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college boyfriend!wonwoo;

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  • my first piece for wonwoo!!! for this request
  • for some reason i was kinda struck with this idea of wonwoo while i was plotting and i can’t really get it out of my head
  • so in college, wonwoo is… elusive

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Au where ransom is a falconer, tentatively making this part of the bakery au

“You’ve always insisted that the Falconers were the best looking team in the NHL, haven’t you, Tater?” Casey asked, camera and microphone to Taters face. “If I ask who the most handsome guy on the team is can I trust you not to point to yourself?”

Its a puff piece, just something cute to put up on Falcs tv. Tater laughs and places a hand on Casey’s head; she doesnt mind it and he likes messing up her silky locks.

“Of course Im most handsome!”

“Well you know, today TMZ released a list of 20 most beautiful hockey players and can you guess who was number 3?”

“Me?” Tater asked, laughing.

“Better luck next time, it was Jack!”

Tater raised an eyebrow. “Jack? Who else is on list?”

“No one on the team, Im afraid.”

Tater looked into the camera seriously. “What meaning is this? How come list so wrong? HEY ZIMMBONI COME OVER HERE. Actually lets go to Zimmboni, he still in Nate’s office.”

Tater led the crew down to the nutritionists office, where Jack was taking notes.

“Hey Zimmboni, you know you number three most beautiful hockey player?”

Jack looked at the camera. “Uh. Thanks for voting for me.”

“No!” Tater stated. “You pretty handsome but you know who is most handsome?”

“You?” Jack guessed.

“Ransom most handsome, why everyone sleeping with him?” Tater said. (“Sleeping on him,” jack corrected).

“Who’s sleeping with me again?” Ransom walked by at the moment, and found himself pulled into a side arm hug by Tater.

“Look at this man!” Tater boomed. “Has super cheekbones and super lips! Most handsome man! And he super smart too!”

Ransom blushed, caught between Tater, Jack, and the camera crew.

“Haha, can’t fight against that Zimmerass though, am I right?” He said.

Casey giggled. “I think Jack has that covered.”

Tater shook his head. “We not talk about ass, why you two so crass about this? I talk about face, look at Ransom being beautiful!”

Ransom blushed. “Well I can’t say I’m ugly, I’m alright.”

“Who make top twenty beautiful list in TMZ?” Tater asked. “Why they not include Justin Oluransi? He can be movie star!”

“Haha, thanks Tater,” Ransom said, staring at Tater in adoration. It wasn’t caught on camera, as the crew was focused on Jack’s amused reaction.

The interview went on, and Jack was left alone to take notes while Ransom left to head to his conditioning session.

He smiled and a pep entered his steps as he remembered the way Tater slung his arm around his shoulder and declared him the most gorgeous man on earth, and definitely in the NHL.

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Would you mind writing one of your little AUs for got7's jinyoung? (Only if you got enough time !! I don't wanna stress you or keep you from learning for school or smth else!!!!!) I really adore you and your scenarios and hope that you enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading them 💐💌💕💕!!!!

you’re so sweet, thank you !!~~

  • amusement park!au with jinyoung 
  • in which he gets dragged along, by bambam and yugyeom, and you get dragged along by your friends
  • and it’s like,,,,you don’t know each other but somehow you’re now in line????? for the biggest roller coaster you’ve ever seen in your life?????? with three upside down loops????? and a drop that looks like a heart attack waiting to happen???
  • and jinyoung is like “ill sit this one ou-” but yugyeom is like nO we,,,bought all day passes  we cannot let them go to WASTE and bambam is just dying to see jinyoung scream
  • and jinyoung,,,,,,,,,wants to be a responsible Adult and not smack yugyeom upside the head so he’s like fine whatever,,,,,,and yugyeoms like hMMM ARE YOU SCARED and jinyoung is like WHAT NO FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW YOU CHILD
  • and your friends also pestered and annoyed you into coming on the line
  • but when it’s finally your turns,,,,bambam and one of your friends gets paired together while yugyeom and your other friend are next 
  • and somehow you end up sitting next to ever handsome,,,,,,,look like his eyes might pop out of his head jinyoung
  • and you don’t know his name and he doesn’t know yours but you can feel the mutual “oh fuck what did i get myself into” vibe going on 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,im guessing you were forced onto this?”
  • and jinyoung swallows and nods and you’re like “friends are the worst,,,,”
  • and as the ride jerks into motion you’re trying to focus on not like passing out when suddenly you feel someone grab your hand
  • and you turn to see the boy next to you,,,,eyes closed shut to the point where wrinkles are forming around them and his lips are pursed and you kinda,,,,,,wanna laugh because he looks silly
  • but then you notice you’ve reached the top of the first drop and before the laugh can escape you, your squeezing his hand back in fear and you’re screaming as  the ride picks up speed
  • and jinyoung is squeezing your hand back and refusing to open his eyes
  • and you’re both like trying to hold onto your lives while bambam and yugyeom and your friends are throwing their hands up having a Grand Old Time
  • and somehow you make it out alive
  • but when you’re off the ride, you notice how you and the boy are still holding hands and it’s because you’re both in too much shock to let go
  • and when you finally do, after walking off the ride he’s like ‘o ,h,,,,im sorry!!!!’ and immediately bows after letting go and he introduces himself as jinyoung and you say your name too and he’s like how rude of me,,,,to just hold your hand without even knowing your name
  • and you’re like jinyoung it’s fine we were both literally ghosts of ourselves on that ride and he’s like touche
  • and you’re both talking and bambam is elbowing yugyeom like,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,,look at those two
  • and your friends are grinning too and you and jinyoung don’t even notice
  • because he’s like “let me get you snack for all your trouble!” and you’re like “i don’t think i could eat after that, how about some soda?” and he’s like deal! and you guys completely forget about yugbam + your friends because hey,,,,,cute boy offering to buy you something
  • and bambam is like “i bet you this is gonna turn into a date real fast.”
  • yugyeom: “jinyoung isn’t smooth enough for that”
  • yugyeom,,,,,,,,,how wrong you are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hehe 

