guess what this was all really cute

Why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn’t work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos.
the actual issues.

this is my very own list of things I see all the time that I find irritating, illogical and irrational. and you bet it all comes from the same people because despite what so many people think, few people on my dash actually does any of this or tries to start things like this about any other character or ship so yeah it’s a direct visual of how your own character gets perceived in doing such. which, really shouldn’t bother me since you do you but guess what? I see it all the time and it does. 

1. analysis is cute and fine that’s a good thing but not when you analyze things and then get mad and angry when people don’t agree with you that the sign has nothing to do with the story. you write a long winded rebuttal against them even though they really didn’t hurt you and don’t forget to add a dig at their mental capability! 

2. decide things that are not canon are totally canon!!! and then use it as a way to hate a character even though it never actually happened at all. (i’m looking right at you, people going “riley invited josh because she wanted to distract maya and make it so lucaya never had a chance to sort out their feelings!!!”) 

3. “don’t get me wrong I love Rowan!!! but here is a list of reasons why Maya’s appearance is better and oh!!! those characters have NO chemistry at all in ANY scene. that totally has to do with my perception of acting ability but!1!! still like Rowan.”

4. making posts about how lucas probably thinks riley is naïve and stupid, thinking it is funny and totally cute of you. making posts in general like this even when lucas is involved, but denying that people think this at all and SOMEHOW simultaneously pinning her with evil mastermind plots and ideas 

5. application of bad character traits is only beneficial to bring up when it benefits your ship but heaven forbid someone mention that it would probably work both ways 

6. attacking people and making anti-what-they-like comments under something they worked to make. there’s no reason any one ever to do this so how about you stop and just about everyone does this

7. trending anti-what-someone-likes things because we are the superior human beings here!!!!!! the world deserves to know just how trash everyone who doesn’t think like us is!!! hahaha look at how cool we are for doing that!! I bet everyone thinks we’re so cool but gross look at how ridiculous of those people to try and make opposing tags that defend what they like. let’s make more anti tags

8. ignoring the fact that though this is the internet there are real people with real lives playing these characters and running these accounts and having these feelings. but of course, your ideas must be the only right ones and the only ones that matter so why not, huh? 


Drawings I made for dear friends of mine I met at Japan Expo. Let’s say it’s our annual gathering, since we are scattered all around France. :)

I don’t know if these are great or bad drawings but I put a lot of heart in this hahah! I really need more training OTL

All the characters name are in the tags!

the bagel au is something i came up with because all my other aus are angsty as fuck so this one is the complete opposite and is literally just pure happy gay boys in love!

basically, Atem is a transfer student at Yugi’s school and he’s really gorgeous and he plays all these sports and has really nice arms holy SHIT and Yugi has the biggest crush on him but Atem never notices him because Yugi always looks like a mess at school

MEANWHILE, Yugi works at a bagel shop and one day Atem is passing by and he sees this kid working there and instantly he’s like oh fuck guess i need me some bagels! and he goes in there to flirt with the cute boy behind the counter, but what he doesn’t realize is that’s Yugi all dolled up for work without his glasses and just nice and clean and cute and everything

however, Yugi doesn’t really recognize Atem because he’s a MESS a tired mess and honestly doesn’t look at all like the glistening beautiful man he is at school

of course eventually they discover who they are and they’re gay and in love and it’s great and there’s some other stuff that goes into it but that’s the gist i suppose!

Hoshidan Festival: Selena and Siegbert Parent-Child Convo

As requested! 

Xander seems like he’d make a very good husband and father, despite having the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. He seems so affectionate to his wife and child(ren), much like his father was in the distant past, I guess. Xander is a lot more stable than Garon, and not a womanizer, which should help maintain peace in the family!

Anyway, this is a very sweet conversation! =D I love it!

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G seems to have a goal of some kind for his weight gaining. Do you have a weight goal or are you just kinda going with the flow and seeing what happens?

“Well, it’s not really my aim to gain weight… that’s more G’s thing. I have gained a little, but it’s mainly just from treating myself, heh… the Freshman 15 is real, folks!”

“But since G doesn’t seem to mind, and, uh, believe it or not I’m actually starting to think I look kinda… cute with a little ‘extra padding’…? I’m just gonna go with the flow, I guess!”

