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Fluffy as cotton candy Aus (Part 2!)

because Mod Karissa is in a fluffy mood for once (just ask my friends usually it’s ANGST SET TO ELEVEN)

  • “Hey my landlord just decided that I can’t have animals at the place anymore can you watch them pleaseeee i’m begging you”

  • bonus points if it’s a really strange animal

  • bonus bonus points if the person agrees but then has to google how to take care of said strange animal

  • *person A with long hair* “aw shit my hairtie just broke” *person b with short hair* “here you go” Person A: ????? Person b: “What? I’m prepared for anything at this point”

  • “ok I need access to your makeup please don’t ask I just need it and you’re the person I know with the best/most/easiest access to a lot”

  • “Why are you crying?” “my laptop broke” “oh you big baby give it here i literally do this for a living”

  • having a chill sleepover but then when they both wake up person A starts making breakfast while humming/singing and person B gets a sudden realization of “oh shit. I’m in love with them”

  • *watching a movie and sees an ugly character* “that’s you” “bitch where??? all I see is you”

  • friendly teasing is just my jam, okay? it’s what makes me w e a k

  • “are you guys dating?” “what no-” “yea.” “ummm, since when??” “since we made out at the movies on a DATE dumbass” “……..oh”

  • “Are you single?” “I mean I guess technically-” *person B slides over* “Nope. not single. Hi.” person A: ??? “okay you literally said you hated me yesterday what the fu c k I cried for an hour” not really fluffy but still fun

  • “look my rent is due and I need some cash I promise I’ll pay you back when I get paid next week just help me out please?”

  • “My lease is up next month and my roommate is leaving and I need a place to stay. Can I crash on your couch for a week or two until I find a place? I’ll help pay rent”

And that’s it for part two! Have fun! :D
~Mod Karissa


what do you mean I have a new crush… it’s just your imagination ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Yesterday I went to watch this movie for the second time, because I want to throw all my money to the ones who have made it, and also because I FREAKING LOVED IT. I could be like… 5 days talking about it nonstop, and I feel sorry for my friends who have to listen to me talk about this movie 24/7.

Stay strong my friends 

So yesterday I slept over my sisters rehab center. We were watching Howls Moving Castle and I was just so moved. I’ve seen the movie before years ago and never really paid attention to it. Like just sit down focus on nothing else. This movie got me all teary eyed. I guess when you’re older or idk what it is maybe just watching the movie again you realize certain things. Its always the small details. I’m about to be 30 on August 1 and I’ll be watching anime until im old granny. 

Daddy’s Little Girl VII (PeterxStark!Reader)

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Author’s Note: Ahhh… The next part of Daddy’s Little Girl… Woohoo! Peter isn’t really in this one, but mah buddy Steve is… Yay!

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6|

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  You wiped the sweat off of your forehead and looked around the room, praying for a distraction to pop up. Nada.

  All you could think about in that moment was Peter. His smile. His chatter. Even the way he’d get flustered if he accidentally did something stupid. And his big eyes that would be fully intent on you as you would casually talk with him.

  You finally mustered up the strength to stand up. You walked to your bed, and then fell on top of the blankets, screaming into the bed so it would muffle the volume.

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  • Nicknames: Kaya, Mycroft, Xiah Junsu, jay park’s side hoe no. 1
  • Gender: Female
  • Star Sign: Gemin
  • Height: 170cm
  • Time: 14:18
  • Birthday: June 6th
  • Favorite Bands: SHINee, VIXX, EXO, Monsta X, Nirvana
  • Favorite Solo Artists: Zion T, Jay Park, Gray
  • Song Stuck in my head: Mommae by Jay Park askjdhakjd
  • Last Movie I Watched : i really cant remember, spiderman homecoming maybe?????
  • Last Show I Watched : Tokyo Mew Mew with @prettyprettykino :3 but ive also watched a bit of gossip girl make that 2 seasons akjshdkjasd
  • When I created my blog: August 2014
  • What Do I Post: mostly just kpop
  • Last Thing I Googled: something about my uni, cant remember it was like yesterday asjhdgajkshgdjk
  • Do You Have Other Blogs: a jaejoong sideblog @jaejoongssi and nature/landscape sideblog @moonebo 
  • Do You Get Asks: More less, sometimes i guess
  • Why Did You Choose Your URL: moon + jonghyun = moonjjongie
  • Following: exactly 1000 lmao
  • Followers: 1579
  • Favorite Colors: GREEN !!!
  • Average Hours of Sleep: around 7 or more, depends
  • Lucky Number: 3 and 6
  • Instruments : had a chance to go learn the piano like 3 times, needless to say i was a stupid kid. i can play the fuck out of a recorder tho, thank you elementary school
  • What Am I Wearing: a white dress with some pink flowery design on it
  • How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 1
  • Dream Job: anything that has to do with languages
  • Dream Trip: hmmmm maybe a trip across europe??? or like, riding through usa, that would be fun too
  • Favorite Food: Pasta
  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Favorite Song Now: f(x)’s milk

im too lazy to tag anyone specifically so like if anyone sees this and want to kill some boredom consider yourself tagged !!!