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hiii! i hope your requests are still open ;-; if they aren't you can totally just delete this! but can i request an AU for Woozi where he's like your school guide because you're a new foreign exchange student or something like that please ^^ If you can't I understand !! 💖💖 thank you i love your writing so much

let me have a go at the bullet aus im sorry if this sucks

  • so you’re a foreign exchange student and you’re walking around the campus where you’ll be spending the next couple of months
  • you got here early because you’re punctual like that and you’re lowkey afraid of being late to classes because you got lost (you may or may not have had recurring nightmares about that) around the campus
  • so since you’re early you decide to stop by this quaint little cafe beside the parking building and got yourself something to keep you up for the rest of the day
  • you struggle with the order but thankfully the cute barista with the hamster cheeks understood your heavily accented korean and even asked you what your major is
  • “music composition” you tell him, smiling a bit as he passes your order on to the second barista he called jun
  • “I have a friend in music composition!” he exclaims, handing you your order. “I’ll tell him to keep an eye out for you! Have a great day, y/n!”
  • So you give him a polite smile as you leave the cafe, struggling to balance your papers in one hand and your cup on the other
  • you walk around some more, trying to memorize which path leads to where and before you know it, it’s almost time for you to meet up with some guy named Jihoon who’s gonna be your school guide for the day
  • you continue walking as you try to pull you itinerary from your binder so you’re not really looking where you’re going
  • and guess fucken what
  • you bump into someone
  • and guess fucken who
  • it’s not jihoon
  • at least you hope not because you just spilled the contents of your cup on his crisp white shirt
  • “holy shit im so sorry!!!!!!!”
  • the guy lets out curses that would make a sailor blush
  • “watch where you’re going next time jesus fu-”
  • he shuts his mouth as a taller guy walks up to the both you, giving you a small smile before turning his cat-like eyes at the guy you spilled your drink on
  • “what happened, jihoon?” he asks and your eyes widen at the name
  • you begin apologizing in english before you realize they probably can’t understand you so you switch to korean but by then you already got confused so you keep mixing korean and english and you’re about to cry because holy shit you just spilled your drink on the guy who was supposed to help you around and he’s looking at you all angry and stuff and it doesn’t help that he’s really cute
  • “hey hey calm down” the taller of the two says and there’s a soft tone to his voice that makes your heart beat a little slower and within seconds you find yourself calming down and then you realize that he spoke in english
  • “can you please tell him im sorry and i was just on my way to meet him because he’s my school guide and im sorry…………” you trail off, pleading eyes fixed on the guy who speaks english as he turns to jihoon
  • they speak for a while and you can make out stuff off the conversation like
  • “oh great i get stuck with the one who can’t even learn the damn language, how do they expect to study at a korean university if they can’t even learn the goddamn language”
  • “be nice, they’re trying! and they’re new you can’t expect them to learn it right away. it took me years before i got really fluent. and it’s the same for you with english so don’t start with me jihoon”
  • “fine. whatever. you got an extra shirt in your car? this is my last clean out”
  • “i’ll tell them you’ll be right back, just go change.”
  • joshua, the guy who speaks english as you picked up from their conversation, hands jihoon his car keys and he gives you a glare before he walks to the direction of the parking lot
  • “he hates me, doesn’t he?” you say, not really asking
  • “he’s just like that. don’t worry about it. bring him coffee next time and he’ll forget this ever happened.” joshua smiles at you before saying he had to go to class and just wait for jihoon to return
  • when jihoon comes back dressed in an oversized sweater and a frown on his (really really cute) face, you decide to apologize as well as you could and he only nods at you in acknowledgement before he starts walking towards the building which you assume are for performing arts majors
  • the rest of the tour goes smoothly despite the rocky start and you even catch jihoon’s lips tugging upwards when you cracked a joke
  • you get to the piano practice room where a grand stood in all it’s glory in the middle and your hands are itching to touch the glistening ivory keys
  • you turn to your school guide to ask whether students are allowed to use it when you see him already looking at you. he must have seen the way you were looking at the piano as if it held all the wonders of the universe
  • “do you play?” he asks
  • “huh?” there’s something in the way he speaks that just makes korean harder to understand and you wonder whether he has an accent or something
  • you see him roll his eyes at your confusion and you glare at him
  • “you know I’m getting really tired of you rolling your eyes everytime I speak like it’s hard, okay, and i’m trying so stop being such a jerk”
  • you don’t know if the look he gives you is because he’s taken aback by your outburst or because he couldn’t understand your probably poorly worded and grammatically wrong speech but you couldn’t care less
  • you walk towards the grand piano, looking at the school guide as a silent permission to use it and he nods so you start playing
  • and when the melody starts filling the room, everything strange suddenly feels familiar and the homesickness melts away because for you
  • music is home
  • you become too engrossed in your playing that you don’t notice jihoon sit down on the stool right beside you and he’s just looking at you
  • and of course he noticed how attractive you are when you bumped into him but he tried not to think about it until now but seeing you looking so comfortable playing an unfamiliar song on the piano that is unofficially his since no other student would dare touch it
  • he couldn’t help but see how beautiful you were
  • he blinks when you stop playing, finally noticing the boy beside you and the flush in his cheeks (that you totally don’t find adorable) brightens and he turns away, clearing his throat
  • “you, uh, you play good. well. really well.” he says awkwardly
  • “thanks…….?”
  • “yeah. so. like. what song were you playing….?” he asks, rubbing the back of his neck
  • “oh it’s actually an original.”
  • “it’s amazing, wow, you’re really talented.” he says, the awkwardness slowly dissipating as you both get to talking about music, a common ground between the both of you
  • “not to brag but i’m considered the best student here when it comes to music composition…..” he says, fully bragging and you laugh
  • “that was before i came here, jihoonie, so we’ll see.”
  • you can’t tell but his heart totally flutters at the nickname
  • “we’ll see. we gotta get to class now but how about we meet again here tomorrow morning?” he says, eyes trained on the keys in front of him
  • “i’d like that” you smile at him and even though you both struggled to understand each other through words, you found a familiarity in music and for now that was enough
  • you come by the practice room the next morning to see jihoon already there. you hand him the cup of coffee just as joshua had suggested and the smile he gives you make you feel warmer than any hot beverage could have and you just became friends after that
  • he introduces you to his friends, including the barista with the cute hamster cheeks who wasted no time in teasing the both of you and you’re like
  • asdfghjkl stahp it
  • but you kind of hope jihoon will take that as a damn sign and just ask you out already jfc the kid’s oblivious
  • (he eventually does tho with a song he composed just for you asdfghjkl its very cute)


