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You amazing beautiful sweet human, what would we do without you? Shola, you deserve all the love. The world had better be good to you because you make it a better place. You are worthy of so much love. You are so incredibly amazing and wonderful. Just by you existing a little more light is put out into the world. You're such a great person, you really are.

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I like Severa because she's so heroic. Her intro has her putting her life on the line to save one person, so that another family does not have to experience what she did. I guess I view Severa's concern about her looks as her being optimistic. Sure, being pretty doesn't mean much now, but it will mean something once the war is over. Hell, I'd say Sev is one of the more optimistic future kids, though she won't admit it. There's also her badass moment in FP3, where she refuses to lose hope.

awwwwwwwww, yes yes this is all true and great. she’s really a brave person deep down and she’s wonderful

I’m pissed off about The Great Wall and I haven’t even seen it, and I’ll tell you why.

1) Hollywood does not need to do anything more to feed the myth of a white savior. Let’s make a movie about Chinese people and Chinese culture in a coproduction with China and one of the best Chinese directors there are. But let’s do it with a white guy. THAT’S so great (he said sarcastically).

2) But now that it has flopped here in the states, what do you think Hollywood will attribute to its lack of success?

  • Poor reviews.
  • White savior myth.
  • Chinese culture.

If you guess C then congratulations, you won! What did you win? A few more years where American movies feature almost exclusively white male leads.

Do you really think the Hollywood system will blame the casting of Matt Damon in this film for its lack of success? NO! That dude has carried one of the most successful action series of the 21st century on his star power.

Do you think Hollywood will blame the poor reviews on its lack of success? NO! Not when you have the Transformers films continuously getting torn to shreds by critics and still making money.

Hollywood clings to its outdated and unsupported beliefs that “non-white” films do not succeed. Films like Rogue One, Suicide Squad and The Jungle Book do very little to convince them otherwise, while The Great Wall flopping will just support its belief that American audiences don’t care enough about representation. Because Hollywood is stupid!

The Great Wall’s premise was based in an outdated and honestly racist idea that only white dudes can be heroes. And because of Hollywood’s backwards mentality, its lack of success will enforce that stereotype.

I just needed to get that off my chest.


Michael: Guess what, fuckers.

Gavin: We have some news.

Jack: Door-related news?

Gavin: …what?

Michael: Nope. Guess again.

Ryan: Did Gav take my advice?

Jack: Wait, Gav went to you to advice? Gavin!
Jack: I thought you liked me D:

Ryan: I’m allowed to be liked!

Gavin: I like you Jack! I just… Ryan is just very good at understanding me

Jack: What, and I’m not? *grumbles* Go fuck yourself. Better yet, Michael you do it.

Gavin: JACK

Michael: One step ahead of you, Jack.
Michael: You probably shouldn’t go into the spare room at the penthouse for a while.

Ryan: God dammit, you two.

Gavin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael: I’m kidding. We just talked and shit.

Jack: Uh huh. Right. C’mon Ryan, let’s go find somewhere else to hang out.

Ryan: Alright, just don’t expect me to put out on the first date.

The Mavin Valentine’s Day Extravaganza - Part 7 (Fin!) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

does hunk’s backstory include the first time lance ever used the “hunk” nickname on him because we all know that if it’s a nickname, lance was certainly the one to give it to him 

While Reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child...

I came to the part in the beginning with the sorting hat.

Does this mean he has legs of his own? If so then…

Oh no

I don’t think its fate thats making Rose tense

He puts himself on her head…

Is this how it works?


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