guess what this font is called

Lioness Rampant (Tamora Pierce)


Finally, some hose on this girl, along with badass shin guards, a color scheme that works (and really makes the red of the shield and saddle stand out). The toned down colors of the title wokr better, as does the palette of the background, what with all the little waterfalls in the mountains.

Complaints: my least favorite of my original set of four, this one looks the most like it was staged by a photographer who couldn’t stop yelling about how much the camera loves the shield, and could you get your elbow up a little higher so we can get the whole sword in the shot, thanks honey.  Also, Demon Beaver Badger Cat makes a second cameo.   Formerly-11-Year-Old-Butch adds “she looks really bored for being about to chop someone’s head off.”


Esasily the best of the bunch: sticking with the great texture and detail, this one shines beautifully.  Love the facial expression, the detail on the gloves and armor, the stark contrast against a black-and-gray background. Intense. Vivid. Stunning. Bravo, Atheneum. Nailed it.

Complaints: Those lion heads are still creepy, and the borders still unnecessary. But those are just quibbles about an overall outstanding piece of art.


Focused, compelling, badass and wintery, for a book with a climactic blizzard scene.

Complaints: Jesus, France, even Thailand knows she has red hair! 


Someone pointed out on an earlier post that this German set features Alanna facing away from the reader in all the pictures, leaving the reader to decide for themself what she looks like. Former-11-year-old-butch says “it’s so weird, I would’ve totally picked it up.”

Complaints: Photoshopped mountains, and the costuming makes it look a little like Robin Hood Fights Bigfoot.


So, if I hadn’t known from T. Pierce herself that this artist is not the same one that illustrated the first 3 in this set, I would’ve guessed it anywya. The radical departure in style brings a much more vivid color palette, a more butch Alanna, and a noticeable change in the level of detail.  "I like that people are visibly getting hacked to pieces,“ says the Formerly-11-year-old-butch cheerfully.

Complaints: One Jewel to Rule them All is a little hokey and kind of overdone, no?  


Oh, Japan. True to form, you’ve got a whole lot going on here. The cat looks downright cuddly in this edition, thanks to his monkey-like tail and big eyes. The lion head/matching facial expression is pretty fierce, and the shield design works.

Complaints: a psychadelic tornado of plot does not compelling cover art make.


Oh, Twilight. Don’t ever change. I mean, good job removing the Flanking Boy Brigade, and I have to give you props for having the best horse of this bunch, actually. 

Complaints: But no seriously, Alanna, darling, that is not how you hold the sword, unless you’re posing for the Knights of the Dominatrix Dungeon calendar.  Oh - wait - is *that* what your outfit means?


Sensible fonts, I guess? Good contrasting colors for the visually impaireed?

Complaints: Egads! Someone spilled Mercurochrome all over the cover! Quick, whatever will our badly photoshopped book report look like now?  Also, who knew Draco Malfoy was into cross dressing? Why is that kid wearing a dunce cap, and why is he following Draco Malfoy? Who is he, even? Is he in this book? Crap, will someone call the Fantasia cosplay people and tell them to take their Sorcerer’s Apprentice back?


Welp, it’s not #10.

Complaints: Better title for this cover: Xena, Warrior Princess, And The Magical Rock of New Age Spirituality. Also, the tagline. From this cover, it looks as though "her deepest desire” is to be hypnotized by a giant purple dragon turd. The headpiece isn’t helping, and neither is the bathrobe tunic or the - gasp - oh Mithros, I can’t - the FEATHER EARRINGS HELP THE FEATHER EARINGS.  Someone send this lady back to the 1987 crystal shop that birthed her.


Thailand, baby, you did it. Good job getting all your text to stand out against the background this time, and getting rid of your “Bestseller!” assertions.

Complaints: “George Napoleon Bonaparte Washington Jr., you get back here this instant before I chop your rocking horse into firewood!”

Reborntale - Beginnings

Basically this is when papyrus is reborn and experiences the world for the first time through new eyes!
Au was made by @skellyhell
Where am I?
I feel cold…