  • [sakura n sasuke hanging out sitting on the sofa w their tinders open]
  • sakura: hmm.. cute.. cute.... very cute.. ohh shes so hot
  • sasuke: .... ugly.. ugh pass.. gross..... hmmmm looks unnervingly like kiba, fuck no....
  • sakura: [has a match] ohhh nice i got a match
  • sasuke: [looks over] why dont **I** ever get a match
  • sakura: well lets see. go on
  • sasuke: [swipes 2 the next guy] ......ugly
  • sakura: what why hes kinda cute
  • sasuke: annoying bio with too many exclamation points. next [swipes again].... hmm no i dont think so
  • sakura: thats suigetsu and youve banged him
  • sasuke: hmm? anyway moving on.. [swipes]
  • sakura: oh i think hes ok
  • sasuke: yeah i guess [still swipes left]
  • [this goes on for a while]
  • sakura: hey you ever tried like swiping right instead of left
  • sasuke: well im sorry SOMEBODY here has standards
  • sakura: well IM sorry that youre such a picky BITCH. have fun moping after naruto i'll be at my house eating pussy, asshole
Miss V - Joker Imagine

Pairing: Joker x Reader x Batman 

Warnings: Guns, violence, killing, sexual intentions, I mean what else do you expect its about the joker 

Plot: You work for Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night. The two of you have started to develop feelings for each other but you are thrown off guard when you go undercover in Jokers club and you spark interest in him. 



“Mr Wayne, you have a phone call on line one.” You say opening the door to your bosses office staring into his gentle eyes. 

“Thank you, Y/N.” He says  nodding his head as you head out the door. 

You work for the famous Bruce wayne as his leading girl. Since the beginning you have always been by his side and a small crush was formed but you never thought it could grow into something more. 

About two months ago you discovered sooting unforgettable. You boss was none other than the Batman. The one true crime stopper in this criminal ruled city. They way you found out was when you were on the town one night but not for the club or for  a fancy date but for your own mission. 

You are not some ordinary girl from Gotham but then again who is. Your name is Black Viper but formally known as Miss V, you don’t fall exactly into any crowd. You can be a criminal one day but the crime stopper the next. Depends on what you have to do to survive. 


My heels click as i sashay my hips down the stone pathway leading to an abandoned factory. My black dress hugged my curves perfectly as I twirled my hair, playing with the bouncy curls. My knife in my thigh holster and my regular holster around my shoulder with both gun loaded and ready for anything. 

I burst through the door making a grand entrance per usual as I wave my pistol in the air waving as the boys staring back with pleasure. 

“Aww did my boys miss me?” I say walking towards them flipping my hair to behind my back. 

“Of course we did Miss V.” One of the business men said standing up to greta you. You kissed both cheeks as you moved on and did the same without he other three. 

“So boys, what brings me to this side of town this time?” I question sitting back in the chair I have now claimed as my own. 

“We are having an issue with Batman.” One of the goons mumbles. 

“Well who isn’t.” I say chuckling lightly. 

“Me.” I low gravely voice says from the door. The boys snap their heads over looking at the man standing at the door as I simply smile and stand up grabbing my pistol. 

“Batman! How sweet of you to join the party.” I say sarcastically pointing my pistol at his head, smiling innocently. 

“I hate to be a party crasher but I heard there was plotting against me.” He says stepping closer ready to disarm me from my weapon. 

“Oh but Batman we would never!” I shout looking at the boys. “Right boys?” I say in a more deadly tone. 

“Right Miss V.” They chime in now arming themselves. 

“Hear that B. Nothing to worry about.” You say spinning around and walking back to the table before grabbing your knife and hurdling it at his head him dodging it with ease. 

“You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” He questions teasingly. 

“Oh no but the fun is about to begin.” You say charging at him shooting. He dodges quickly and grabs your arm twisting it making you cry out in pain but quickly elbowing him in the nose and getting away. 

As you are almost out the door you are knocked off your feet and flown across the hard ground. Batman comes over to pick you up and haul you off before seeing your full face. Mask now carefully knocked off. 

“Y/N!?” He yells looking at you. 

“Bruce!?” You question before passing out from the headache. 

End Flashback 

Thats how you two met. He had decided not to turn you in but to take care of you and make sure you stayed out of the crime world, at least for now. 

Your phone vibrated as you checked the text it was Bruce. He wanted you to come into his office immediately. You quickly stand up and smooth out your dress as you was over to his office swinging open the door. 