Bechloe Week Day 1: Candy

I decided to try my hand at writing a fic, so here’s a oneshot for @bechloe-week. Sorry in advance for any errors (or if it sucks). Anyways, here it is!

(Kinda sorta slightly inspired by my perfectly-timed trip to Hershey Park yesterday)

“What a loot! Were you planning to share any of that?” Chloe asked, eyeing the pile of candy sitting in front of Beca as she plopped down on the bed beside the brunette, setting her laptop in front of her.

“It’s Amy’s way of apologizing for taking $20 from my purse. She returned the money in the form of candy. Hence Mount Diabetes,” Beca answered, motioning towards the sweets. “Whatever. It’s the thought that counts.”

“Perfect timing for our movie night! How many movies do you think this’ll last?”

“You can’t be serious, Beale? Aren’t singers supposed to take care of their voice? Not lie in bed and eat enough candy to damage their vocal chords?”

“Eating sour candy actually helps soothe vocal chords, Becs. However, there *are* other activities done in bed that can possibly cause vocal damage,” Chloe teased, accompanied with her signature wink.

Beca choked on the Sour Patch Kid she was chewing on and had a coughing fit; Chloe giggled at her to the point of tears.

“Oh. My gosh. Can you at least TRY not to kill me???”

“Sorry, Becs, it’s just too easy to get a rise out of you,” Chloe replied, wiping tears from her eyes.

“You suck.”

Chloe smirked and opened her mouth, but Beca interrupted her before she could make another sensual comment.

“ANYWAYS. What are we watching tonight? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny, Mitchell. I told you yesterday. We’re watching Pearl Harbor!”

“You can’t be serious! That movie is three hours long!”

“I guess it’s a good thing Amy got you all this sugar; you’ll be awake the entire three hours! Maybe even longer!”

Beca groaned, opening another pack of Sour Patch Kids and popping a red one in her mouth. “Whatever. Just get on with it.”

The opening credits started rolling, and silence took over the room, save for the movie and occasional crinkle of candy wrappers.

Though Beca favored action movies, she wasn’t a huge fan of this one since it focused more on the romance than the actual war. But she tolerated it to please Chloe. The list of things she tolerated on Chloe’s behalf grew exponentially. ‘That’s what friends do for each other,’ she always told herself. But deep down, she knew there was probably another reason.

A few minutes into the movie, during the iconic eye exam scene, Beca interrupted the silence to ask “Which side are you on, Team Rafe or Team Danny?”

Chloe usually asked her which character she favored more, probably an attempt to make sure Beca was actually paying attention to the movie. This time, however, the brunette decided to beat her to the punch.

“Team Evelyn, obviously. I’ve always had a thing for brunettes,” Chloe responded, nudging Beca with her shoulder.

Beca was about to choke on another piece of candy, but saved herself in time. “Chloe, that wasn’t one of the options. Besides, they’re all brunettes.”

“Should’ve been one of the options. I mean, have you *seen* Kate Beckinsale?”

Beca couldn’t argue with that.

They continued watching the movie, slowly but surely tackling Mount Diabetes. The diminishing pile of confectionaries forced Chloe to scoot closer and closer to Beca in order to reach her desired snacks. Or maybe she was just using that reason as an excuse to repeatedly reach over Beca’s lap. When Evelyn and Danny were having their moment in the parachute hanger, Chloe reached over again, but instead of reaching for more candy, she rested her hand on Beca’s thigh.

That scene wasn’t overly sensual at all, but Beca still felt her body temperature rising, especially where Chloe had decided to rest her hand. The redhead felt her companion squirm in her seat.

“Aw, Becs. Is the sex scene making you uncomfortable? This barely counts as a sex scene! I can show you a hundred hotter sex scenes!”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that at all, Beale,” Beca quickly responded, reaching for the last Twizzler in the pile and taking a bite. “But I’ll pass.”

“Your loss,” Chloe replied, taking the Twizzler from Beca and biting a piece off.

“Hey! Get your own!”

