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@taylornation @taylorswift guess what!!! your girl is GOING TO HOUSTON!!! i went to the AT&T fan party in Baton Rouge today and won tickets to Super Saturday Night in the raffle!!! (i literally never win anything????) im so excited!!! i cant believe its been almost two years since i last saw you im finally getting to see you again!!

Cant wait to see you in houston @taylorswift!! :)

I heard you’re seeing someone new.

Last night, they asked me if we were still friends. I said no, because that’s the truth. It never worked out.
That’s when I learned about her.
I saw the pictures and you’re holding her hand in most of them and you two seem to fit together perfectly.
I really wanted to be angry but I couldn’t really find those feelings in myself. Instead I felt happy, and loosing you, stopped feeling like a loss.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I’m happy because you’ve finally let yourself love something that wouldn’t be the end of you. You finally stepped out in the open, to meet her somewhere in the middle and I’m happy because it’s what your mother would have wanted. She would have loved to see it, you there in the open, with all that bravery of yours, of hers.
I know your mother would have been very proud of you. She is proud of you, even from up there.
I’m happy because you deserve love like that and she’s handing it to you, like it’s all she has.
I hope that somewhere you find yourself thinking that you should have done this all much sooner, I hope that somewhere you find yourself thinking that some things are worth bleeding for. I hope you tell yourself that love is always going to be one of them.

—  I Heard You’re Seeing Someone New // thewordsyouneverunderstood
Last night I believe we saw what type of President Hillary Clinton would have made. When it was quite clear she wasn’t going to win she didn’t have the dignity to go to those who supported her, worked for her, and were hurting. It was about Hillary Clinton and screw everybody else. When her followers needed her, she wasn’t there. I guess her supporters got “Benghazied”. They too were abandoned. Hillary showed she lacked the integrity to be a leader. Well, at least Hillary sent them Podesta, the men who died in Bengahzi weren’t even given that much!
Kpop dreams

So I don’t know if anyone else has had dreams about one of their biases but I have. Not very many dreams but a couple. So when I decided I was going to start sharing. *if I haven’t forgotten them*

So last night I had a dream about Johnny from NCT.

So what I remember is I went up a board to write something about how I love Johnny but someone else had wrote it too. A teacher came up behind me and was like are you just going to write I love Johnny and I said no I was going to write something about NCT as well. Then as I was writing I saw a big ass bug and ran to me seat freaked out. Then I ignore Johnny cause I guess we were fighting idk. Well class ends and everyone else gets up but me and Johnny a couple of other people were sitting still as well. He looked at me and I looked at him then I got up then he decided to get up. Well as I am walking to the door I see Johnny (ofc cause he’s so tall) behind me as I’m walking and then he holds my hand. We walk out of some doors and I think the last part before I started moving around in my sleep was he tried to kiss me. But that’s where the dream ends. 😭

I woke up like that’s it? 😂😂
I was shook I even had a dream because I hasn’t even been thinking about Johnny or anything I was listening to Limitless earlier that day but that’s it. Guess you have dreams like this when you least expect it.

Anyone else ever have kpop dreams?

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They told me having bottom surgery wouldn't solve my dysphoria.

Well guess what, at a little over 3 months post op, I no longer feel any type of dysphoria. I was on the phone with a friend last night discussing dysphoria, and I realized I haven’t felt dysphoric since June 24, 2015. I used to worry about my body looking too curvy, to the point of having to change clothes multiples times before finding an outfit I could feel confident in. I haven’t done that since June. I even looked in the mirror the other day, saw the same curvy body that would have ruined my day previously, but it didn’t bother me this time.

Isn’t it crazy how something so simple as being able to feel something dangling between my legs can affect my entire being. I no longer feel trapped by my body. I feel like I can tackle the world now.

My mom asked me the other day if I would still have gone through with all of this knowing the complications I would have. I have to admit, I would. I’ve been through hell and back, but I respect and love myself so much more for making it out the other end.

I am stronger. I am happier. I am finally me.