“Close the door and come sit.” He says motioning to the chair infant of his desk. 

“Whats going on B?” You ask, giving him a questioning look. 

“We got a anonymous tip that Joker is planning something big and he is meeting with some business associates tonight to finalize the plans.” Bruce says folding his hands and leaning back looking at you. You knew what was coming next. 

“So you want me to go undercover, Im guessing.” I say rolling my eyes having done this a million times before but something intrigues you about the Joker but you can’t put your finger on it. 

“Yes and Im sorry but the guys in that sleazy club are attracted to women like you.” He says gesturing to you and biting his lip. 

You blush and shake your head getting up and walking over to his desk sitting on the edge in between his legs. “I guess I can go get hit on my sleazy guys in a sleazy guys if it helps stop the joker.” You say in a teasing manner reaching for his tie reeling him in. 

“But if any guy touches you, it will be the last time he ever touches anything.” Bruce threatens causing you to giggle. 

“Oh but B, you are supposed to be a good guy! I think you are spending too much time around Joker.” You tease twirling his tie. 

“Well the only thing the Joker and I can agree on is, we don’t like anyone touching whats ours.” He says pulling you into him causing your lips to meet in a passionate kiss. You pull away smiling and you caress the sides of his cheeks. 


You were dressed and ready to go to Joker’s club. You grab your pistol hiding it underneath your small dress and tucking your favorite knife behind your gun. Looking in the mirror you decided you looked good enough to get where you needed to be to find out what you needed to know. 

Stepping out of the bathroom you hear a whistle coming from Bruce. “Damn you look stunning.” He says admiring your features as you spy around in the gold dress. 

You smile grabbing your clutch and black heels slipping them on. Kissing Bruce goodbye and promising everything was going to be okay you head out the door to your awaiting ride. 

The drive is short but enough time to get you thinking. Your driver nods at you before you hop out of the car walking to the entrance. Walking in you are met by the smell of sweat and alcohol. Oh how bad I missed this. You think to yourself. 

Heading over to the bar with long but graceful strides you sit down ordering your self a drink. You gave around the room sipping your drink and your eyes catch two blue pools. Those blue pools can only belong to one person. Joker. 

You smile flirtatiously and turn back around ordering another drink before downing it. You feel a presence behind you, but you don’t dare look. 

“Now tell me doll. Why is such a pretty girl by herself, in a club like this?” He questions grinning gesturing around the room. 

“Can I girl not have a night out?” You question sipping your drink winking at the pale red lipped man. 

“Say, why don’t you join me in the back for a few drinks?” He questions, extending his hand. You graciously except.

Following him to the back of the club he pulls you onto his lap. You look around the VIP section looking at his goons as they open then doors for three men. 

“Sorry Doll, Ive got some businesses it won’t take long though.” He says nipping at your ear. You giggle and rub your hand against his back in small smooth circles. 

You look in the direction of the three men and immediately tense up. It was your old business partners. The ones you were with the night Batman found out who you were really were. 

“You okay doll?” J questions squeezing your sides looks at you with an intense gaze. 

“Yeah. I just was thinking, but don’t worry baby Im good.” You say kissing his cheek lightly. 

The three men stare at you intently some only checking out your body but one staring at your face, taking in your features. You knew you were royally screwed. 

“Oh man J. How did you ever score this dime.” He says rolling a toothpick between his teeth shaking his head at you knowing exactly who you were and who you were working for now. 

“Lucky catch.” He says pulling you closer to him. You smile and snuggle closer into him trying to be discrete. 

“Miss V, last time I saw you. You were working the B man.” He says smiling and rolling the toothpick once again. 

The Joker looks at you questioningly then shooting his glance back to the man screwing you over. “Miss V? As in Black Viper?” Joker says looking at you now taking in all your features realizing who you were. 

“She’s a traitor J.” The man you have grown to despise says grabbing his weapon from his jacket. 

You stand up quickly grabbing your pistol but Joker already has a knife to your throat. 

“Make a sound doll and you won’t ever see the outside of this club.” H seethes through his teeth. You nod your head quickly praying Bruce would come soon. 


Im so sorry this was so awful!

Let me know if you guys want a Part 2! 

Much Love, 


So I work at a grocery store. Yeah, great start, huh?

Anyway, I had this guy come up to my register with some tubs of ice cream, eggs, and grapes. Keep in mind, said guy doesn’t speak good English so he didn’t grasp what I was saying to him next. When I rung the grapes through, he stayed silent until after he paid. That’s when he said “the grapes $1.99 pound” I said “yes, they are. They came up as $5.50 because they were 2.8 pounds.” This dispute continued for 5-10 minutes before I went to go look at the sign to please him. When I came back, I repeated the exact same thing. He asked to borrow my pen. I handed him my pen. He scribbled “1.99 lbs” on the back of his receipt and said “grapes are $1.99 pound” I continued to try to explain before eventually saying. “Yes. They’re $1.99”

Guess what happened next? “Okay.” And he grabbed his bags and left.




it’s yoongi

yoongi is too tiny and too cute and my heart is doing the buMPbUMPbumppbUmp thing now suffer with me

lOoK aT HiS LiL cOnFuSed FaCe aNd HiS eYeS gEt sO BiG 

more confusion, but he is now in the Tiny Boy™ position

soft, post-shower, bathrobe, fluffy-haired, baby yoongi don’t touch me

scrunchy eyes and gummy smile :’)))))))))


okay but look before i get emotional: look at his tiny contented smile as he sits down, he’s so happy to just eat a meal with his friends – imagine like, very shy, very sweet kindergarten yoongi, finally feeling comfortable sitting down at the lunch table next to his new friends “momma, guess what! i met some kids at school. and they were nice to me and everything! we ate lunch together, i was happy” im not cryibg go away

anywho, pls protect the smol, he needs lots of cuddles and kiss and sunlight to help him grow ok bye

HiS TiNy LiL lEgS  ok bye for real this time

Believe It or Not. Part 2.

