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The transcult has begun summoning spirits.

I followed the cultists with their pink, blue and white cloaks into a run down barn. In the middle of the barn floor they had their cults symbol huge in purple paint, here’s a picture: 

In the middle of the symbol lay a old wooden table. They lit two blue candles, two pink candles, and one white one. Then, one of them pulled a Ouija board out of their cloak. Two of the leaders sat down at the table to try to conjure up the most evil spirit they could find, and her name was Jenny. They then asked Jenny what each of their members names was; in order to know that the new cult names they assigned themselves were their actual names. Jenny responded to every name request as the new name the cultist had.

Be careful out there cisters, if these terrible cultists can change their name in the spirit realm, who else knows what they can do!

— american candy (01)

pairing: reader x jeon jungkook
themes: smut / high school! au 
word count: 4.3k
summary: what’s a teenage house party without a few fun and games? you’re trapped in a bedroom with soccer star, jeon jungkook, for a whole thirty uninterrupted minutes — but apparently it only takes eleven for the two of you to get better acquainted.
( a/n: i’m still on the fence about making this a series, so if you guys want me to keep the kook smut train running - speak or forever hold your peace !! EDIT: this will be a series ! )

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A sketch of Hanji

Assassins + Snapchat

Altaïr: he’d try to be serious and pretentious and shit (you know, that one friend whose story is just taking monochrome selfies with half his face and a drake quote or pitch black pictures with a timestamp) but honestly he’d devolve into this; most likely to get blocked bc he always in his feelings;

Ezio: half-him messing around with filters; half him catching his friends lacking (“I was half-asleep, DELETE IT”); most likely to DM dumbass pictures just to keep a streak going;

Connor: wouldn’t get it, at first, would probably caption everything with a wall of text; but after aveline or somebody explains it to him there’d be nonstop selfies with animals from the homestead or roasting Haytham; probably takes a lot of selfies with Ziio too; most likely to get their story hijacked (“add me: bayougirlavie″)

Aveline: omg, always picks the most flattering filters, great selfies, knows her angles; is aware that gérald is always the first one to view her story and is midkey considering blocking him; makes those videos were she lowkey tries to film one of her friends doing stuff but always ends up with ruining the stealth thing with cute little giggles; most likely to hijack someone’s story (see above)

Edward: trash friend; knows the latest goofy filters before anyone else, uses them on himself and  adéwalé (without adéy’s consent, might i add); normally posts stuff that’s arguably considered evidence for whatever drunken crimes were committed; most likely to get reported but never actually banned or anything

Arno: that one annoying ass friend who thinks that SC is instagram; posts aesthetic-y pictures of food, èlise, and the paris skyline; most likely to get roasted because “wE KNOW YOU SPEAK FRENCH ARNO STOP CAPTIONING ÉLISE WITH MUSHY SHIT"

Jacob:  mix of edward and connor in that he posts a lot of the rooks’ misadventures and also animals he finds, gets into a lot of fights with evie because he won’t stop making edits of her and henry; most likely to have everyone saved as a dumb nickname (in a moment of extreme creativity, he renamed maxwell roth ‘maxie’)

Evie:  the biographer, documents her day throughly but never gets to the point of spamming; uses the timestamp filter and emoji stamps a lot; you almost never see her in her story but always hear her voice; most likely to save her stories to her memories bc she likes being able to look back

Henry: doesn’t post much to his story, mostly lurks a lot; when he does add his stuff it’s jacob-shaming (“guess who fell asleep in the conductor’s car using my pressed hydrangeas as a pillow 😒😒😒”); most likely to DM you pictures of Evie being cute if you and him are close friends 

Desmond: posts a lot about shit the mod squad does (caught shaun crying in the car after they saw rouge one); is actually a super good photographer, takes good panaroma shots; figured out how to record himself mixing a really complicated drink one handed; most likely to take candid pics of his S/O just bc he thinks they’re cute 

Being alone and feeling lonely are two completely different things.

Being alone is staying in bed all morning reading a book, seeing a movie in theaters, cooking a nice dinner. Being alone is recognizing that you deserve to treat yourself without an ounce of regret. 

You can feel lonely in a crowd full of people. It is not a decision.
—  Guess which I prefer; guess which I more often experience | (s.r)

How do I convey to Netflix that I want to watch a ‘trashy show’ but I don’t mean trashy in a disparaging way. 

Like CW shows, only I already watch most of the current ones (except the vampire ones because idk I’m burnt out on vampires) so I need something LIKE a trashy CW show. 

again my personal taste has a lot to do with why i prefer frozen, and i think anybody who knows me irl and knows what i enjoy would guess which movie l’d have preference to.

like honestly if didney set out to make a princess movie specifically targeting me, besides pirates it would be frozen,,

visually the darker blue/green/purple colour scheme is one i really like, i more or less even based my prom dress on those colours that’s how much i enjoy them. and frozen has a lot of those in both constume and setting.

hell, just the scenery of fjords is something i love, this movie made me go to norway so i could see the landscapes in person.

another visual motif i adore are slavic decorative paintings. the early concepts of frozen had more slavic tones to it but norwegian traditional art shares a lot in common in both art and clothing. i love the background details in the movie showcasing them, i wish there was more

as somebody who greatly appreciates films set in a certain historic location, i think it’s easy to understand why tangled didn’t fit the bill as much. it more or less takes place in fantasy fairy tale land of no discernible location which works for the movie, but is a thing that never stuck with me. 

tangled more or less based its visuals on 18th-19th century romantic european paintings and illustration. which is something in itself that i like the concept of, but i think the aesthetic wasn’t pushed so hard in the final film. which i can understand, because tonally it wouldnt fit the movie so much, and i think in general that artstyle would mesh more in a hand drawn or very stylized 3d film instead. i guess that extra ‘push’ of historic concepts is what i wish for.

finally as for music, i am slut for theatre and frozen’s music direction is more towards the musical theatre area and i also love wicked so theres that. tangled is more towards the pop genre which i am less partial to.

and as for character design, physiologicially i dont hold either characters’ physiques above another, i just really like norwegian dresses.

tl;dr: i like frozen better than tangled on a basis of personal taste and aesthetic, somebody could just as easily do the same thing favouring tangled and neither opinion is right or wrong.


