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i should be packing but i was looking back on @askguyslikeus cause im a nostalgic sap and,,,,, i didnt even realize my art had grown so much? like its not huge but im still,,, i guess drawing everyday for three months really helps you get a good handle on what ur doing holy shit man

Gosh, Stop Flirting.

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: Dean’s packed up all of his stuff and is ready to give up and say yes to Michael leaving you and Sam behind. Cas decides to show him the future he could have if he has faith in his family instead.
Word Count: 2,200
Warnings: fluffy with a little bit of angst, canon divergence, language.
A/N:  Based on an episode from season 5 called Point of no return. Only the beginning though when he’s going to say yes to Michael. Beta’d by @nighttimenoodle 

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Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week

day 1 - april 17th : the moment you knew you loved the show

→ 1x01 - Pilot

When Kara tells Winn what that S on her chest means

local lesbian wants to thank her followers for 2k

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as you all know, a little while ago i reached the 2k Milestone™ and all i did was a follow forever because i was two days away from my exam week and i didn’t want to commit to a Thing that i wasn’t sure i could fulfill in due time.

that being said, now that i have plenty of time to spare and i need some creative activity to keep myself busy, i wanted to repay y’all for putting up with me by making some sort of edit request thingy, seeing how a lot of my other mutuals have (the more the merrier). but since i don’t wanna do what everybody else has done, i’ve decided you guys can request what you want, and i will make it into an INSTAGRAM FEED EDIT (here is the format).

terms and conditions™:

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  • pls don’t send me gross™ romantic ships (abusive, incestuous etc.), i will ignore them 😘 (i trust y’all but u never know)
  • don’t let this flop i guess? :))

You got out from the shower and got dressed. The morning, somehow, was oddly quiet that made you a little bit uneasy. You ate your breakfast like usual, just a simple sandwich would do. Finishing your early morning routine, you sat down on yor bed, starting to scroll down your twitter timeline.

Till your eyes caught a shocking news about your NCT 127 bias, Haechan.

You could not believe your eyes, blinking several time to make sure that this is really happening.

But it was still there ; “NCT Haechan was caught being in contact with sasaengs.”


You spent up your entire day checking out about the rumour. The news had been circulating in twitter, creating a big issue between the fans. A lot of Haechan fans were posting their concerns, hoping that the whole rumour will just stay as one, but unfortunately, a bigger issue surfaced.

Some voice recordings were posted, one of them was a phone call recording. You tried to listen to them, but somehow your heart could not deny that it was not him. You were confused either to believe them or not. Some said the recordings was fabricated, that they were taken from the usual conversation in fansigning events. The phone call too, since the girl’s voice was retuned, she might have edited Haechan’s voice too.

Following the mess, some of the active fansites masternims cursed on him using their twitter, as if  they were claiming that they thought they have special spots in Hachan’s heart. And that they were disappointed with his behavior. After posting such things, they went into hiatus, or worse, closed down.

But fans were more rational. They took this as a way to swept away immature fans. Since the whole rumour was not clarified true by SM Entertaiment themselves, they stayed strong for Haechan. Together, they looked after each other, relaying their strength to keep supporting him. Let aside the ‘stupid fans’ nickname or whatsoever. Their strongest weapon right then, was believing, or in other word, having faith on Haechan.

This was when the whole kpop fandoms learned that some of the fansites masternim, no matter from which fandom they came from, were actually just like the other ‘sasaeng’ fans. It was just that they were accepted, since they provided us fans with hd pictures, since they were equipped with expensive and higher quality cameras to record the celebrities activities for the fans that would not be able to attend some events.

You follow the advices to not posting anything regarding the rumour, but instead joining others to post motivational words for Haechan. At this rate, the fans could only wish for the best, since they could not physically be with him. But judging from the bandwagon formed to bashed him, of course anonymously, online to bring him down, you know that this was a serious matter.

The issues continued for a few days, till finally, the girl who originally posted the rumour, stood up to tell everyone, that the rumour was totally FAKE. And yes, she only apologized online and vanished again just like that. She was just kidding around, but eventually it manage to shake the whole fandom, and the exaggerating rumours spread around, just like that. A painful mistake caused by a silly twitter post.

Some of the fans that stayed until the end could finally be at ease, although it took them their whole strength not to curse at the liar. (some of them already did). But still, the trouble was made. A lot of things happened in between. Loss of fans could not be stopped, but at least, everyone learnt a lesson. To not blindly believe in rumours.

Haechan, in the other hand, was obviously taken aback by the rumours. He might be shocked, receiving this kind of stress in his early career, in the age of 17, which was still too young to face such a rumour. His smile totally disappeared. He looked like hiding between the members in airports, not talking much in stages as he always did. At that time, you and other fans knew something. That the fandom had lose their sassy sunshine, Lee Donghyuck. Some of the fans cried, worrying about his condition. Even if they knew the members will always be there for him, but the effect of the whole mess on he himself was undeniable.