“Guess what!” said Robin, one cold October morning when they sat on his cloak because the grass was damp. “John brought a kitchen maid to our bedroom last night. I saw him take her.”
Elizabeth frowned. “Where did he take her?”
“On his bed of course. You don’t suppose they did it on the floor like peasants, do you?”
There was a blank, bewildered look on her face and understanding burst upon him in a delightful thunderclap. So she didn’t know everything, after all!
“Do you want me to tell you how a man takes a woman?” he inquired loftily.
“Thank you,” she said, stiff and defensive, “I already know.”
He looked at her thoughtfully. “I don’t believe it,” he said slowly. “You really don’t know, do you? You don’t know the first thing about it. You – ow!”
She had seized his little finger and bent it backwards.
“Tell me then, master high and mighty Dudley, who can’t decline the simplest Latin noun – tell me what you know, if anything.”
He pulled his finger away and looked at her, suddenly sly.
“Knowledge is expensive,” he said. “What’s this piece worth to Your Grace?”
She considered a moment. “I’ll do your Latin translation tomorrow.”
“And the next day?”
“Oh, all right!” she said ungraciously. “Now get on with it.”
When he had told her all she needed to know she gave him a derisive nudge.
“I don’t believe you. Love isn’t like that. Who would want to do anything so disgusting?”
“It’s true,” he said angrily, “every bit of it. Even kings and queens do it like that.”
She flushed to the roots of her hair.
“They don’t! My father and Queen Katherine – they do not.” Suddenly, unexpectedly, she began to cry wildly. “I hate you, Robin Dudley, I hate you. Go away!”
He went. They did not speak again for over a week, a long tense week during which the younger children, quick to sense the hostility between them, sided pointedly with Elizabeth, as experience had taught them it was wise to do. Even Guildford Dudley decamped to the enemy with the half-shamed explanation that he had never expected a princess to pinch so hard. It was Robin’s first experience of royal disfavour, and he found it every bit as uncomfortable and humiliating as he was to find the real thing in later life. The only attention he received in the schoolroom was from their tutor, and that was more unwelcome than ever.
“I am a patient man, Master Robert,” said Dr Cox sanctimoniously, examining a dog-eared  piece of Latin prose with distaste, “but there is a point where unrequited patience and discipline cease to meet. Be pleased to accompany me into the next room at your earliest convenience.”
The children stared as Robin got up and sauntered with feigned nonchalance after the tutor, but only Elizabeth looked up from her work when he returned with clenched teeth. She watched him walk gingerly to the window-seat and lower himself with care on to a cushion. After a moment she slipped off the wooden bench and joined him.
“Did it hurt?”
He unclenched his teeth just sufficiently to say, “No.”
“That’s what I thought.” She went back to the table and fetched the sheet of parchment she had been working on. “Here – you can copy it if you want.”
“Can I?” His strained face relaxed and lit up; he held out his hand and she withdrew the paper just beyond his reach, looking at him with a curios suppressed excitement.
She said very softly, “It’s not true, is it?”
There was a moment of silence while he looked from her face to the paper and shifted his throbbing body on the cushion.
“No,” he said at last, “it’s not true. I made it all up to annoy you.”
As he watched, the corners of her mouth curled slowly up into a smile of delight.
“Liar!” she said, and dropped the paper down beside him.
He never forgot the absurd incident, trivial as it seemed at the time, a child’s quarrel in which she had had the last word after all. Years later, when her name had blazed a trail of flaming light across Europe, he would recall that moment when he first acknowledged her superior will.”
—  Legacy by Susan Kay

so i was tagged by @tardisgrump to do this, so thanks!!!! c:
the rules are pretty simple, answer the questions and then tag 10 other people!! 

a - age: 15
b - biggest fear: i mean i could say something really deep and what is probably more accurate to my biggest fear but tbh i cried the other day when i saw a spider so that is. pretty high up there.
c - current time: 1:10pm
d - drink you last had: water
f - favorite song: when the day met the night by panic! at the disco OR dead girl walking from heathers bc ive been listening to heathers a lot again and i forgot how much i l o v e it
g - ghosts, are they real: :eyes: *x-files theme plays in the distance*

h - hometown: not exactly my hometown, but i live in america :p

i - in love with: romantically, alex the amazing and wonderful


, of course :3, but platonically i love a lot of people, i have lots of love to give for my friends i love them very much. also i mean if youve ever seen marks eyes like i could call my appreciation of those close to a love totally 100%

j - jealous of: not many people?? i guess people my age who are already accomplishing dreams i have i guess, but for the most part im not really jealous, it just makes me want to work harder

k - killed someone: no pe

l - last time you cried: last night lmao w h o o p s

m - middle name: elizabeth

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: to meet the people who inspire me to do what i do!