“I mean, as long as I’m still healthy, it’s all good, right? I’m still getting regular exercise, even if I have more ‘junk in the trunk’, eheh… ”

Prince Protection Squad PART 1 [BTS/JM FF]

Heyy you lovely cute pies~ ♥ Okay~ I am really nervous because this is the first time me being really inspired for a Fanfiction~ I really hope you guys give my story a chance and read it. ♥ 

SUMMARY:  What would you do when one day a prince called Jimin shows in front of your door and says that he was running away from his enemies and that he needs protection? How would you react when you and your friends (aka BTS) are put in charge to protect the prince? Guess what? I had to deal with all of this. Wanna know what happened? Then enjoy me through my journey.

Genre: Romance/ smut/ fluff / angst / comedy ~ [a bit of everything]

How could I know that one knock on my door would change my whole life? Let me explain what happened. Everything happened exactly five months ago.

Five months ago at that day I was enjoying the cool weather and was drinking a cup of hot chocolate at my balcony. I was living alone in my small apartment which was at the second floor and ten minutes away from the city. I was a student (well I am still a student but that’s not the point). It was already 10 PM, slowly I felt sleepy. I stretched and then took my cup and go inside closing the balcony door. I went to my small white kitchen and put my cup into the sink. As I heated to my bedroom someone knocked on the door. I raised an eyebrow, it was 10 PM who would knock on my door at this time I thought. I didn’t see this coming. I made my way to the door and slowly looked through the peephole. I gasped.

A boy was standing in front of my door. The reason why I gasped was that he was so good-looking. You know the term of prince-charming? Well he was standing right in front of my door. I looked closer through the peephole. He had jet black hair pulled lightly back, plumb lips, a cute small nose and big brown eyes. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt inside. Who is he I thought, why is he knocking on my door? After he knocked again I came to my senses back. I shook my head and unlocked the lock and slowly opened the door. I was standing in my pajamas and messy hair in front of a handsome boy, who was scanning me with his deep brown eyes. I saw a small black suitcase beside him on the floor. Was he searching for someone? Was he maybe my new neighbor and forgot his keys? I looked up at his face and he was already looking at me. He looked like he was waiting for me to talk to say something. I rubbed my sweaty palm on my pajamas and started talking.

“May I help you?”, I asked him carefully because he was looking so confused and lost.

“The agents send me here.”, he responded. I raised an eyebrow. The agents? Sending him here? What was he even talking about? Is he an agent himself?

“Hold on what are you talking about?”, I questioned him. We were still standing in front of my door entrance. He looked into my eyes, trying to find out what was going on here.

“My name is Jimin and I am the prince. I am running away from my enemies. And the agents send me here to this address for my protection.”, he explained, waiting for me to talk.

“Are you kidding me? What kind of joke is this? Find someone else too fool buddy!”, I nearly scolded him. I was getting mad. Why would someone try to prank me at this time? If this is one of Jungkooks pranks I am going to kick his ass I thought. I looked at him. He looked at me dumbfounded. Either he was a good at acting or he was serious about this whole prince thing.

“You are not kidding aren’t you?”, I said but it came our more like a question. He shook his head. I sighed, how can this situation be real? He took his right hand into his pocket and took out a piece of paper and handed over to me. I took the piece of paper out of his hands and read it. The address was almost right –please note the sarcasm- he just missed a few countries. He was currently in north Europe but the place he had to be is south Europe. I really didn’t know what to do know. I just shook my head in disbelieve and invited him inside my apartment. I didn’t have many choices did I ? I couldn’t let him go, where would he even go? I didn’t know why I cared so much but I had pity for him. He really looked tired and like a lost puppy.

He put his suitcase at my hall and followed me to my living room. I sat down on my couch, he stood there and took a glance at my living room before sitting down.

“I am at the wrong place aren’t I?”, he asked me. I bite my lip and slowly looked at him and nod. He started laughing. I looked at him confused. Is he crazy?

“I am sorry I am just so exhausted and I never went so far away from my country or better said so far away from my home. I didn’t even went outside of my city.”, he said, it was more like he was talking to himself. I was still confused at what was happening. I didn’t know what would happen next. I needed some help before I lost my sanity. I needed to call my friends but I couldn’t talk in front of him.

“Do you want to take a shower? And change in some comfortable clothes? I think it will help you to calm down for a bit.”, I offered. He looked up at me. His black hair was falling down in front of his face, he pushed them back with his right hand. I quickly looked away.

“I don’t have any comfortable clothes with me I didn’t have much time to pack.”, he said sadly.

“I have some spare clothes from my friends here I am sure you will fit in one of their clothes.”, I suggest. I really needed him to go to the shower so I could freak out and call my friend.

“Can you show me to bathroom please?”, he asked shyly. I smiled at him and stood up, he followed me up to my bathroom door.