Here’s part two of my Stiles Stilinski imagine series(:

(Based off 1x02 “Second Chance at First Line”)
I had nothing better to do, so I sat on the bleachers trying to do some homework while the boys were at practice. My practice starts when theirs ends, so I figured I would just sit here. They were doing a bunch of weird drills that I don’t understand, and then I noticed Scott was leaned over and it looked like he was breathing really hard. Stiles was bent over next to him saying something to him, of course this far away I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I shut my textbook and stood up trying to get a better view of the scene, that’s when Stiles and Scott ran off the field and back towards to school. I decided to follow.

I couldn’t find them anywhere, the last place I could think of was the boys locker room but it’s not really like I can check in there, and I had practice anyway so I was really needing to get back to the field, I’ll just ask Scott about it later.
- - -
I walked through the front door only to be greeting by my mother going the other direction.

“Good luck tonight.” She said frustratedly.

“What? With what?”

“Scott’s in a bad mood, I don’t know if it’s a bad mood really I think he just needs to sleep but he wasn’t particularly the nice son just now.”

“I’ll talk to him a little bit, see if something’s up.” I reassured her grabbing her shoulder as she continued to walk out the door.

She gave me a smile smile before leaving completely.
I walked up the stairs to head to my room first, I really needed to take a shower. The first game is on Saturday and we have barely got one routine down. Im really excited though, despite being sore. Something will be really cool cheering for Scott while he plays first line.

I finished in the shower and got dressed in some sweat pants, I walked to Scott’s room only to fine he wasn’t there. Weird. I just ignored it an decided to get some sleep before school tomorrow.
- - -
Later that day in our math class, our teacher assigned Scott and Lydia up to the board to solve equations. Despite being dumb, she was actually solving hers rather quickly. Scott wasn’t solving his at all, which I blame Lydia for. I couldn’t hear anything but was definitely bothering him about something and he looked really annoyed.

“Mr. McCall, you’re not even close to solving your problem.”
- - -
I walked through the hallway during passing period only to see Lydia introducing Allison I practically every player on the team, poor Scott.

Speaking of, I see him watching the same thing I am a little ways down the hall. I go to approach him but he walks right past me straight towards Lydia and Allison, and he looked pissed. So I stand where I am and watch.

After Lydia left, his conversation with Allison sort of looked like a disaster. She just left him in the middle of the hallway. I would’ve helped but there was nothing really I could do. That’s when the bell rang and I yelled, “Scott.” Too grab his attention, but again he walked past me and out the front doors of the school. But it’s fine, I love being ignored.

I sat down next to Stiles in my next class and figured he might be the only way I know what’s going on with my brother.

“Hey.” I start.

“Hey!” He smiled back at me.

“Can I ask you something, it’s about Scott.”

Maybe im just imaging things, but it looked as if he stopped breathing.

“Uh- yeah, yeah sure, I guess.”
That was weird.

“Okayyyyy, well is he okay? Is it just stuff with Allison or-”

“yes. YES! That’s exactly what it is. Allison, everything wrong with Scott has to do with Allison.”

He cut me off very abruptly. Very confused I turned my attention to the boring history lesson I front of me, he was totally lying, but I guess I can handle it for now.
- - -
I stopped by the hospital during lunch to bring mom some coffee, she doesn’t like us to worry but I think she’s been pretty stressed lately so I thought I’d surprise her, make her smile.

“Hi Julie, is my mom available right now?”

I asked the woman sitting behind the front desk.

“You’re so sweet y/n, I’ll go let her know you’re here.”

“Thank you!” I propped my arm up on the counter and faced the other direction only to see Stiles sitting around the corner from Lydia, who was probably here with Jackson about his shoulder.

Stiles pretended to be reading a magazine whilst actually staring at her, which is how I witnessed probably the most embarrassing situation I’ve ever seen Stiles caught in.

“Hey, Lydia. You probably don’t remember me. Um, I sit behind you in Biology. Uh, anyway, I always thought that we just had this kind of connection. Unspoken, of course. Maybe it’d be kind of cool to, get to know each other a little better.”

“Hold on, give me a second. Yeah, I didn’t get any of what you just said. Is it worth repeating?”

I literally wanted to walk over there and slap her so bad for being so rude to him, he deserved so much better.

“ No. Sorry. I’ll just sit. You don’t care.”

After that Jackson came out and all her attention was focused on him, so I walked over and sat down next to Stiles.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked looking at him as he looked down at his hands in his lap. He looked up at me then,

“Nothing. Why are you here?”

I held up the coffee in my hand, “thought my mom could use some caffeine.”

He laughed, he looked so happy and almost childish when he laughed. I loved it. The moment was ruined by his phone singing in his pocket. He read it quickly and his facial expression made it seem urgent.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, fine,” he stood up and faced me, “look I gotta go.”

He started to walk away but before he got too far I shouted, “Bye Stiles!”

“Bye Lydia!” He shouted back, “I mean, y/n.”
I couldn’t really be mad or hurt, but I gotta say that really sucked. Nothing better than talking to your crush only to realize he wanted to be talking to someone else the entire time. Oh well, im here for my mom anyways, not him.
- - -
I came home that night after practice at around 6:30, mom had the night shift again so I knew I was making dinner for Scott and I. I decided ordering pizza was a good idea, so I called in the order.

