and Taylor Swift, and my beloved Direction. But that was why the exercise was interesting, I guess: could I get out of my own way and write about why someone else might care about the songs, or imagine what they might find there?

Instead I feel like I’m trying to write myself in to Harry Styles, to make space for myself on an album that was written without any thought for me at all. Which is fair, I guess, sort of. Everyone gets to make their own selfish art. 

But it’s also true that, as a woman, I’ve spent most of life looking for myself in men’s art, in their ideas and words, and been continually disappointed to see only my reflection staring back at me: always the muse, never the audience. An inspiration, not a companion. They look at me, they look at other girls, they make something of us. It’s not something they ever imagine having– much less wanting– to share with us. 

Recently I’ve been trying to make space for myself, period: to separate myself from the expectations of the men I’ve loved, their desires and their fears and their language for me. What’s so incredibly wild about it is how it doesn’t change how I feel about fucking anything. It helps me understand why I’m still helplessly tender towards Harry, toward all of my twenty-something Harrys: boys who put their curly heads on my shoulder and breathed against my collarbone because they didn’t know what they wanted or how to ask for it, who buried their secrets in my body because they didn’t know where else to put them. It explains but does nothing to erase that tenderness. 

I feel it rising in me now. It doesn’t make me hate Harry. It makes me want to give him sisterly advice. It makes me want to take care of him. I know exactly what it means to love lost boys. I don’t know many good stories about loving lost girls. 

Harry doesn’t either, I don’t think. I’m hopeful that he’ll learn them, though, and tell them. That when I hear his next album I won’t have to do so much work to figure out whether I want to like it or not– whether it’s giving me something new, or if I recognize it because it’s full of old ideas. I wish for him what I wish for everyone, probably, myself very much included: that whoever this is, she’ll pick up his call, or someone else will. That he’ll stick around long enough get through the fear and find something even bigger, and scarier, and better. That he’ll figure out how to love his own stupid self, and then how to love someone else, too. 

The Songbird (Thorin x female reader)

Title: The Songbird
The Hobbit
Genre: Smut. Kinda PWP.
Rating: R
Summary:  Imagine Thorin tying a ponytail before going down on you, because his hair gets in the way. (Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit and Admin Kim’s request for a drabble.)
Warnings/Notes: Every time I write something based on imaginexhobbit, I try to keep it under 1k words so I can just submit it to the blog instead of sending in a link, but I never manage it. I’m just a wordy person, I guess. I hope y’all like this!

You thought you were alone. You were sitting at the table, working on a very important, very intricate little bead, and, because you thought you were alone, you had allowed yourself to sing. You’d started out humming to yourself: first a jaunty little nonsense melody that made you smile to yourself, which then transformed into a cheerful song you remembered from your childhood, which finally turned into full-on singing complete with lyrics made up as you went along. Of course, you were careful not to let yourself get too carried away–this was delicate work, after all, and much more important than amusing yourself in song.

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Being Best Friends with Colton Haynes would include...

Requested? Yes.

BTW requests are still open.

Originally posted by awerewolfandafullmoon

-Being one of Holland’s close friends

-going to set w/ her and meeting Colton

-Just having a gay best friend is basically an essential

-Being there for him when he comes out

Originally posted by ragazzosarcastico

-Facetiming, skyping, texting ALOT when he leaves to go film arrow

-Taking photos together, like, all the time

-Becoming really close with his other castmates

-visiting him in Vancouver and showing up while he was filming one of his Arsenal scenes and him breaking character when he sees you to go up and hug you 

-listening to Adele when your just crusin’ in a car together and basically yelling the lyrics in a professional manner (haha, not really)

-Talking about anything and everything with him

-getting some relationship advice from him

“oh and guess which line he used on me next”


“I just need some space”

“ohh Y/N he did not.”

“yes, he did”

-devising horrible plans together.


“Shut. Up.”

“Well it’s not my fault you were there when Hoechlin was supposed to get pelted with silly string”

“Why did you think I was Tyler anyway?”

“Because of the way you walked back from set”

“But that’s how I normally walk..”

*Colton does his eyebrow thing and you pick up the other can of silly string*

“Y/N, no.”