p - person you last called/texted: i think it was


bc i was spamming her with posts about ethan :eyes:

q - question(s) you’re always asked: i still get asked if i need childrens menus at restaurants where the cut off age for those is ten so i mean thats a self esteem booster

r - reasons to smile: youtube, performing, and my friends!

s - song last sang: well gee i think i was singing a song i wrote earlier so i guess that

t - time you woke up: 8:10ish?

u - underwear color: grey

v - vacation destination: california or someplace in europe i guess!

w - worst habit: i click my pens a l o  t whoops

x - x-rays you’ve had: other than like,,,dentist things ive only had one, which was for my foot

y - your favorite food: everything

z - zodiac sign: im an aquarius-pisces cusp, but i always just go with pisces :p

im not sure who to tag bc im not good at these so????  if you want to just say i tagged you!!!

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what was the purpose of the new regular dottie in the episode last night? there didnt really seem to be a punchline or a story to her, it was like a quick jab at dee and then the bars growing for a bit and shes a mailperson i guess? did she sell mac the crate? i dont get it

i think she was mostly just there to make dee angry and insecure tbh?? it would be cool if we saw her again but… i doubt it’ll happen

that’s a good catch about her delivering the crate though!! i hadn’t thought about that. you may be on to something there

Ramblings about today...

  Last night I was getting sick every time I saw a pic of Sam and I hated that.  At least I can now see a photo of him or even him and Cait without wanting to puke.  I guess what has bothered me too is the fact that the last two times she has said anything directly to him, he has totally ignored her…..I know he might have answered her privately but it still doesn’t look right.  All it would take is one or two words but noooooo.  Maybe he got orders from up above to cool it but if she’s his best friend he’s treated her very badly in a very public way.  So, with all that…No, I’m not on the Ship any least for now!


Just to add to what I said before…the “prom pic” is all over Twitter now…some happy comments, some mad and some sad…but Sam and Cait have both been on there at different times today and even commented on the same meme but not one word to each other…it just seems strange to me.  Like I said the last time there was anything personal between them is when Cait commented to Graham and he answered her…not Sam.  Now, maybe they texted each other all night..maybe they were even in the same town and together…maybe they were skyping!  Who knows but up until now we have seen and enjoyed their interaction between each other.  And now nothing!  I thought they were at least best friends????

 I was sitting here tonight thinking about when I was in the hospital last week.  In the ER I was trying to forget my pain and so started a conversation with the technicians doing an ultrasound on my leg…I asked them if they had ever seen Outlander.  One was almost as obsessed as me, the other had never watched it.  We really were pushing her to start and gushing about how wonderful Sam and Cait are together.  The other fan even offered her dvd’s for her friend to watch.  Anyway, tonight I asked myself exactly why I have loved Sam and Cait and I realized that it’s because they make me SMILE..even LAUGH when I see them goofing around.  When I go on YouTube and start watching the panels or interviews, I can’t stop…sometimes I’ve stayed up all night trying not to laugh and wake up my husband.  And I have to be careful when he’s around because I’m liable to start grinning ear to ear or even laughing out loud and it’s embarrassing when he catches me at it.

My point is that I realized tonight that if this had all happened before I went into the hospital, I would not have been able to recommend Outlander to the tech.  I probably just wouldn’t have mentioned it.  Not because it isn’t a good show…I still think it is, but something’s changed…I feel betrayed (even though I know they didn’t really betray me).  And I still want to puke when I see MM.  Can’t help myself and if that wedding was the BIG reveal that they are together for sure, I won’t be able to watch them together.  If they are out completely now, then she may be going to awards shows with him, walking the red carpet, giving interviews…and I won’t be watching.  Sorry for being so long winded but had to unload someway……




Here’s my mayor’s finished bathroom! It took me a while to finish this because I had to get items from other people but then I was introduced to the beauty that is hacking so that made it go a lot smoother. I really like how this came out, although I wish I hadn’t expanded it so fully. I feel like a few more things could be added here, but I’m not sure what. I was going to put the shower stall somewhere, but it’s so big that I couldn’t make room for it. I guess I could put the big square bath in the middle of the floor? I don’t know. I’m happy with how this room came out, but I’m still trying to decide if it’s completed or not. If you visited my dream address last night, you saw this! Thank you guys so much for giving my posts some love. I hope you enjoy my mayor’s journey and Honeydew’s journey. 