“Scott?” I called throughout the house once I hung up on the pizza place, “Scott you home?”

The silence that followed after what I said answered my question for me. Of course he’s not home, he’s got the lacrosse game! And so do I. Although to don’t know why he’d be there already, it starts at 8.

I called him, and then Stiles. No answer from either. I ate my pizza by myself and then changed into my uniform.

I admired myself in the mirror a little bit, I really did look good in maroon. I tied my straight hair up into a pony tail, and headed towards to lacrosse field.

When I got there, there were a lot of people. Which I guess is to be expected for the first game of the season. I spotted Allison and Lydia making their way to a seat on the bleachers with an old man, I assumed he was Allison’s dad since he obviously wasn’t Lydia’s.

I then glanced around the rest of the field, I then saw Scott and Stiles sitting on the bleachers secretly discussing something, and I didn’t really feel like getting blown off again so I decided I would talk to them later, even though I really wanted to wish my brother… And Stiles good luck, it would have to wait.

I saw my squad across the field individually stretching and preparing and started to walk towards them only to be cut off by Stiles himself.

“Hey Stiles, are you ready for the game?” I asked nonchalantly.

“I mean, not really, but I don’t really have to be. It’s not like im gonna play anyway.”

“That’s the spirit!” I said sarcastic making him laugh. Then we just kinda stood there awkwardly for a few seconds before he spoke again.

“Actually y/n, I wanted to apologize.”

“Stiles you didn’t do anything, apologize for what?”

“Calling you Lydia, earlier. I don’t really-”

I cut him off not really wanting to talk about this at the moment, “it’s totally fine, you were just in a conversation with her before me. It’s not a big deal, you don’t need to apologize.” I gave him a weak smile and tried to walk away but his arm caught mine.

“I do need to though.”

We just stared at each for a little bit before he finally let go. Without saying anything I continued walking to join my squad in the grass by the bleachers.

*she didn’t know, but Stiles watched her walk away, sadly. He really did feel bad, and he really needed to apologize. Although he didn’t quite understand it himself, he never wants to hurt her. And with everything with Scott he’s been kind of shitty to her lately, they both have. But he shrugged it off for now, he had Scott to worry about for the time being.
- - -
The game was going good, we were winning already. Scott was doing great! I’ve never seen him play this good, or, at all honestly.
Also cheering was going great, I didn’t forget a single step of any routine, I was good at this, and I liked that.

Although the more closely I watched, the more Scott looked really angry, nobody was passing to him and I didn’t understand why. But he started to play more aggressively. He didn’t wait for the lacrosse ball to be passed to him, he just took it. I looked over to Stiles sitting on the bench and he was chewing on his glove, watching Scott’s every move. Something more was definitely going on. I moved my attention back to Scott on the field, but he wasn’t even paying attention. I followed his gaze up to the bleachers were Allison was assisting Lydia in holding a sign that read out, ‘go Jackson.’
That’s gotta be rough.

Once the game was over I ran on the field to greet Scott but he was nowhere to be found, instead I ran into Allison.

“Hey, did you see where your brother went?” She asked.

“No clue, I was looking him myself. Sorry I could be much help.”

She just smiled and waved, I decided if I couldn’t find Scott I would look for Stiles. I spotted him not too far from. I started to walk to him but not even two steps later he took off running towards the school not far behind Allison. It’s whatever though.

I guess I’ll just go home and congratulate Scott when he decides to show up.

*please feel free to send me a message to let me know how I’m or if you have any suggestions. Or just to say hi(:*

Eragon (And why this series is a gem)

Uhg, you guys. Ive been re-reading the_ Inheritance Series_ and browsing though the wiki, and can I just say, Eragon. I love him so much. Despite the series being…. Okay you know what, we where kids, like teenagers. Of course we loved the books despite the cheesy writing.   Okay, so this is like more of a rant/ adore post. So bear with me, its kinda messy. <3

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Mr. Headphone Pt. 3 (Highschool AU)

part. 1 | part. 2

admin k:  I swear, i didn’t mean to make it this long and boring sorry 

pairing: vernon x reader x joshua 

genre: fluff: angst

word count: 2.1k

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Only You (Jay Park fluff + smut)

Jay Park was at a photo shoot preparing for his next album. You were at home waiting for him to come back. You were sitting on the couch watching a Korean Drama but you couldn’t focus on it cause you kept thinking about him and the girls he was gonna be around. You knew he had girls in his videos and at his concert surrounding him but you couldn’t stop thinking about him shirtless with some girl laying across his lap. 

After a couple of minutes of trying to watch your drama you gave up and turned it off. You walked to your kitchen to get something to drink. You grabbed a ice cold bottle of water and pressed it against your neck to help you cool down. You went upstairs and decided to do a little bit of cleaning to empty your mind. You redid your bedroom that you shared with Jay. You fixed the bed and picked up all the clothes that were on the floor. You cleaned the giant bathroom you two also shared. You checked on the guest bedroom and cleaned that up too. You took a drink of water and lay down on your bed amazed with how much work you accomplished. You searched your back pocket looking for your phone but it was missing. 

“Where is my phone?” You looked around for it. You heard it ring and realized you left it downstairs. You ran downstairs as soon as you could trying not to fall down the stairs. You ran into the living room and quickly grabbed your phone. Jay called you and you missed it. You dialed his number and hoped he would answer. Realizing you were hungry you decided to start dinner. You set your phone down and put it on speaker waiting for Jay to pick up. After the fourth ring he picked up. 

“Babe? Where were you? I called but you didn’t pick up.” Jay said. You could hear music in the background and people yelling. 

“I’m sorry I was cleaning. I left my phone downstairs.” You said. You started getting out pots and pans. 