“It’s the last piece, and you know how much I love Twizzlers. Split it with me?”

“Fine,” Beca grumbled, taking another bite and handing the piece back to Chloe. “But I get last bite.”

“Fine.” Chloe swallowed the piece she was chewing on – “Come get it.” – and stuck one end back in her mouth.

Beca looked over at the redhead. “Cut it out, Beale,” Beca muttered, reaching over to grab the Twizzler, but Chloe just grasped both of her hands and lifted an eyebrow, as if she was daring the brunette.

Beca froze. Part of her wanted to forget about it. It was just a piece of candy, and she wasn’t a three year old. But the other part of her couldn’t look away from the redhead’s lips, at the ridiculous piece of Twizzler sticking out of it.

The movie long forgotten, Chloe slowly let go of Beca’s hands, instead running her own hands up the younger one’s arms, past her shoulders, up her neck, until she had a hand on each of Beca’s cheeks. She shifted forward slightly, pulling Beca towards her, until the brunettes lips were touching the other end of the Twizzler.

Beca realized how close she was to the redhead, feeling Chloe’s breath on her face. She opened her mouth slightly, enough to fit the candy in her mouth, and slowly inched forward until she felt their lips connect.

The candy forgotten, Chloe closed her eyes, savoring the long-awaited feeling of the brunette’s warm lips on hers. They stayed unmoving for a few seconds until Chloe felt Beca pull away, biting off the last piece of the Twizzler.

The brunette sat back in her spot, chewing the candy, with a smirk on her face. “Victory.”

Chloe missed the feeling of Beca’s lips on hers, but she didn’t miss a beat. “You can say that again,” she replied, licking her lips.

“I’ll make sure we have Twizzlers at our next movie night,” Beca added, swallowing the candy.

“Or we could forget about the candy. And I don’t feel like waiting until the next movie night.”

Ten Questions Tag!

rules: Always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, then write 10 questions of your own, and tag some friends!

I was tagged by @livypivy46 thanks

1. What is the cheeziest  movie you’ve ever seen?

Um, probs teen beach movie. I don’t watch movies a lot lol

2. What is your favorite home style? 

Rustic I guess, I don’t rly have one.

3. How many jelly beans do you think you’ve eaten your whole life?

Maybe 100, I don’t like jelly beans that much, fite me 

4. Most sour thing you’ve eaten?

idk, I love sour things but I don’t know which was the most sour.

5. The most furious you’ve ever been?
  Well yesterday @livypivy46 was giving me “tips” on how to build, and I told her to stop and she didn’t but its gucci cause the messages weren’t showing up for her. Jk that’s not it, but it’s kinda family matters so I’m doing that story.

6. What did you want to be when you were a child?

A vet, but then in 5th grade I saw a pig heart and almost puked so that dream was dead. Now idk why I wanted to be a vet lol

7. Dream Car?

Gurk idk anything about cars but the only car I can think of is a jeep so a jeep I guess.

8. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea?


9. Favorite song? Favorite Singer 

Strangers or Gasoline by Halsey, favorite singer has to be Melanie Martinez, I love her songs.

10. Worst Person you’ve met?

So my mom has a friend and we shall call this friend Tina. Now tina hasn’t seen my mom in 25 years so she doesn’t know what my mom is like now. So the first night she came over, her and my mom stayed up till 4:00 am talking and when I went downstairs to make some coffee cause I wasnt going to be able to go back to sleep with their cackling, they were talking about old crushes and I’m like bish r u 5. Then the next day I didn’t want to go into the golf cart and you know what Tina told me. StOp pARentInG YOur MoM, gO HAvE FuN. BISH IM NOT PARENTING MY MOM I DONT WANT TO GO ON THE DING DANG GOLF CART!!!!! Then with personal matters she tries to fix it when she doesnt know anything about my family. The only good thing about tina is that she gave me some chocolate smelling soap. btw she made me go on the golf cart.

I tag @taurussims @dust-bubbles @paleplumb0b @amessofsims @little-callia-bean sry if you have already been tagged you don’t have to do it if u don’t want to.

Here r my questions

1. Do you have any pets? If you do what kind of pet is it?

2. What is your favorite animal?

3. Do you like reading? What’s your favorite book?

4. Do you like cold weather or hot?

5. Do you have a nickname people call you? What is it?

6. who is ur fav youtuber

7. what was ur fav movie when u were younger?