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A lady on twitter said she saw Norman at a cocktail bar in Brooklyn last night.

If you’re referring to the Tweet which said “Just met a real life Norman Reedus at Donnas” then this is a mistake. Let me see if I can guess what happened. 😉 You saw this Tweet, you Googled “Donnas NYC”, and you saw the first match of the Donna cocktail bar in Brooklyn. Am I correct? You should’ve investigated the lady who said this as you would’ve seen she also Tweeted earlier yesterday about it being Donna’s Tavern in Dundalk, MD. And just to be clear, Norman is not in Maryland. 😂

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 12: Perfect

“Phichit!” Yuuri yelled, running into the apartment he shared with his best friend. His hair was a mess and he was wearing the same clothes from yesterday; Anyone who saw him could easily tell he never went home last night.

By the look on Phichits face, he realized that too.

Yuuri! Where were you last night?”

“You’ll never guess what happened to me.”

Phichit got up from his seat on the couch and walked over to his best friend. He threw his arm around Yuuri’s shoulder, pulling him into the living room, “Wasn’t yesterday the day you went in as an extra for that new Victor Nikiforov movie, you know, the guy whose face is all over you bedroom?” He turned and looked at him with a shit eating grin, “What, did you sleep with his stunt double?”

“No,” Yuuri squeaked, “I slept with him!

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The Professor (Part 6)

The Professor Masterlist Previous Part

Your eyes widened at the sound of the heart monitor’s increased pace. He suddenly emerged from the doorway and came and sat by your hospital bed. You blinked a couple times to make sure that you weren’t imagining him.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you okay? How’re you feeling?” 

“Hi, Professor. I…I’m fine - I only have a headache. Just shocked, I guess. What happened? Where’s Amy?” 

“You had a little too much alcohol last night. And then you collapsed, so we brought you here for caution. We didn’t have any way of contacting Amy, cause your phone died, so I stayed with you.”

“You didn’t have to stay,” you said, feeling embarrassed that he’d gone to the trouble of staying with you. You looked out of your window and saw that it was morning, which meant that he’d stayed the night. He’d stayed the night. In hospital, with you.

“I didn’t want to leave you on your own, and I wanted to make sure that you were okay,” he said, smiling a little. By now, your pulse rate was starting to slow down.

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this is extremely random & slightly weird but ; last night,  i saw a selca of Jimin, and in the description he wrote ‘dream of me’. i didn’t make a big deal out of it, i was just like ‘jimin sTOP.’ but guess what. i did. i actually did dream of him and. i’m still a bit shook about it. all that i remember was that he had his lips puckered and kept saying ‘ppoppo’. and then he said ‘next time i will give you a kiss’. what. this is tripping me out, he is not even my main bias S T O P. Park Jimin is everywhere. he needs to S T O P. E N O U G H. 


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Pairing: None
Word count: 336

Soulless Protector Masterlist

Dean brought you home after breakfast, insisting that he’d make sure to keep you up to date on what was going on. You reluctantly agreed, not really wanting to fight with him. Of course, everyone had heard about what happened, and many grossly blew things out of proportion. Rumors had started over night, and you went straight to your dorm room.

After he’d made sure you got home safe, Dean made his way to the police station. “Agent Winchester.” He held up his badge. “I’m here about Sam Winchester. Brought in last night about 1?”

“Ah, yeah. That guy. Here on assault. What does the FBI want with him? And I’m guessing you’re related?”

Dean nodded. “He’s my brother, and he’s been falsely arrested.”

The guy laughed and shook his head. “I saw the other guy, and talked to a few witnesses.”

His jaw clenched. “Did you speak with the girl that Sam pulled that punk off of?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“What girl?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“Sam was only there because he was called by a young woman, upset. About JP. I spoke with her. He’s bothered her before, and she was hiding from him. Sam got there in time to pull him off of her.” He explained.

