guess whats backkkkk

imagine #7

imagine justin comes up behind you while youre doing your homework and he begins kissing your neck. you laugh and try to push him away but he doesnt budge instead, he nuzzles his way to the nape of your neck and sucks hard causing you to drop your pen. you try convincing him to let you go so you could finish your work but he murmurs in your ear, “you can finish that later, why dont we do some studying of our own”, he turns you around and kisses you full on the lips. he takes you by the hips, pushes yourr books aside so they fall on the floor and hoists you up on the table as he maneuvers in between your legs where his hands rummage around your body as he sucks on your lower lip before slipping his tongue in your mouth, tasting you while his fingers dig in the skin of your thighs his body molding with yours