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wang puppy wanting jinyoung’s attention too

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I really hope you, Saeran, V and everyone are safe and sound.. We are all so worried. Fuck those anons that made V feel like he was a burden to his own family. I'm so sorry and hope everyone is okay (◕︵◕) -Angel

we’re…safe now. saeran is in the hospital. the rest of us are…trying to recover and see where we stand, i guess. 

ya….those anons really pushed him over the line. idk… i hope he recovers.

Oh, Nick, you know that’s not true.


Hey guys, sorry for the wait! I’m back and alive :D  I was intent on doing a long comic with a plot and villain and all, but whew it got way too complicated and hard to keep track of (sorry to disappoint) :/

Anyway, thanks for being so patient and for following!

I had planned for this scene to be in the longer fancomic originally since the ball was where the villain would have been introduced ;) But I guess it could stand on its own? Plus it’s a great excuse for me to draw Judy in a pretty dress :)


Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Paring: Gajevy/GaLe

Summary: When Levy is encouraged to seize the moment, she takes off running. Somehow, she manages to trip on all of the hurdles on the way to the finish line. And she thought Gajeel was the reason things were moving slowly.

Notes: This was requested by @seilahtheshipper on Tumblr, I believe! A Gajevy grocery store AU. I just took it and kinda ran with it! Hope you like it!

“What do you mean you haven’t kissed him yet?!” Cana exclaimed, nearly choking on her alcohol of choice.

“You guys have been dating for like a month!” Lucy chimed in.

“Is there something wrong with Gajeel-kun?” Juvia asked lowly.

“No, no!” Levy threw her hands up in defense. “Gajeel is awesome! I just… I don’t know where we stand I guess. He never actually asked me out or anything. We just kind of hang out.”

“But you like him, don’t you?” Erza asked, taking a sip of her drink. (Why Levy always met up with her friends at a bar, she would never know. Maybe because Mirajane worked there?)

“Of course I like him!” Levy exclaimed. “A-And I think he likes me.”

“Gajeel-kun has never showed as much emotion for another female as he does with Levy-chan,” Juvia confirmed.

“So what’s the deal?” Cana asked, close to her tipsy limit. “If it were me, we’d be f—”

“Cana!” Everyone exclaimed, effectively silencing the brunette.

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my TC seems to freeze off when we're surrounded by people, but when we're alone, he's a lot more open and warm. i've had him over-justify my presence, and yet also a time where he hugged me in a room full of people? how do i tell where i stand??

I guess the easiest answer, really, is expect to be treated no differently to any other student.
Yes, teachers favour some students, but they shouldn’t really show favouritism. If you feel you are getting it some times, just wallow in it, but don’t be waiting for it  :)

Also, some teachers do get closer to some students that they feel more comfortable with, but they are usually aware of this and will back off when others are round. It would be silly not to - too many frowns and questions can arise from it, and nobody wants that!

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You're right Tsukki is a fucking asshole but I don't get why people find him interesting. Like wow he's finally into volleyball NOW despite him joining a sport club just to shit on ppl who were actually into it? He's rude af to his brother despite his bro showing nothing but support to him? WOW 10/10 CHAR RIGHT THERE! I guess tumblrshits can relate to him because he's such a spiteful guy who hates everyone around him but lololol low self confidence so it's ok "HE'S JUST LIKE ME" right?

I mean, if you have enough free time to send me anonymous asks so you can shit on my favorite character that I just defended (which means you know where I stand on his topic), I guess you’re no better than Tsukishima since you just:

  • Sent me hate just to shit on people who are actually into him
  • Were rude as fuck despite me being okay and supportive of your previously stated opinion
  • Proved to be even more spiteful than him l m a o

I won’t transform this ask into a “Tsukishima defense post” since it’s pointless at this point, but I just wanna know if we’ve been reading the same series HAHA.

By the way, you’re now blocked anon (y)


So my dear friend (@sparkletroyeboy) took me to the movies with them and my other dear friend (@pantastic-beasts). We got to see La la land. Literally the best movie of 2017. Anywho, we were getting into the car, and someone (sparkletroyeboy) couldn’t find their phone. So I had to get out of the car so they could look for it. I suggest it may be in their coat. “No it’s not in my coat”. So we call it and guess where it was? It was in their coat. So I had to stand outside for five minutes, in the freezing Ohio weather ( yes I live in ohio). But it was a laughable moment and we then went to Wendy’s afterwards. Just another day of a good ol struggle
Xoxo. -mooch

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👗: My Muse responds to your Muse asking them to zip up a dress / tie a tie / etc.

“Huh? You need me to what?” Gray asked the redhead, his face heating up in a light blush as he turned to look over at her. “I mean… I guess I could do that.” He spoke, walking over to where she was standing and reaching down to grab the zipper to the dress she was currently wearing and pulling it up carefully

Not Like Sam

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Pairing: FBI!Deanxreader
Word count: 662

Soulless Protector Masterlist

Getting back to sleep wasn’t going to happen, so you found yourself pacing for a bit. You were alone, in your professor’s house. That wasn’t weird. You kept his phone nearby, in case Dean called.

Come 7am, your body was yelling at you to sleep, but your mind wouldn’t shut down. You moved to the kitchen to look through what Sam had. Pulling out pans, you set everything up. You’d decided on bacon, eggs, and toast. Everyone liked that, right?

You were prepping everything when you heard the door open and closed. A very attractive man in a suit turned the corner, his green eyes trailing over your bare legs. “Well, hello.” He smirked. “Sam’s new toy?”

Excuse me?” You glared.

“Sorry.” He held up his hands. “I’m Dean, as you probably guessed.” Moving to where you were standing, he smirked. “Bacon and eggs. I think I like you. I’ll be in the dining room.”

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Home for Christmas; Onkey; PG

For Elodie, aka @onewgoon!! have a wonderful holiday u.u (for the @shinee-nett secret santa event)

Genre: FLUFF!!
Length: 1.8K
Summary: Jinki and KIbum have been lovers since the beginning of high school, but now they are adults, and like all adult males in Korea, they have a duty to fulfill. 2 year mandatory military service. Even without each other’s presence during the holiday season, they make the most of it.

-One Week Before Christmas, 2015-

“Open your eyes,” Jinki said, releasing his hands from their position around his lover’s eyes. Kibum shifted on his feet, squinting his eyes shut tightly. He was a bit nervous about his boyfriend’s “surprise,” because Jinki had a tendency to get some strange gifts. Or sometimes he simply made food.

But, Kibum couldn’t smell anything, so he assumed it wasn’t a meal. He heard scuffling, though, so he turned to where he guessed Jinki was standing. “If you got me a person for Christmas I’m going to scream, Jinki.”

“Close,” said man laughed, pressing his chest against Kibum’s back. “Just open your eyes already.”

Kibum groaned and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times, the bright light from the morning sun streaming in directly from the window made him wince. He looked down towards the Christmas tree, and saw the source of the strange scuffling. It wasn’t a person, that’s for sure.

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i think she just wants him to open up. she’s tired of guessing, questioning where she stands in his life. she wants truth and transparency. she just wants all the things she’s willingly provided to him. she’s tired of feeling like she’s asking for too much when her only request has been for the things in which she’s deserving of.
—  r.h. Sin