“I am going to bring you some clothes and the towels are inside in the third closet”, I said softly and he nodded and started waiting in front of the bathroom door for me to bring him some clothes. I quickly run into my room and went to my wardrobe and put out a black T-Shirt from Jungkook and a black jeans from Tae Hyung. I went out of my room and handed the clothes to Jimin and left him alone.

As soon as I heard him locking the bathroom door I quickly put my mobile phone out of my pocket and started calling my friends. As soon as all of them were on the line I started talking nonstop. Till one of them cut my voice.

“Slow down Y/N we don’t understand anything what are you even talking about?”, Yoon Gi asked and I could hear Ho Seok humming in agreement.

“And what do you mean with prince?”, Nam Joon talked next. “And why do you sound like you are going to freak out any moment?”, Jin questioned me.

“Did you watch a drama Y/N?”, Jungkook asked me and Tae Hyung laughed at his comment. I rolled my eyes. It wasn’t easy to talk when you are all on the line at the same time.

“Can you all please shut up and let her explain?”, my best friend Ivy said finally shutting all the boys up. I recounted everything what happened from the knock on the door till that Jimin was showering right now. They all gasped.

“What do you mean he is taking a shower?”, Yoon Gi said in a protective way. No one said anything. Everyone was shocked. They wasn’t really a help I thought.

“I literally told you a roman and you just noticed the last part Yoon Gi oppa?”, I asked in disbelieve. I didn’t need to see his face to know that he was rolling his eyes at my respond.

“Stay wherever you are we are coming. Guys I don’t care wherever you all are, everyone is coming to Y/N’s place right now”, Jin ordered and everyone responded with a quick “Yes” or “Okay” and the connection died.

I put my phone on the desk and rubbed my sweaty palm on my pajamas. I sat down and waited for my friends to arrive. I was too nervous and too confused to think straight. This is why I called my friends, when we were all together we could always found a solution to every situation we faced.

As soon as my doorbell rang I sprinted towards my door and opened without looking through the peephole. All of them came in and set down one by one on my couch and some of them sit down on the floor. I was standing because I couldn’t sit any longer. No one said a thing everyone was waiting for Jimin to come out of the bathroom. Soon he unlocked the bathroom lock and as he looked up he stopped drying his hair with a small blue colored towel. He was shocked. Jimin didn’t move a muscle.

“Jimin this are my friends and they are here to help us”, I explained and his face muscles relaxed. He came shyly towards us and bowed. Everyone looked at each other and no one knew what to do or what to say. I couldn’t stand the awkwardness any longer and went towards Jimin, hold his upper arm and guided him to the couch, I hit Jungkooks head lightly and he stood up and sit down on the floor, he didn’t forgot to send me deadly glares.

“Here sit down Jimin, everyone this is Jimin the prince.”, I introduced him awkwardly. Everyone said something like “Hey” “Hello”. Before I could start talking my phone rang. Jin handed my phone to me which was lying on my table. I quickly looked at the number but it was anonym. I quickly picked up and put it on speakers so everyone could listen so I didn’t have to explain again.

“Miss Y/N ?”, a strange manly voice said.

“Y-yes it’s me, how can I help you?”, I asked. Everyone was listening carefully.

“Please listen to me carefully without cutting me off. The thing is our agents made a mistake and send the prince at your place. We can’t fix this situation right now because everything is in chaos. We need some time don’t ask me how long, I can’t tell you because I don’t know myself. Park Jimin has to stay at your place till we can solve the problem. You have no right to say no, because this situation is really dangerous and serious. I am the leader from the protection program. We help people who needs help, who are really in danger. I know it is a huge responsibility but I promise we will fix everything soon. And I have to know how many people know about Park Jimin.”, he explained and I lost my voice. I didn’t know what to say how to respond.

“With Y/N we are eight plus Jimin himself we are nine. We are her friends.”, Nam Joon responded instead of me I was thankful.

“Tell me your names!”, the man ordered. I sat down on the floor because I felt like my knees would give up soon.

“Min Yoon Gi, Kim Nam Joon, Kim Tae hyung, Kim Seok Jin, Jung Ho Seok, Jeon Jung Kook, Ivy Hill, Y/N Y/S/N and Park Jimin are in the room right now and no one else knows anything about this”, Yoon Gi responded this time. Everyone looked lost including me and Jimin.

