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Nothing makes me less sympathetic toward a character than a “they have been wronged and therefore can never do wrong” attitude when writing them. Like, why is the notion that everyone should be responsible for their own choices such a radical idea to so many (particularly where female characters are concerned)?

And I’m not talking about writers acknowledging pain or trauma, but rather excusing bad choices entirely. Like to the point of having even characters who would have a right to resent their choices rushing to reassure them that “they can do no wrong because they have been wronged,” nevermind if those same characters suffered their own trauma as a direct result of the aforementioned bad choices. 

Essentially they’re just an eternal victim who doesn’t seem to have learned anything from their life experiences or to have grown as a person, and I don’t find that admirable or sympathetic.

Teacher: So I know you had that test today, so do we want to watch a video about cults in the 70s, or T.V. in the 70s?

The entire class, simultaneously: Cults.

Storytime (hashtag version)

hello yes and i loved it to this extent to sacrifice my study day for this

this fic is by the wonderful iwillstillopenthewindow "forget me not“ its so beautiful and kind of ruined my life so please read it