And now… kiss!

For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

So the lovely @space-girlfriends came with this rich!hux and delinquent!kylo au. Basically Hux is a nerd from a very rich uptight family whom for some unknown reason has the young delinquent Kylo Ren infatuated. Thinking Kylo is just trying to use him he is hesitant at first but slowly finds himself falling in love with him.

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Have you seen prince William's comment on no one wanting to become king/queen? It could be a very peaceful end to the monarchy, which I guess is preferred over a huge fight (I hope)

It would be interesting to see what will be done in the aftermath of the Queen’s passing.

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2, 10, 13 & 28 for the gay asks! :)

2: already answered 

10. dog gay or cat gay?
.,,,,,,,, i lov both but i would Die For Dogs

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?
i dont think i ever had one? maybe tht we were like ‘different’ so to speak

28. are you out? if so how did you come out
i am mostly out i guess like i havent really ‘officially’ come out but i dont like hide it i just……….gay…

The necessity to have a dream to strive for in this series is about as blatant as can be in chapter 14. Eren has completely zoned out in titan form, not consciously aware of the harsh reality surrounding him. Eren’s dream-like state is interesting to analyze. 

He’s a child again, the 9 or 10 year old living with his mom, dad, and Mikasa. His family. His home. It’s a peaceful place, away from the calamity of the world he’s trapped in. Armin is desperately trying to reach him, to bring him back to his senses, out of that complacency he’s been lured into. Stabbing him through the arm in a futile attempt to cut him from the titan did nothing to deter Eren from his hazy state. The titan reacted, but mentally, Eren is still trapped. 

In his dreamlike state, Eren is apathetic to the idea of going outside at all. He has no desire to join the Survey Corps. Despite hearing Armin’s cries about the danger of the situation he and everyone is in, Eren remains blissfully disconnected from it. He shows no signs of wanting to go anywhere or do anything, even when others are in danger.

This may as well be an entirely different character Armin is trying to talk to. This isn’t the Eren he knows and loves at all. 

The readers have the luxury of seeing both sides of this conversation, but it’s easy to forget that Armin can’t actually hear anything Eren is saying back to him. He can’t hear Eren questioning why he should even go outside, but right after Eren says that, Armin begins talking about the outside world, as if on cue.

He realizes his previous tactics weren’t working, and tries for a different approach. 

He doesn’t just start off with mentioning the world beyond the walls in general. he opens up by reminding Eren how they are going to go together. And that’s what starts bringing Eren back, what starts to pull him out of his passive state.

Armin goes on about the wonders of the world, then says something intriguing. 

Suddenly, Armin’s surprised expression back from the night of graduation makes more sense. Eren hadn’t talked about the desire to explore the outside world in years. Armin had become convinced he either forget or lost interest, but he was wrong. Eren knew talking about it would just entice Armin more, possibly persuading him to join the Survey Corps. That’s why he hesitated to be open about his dream when addressing his fellow trainees, and why immediately after he was concerned about which branch Armin decided to join.

It’s like this thought only now hit Armin, and that’s why his face lit up right before he began talking about the outside world to Eren again here. It wasn’t just the prospect of their dream that invigorated him, it was the realization that Eren went quiet about it for the sake of protecting him. 

Now, Armin is reminding Eren of that dream. If the thought of the outside world alone was enough to get Eren reinvigorated, then he would have already been brought back to his senses the moment he spoke about it in his dreamlike state (”Why do I have to go outside? Why join the Survey Corps?”). That isn’t the case. It takes Armin reminding him that they planned on going there together that makes it possible for Eren to stir. As far as Eren is aware, his sole reason for being motivated by the world beyond the walls is because he believes in retaking their freedom stolen from them. A freedom humanity should have by basic right. He says as much to Armin when questioned why he wanted to go outside in the first place. 

“It’s because…I was born into this world!”

And Eren regains full control. Even as he carries the boulder to seal the gate, to complete the mission to secure humanity’s first true victory against the titans, he thinks back to Armin questioning his wish to go outside. 

Eren believes everyone has a right to see the world beyond the walls, it’s a freedom they are all entitled to the moment they are born. No one should be allowed to take that from them. Seeing the outside world is the greatest freedom Eren can imagine, so working towards that goal is what motivates him. It’s his most basic, or primordial, desire. 

(Other translations use the word “primitive,” but take a wild guess which one I prefer)

Had Eren never been introduced to the idea of there being an entire bountiful world beyond the walls, you have to wonder what his life would have been like. It was the realization that there was so much out there, but couldn’t be accessed because of the titans, that spurred his desire for taking back that freedom. He became adamant about fighting back against anyone who tried to take away freedom, whether it was titans or traffickers.

Eren’s own personality dictated how he went about seeking that freedom, but the inspiration to do so started with one illegal book. A book that was shared with him by another kid who was an outcast just like him. A kid who made the idea of seeing all those wonders in the book seem like a fantastic dream rather than nonsensical writings. That all became the foundation for Eren’s motivation, and is shared by Armin just as well.