Would the sun shine back at his fullest?


And the whole darkest era of the eclipse started. No more Haechan’s cute laugh. No more selca from him on the Instagram. He was even cut out from the entire official video updates from SM. Either the B-sides tracks MVs, or the behind the scenes videos. Completely out of EVERYTHING.

However, the fans were always tagged their official accounts with supporting messages for him, hoping that he would read them to know that a lot of people were actually there for him.

Months after, there was a picture of him smiling posted by a fansite. The whole fandom was so excited that they also cried, but this time, in eternal happiness. Thank God, the smiley Haechan was back. Getting closer to his 17th birthday, the fans were planning a surprise event at a certain concert, but sadly the event failed since the original idea was to sing birthday song during self-introduction. But there was no self-introduction by the artist. But anyway, everyone enjoyed seeing him at the concert, with his new magenta hair (yes, since it was a bit exposed why does they keep making him wear that beanie?).

NCT 127 geared up for their comeback with the title song Cherry Bomb and guess what? You were a proud mom seeing your son Haechan’s teaser photos, he nailed it. Even though everyone was expecting that he got more lines in the track, he ended up sing ‘if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands’, but still, you were crying like crazy at that iconic line (haha). You were grateful enough that he got a solo dance part, with that killer moves because once again, he nailed it.

At their comeback showcase, you watched them live with teary eyes. While tapping hearts and leaving various supporting comments, you realized how much he grew up. And his new style made him stood out the most. Seeing him shocked when realizing that the loud cheers were for him, you were deeply touched and sad since you know how much he deserved them, since he was a wonderful person. You wished he would think higher of himself.

You kept up to date with their comeback, watching the fluffy Haechan coming back little by little. Time heal the wound, you thought. Whether it was for him, or the fans themselves.

Going through the whole mess together, the fandom has been stronger. The new era of Cherry Bomb was like the new start for them. With high hopes to make NCT’s sytle of music acknowledged by the public listeners, NCTzens promoted hard everywhere, resulting NCT to get their first win on MCountdown.

You were so glad that you decided to have faith on Haechan that you stayed loyal to the end. No words could describe your feelings towards him. It was not like you want to date him or something. You was not more than just as a fan. You just want to protect him, just as if he was your little brother. You did not want to see him hurt. Not ever again. Deep down in your heart, you wished so that he stays safe forever and more important, to always be happy.

writer’s note : today marks the 1st year of Haechan with NCT, so this is a token of my gratitude towards him. please love him a lot ^^

Runs In The Family
Amanda Palmer
Runs In The Family

My friend has problems with winter and autumn.
They give him prescriptions and shine bright lights on him.
They say it’s genetic, they say he can’t help it, they say you can catch it - but sometimes you’re born with it.
My friend despite he gets shakes in the night and they say that there’s no way that they could have caught it in time takes his toll on him.
It is traditional.
It is inherited.
Day I’ve been wondering what is inside of me, who can I blame for it?
I say it runs in the family

This family that carries me to such great lengths to open my legs up for anyone who’ll have me. It runs in the family, I came by it honestly, do what you want who knows it might fill me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Fill me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up

My friend’s depressed she’s a wreck, she’s a mess.
They’ve done all sorts of tests & they guess it has something to do with her grandmother’s grandfather’s grandmother saving war soldiers who probably infected her.
My friend has validation in some allergies that she dates back to the 17th century.
Somehow she manages in her misery.
Strips in the city and shows all her best tricks.
I mean well, I’m well well I mean I’m in hell well I still have my health at least that’s what they tell me.
If wellness is this what in hell name is sickness?
But business is business and business runs in the family.

We tend to bruise easily.
Mad in the blood.
I’m telling you cause I just want you to know me - know me and my family.
We’re wonderful folks, but don’t get to close to me cause you might knock me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Knock me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up

Mary have mercy now look what I’ve done but don’t blame ‘cause I can’t help where I come from.
Running is something that we’ve always done well and mostly I can’t even tell what I’m running from.
Run from their pity, from responsibility.
Run from the country and run from the city.
I can run from the law, I can run from myself.
I can run from my life, I can run into debt.
I can run from it all, I can run til I’m gone.
I can run for the office and run for my cause.
I can run using every last ounce of energy.
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family.

They’re hiding inside of me.
Don’t change my life.
Help me if you might but don’t tell my family.
They’d never forgive me.
They’d say that I’m crazy.
But they would say anything if it would shut me up
Shut me up
Shut me up

Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Shut me up

Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up

ask-the-egos  asked:

you wanna know what's REALLY weird? My xbox 360 has been turning on and off numerous times and guess when this started! back in the middle of OCTOBER! So on October 17th I went to play games at my uncles place then IT STARTED HAPPENING THERE TOO. I was really freaking out I need a bubble or something and I think I made it worse because I just had a Funko Pop made of Anti. Guess i'll die ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oooh shit man!!!!