The man leaned over to press a button. “Sir, the FBI is here about the Winchester case.”

Come Monday morning, you hadn’t heard much from Dean. Just that Sam was out, and that he couldn’t discuss an ongoing investigation. Walking around campus, you felt the stares, and knew people were whispering about you.

The whole day was like that. And then you saw the sign on Sam’s classroom door. His classes were cancelled, and all the students were currently being rearranged into other classes. Those that couldn’t, would be refunded for that class. All questions were to be directed to the department head.

Groaning, you turned and ran into a couple police officers. “Y/N Y/L/N? We need you to come with us.”

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New Girl, Newt High School Au, Chapter One

Even in a high school with school uniforms you managed to stick out, appearance-wise. While all the other girls in the junior class had pulled their hair back with matching headbands, you had pulled your back into its usual high ponytail, but here, you could already tell it was unheard of. 

“Oi!” you looked up and saw a with dark brown, almost black hair (french-braided down the back!) walking toward you.

“Teresa?” you guessed. The school had called you and your parents last night, saying that a student named Teresa would show you around.

“Oh, you’re smart. That’s good. I hate showing around the dumb people that get kicked out within a month.” she said, then stuck out her hand. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m-”

“Hey greenie!” a boy with sunk-in features ran past you, then turned around and winked at you before rounding a corner. Teresa rolled her eyes.

“That’s Ben. He’s only here because his Dad’s a professor.” she explained.

“What did he mean ‘greenie’?” you asked. Teresa laughed.

“Oh, that’s just what people call the new kids here. Once a guy showed up in all uniform, only it was all green. It stuck. Poor guy. I think his name was Nick.” once again, Teresa thrust her hand toward you. As you shook it, you noticed the drawing on the inside of her wrist. It was the gender signs, and under that, it had a 50/50 sign.

“Into girl power?” you asked. 

“I would call myself a feminist.” she said. You smiled.

“Me too. I’m y/n.” Teresa grinned back. 

“Well y/n, I like you already. We have the same schedules. I’ll show you around. Careful, it’s like a maze in here sometimes.”

You ate lunch with Teresa and her group, Brenda, Sonya, and Harriet. Halfway through, you were joined by three boys. Thomas, a sprinter on the track team, Minho, the team captain, and Newt, who you felt as if you had seen before, but couldn’t tell where.

“Hey.” Thomas greeted Teresa with a kiss on the cheek. “New girl? I’m Thomas.”

“Minho.” said the one with a lot of product in his hair. But it looked natural, the way a girl doing the natural makeup look looked.

“Y/n.” you said.

“You guys have practice today?” Brenda leaned forward, knocking her knee against Thomas’s. He scooted away a bit, then knit his eyebrows.

“No.” his reply was in an icy tone. “Gally somehow shucking got the field and track booked! I swear, just because he’s captain of the football team, he thinks-”

“Shucking?” you asked. 

“The professors acknowledge the fact swearing is unhealthy for teens. We made up own language.” Sonya smiled. Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling class was over, and thankfully cutting Thomas’s would-be rant short.

“C’mon, you and Thomas and I have Architect and Design with Mr. Janson.” Teresa said as she slung her backpack over her shoulder. You looked at your paper.

“No, I have a writer’s class.” you said. Teresa tilted her head.

“Huh. Okay. You remember where your locker is? Your class is right by it.” you nodded, and walked away as Teresa and Thomas did, hands laced together. Once you had gotten your book, the boy from that morning was standing behind the door.

“Hey greenie.” he said.

“Hi.” you replied in a tone you knew didn’t sound inviting. It didn’t work. Instead, the boy only took a step closer, making you feel unsafe even in the crowded halls.

“Getting bored?” he leaned in and whispered in your ear. “I bet I know some shortcuts to the supply closets. His words didn’t fit, but they sent a shiver down your spine. Suddenly, the dirty blond, Newt, was at your side.

“Ready to go y/n? Being writing partners and all. Mr. Jorge prefers his students on time.” flashing a quick grin at the boy, Ben, Newt began leading you away, his hand slipping from your shoulders to the small of your back.