“Colton, yes”

*covering him in silly string*

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Can you believe I listen to Young Forever everyday and cry buckets of tears? Lay the song dissection on me ~F

oh my god fhasdlgadg there is s omuch happening in this song, i’ll try my best to address them best i can. you could spend three days listening to it on repeat and still find hidden parts in the instrumentation or the vocals or the soundbites i just ugh. while reading this, please keep in mind that i’m not a professional musician nor am i an intense music student nor am i even particularly good at playing my any instrument(s), so if you belong to one of the categories above: please don’t hate me lmao

1. electronic vocals (?)

in the original ver of young forever, the addition of electronic sounds manages to enhance the piece w/o overloading the listener. a lot of top 40′s lay on too much of these toggling effects after recording & i get bored of it real fast; it’s banal af and most songs ends up sounding the same. however, whoever produced this / was in charge of sound editing did a great job avoiding a lot of overdone trends ! 

the song opens with a really quiet, rather high vocal scat (for lack of better words) that is repeated throughout the rest of the piece w/o trying to catch attention. the whole point of this motif is to bring variety to the basic synth piano that starts off namjoon’s verse, but it keeps getting looped back over the chorus and is half-drowned out by the melody later on. it’s an interesting decision to bring it back again, esp when the casual listener won’t catch it.

when most of the instrumentation cuts out around the 2min mark with jungkook’s line, it becomes more prominent again, returning the theme of “quietude” back to the audience. the ending is pretty bare to the bones musically, but this high line is reminiscent of the beginning of the song, and brings everything back full circle. it’s drowned out most of the time, but i’m still in love with this tiny lil touch idk

2. usage of silence

right when namjoon’s voice comes in, the editor made the deliberate choice to leave in his intake of breath. this serves the purpose of making the bass line feel more impactful (aka that note drop u hear; i’m still trying to place what instrument that is) it’s the juxtaposition of the opening, the intimacy of the inhale, and how namjoon gets past the first couple words w only synth support all serve to intensify that first real heavy note

not to forget, hoseok’s verse builds up the tension so high before wiping out completely. it’s the two (? maybe three) lines of percussion and the synth (sounds like unwinding VCR tape) that crescendo with his voice. the whole thing seems to “break” as it reaches the climax, serving to make his scream at the end even more intense. the whole rap part has been leading up to it, and i get chills every goddamn time mmfalsdkhg

this is the same with jungkook’s part. the vocals have a more noticeable percussion line, and the snare (?) drum speeds up + crescendos into the silence. only when EVERYTHING drops out with him, do the busywork of all these melodies and countermelodies smooth out into clapping, the high opening line, and very obvious piano. there are also tons of layered vocals weaving in and out.

there is so much power in the silence as well. the silence right after hoseok’s verse where he yells into the deep, his lines climbing higher n higher every time, silence at 2:03 when jungkook sings, and silence at the beginning of the song. all of it is important to bring about a suspended, anticipated feeling to the listener ?????????and it makes things the song less cookie-cutter + more interesting

3. that One Bass Note

when counting in 4/4 (idk if it’s cut time or not lmao; both seem to work fine w the rhythm), that low bass comes in on the down beat of every two measures, so the suspension is more engaging than to have one every bar. it’s a really small thing, but it helps with the languid, drawled-out sorta feel that this song aims for.

both yoongi AND namjoon have very minimalistic starts to their lines. their rap begins on the pickup and the third word or so is really emphasized bc of the drop (idk what’s producing the noise tho / what exactly to call it). hoseok still gets that bass note, but he starts right on the down beat, which immediately changes the mood of the piece, but draws relatively little attention to it ????

4. musical buildup

the song gets built up verse by verse. namjoon starts with that high line, sparse piano chords, a sort of high-beeping noise that sounds like synth woodblock or something lmao. that sound goes off on the 3rd beat of every measure, while that bass note is the down beat of every second bar.

yoongi gets a fuller sound with low vocals, synth piano in a high ass tessitura (likely to compliment the opening motif), a really nice percussion line, and some nice low bass-y chords to bring in more depth. this is when the song starts sounding healthier, heartier, more gut-wrenching.

hoseok gets double percussion with the start of his lines. there’s a brassy, brush-like sound going on every beat, and a rat-a-tat-tat sorta thing that starts outta it at 1:06, and then takes up a life of it’s own. it has nice syncopation & it gets held off to every 3rd beat, right until taehyung starts singing. then it becomes a consistent line in the background of the song and it makes me nut so hard every time

this signifies a change in the overall dynamics and sound (???i guess) bc it calls in a more harried tone when vocal line goes In For The Kill. from then on, things stay pretty consistent (the electronic woodblock and that one bass note too!), except there are a bunch of easier heard percussion weaving in and out which is expected

5. layered vocals

throughout the song, there are tons of echoey lines, the ones that branch off from the main lyrics right away, others that circle back and show up while hidden way in the background. all it of constitutes to a hallowed sort of feel, like you’re standing on the beach or off a cliff or in a canyon with nothing around you for miles and miles and miles and it just???it takes that feeling of being Alone / at the end of ur time and really drives it home. this effect really goes with the theme of the song, especially when the lyrics turn out to be a death knell of sorts ;((

ex: there’s one really muffled, hidden line mirroring the melody at 2:21, and the first time i tapped into it i Freaked??? who tf is singing????? why is this so genius??? it grounds the half-belting real nice-like. not to forget the way bts harmonizes with themselves but also leave spaces for single words to shine thru (until filling out all the gaps by the end) goes so well with the theme of playing with silence in this song. it’s Genius, i’m telling you. Genius.