“Whats wrong? You only clean when your stressed out or thinking really hard. Plus you never leave your phone behind when you go places.” Jay said. You hated how he knew you like the back of his hand. He knew when you were stressed, sad, upset. You never told him how you felt so you showed him by your actions. You decided to play it off. You didn’t want him to think you were jealous.

“Nothing. I just decided to do some cleaning. I’m preparing dinner now. When will you be home?” You tried to change the subject hoping he would answer your question.

“Don’t change the subject. Answer my question and I’ll be home around eleven or eleven thirty but if your hungry don’t wait on me. Now answer my question.” He said. You took a deep breath and was about to answer but you heard a man shout. 

“Girls get ready. Pool scene is next!” You guessed it was the direction and dropped your knife causing it to cut your foot as it fell before hitting the ground. You screamed on in pain and looked down at the blood oozing out of the side of your foot. 

“Y/N!! Whats wrong? What happen? Are you okay? Y/N!” Jay was screaming your name trying to get a answer from you. You wanted to answer but all you think about was the words that were flooding your brain. 

“Im fine. I just cut my foot I gotta go bye.” You quickly pushed the end call button and grabbed a rag and covered your foot. You felt bad for not telling him love you before ending the call. You were upset at the moment and now you felt bad. You put your phone on silent not wanting to look at it. You whipped the blood off your foot and ran upstairs and into the bathroom. You cleaned your foot and put a giant band aid on it. 

You went back downstairs and looked at the clock that was hanging in the kitchen. It said 10:35 pm. You decided to finish cooking. You decided to make some soup since you weren’t in the mood to go all out and you couldn’t stand on your foot cause it was still hurting. You chopped up your vegetables and put them in your pot. After ten minutes the soup was finished and you sat at your dinner table and ate it. You hated eating by yourself. You hated being at home by yourself. You didn’t like being lonely. You were almost done with your soup but you stopped when you heard the front door open. 

“Y/N! I’m home. I called you four times but you didn’t answer.” He walked into the dinner room panting. 

“Why are you out of breath?” You picked up your bowl of soup and tossed the leftover in the trash and rinsed the bowl out. Jay followed you. He looked down at your foot. 

“How’s your foot?” He looked down at it. 

“Its fine. The soup is done so you can have some if your hungry.” You left the kitchen and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. 

“Whats wrong? Jay sat next to you and put his hand on your thigh.” Looking at his hand you thought how many other girls he touched. You pushed his hand off and moved away from him. 

“Nothing.” You said. You looked for the remote but Jay grabbed it. You reached for it but he held it high in the air. 

“Answer my question and you get the remote.” He said. You inhaled and looked at him. You did your best to get it but he stood up and held it higher. 

“Give me the remote!” You yelled. Jay’s eyes widened and he lowered his hand. 

“You never yell at me. What’s wrong?” You looked at him and realized that there were was water in  his eyes. 

“I’m sorry. It’s just every since you’ve been gone iv’e been thinking. I don’t like it when you with other girls and touching them and them touching you. I hate that. That’s whats wrong. That’s why I was cleaning. An that’s why I cut my foot.” You admitted. He gave you the remote and smirked at you. He sat back down next to you and kissed you. 

“Don’t think about that. I don’t like any of those girls. I like you. I love you. Just because I’m taking pictures with other girls doesn’t mean I am gonna go home with them. I’m in love with you. I love everything about you. Your curves, your hair. Most importantly I love your personality. Those girls cant compare to you. Even when I’m around them I still think of you.” You smiled at his words and kissed him. He smiled at you and kissed you back. 

He stuck his tongue in your mouth and explored your mouth. He cuffed your face using his hands. You traced your fingers down his chest feeling his abs. He smirked in the kiss and removed his shirt. You reconnected his lips to yours and rubbed your hands down his chest to his pants. He lightly tugged on your hair and pulled you closer. The kiss went deeper and faster. 

The both of you were moaning into the kiss and you pulled away to get some air. Jay pulled you onto his lap and removed your shirt. He kissed you again and rubbed your breast. You started to get hot and you could feel your core getting more and more moist. You slowly grinded your core against his clothed members. Jay broke the kiss and started panting. 

“Faster. Please.” Jay pleaded for you to move faster. He grabbed your hips and pushed you farther down. You moved your hips in a circular motion and moved faster. You sucked on his neck. He moaned out in pleasure and pushed his nails in your hips. 

“I cant hold it anymore.” Jay pushed you off of him and undid your shorts and pushed them down with your panties. An he removed your bra. He undid his pants and pushed them and his boxers down in one swift motion. He sat back down and pulled you down onto him. He looked at you an you nodded. 

Jay took his hard member and lined it up with your core. You slowly pushed yourself down onto him. Jay kissed your neck trying to get rid of the pain. You slid all the way down on him and he moaned. 

“Fuck. You feel so good.” Jay lifted you up and helped you slid back down. You started moaning and you put your hands on his shoulders to give you support. You moved your hips in a circular motion while going up and down on his length. You moaned out in pleasure as you could feel Jay’s length get harder. 

“Ahhhh. Jay I love you.” You moaned to him. He kissed you and sucked on your neck. 

“I love you too. I’m almost there.” He responded. He put his head in your neck and you could feel his hot breath on your neck. You could tell he was almost at his limit cause his length was twitching inside of you. You started to feel a sensation in your stomach and you started moaning more and more. 

“Jay! I-i’m almost there. I cant hold it.” You started panting and Jay nodded his head. He kissed you one more time then pounded into you harder touching your gspot making you lose your breath. You both reached your limits and moaned out in ultimate pleasure. 