“That’s perfect we even have a protection team, you are now in charge to protect Park Jimin Y/N, don’t see it as a mission. What you need to do is live your life like always but include Jimin in, me and my agents will make sure no one finds out where Jimin is hiding and we will send you amount of money so you won’t have any financial problems. Please take care of him and please don’t forget that Jimin never left his city for too long in his entire life. He has to stay in Y/N’s place. Take care, I will call you soon again. Remember one thing the less you know about Jimins life the better is for all of you. ”, the leader of the protection program explained and the connection died.

We all looked at each other not knowing what to say. (and yes that day we all didn’t know what to do pretty often but who could blame us?) I stood up and took a deep breath. Everyone was watching me carefully all of them were curious what I would do next. I looked one by one at them in the eyes and cleared my throat.

“Well we are all welcomed to our prince protection squad! ”, I said and face palmed myself. And so our journey started.

Holy spirit I wrote so much KK but this is the start and i needed to start somewhere, the story will get pretty intresting with each part please stay by my side~ ♥


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(AMAB) is it weird that i'm afraid to transition bc ill "be ugly"? like my dysphoria is killing me but i think i make a pretty cute guy and idk. i guess i just dont wanna lose that bc i Dont Know how the alternative will turn out?

Charlie says:

no, I don’t think this is weird at all!! We are conditioned to see ourselves as a certain gender and value the beauty standards of it, and when you combine that with the usual doubt many people get before transitioning, it can easily turn into a conflict such as this!! Like when I told my mom I wanted to transition the first response I got was that I was too pretty to be trans. That was the first thing said to me by someone whose opinion I cared about, it was that automatic. I have no doubt that you’ll be just as good looking during and post transition, and/or come to terms with how you look. Trans people are so beautiful and the world might not see it yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t.

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This could probably be used against her for undermining Louis request to keep Freddie private he will feel Briana is putting him in "danger" because she snaps herself driving makes sure her outfit is shown and makes clear if her location. Basically giving fans permission to go seek them and take their pics so Louis could use this against her if they go back "to court" (obviously fake court lol )

my only qualm with that is that any time it looks like they’ve been trying to tell a story or move the story along, it’s been from pap type pics or TMZ doing an article. the snapchat stuff hasn’t really played a part.

the media has pretty much ignored any of the “bad” stuff from the snapchats instead focusing on - oh look a cute baby. the only story i see from this is - fans snap candid pic of freddie or something. 

with all that said…i dont think any of us really know how this will go so it’s all just a big guess what they’ll do next with this stuff (if anything) 

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"Oh Come On You Look Cute."

Number Generated: 2  Only a hoodie that’s too big

Mephisto looked down at himself and tilted his head, not really all too upset with what he was wearing. After all, this was a demon that walked around the house naked, so wearing nothing but a large hoodie was just fine with him.

“Mm, I guess I do, love.”

so i just finished rereading the karasuno vs shiratorizawa match for like the 1,000th time and believe me when i say i absolutely LOVE all of the shiratorizawa players.

  • ushijima is a literal volleyball in the shape of a human
  • reon deserves an award for being able to put up with any of them 
  • tendou is my precious baby angel guess monster and unorthodox shiratorizawa team mom (i love him so much)
  • semi is what i aspire to be (he’s goals)
  • yamagata doesn’t get enough love, but i’ll proudly say that i love him (especially because the liberos hold a special place in my heart)
  • shirabu the salt shaker pretty boy 
  • kawanishi is one of my many lazy sons 
  • goshiki is just as cute as his bangs (but really tho, he is so adorable).

that is all (for now)

With all of the flowers around the Ban Village, I wonder if any of the main characters have thought of (or will think of) making flower crowns with them when the war is over unless something similar as to what happened towards the end of the first trip to Altreia happens again, I guess…

I tried to make a gif out of it, but I just couldn’t get the quality any better. It’s under the cut if you want to see it, though.

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It kinda makes me sad when G shows off Claire more than Devon. Devon was there before he made money before he was actually famous and he wouldn't even claim her.Yet there are many pictures of G and claire within this not so long time they've been together

They’ve actually been together for a while & if Gerald wants to show his cute girlfriend off, he can do so because guess what? He’s human. He has feelings. He bleeds like us. Being famous does NOT mean all your rights are taken away & you can’t have normal relationships. Gerald obviously really likes Claire & he’s trying to make things work with her even though his lifestyle is very busy/overwhelming.