“What are you doing?” you asked through gritted teeth.

“I just saved you. Ben recently got pulled into a group called the Grievers. You don’t want to know what they do. Besides, I’m actually in this class, and Teresa asked me to look out for you.” he spoke with a British accent. 

“Well… Thank you. But I won’t need saving all the time.” you said, setting your bag down at a conjoined desk with Newt. He smiled.

“There you. Got it. Still, if they ever give you trouble and you need help, call me.” you raised an eyebrow, licking the inside of your cheek.

“You put your number in my pocket, didn’t you?”

“Teresa said you were smart. That’s good.” 

“Alright, listen up! You are sitting with or near your partners for this project. You will each write a piece, a paper.” said Professor Jorge. “The person on the right-” -Newt- “… Will write about the hardest thing they went through. The person to the left will write about when they helped someone through something, whether it was as big as saving their life or simply giving them a hug and cup tea. This is a… Sadder piece, I know, but last semester we did that report on the most important person in your life, we must do the opposite as well. This is why you are working with a partner, no exceptions.” Newt leaned sideways.

“Least I didn’t get Chuck this time. Little bugger’s smart, smart enough to skip a few grades, but that doesn’t mean his maturity did too. With you, well, maybe it won’t be to bad.”


Y/N’s pov:

“Are you guys still together?” “I don’t know anymore,” I exclaimed my voice cracking. “Hey listen, it’s alright you’ll get through this all good couples fight,” Lydia said grabbing my hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Yeah I guess so. I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” I said getting up. I rushed out of the cafeteria and into the nearest bathroom. I walked towards the sink and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought about the fight last night and cried.

Stiles’ pov:

“What’s she saying?” “They asked her if you were still dating and she said she didn’t know,” Scott said. All of the sudden we saw her leave the cafeteria. “You need to apologize,” Scott exclaimed looking at me. “Yeah come on let’s go find her,” I said getting up to follow her. Scott and I followed her until she went into the girls’ bathroom. “I’ll wait until she gets out,” I whispered. Scott put a finger to his mouth. “She’s crying,” he said his face falling. “Really?” “Yeah man really bad I think she’s having a panic attack,” Scott said worry written all over his face. “I’ll go help her,” I said rushing into the girls’ bathroom. I looked around the and saw her in the corner with her legs up to her chest and her face buried in her knees. I walked over and crouched down in front of her. “Hey, hey, hey listen. Look at me , look at me.” She raised her head and looked at me with bloodshot eyes. “I want you to match my breathing okay?” She nodded her head and looked me in the eye. I started to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. As soon as her breathing was normal I picked her up and put her in my lap. I cradled her and whispered apologies in her ear. “It’s alright I’m sorry too,” she whispered kissing my cheek. I looked at her and moved her so she was straddling me. “I love you, you know that right?” “You’ve told me once or twice before,” she whispered, her face inches from mine. I closed the space between us our lips moving in sink. We pulled away and smiled at each other. “Let’s get out of the girls’ bathroom before someone catches us,” I whispered causing her to giggle and nod. We walked out of the bathroom hand in hand.

“I had a dream last night.”

Jason swallowed, scanning her eyes.  Reyna was talented at painting over her emotions, but she wasn’t attempting to hide her fear just now.

“What happened?” he asked, trying to keep his heart rate down.  There were nail marks on his arm from when she’d grabbed him, dragging him into the principia despite Octavian’s angry shouts.

“I…” her hands were shaking. Jason wasn’t sure he wanted to know the cause of Reyna being this frightened.  “It was Juno, I think.  Jason, something’s going to happen to you.  Involving her.”

Tugging at the hem of his t-shirt, Jason stared at the ceiling.  The mosaic of Remus and Romulus glared down at him.  “It might have just been a dream-”

“I know it wasn’t,” Reyna cut in, her voice sharp.  “Just… please be careful, okay?”

Nodding slowly, Jason pulled her into a hug.  Her armour dug into his ribs.  “I’m never gonna leave you, okay, Reyna?”

His colleague drew back, glancing at him.  “Okay,” she murmured, before calling her dogs and slipping out of the principia.

* * *

The next morning, Reyna wasn’t sure why she was surprised when the house across from hers was empty