Torn (Part 2) Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by lisofficial

Hey, dolls! Here’s part 2! Enjoy!

Word count: 2314

Italics are reader’s thoughts

Warnings: swearing, annoying reader, frustrated Tony lol

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disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Chapter 4

Character key:


Tuesday, November 12th
This day has been terrible.

And it’s literally only 10am.

That sucks, I’m sorry. Anything I can do to help?

Get me new friends and new professors.


I have to go right now, but I’ll text you later.

I hope the rest of the day works out.

Not working out.

What’s up?

Do you ever just have those days where everything seems to be going wrong?

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This post is brought to you by:

During the weekend of January 13th…..RK were in Europe!

Oh, I can hear the questions coming……basically, how do you know that?

Well…… say it better then I can with words…….

Rob was a Dior Event on Friday, Jan. 13th….

Then, there is a tweet of K being in Milan. And well, what do you know……that turns out to be true….she is with CJ at a man’s fashion show (he worked on their hair) 

She basically hung out in the back while staying on her phone. She posed for a few fan pics.

Then…..around the 17th…..this tweet comes out…..

dan     @daniellaferns                     2h2 hours ago                              I think I just saw Kristen Stewart at Heathrow and she smiled and I said “umm” and stopped walking

and guess what, that was true…..

Oh…..there is that Welcome to the Jungle shirt again…..which was also worn when she was in Italy, by the way.

Then, some lands in LAX…..wearing….that shirt……

and the next weekend at Sundance, she was asked if she had shown OA her movie and she said, 

Basically……RK flew into Paris/Milan/London………virtually undetected…..although we got that one pic at Heathrow…so almost…..and then back to LA! And each of those places where she was seen…….she was wearing this……

and like when she wore that COAL cap in silent support of COAL coming out…..I believe she is wearing this in support of LCOZ coming out…..which will be at the Berlinale Film Festival next month.


And I just want to say, to anyone here who maybe doesn’t believe in love yet, I’ve been there, and I’ve definitely been someone who’s very like, cynical and jaded, and I thought that love was a bedtime story. And I guess what I want to say is that, for me now looking back, I realise that I was kind of missing out on a lot of things by feeling that way, and even though I think it’s okay if you’re not there yet or you don’t think it exists, I hope that for you, and I believe that for you; that one day you’ll feel it in some way, whether it’s between you and a friend or whether it’s something super serious, I don’t know.
—  yelyahwilliams introducing ‘The Only Exception’ at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville (May 17th)

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Hey, so I'm not sure if you'll see this, but here it goes anyway: Could pretty please write a fic about a destiel teacher/student relationship. So cas is a sweet, professional teacher, and Dean is a flirty, rebellious teen. With extra smut, and a side order of desk fucking? Pretty please (⊙‿⊙✿) Thank you!

/jesus im sorry i havent written in like four days im such a piece of shit but i have school and then my fencing competitions go until like 8/8:30 and i’ve had competitions ever fucking day this week im so done. anyway, the quality of my writing is lacking and im late trash im so sorry but here you go/

“Are you positive you…understand the material, Dean?” Cas asked Dean as he writhed in his grasp. “It’s a very important exam.”

“Can we please not talk about this with your cock in my ass?” Dean gritted out and dug his nails into Cas’ thigh. Castiel flushed a pretty red and leaned down to kiss the space between Dean’s shoulder blades.

“I simply want you to pass.”

Dean buried his face in the crook of his arm so that his voice was muffled when he spoke next.

“I’ll write in pencil…and you can erase my mistakes and give me a hundred,” Dean grinned at the sigh of disapproval behind him. He threw his head back and groaned as Cas nailed his prostate.

“Absolutely not.”

Pulling out, Cas tried to calm his breathing. Dean’s chest remained pressed to the table as he groaned at the loss.

“Cas…,” he moaned out desperately.

“What was the gist of the 18th amendment,” Cas heaved in a breath, “and what was the public’s reaction to it?”

Dean growled low in his throat.

“Cas,” he groaned again, “this is fucking insane.” He pushed himself back, trying to coax Cas into filling him up again.

Castiel simply repeated the question: “What was the gist of the 18th amendment and what was the response to it?”

Frustrated, Dean racked his brains. It was almost impossible to think when his cock hung heavy and swollen between his legs.

“Somethin’ about prohibition, wasn’t it? They banned alcohol?”

Cas nodded, running a hand up Dean’s back.

“A break from drinking would benefit you too,” he reprimand, earning a groan from Dean. “And what was the public’s reaction?”