I lazily open my eyes to the bright world, blinded I bring my hand to my face.
W-what? O-oh, it seems I’m made of bone…
I bring my arms in front of me an investigate my new body also taking in my clothing. I don’t quite know why but I really like it, it looks really great!
Hmmmm… that doesn’t really feel like that’s the whole statement.. I’ll figure it out later I guess, it’ll be sort of like a puzzle! I like the sound of that too! I wonder what else I can find about myself!
Like a name, maybe? My name is…Papyrus! That was a lot easier than expected, I should save some of this fun for later though, would want to wear myself out!……I feel disappointed in myself??
I survey the scene, snow gently fluttering down from through the thick fog and the sound of a flowing river filling the surroundings. I look at the river, and watch the ice cubes bobbing down the current, is that why its so cold? I look down and immediately startle myself and jump back from the rivers edge.
It looked the a monster in the water looking directly at me! Should I….greet it?? I’m not sure I can handle this but I believe I can overcome myself and do it! I begrudgingly inch myself closer to the waters edge and take a deep breath, alright here goes nothin’!
It stops completely when I do, strange… is this a strategic move made to confuse me!? No, no… its smart but I will not lose! I lift my hand to wave at them, they return the action with incredible speed and accuracy.
Wait. Its too perfect. I squeeze my eyes at the water and reach out my hand, and attempt to touch them. My hand goes into the water and life drains out of me with shock. That monster is me. I. Have been. Talking. To my. Reflection.
Blushing and embarrassed I fix my throat and stand up and attempt to walk away from the scene of the crime. Lets go left!
Something in the distance catches my eye. A small figure walking through the mist and crunching through the snow, mulling away about something. As he gets walks closer i can see the details of him, he a small skeleton, wearing a thick blue hoodie and black shorts with white stripes. His face seems tired and worn out, he looks like he’s almost tired of everything….
He walks right by me, consumed by himself. He doesn’t even notice my presence…
He looks at the river at stares for a bit.
*I hope he’s okay…
*he was just going to go capture the kid, it shouldn’t be taking so long….
*Guezz paps, what have you gotten yourself into??
Paps? Who’s that? Their name is pretty close to mine! Maybe they know me! I should follow him and find out! I wish I could ask for his name though, he seems very caring. Worrying about someone like that! He continues on his walk and I follow, I glad he seems to know to way. I can barely see anything in this fog.
The small skeleton takes a bit breath and calls out
*papyrus! Where are you!?
He used my name, that’s me! Does that mean paps is a nickname? Well I mean it makes sense. Does he know something about me? Is he a friend of mine??
After a little further, the small skeleton stops dead in his tracks. Confused I look at hes looking at, its a pile of ash and on top and old red scarf, obviously loved. It looks a lot like mine though….
*no no nO NO NO NO, PAPYRUS!?
He takes his hands out of his pockets and runs to the scarf.
*n-no please d-don’t…no…
The small skeleton collapses in front of the scarf, little sobs emitting from him. I walk around to the front of him, his white eyes are gone and tears are streaming from his sockets, the constant smile that he has worn all this time has fallen into a grimace. He picks up the scarf and begins to sob louder and begins to cry into the scarf.
*pap…pap..please, please…no….why….
He folds onto the ground, incoherently crying and mumbling into the scarf. I feel really sorry for him.. I rub his back trying to help with his grieving, he jumps under my touch and he looks up at me vacantly his pupils fuzzy but visible. He doesn’t seem to be looking at me directly though…
*papyrus? Is that you..?
*…heh, look at me I’m such a mess…
*imaging, hoping that your still with me somehow…
But I am with you I mean, I guess? It seems I can’t really talk to you and I’m also not visible to you either…
*I swear to you papyrus, I WILL get that kid for what they’ve done… I’ll make sure they never see the light of day again….
He turns and continues to sob into the scarf and I sit down with him and continue to rub his back hoping that tis is offering some sort of comfort. Kid?…the light of day? What did they do? What happened to me? I guess these are questions for a later time for now all I need to do is help this skeleton.
Hmmm…I cant just keep calling him ‘skeleton’ there are probably lots of others like us so calling him what we are might be confusing…. how about… ‘sans’.. yea! Its not very creative considering it just the font you speak in, but then again, my name is my font too. So it fits i guess!
I’ll help you through your journey, sans!


Nearly every country has a national flag, a national anthem, a national bird. Not many countries have a national typeface.

Sweden recently commissioned a team of designers to come up with a font to represent the country on its websites, press releases, tourism brochures and more.

The offices of Soderhavet look exactly the way you would expect a Scandinavian design firm to look: clean, sleek and warm, with tasteful bursts of color sprinkled among the minimalistic furniture. And the typeface that these designers created looks pretty much the way you would expect a Scandinavian typeface to look, too.

“The Scandinavian tradition is pretty humble, easygoing and clean,” says Stefan Hattenbach, one of the designers of the new Sweden Sans. “Less is more, you could say.”

He started by collecting images of old Swedish street signs and company logos. He pulled images of Swedish wallpaper, cars and furniture, and looked for what he calls the red thread running through it all.

