guess what move i watched today


“Y/n you’ll never guess what happened today!” Neville dropped his books onto the table and sat down in front of me. 

I looked up and grinned at his happy face looking excitedly at me. 

“What happened, plant boy?”

“I was in Herbology, and Professor Sprout each gave us Sneezewort…”

Neville hadn’t even said one sentence of his story when I decided to tune him out. He wasn’t even looking at me anymore– he was off in his own land, reliving his amazing experiences with plants today, probably.

I watched as Neville’s mouth moved at a hundred miles per hour, continuously spewing out facts about his favorite subject. Herbology was the only class where Neville actually enjoyed himself and had good things to say. No one had ever heard him talking about History of Magic or Potions like this.

His eyes sparkled, even without light, and his hands moved rapidly. He tended to talk with his hands a lot, which I found adorable. When he got tangled up in his words, he often tried to finish his sentences with hand motions. As far as I knew, I was the only one who could understand them.

“Y/n?” Nevilly tweaked my nose and I jerked up so hard that I fell out of my chair. My face turned bright red as Neville roared with laughter and other students turned to stare and snicker. 

“Shut up, Neville, you’re being so loud!” I hissed as I took his hand which was reached out to me. I pulled myself up and plopped back down in my chair and refused to look at him in embarrassment.

“So what I’ve learned today is that I can’t talk to you about plants because all I get is a blank stare from you looking at my face.” 

“Oh shut up.” 

I took Neville’s hand in mine as he dove right back into his plant story, and continued to stare at him with his weird but very lovable passion for his plants.

More dark headcannons

Ok just to preface this- marks been talking a lot about his nightmares in five nights at candys 3 so And the story he told today got me thinkin about this and it not really a theory more like an idk story for idk an au I guess cause it’s not real life nor is it dark cannon and I don’t wanna make fun of marks nightmares and stuff cause that wouldn’t be fair to do that so… this is more of an au headcannon I guess—

Ok so what if dark is what’s causing mark to have nightmares… he wakes up and can’t move dark watching him from the corner slowly moving closer but mark breaks free and he leaves. The stronger dark gets the worse the nightmares are. Mark was even talking about the one he had as a kid where he drew the shadowy figure- what if it was dark- because darks from another dimension and he can make the time loops -what if he time traveled what if he’s been stalking mark since he was little- constantly giving him bad dreams and waking nightmares- mark finally was able to draw him one night- get a glimpse at the shadowy figure in the doorway- now that’s he’s more aware of dark he’s less scared of the nightmares but still scared of the hold he has on him. Still scared of the darkness that lurks in his dreams and holds him immobile at night.

And imagine like dark watching mark grow up knowing what he’s going to become and just hating him the whole time as a kid, but the night mark draws him standing there he knows that everything’s set in stone he can’t change what marks gonna become because mark saw him and in doing so his “future ” I guess and because of like time paradoxes now it can’t be altered or changed with basically screws with darks chances to ruin him in the past.

It’s just a cool au story I came up with but I liked it ;) I’d like to think that if dark was defeated Mark could sleep with happy dreams instead of nightmares and waking terrors.

i. I’m watching your mouth move as you speak
I don’t know what you’re talking about,
but I want to get a taste of your lips.

ii. My hands are trembling violently,
I guess it missed the feel of your hand
against mine. Will you hold it? Please?

iii. My mom asked about you during lunch today,
I failed to mention that we’re no longer together,
I thought there’s still a chance for us,
I was wrong. We ended too fast.

iv. My class ended and I stayed for hours
lurking in the hallway, ‘till no one’s left but me.
I’m so stupid, know why?
I was waiting for you. As always.

v. I’m writing for you again.
This and all those letters I failed to send.
I want to stop, but my hands refused to.

—  an excerpt from my journal #1 // s.j.