8. Do you like cats

9. What’s your fav game besides the sims

10. Fav song?

Sry for the boring questions, I’m bad at making up questions lol


(credits: luhaven)

Okay, I love Yixing. His dimples are just- asdfghjkl. He is very caring and so delicate - i quote leo. And did you hear his song monodrama like yes it was a long time ago BUT WHO TF CARES IT MADE ME ALL EMO AND TEARY. NEW BIAS <3

and I do not imply any of my sentences to anyone or anything. pure imaginary.

word count: 1,643

Yixing walked his way out of the ridiculously packed ballroom to the garden. Tonight was supposed to be a charity gala, but somehow one man decided to down any alcohol he could find and everyone soon joined him. Yixing was not going to have any of that tonight. He was dressed in his best suit and he was not going to have his suit reek of alcohol and vomit. Sighing, he slicked his hair back into place after struggling with the drunk mob.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Zhang Yixing.” A familiar voice chirped behind him.

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Random Tag

I was taged by @westerosims

rules: tag 9 people

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: I’m seeing someone, we’re dating right now if that’s what you call it these days

FAVORITE COLOR: Purple, red and green.

LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: Chapstick I guess, don’t really use any cosmetics of any kind.

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Jealous by Labrinth, I had my spotify at random yesterday while editing a video for youtube

THREE FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Arya Stark (from Game of Thrones, but I know everyone already knew that because who doesn’t watch game of thrones?) Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter, again, who haven’t read/watched to movies at least one time (or a thousand times) and Simon Lewis (from Shadowhunters)

THREE FAVORITE SHIPS: Omg, where to start? Alec and Magnus from Shadowhunters, Arya and Gendry from game of thrones and Luna and Neville from Harry Potter

(I think it’s clear which 3 series/movies I watch the most xD)

I don’t know who has already done this so I’m just gonna tag randomly: @awkward–simmer @simtavia @ohare-lane @eclatantsims @holycannolis @lunarcreek @nullmoonsims @lithesims @grilledsims

Imagine having a day off from saving the world

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

I let out a sigh, plopping down on the couch in the tower. Finally the world decided to stop being such a bitch and not have any threats on national security for once and Fury was kind enough to give us a glorious day off. The past few weeks have been hectic, every terrorist deciding the time was right to blow up buildings and try to assassinate the president. My muscles were sore from the constant exercise.  I look over cautiously at my phone, as it buzzes hoping to God that it wasn’t Fury again. The contact name reads, Mr. Grumpyface. I let out a sigh of relief, just Bucky.

Hey babe, where are you?

              In the Tower, on the couch.

I’m setting up my gear in the training room, how do you feel about lunch?

               Who’s buying?

Who else?

I grin, never one to waste a reason to spend Tony’s fortune. I hop up and pull on my shoes before getting in the elevator and going down to the gym. There is Bucky, in all his manly glory, a light sheen of sweat across his brow and a smile on his lips. I give him a hug and a peck on the cheek and then blush when he returns it.

“Where are the others?” I ask looking around, for my teammates, I know Tony at least wouldn’t pass up on food.

“They’re coming. What are you feeling, today?” he asks getting a sip of water from his bottle.

“James Buchanan Barnes! I would think you would know me better than that.” I scoff playfully and laugh as he rolls his eyes.

“Panda Express, again? We had that for dinner!”

“Your point is?”

Tony and Bruce are the first to come down, talking animatedly about something nerdy.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! Batman would obviously beat Superman in a fight! He’s so badass and rich. Money can get you anywhere.” Tony argues, gesturing widely with his hands at the state-of-the-art training facility. Bruce shakes his head,

“Superman would win! He has superpowers for God’s sake! That trumps everything!” Bruce says gesturing to himself. Tony huffs and looks over at me,

“What do you think, Y/N?”

“Well, I know that I can beat you in a fight, with all your money but not Bruce, so I guess Superman?” I say and Bruce laughs with a told-you-so look and Tony rolls his eyes, and crosses his arms. Steve comes down next with a tired looking Natasha trailing after him.

He waves at all of us with a nice hello and a wave, while Natasha gives us all a death glare.

“Where’s Clint?” Bruce asks looking around for the purple clad archer.

“He’s on a “secret mission” whatever the fuck that means.“ Tony says shaking his head at his comrades silliness.

“Well my secret mission is to get food in my stomach!” Bucky proclaims loudly. Everyone laughs, except for Natasha who looks like she wants to slit all of our throats.

“Where are we going?” asks Steve, looking at his phone. Bucky tells him and everyone yells,


We come home in about 30 minutes everyone’s hands full of food trying desperately trying not to drop it all over the ground. We all sit down and begin munching down on the food desperately. I look at my sweet and sour pork lovingly and begin shoving it in my mouth letting out little moans of content as I swallowed and shoved more in my mouth. Everyone else is doing about the same, even Natasha who seemed less homicidal after eating something.