“There’s an expression in Sweden, too,” Hattenbach says. “We say lagom, which is not too much and not too little. You’re happy with something in between. And that’s a special word which I guess only Swedes would understand.”

Not Too Much, Not Too Little: Sweden, In A Font

Image credits: Courtesy of Soderhavet

I’m going to address this publicly cause I’m tired and cause I want to make a few things clear.

I understand that there’s a lot of very young people on this website and I respect everyone and you guys can see that I’m always very polite and I’m always going to be. But I’m not a kid, I’m an adult. So I face situations and people as such. 

If you have a problem with me, you come to me. You talk to me. You tell me what you think I did wrong and we discuss it like serious people. My ask is always open and so are my messages. You can talk to me anytime. But when you go behind my back and insult me and my works, I’m going to block you.

I do not owe strangers any explanations of my motives. 

This has always been my policy cause I have no tolerance for petty behaviour. You can clearly read it in my FAQ and in my about page: haters will be blocked. People who add mean comments/tags under my gifsets will be blocked. I come to tumblr to enjoy myself and share my love for my fandoms, so I want to surround myself with positive things and positive and respectful people. And since Laura (co-admin of fyts) shares my views, that means that when we block someone, we also block them from fuckyeatonystark. We do not want negativity nor negative people on our blogs. Tough luck, but again, we don’t like bullies.

Quotes, lyrics and poetry do not belong to me. They do not belong to you either, since they belong to their authors. We content makers all enjoy using them, but we do not own them. If I make a gifset using someone’s words, everyone is free to feel inspired by my stuff and those words and use them on their works. I often get linked as “insp” in those gifsets and that’s something that I really enjoy, even when people use my stuff as inspiration for gifsets about my notps (which seems to happen a lot). And that’s cause I like seeing people’s spin of something I’ve done before. And if their stuff gets more notes than mine, then good for them for making it prettier.

We all have different styles and colourings and we all use different scenes and fonts. We all bring something different to the plate and I do not have any megalomaniac complex that I believe that once I’ve done something, that thing belongs to me exclusively and no one else is allowed to use it ever again.

Hell, if you applied that logic to fanarts or fics, we should all go to authors and say “Nope, sorry pal, you can’t draw cat!tony, xxx already did that!” “Hey, you can’t write a coffee shop au about that pairing, it’s already been done once, you can’t use that trope anymore!”  Except we wouldn’t, cause yes, if it sounds ridiculous it’s because it is. No two coffee aus are the same. And yes, some are more popular than others. 

That’s how tumblr works. That’s how creating content works. Hell, that’s how the world works. If you cannot accept that something someone else made can become more popular than your take on it, then perhaps you shouldn’t be creating content in the first place. Tumblr or the world do not give a damn about how many hours or days you wasted on creating that content. Way too many authors on ao3 don’t get a single comment or often only get a handful of kudos. Sometimes it’s because their stuff is not that good yet, sometimes it’s for other reasons. That’s what creating content is and it can be unfair. Insulting someone else’s work won’t make yours more popular. It will just make you look childish.

On the matter of colouring and skills, taking more time to make something definitely do not equates that your something is better than someone else’s, even if it took them less time to make. Photoshop is a matter of acquired skills and practice and once you learn how to actually use it, you can become really fast at making gifsets and graphics. It helps if you have a very good computer. None of that means your stuff should have less value than someone’s who is more slow than you are. 

I prefer bright colours, clear fonts and very clean gifs. I go to great lengths to avoid having my gifs show pixels. If that’s what you call basic, then okay. I guess I make basic gifs, sure. If you ever want to learn how to make basic stuff too, I’ve made a few tutorials. And if tumblr rewards my basic works with notes sometimes, then I can only be happy that people like my stuff and aspire to get better everyday. All while being respectful of other people and keeping my feet on the ground.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the whole thing of Sans's font not being Comic Sans when he's asleep and when he's a "lost soul"? I think he's hiding something. The text that it changes to is Aster.

Well, the font that he changes to while he’s a lost soul appears to be DotumChe, the same font that he uses while in “serious mode”. I think the reason he changes fonts here is because he’s dropping his goofy mask. He’s not putting up a front anymore. When Sans uses this font, he’s showing his true emotions.

However, the “Z” for when Sans is sleeping during his fight totally appears to be in Aster.

And this is even notably different than Sans’ snoring when he’s in Hotland (sorry for the crappy picture, I just googled one for this)

Now while the smaller sprite size could account for the difference, what if it’s because Sans is using the extent of the power he could muster during your fight?

Because, I mean, since the attacks are called “Gaster Blasters” we could guess who might’ve granted Sans some of those phenomenal powers..