“They ignored it,” the boy muttered, “like I’m gunna ignore that comment.”

Cas rolled his eyes and pushed back into Dean’s heat.

Yeah, Cas,” Dean let out. “Yeah, you feel so good, so fucking thick,” he choked on a moan and let Cas press him harder against the desk. The teacher snapped his hips harshly against Dean’s ass, pushing his cock further, the head stuttering along Dean’s prostate, making him shout out Cas’ name, breath coming in short pants.

“What amendment gave women…the right…to vote?” Cas asked, thrusts slowly becoming more shallow.

“17th,” Dean guessed frantically, clawing at the wood surface of Castiel’s desk.

Cas pulled out and Dean groaned.

“19th, 19th,” he remembered, practically screamed the answer to Cas. He was rewarded with a deep thrust, then another. The stop-and-go pop quiz that Cas had suddenly invented frustrated Dean in the best of ways; the temptation to pull at his swollen cock increased with every question.

“Good, good,” Cas muttered absent mindedly, mouthing at the nape of Dean’s neck after Dean had recited to him the significance of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial. “So good for me.” Dean keened at the praise and clenched his ass around the thickness of Cas’ cock, making the teacher groan deep in his throat. He reached around to fist at his cock, tugging at the length. It seemed Castiel was too far gone to protest.

“You like that, Cas? Like me jerking…my cock while you fuck me?” Dean panted desperately. The fierce heat in his dick and thighs told him he was incredibly close and the quiet whimpers Cas made from behind him told Dean that his teacher wasn’t far behind. “Can’t stop thinking about…ahh Cas….what’d happen if someone walked in on you…,” Dean groaned and stroked over his slit with his thumb, twisting his wrist as his palm curled over the head of his cock, “fucking me deep and fast like this.”

Cas made a wounded noise and Dean smiled. They both had a kinky side, Dean knew it; Cas just did a better job hiding his.

The teacher leaned down, smothering Dean’s back in sloppy kisses. Wrapping an arm around Dean’s waist to pull him closer, Cas seemed content, humming low in his throat, face and chest flushed.

“Close, Dean,” his thighs trembled where they met the back of Dean’s with each thrust. “So close.”

Dean clenched around him and with a groan, spilled over the front of the desk, desperately crying out Cas’ name. He jerked himself through orgasm; in the back of his hazy mind, he registered Cas coming inside him, little sharp thrusts and moans that buried themselves deep into Dean’s shoulder.

“Definitely gunna pass that test now,” Dean winked at Cas a few minutes later, nimble fingers working at buckling his belt. Cas smiled and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his Dean’s lips.

“I know you will.”

/8 prompts left. i’ll try to do a couple over the weekend/

Blame it on Fox


So much…

The pilot season is dead,” said Kevin Reilly last August. What does it even mean??

Fox had ordered ALMOST HUMAN to 13 episodes in May 2013. The network should have seized this fantastic opportunity to air their two shiny new shows (Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow) on the same night, branding it “Fox Monday: Scifi Domination” or something.

They put back Almost Human during NFL game season instead, heavily promoting November 4th. When you’re a network spending good money on promoting a show, you stick to it. Well, guess, they changed their minds, and aired it on November 17th instead. That wasn’t even on its regular slot, but on a Sunday night. Go figure.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, the cast and crew were left alone, with everyone staying in sunny Los Angeles, —except for the shooting of the pilot. Karl Urban revealed they had one single filming crew. That makes days and weeks on set extremely long for everyone.

On top of the usual suspects (the network wants stand-alone episodes when the producers and the entire galaxy want a serialized series, to name a popular one) Fox aired the season in the wrong order. That makes sense: when you expect to launch a show with some success, it’s always best to confuse its audience.

Something else makes sense: Almost Human had only 13 episodes, so Fox needed to hinder its momentum. And they needed to do it fast. Come on, I mean, guys, this one is easy: let’s give the show not only one but two hiatus.

To perfect your scheme and achieve the perfect result, there’s still one thing that will work anyway. I mean, like every time. Thanks to the sports calendar, simply air several episodes during the Winter Olympics.

Guess what? Despite Fox using their entire bag of tricks, Almost Human gathered a strong audience and good ratings (the series is in their Top 3). And a dedicated fandom!

What was left? We should have seen it coming: it’s the oldest trick in the bag. Almost Human is produced by an outside studio, Warner Bros TV (which also has The Following and recently picked up Gotham). What does it mean? Only that WB will get syndication/VOD money. WB wants a good show, and won’t reduce the licence fees. 

As a result, Fox cancelled the show.

Blame it on the ratings, blame it on WB, blame it on everyone else but yourself Fox. That’s good to know: some things never change.

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Sign the petition

Join the #SaveAlmostHuman tweetouts every Monday