Don’t know if you know this but people tend to spend alot of time with their partners & like to show them off, especially when the relationship is still fresh. Claire is someone G can trust & he needs that kind of intimate support with how he lives. 
And btw, Gerald really did care about Devon & there were many times he did show her off. They loved eachother, no doubt, but they’re not together anymore. Couples break up, it happens. I really feel like we should all let it go. -Kimmy


All right so I went to go see The Secret Life of Pets this past weekend in theaters, because I was hopeful that it was going to be like Toy Story…. But with pets. Now although that is basically what happened, I couldn’t help feel like there was something missing. We literally just saw Finding Dory so Pixar was already on my mind and I guess I was expecting that same level of greatness from this movie. Now this was a great movie, don’t get me wrong. It had its moments where is was funny, cute, clever…. It really was a good movie. However, (Spoiler Alert) when we learn that Duke was in the pound because he lost his owner… I felt that Pixar moment coming. You know the moment Pixar relates to your life a little too well causing you to reevaluate your life while swimming in tears… Then we get the flash back of Duke’s owner picking him out at the pet store and we learn that he was an old man… So now I really felt it coming. I was sitting in my seat preparing myself to cry because I knew that his owner had died… I mean he was old when Duke was a puppy and now he is full grown. So Duke and Max make it to Duke’s old house and his owner isn’t there it’s a new family…. And that Pixar moment was so close I could feel my eyes begin to water just from the anticipation. Duke goes up to the cat that now occupies his old house and the cat tells him that the old man died and then the new house owners pull up and call animal control and that was it. A perfect Pixar moment was forming so beautifully and then BOOM! It was ruined in an instant. Like literally after that there was no mention of Duke’s old owner ever again. I was pissed. I felt like I deserved to have this crushing Pixar moment where we saw flyers that the old man had made desperately looking for Duke, his best friend up until he drew his last breath…. HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE THAT PLOT POINT AND RUN WITH IT? That would have sold the movie for me. It would have been so much better if they would have played the emotional card and related with the audience. So that is why I think this movie would have been a lot better if Pixar would have made it. Sorry Illumination. But really it was a cute movie for the kids it just has a shallow plot.


I don’t get the joke here. Is it that Bubbles is making these assumptions on what’s gonna happen, because with the exception of the Waffle Barn one they aren’t that wild. Is it that Bubbles is acting so angry and not as cute, because this reboot killed that joke a long time ago. Is it the fact that the Professor is constantly looking at his tablet all the time?

I guess the really big question here is why did they choose this clip to show at Comic Con? I mean, did they really look at this and the haunted pillow scene and think “Yes! This is truly some of our best work! We must show it early at the con!” Even if I don’t like the series I could think of several other moments that were at least better than this (Better, but not necessarily good).

iii. we can spend so much time plugging numbers into variables present in predetermined theories,
someone else’s equations
to solve people like problems
to define feelings like terms
to chart and track progress and growth under preperceieved axes
but all that really does is shove mental illness up its own ass.

one in ten has a disordered personality.

one in ten.

and that’s a guess. we’ve made it taboo to be human, common, soft, adaptable and malleable to the environments we’re in

how dare society evade me from that truth with cute epithets in fortune cookies

stay golden stay gilded don’t try to live in a sand castle

what if sand is all your parents had

iv. is it a Freudian slip if instead i call him Fraud because he was completely neurotic calling everyone else out but himself? hell, wouldn’t you say then that all that work was predicated on self hatred, self consciousness? one big ol’ projection by a fearful man onto a weary world that, too, took him and the lyric of his metaphors a little too seriously?

(the lyric of freud and nietzsche and all those before, all those after (the holdens and hemingways and lomans and fitzgeralds, the beats, the utilitarians and machiavellis, the hamlets and the women they wore) the anger, the angst, the machismo, the misunderstanding

let’s not forget my fave tidbit about nietzsche, how he was allegedly seen sobbing, clutching the neck of a horse, holding it in despair. say what you want about syphilis and mental illness and all those things but guys, let’s be real. that’s all just pain.)

—  Against Psychoanalytics/For Recovery (2)

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That's really interesting, your art doesn't reflect that at all how kinky you are. The overly cute stlye and look. Gee. Speaking of liquids. If you have a choice, where would said liquids end up, how much and what would you do with them (swallow/spit/holdinaslongaspossibletoreallyfeelthatgreatfeeloffullnessohgodah)

I guess my art doesn’t feature any super kinky stuff because I’ve always felt like I’ve been practicing this whole time I’ve been drawing ponies. Even though I’m clearly past that. Plus most of my kinky interests are more geared towards my experiences irl.
I also kinda feel like drawing cute horses with semi realistic genitalia is already a weird kink.

Oh. The question:
Lots. Anywhere really. Muh dick, muh mouth?