Jay slid out of you. You collapsed on his chest panting. Jay leaned his head back and caught his breathe. He picked you up and took you upstairs to the bathroom. You two took a shower and headed to bed. 

“Babe I love you with all my heart.” He wrapped his arms around you and you smiled. 

“I love you too.” You smiled and drifted off into a deep sleep. 

TA DA!!!! I really hope you liked it! 

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@ your broadway anon Im pretty sure there’s an interview where D says he sees himself more as an ‘actor that sings’ rather than the other way around and that acting is what he studied and what he wants to do more than anything so im positive that he is beyond thrilled to have ACS

I’m positive he’s thrilled too. Role of his lifetime. It’s challenging and exciting. And it’s going to open doors. And as I said. I think his committed to fox. I’m not sure what that will look like. But we will see him in other roles with that studio.

Honestly. If I were to bet. And clearly I don’t know. If he does Broadway in the next few years. I’d guess he’d prefer to do a drama over a musical.

But that’s the great thing about him. He can do almost anything. Aren’t we lucky to be his fan?

Another idea. Probably many years in the future. That Selfishly I hope will happen is that he and Chris have been working on a musical together. That is my dream.

GUYS imagine national budgets being like the hetalia characters’ pocket money

“you have $3.2bn for defence”
“SWEET im going shopping”

“we’re increasing national healthcare spending by £6bn”
“guess it’s time for a trip to the pharmacy”

“housing&community’s gonna get €4bn this year"
“oh there was this lovely area, with a bit of renovating it can be the next chic area oh i know an amazing architect-“

“science spending is cut down by ¥3.2bn”
“WHAT i was planning on a new telescope”
“well get the money from ameri-”
“look i still havent got my money back what makes you think i’ll get it any time soon”

“environment is getting an increased spending of $12bn what should we-”
“matthew we can’t-”

Boy have I got a story for yall, Im genuinely shocked that this happened.

So I was in my US history class and we are currently discussing slavery and my Professor like to go on lil tangents about her life durring lecture. So she starts talking about being in a store and see a wreath that had cotton plants and thought it was really pretty. So she was going to buy it but changed her mind because it could be racist. A WREATH WITH A COTTON PLANT IS APPARENTLY RACIST. So she turns to the class and she like, “so what do yall think?” And the girl I sit next to is a MASSIVE feminist and says “I think its go for you to be socially conscious.” At this point im just shaking my head and just fucking shocked that people are so dumb. And the Professor looks and me and says “no?” And im like, “its a plant, the most commonly used plant. You and everyone in the room is probably wearing cotton.” And shes like “yeah i guess, idk.”

Like really bitch really?

What I wanted to say was, If you are associating all black people in 2016 with cotton then thats fucking one you. When I think of cotton it dosent go straight to black people and you should really think on why yours dose.

Just anouther case of racist liberals

Best Friend!Mark

Requested: Yes

A.N. The rest of the boys should be posted sometime soon :)

  • You know those friendships where you don’t know exactly the moment when they two of you started to become friends?
  • Thats the start of you and Mark’s friendship
  • You can always recall a distant memory that the two of you shared but never the start of your friendship.
  • It was like a fuzzy memory for the both of you
  • But it didn’t really matter because at least you two are friends now.
  • He’s not that great with words
  • But that’s okay neither are you
  • So a lot of times y’all are quiet when you hang out but thats perfectly okay
  • But then there’s time where Mark can be the biggest kid ever and you’re just like wtf just happened?
  • “Mark stop acting like you’re a child!! YOU’RE A GROWN ADLUT!! well you’re not an adult but you’re old.”
  • Then Mark does the cutest aeygo ever 
  • Making you roll your eyes and say “fine… keep acting like a child.”
  • You can never really ever tell him no
  • Midnight ice cream dates
  • And even though you’re tired you can’t say no because well its ice cream
  • Being huge complete dorks around each other
  • Literally dorks about anything. 
  • Books, movies, tv shows, super heroes etc.
  • Every time the two of you hang out its also a quiet setting
  • More one on one type of things only so you can stay in your comfort zone
  • But sometimes he tries to make you do something different
  • To get you out of your same old “boring” routine.
  • Making you “live life”, that kind of shit really.
  • Whenever you were heading somewhere ( grocery store, clothing shop) you asked if he wanted to tag along and no matter what he’ll be there
  • And while you’re out you see girls looking at Mark
  • So you tell him to go talk to them, encourage him
  • He’ll just give you a meme looking reaction and walk away from you.
  • Binge watching each other favorite tv shows
  • But when it came to a boring episode that he didn’t like 
  • Guess what happens next..
  • “PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!”
  • Then he’ll stop and you’ll be like thank god but just wait 
  • “Mark…. seriously stop throwing popcorn at me.”
  • “Okay so?”
  • He’ll practically be that obnoxious brother you never wanted.
  • He’ll even be super protective over you for anything.
  • If you’re going out with your girlfriends, he’ll want to you message him if you needed him or just to let he know you were safe.
  • Going on a date with someone? Best believe he’ll grab Jackson and go stalk you and your date cause you know markson forever
  • You see them so you excuse yourself from your date and go talk with them for a little bit
  • “Hey Mark you know you don’t have to be so protective over me I can take care of myself.”
  • “Im only doing this because you’re my best friend and I love you y/n.”
  • “I am pretty lovable mark.”
  • “Why you gotta be like this? You know what never mind I hate you now"

Genoary day 2!~

“2 - SWAP - What would Geno look like wearing someone else’s clothing? It can be anyone. “

yes im a bit late,im so sorry ;w;

i wasnt able to post this yesterday because i was already busy,guess i will have to do sketches for the next days,anyway here is day 2! i decided to go with his dear brother error :3

skeleton feet are hard to draw   o^o