6. the singing itself

the vocal line has a natural progression from the lower melody to higher notes. jimin and jungkook both have high ass riffs in falsetto, but every one drops a third, i think. i don’t have enough theory under my belt to break the melody down further (like why the notes sound good or the sound is very unique etc), but the choral parts are my fave bit. i love the minimalistic instrumentals (clapping on the off beats god ,,, always gets to me) while vocal line sings their hearts out on top of it (ಥ﹏ಥ) and then all of bts joins in. the full multi-layered voice effect is so nostalgic n sentimental and that’s exactly what they were going for with this???

wow truly incredible i love bts

in conclusion:

this song utilizes typical effects often heard in pop music, but they’re used in very unique ways that help the listener stay engaged. the sound mixing is impeccable, the melody is neither repetitive nor boring, and hidden instruments as the moving line are done tastefully.

also: silence? yes. silence.

Advice for Learning Korean

1. Learn Hangul. Your first step should be to try to learn the alphabet and the pronunciation. If you don’t know the alphabet, you won’t be able to learn the language. Pronunciation depends on specific letters and letter placements that you can’t understand without knowing the alphabet/how to write. Romanization will rarely, if ever, give you a good idea of how the word is spelled/pronounced in Korean. There are two main systems of romanization of Korean used in language learning resources, and neither are perfect. Also, most people use a combination of the two. If you see “ku” romanized, it could potentially mean 쿠, 크, 커, 구, 그, or 거. Six different things. It’s much simpler to learn the alphabet than to learn vocabulary in English letters but learn the wrong word or a nonexistent word.

2. Try not to use romanizations. On the subject of romanization, I recommend that as soon as you know the alphabet well, you try to cut all romanization out of your learning experience. If you continue to read romanization, your mental image of words will be in English letters, not Hangul, which will interfere with spelling/reading/writing. I personally stopped reading anything romanized (books, song lyrics, vocabulary, etc.) a couple of years ago, and my literacy improved a lot. My reading got faster, and it was easier to recognize words. It is difficult to find books that don’t use any romanization, but I think it’s worth it. It’s a more direct way to learn, and you’ll improve faster and understand more if you are seeing everything in Hangul. Another example: Korean has a lot of roots from Chinese, and eventually, this can help you guess the meaning of a word you don’t know. It would be way more difficult to recognize these roots if you are using romanization. Bottom line: it’s better not to use romanization unless you need it. If you know Hangul, you won’t need it. And you can’t learn the language without learning Hangul. So it’s better to stop using romanization sooner rather than later.

3. Find someone to practice with. Even if you have learned a lot of vocabulary or grammar patterns, learning on your own might mean that putting together what you know or being able to access your knowledge quickly (like in conversation) is difficult. If there are no Korean classes available at your school/learning institution, check to see if there are any Korean churches in your area. Most Korean churches offer language classes on Sundays for a small fee (or sometimes for free). It’s a good opportunity to learn and practice with native speakers in a welcoming environment. You could also look for a conversation partner for language exchange- find someone who speaks Korean and wants to learn your native language, and help each other out. You can also find someone to practice writing and conversation with on apps such as HelloTalk. Just be careful when talking to strangers.

4. Read out loud. Reading is a really good way to practice, and reading out loud will help you improve pronunciation and cadence. Also, seeing the words as you say them will help you remember them better.

5. Write down what you’re learning by hand. This can be easy to forget when so much language learning information is online, but studies have shown that writing a word by hand puts it in your memory in a way that typing does not (after all, pressing a button while typing does not involve actually making the individual characters by hand). If you learn new vocabulary, write it down by hand or try to create example sentences. If you learn a new grammar rule, try to use it in a sentence by hand. If you are still a beginner and are unable to make many sentences yet, just write down the Korean word and its English equivalent over and over while reading them out loud to cement them in your memory.

Music Series: Who Are You by Fifth Harmony

This song is so bipolar-esqe, it’s hard to wrap my brain around for a legit story for Harry. Is it bipolar or if it immaturity? I’m confused…

I’m guessing Fifth Harmony were teenagers when this song came out, which would explain the immaturity. (Not intending that to be a diss to teenagers, by the way. I was one once, too.) I like their sound, the vocals are good. But again, I just don’t care for the lyrics that much. Imagine…a teenage boy being immature and insensitive…psshhh…that’s crazy talk… It describes every boy I dated in school, and some after.

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