“Hey Y/N can you pass the soy sauce?” Bruce asks. I use my telekinesis and pass it to him. Steve gives me a disapproving look before scolding,

“Y/N, What have I told you about using your powers at the table?” I shake my head before pointing a finger at him, swallowing all of the rice that was currently in my mouth.

“ You weren’t complaining yesterday when I got you that beer! Or that time I-”

Bruce interrupts our bickering with a loud belch which we all burst into giggles at. We share light conversation and laugh until Tony announces,

“Hey guys guess what! The Batman vs. Superman movie is on Netflix! Now we will really know the answer to the most pressing question in all of history!”  Everyone agrees running into the living room to begin watching it. Tony and Bruce barely make it past the beginning credits dozing asleep on each other . Natasha quickly follows suit and so does Steve. Bucky and I are the only ones still awake and I smile looking out at our teammates peacefully sleeping around us.

“Hey Y/N, you guys are the best family I could ever ask for.” Bucky says giving me a tight hug.

“Same to you Buck. Same to you.” I say, giving him a gentle kiss. He begins to kiss back and I sigh, internally thinking, I love all of these guys, and they are really the best family I could ask for.


Clint opens the door, a paper bag in his hand. He turns, hearing a movie playing expecting all of his friends watching the movie, perhaps some playful banter exchanged between them. He drops the bag and exclaims,

“EWW! Guys get a room!”


Or not.

requested by anon and written by my wonderful friend, @aphoenixrisenfromtheashes. I had no ideas for this at all, so thank you so much :)

walnottt  asked:

I'm guessing u just watched paprika. another good one is Perfect Blue. black swan ripped from perfect blue in the way inception ripped from paprika sort of. also it's another one of satoshi kon's psychological thrillers

Yes, I watched “Paprika” 2x yesterday and it was incredible. “Inception” is totally a watered down ripped version of it. I’ll check out “Perfect Blue”. I heard that “Ghost in the Shell” was what the Matrix was ripped from too?


CS + Pirates of the Caribbean (parallel edition) Part ½

Part 2

Dedicated to my friend katnipswan

I was asked here to prepare a parallel gifset to “Pirates of the Caribbean” and I know that usually we immediately think of Jack Sparrow when we think of Hook. But considering the fact that very recently the amazing onceland has made this incredible parallel gifset between Hook and Jack, I decided to take a different approach here because TBH, I kinda see Jack Sparrow as a parallel for Past!Hook, while Hook and Emma really parallel to Will and Elizabeth in my opinion.

First of all because of their love and devotion to one another and the great team they make. They are both pirates in heart. Emma and Elizabeth (that practically even have the same last name…) are supposed to be from a high class family, but they fit and drown to the pirate life much more. They both fell in love with a pirate and are proud of him for that.

So yesterday I re watched the first movie of the trilogy (which is my favorite and I even tend to ignore sometimes that there where two more after it…) hoping to find some parallels I can use. And guess what, I found to many of them that I actually decided to divide it into two parts. I hope you like them both :)

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

Tag 10 thingy


Thank you to artsinmyheart for tagging me

Name: Stephanie but people call me Stephi or Ramona

Time and date: 10:50pm 13/06/2015

Average hours of sleep at night: 6 more or less

Birthday: 11. August and don’t forget that, I expect a birthday post from you all

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight

Heigh: 1,63 m

Favorite colour: I love all colours

One place that makes me happy: “my” forest

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favorite movie: some like it hot

What I am wearing right now: skirt and shirt

Last book I read: finished: Winter of the World; Not finished yet: Crime and Punishment

Most used phrases: genau = exactly (in the typical Stephi accent)

What I last said to a family member: see you then

Favorite beverages: water, coffee, beer (I must say that I like beer, I’m Bavarian. It’s a law here)

Favorite food: pasta and chocolate

Last movie I watched: The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug

Dream vacation: that changes every day, today it´s Iceland, yesterday it was an Italy road trip and tomorrow I guess, it will be New York

Dream wedding: uncomplicated, without much planning, just to have fun with the people I like

Dream job: I’m a hairdresser, I’m self employed, I would not want to do anything else

Home Alone turned 25 yesterday – it’s insane to think the movie is actually this old. I remember watching hundred of times Kevin McCallister being a real badass and defending his home from burglars. Definitely one of the best things ever made and a must during the holidays; it’s one of my favorite movies. Guess I know what I’m going to watch tonight, huh.