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I'm most likely to be a visual learner (I guess?), do you have any tips how to learn when we don't have a visual help??? Also, how can I know what type of learner I am? Thanks!

Here is a quick assessment (tactile = kinesthetic).

I’m confused about when you wouldn’t have a visual help, since reading a text book or reading your notes count. Draw diagrams to look at, check other students’ notes, etc. I always write down everything since it’s easier to remember the auditory information if I write it down.


i guess it just hurts that i was practice. that you will love the next one more fiercely. that you will not do them wrong the way you hurt me. that you will be better at communicating. you will be better at asking for what you want instead of going behind peoples’ backs to get it. you have learned how to be honest. you have learned how to kiss, how to touch, how to make somebody feel wanted. you have learned what destroys a relationship and what keeps it going. and i guess it just hurts that i taught you how to love someone who isn’t me. i guess it just hurts that i was practice and now i’m nothing.

Something I realized about Yuri on Ice

They’re taking away all our AUs

There is so much Viktuuri canon that we can’t do anything

Domestic AU? Yeah, they’ve been living together since the beginning. Lolz.


Marriage AU? Fuck that, they’re probably going to have their wedding on an ice skating rink in the final episode.


For years, we’ve been learning how to adapt to the endless amount of queerbaiting. We’ve made our fanfitions, our fanart, our fancomics, our AU; anything to let us relish in the sweet, tender joy that is LGTBQ+ love. They’ve tortured us relentlessly, giving us just enough hope to hold onto our ships desperately, but they never took the extra step.
Then Yuri!! on Ice comes along and just rips us to shreds. They give us everything we’ve asked for for years. We all went “omg he probably means the medal but what if he gives him a ring? Here’s a cute comic of that!”
Then episode 10 comes along.




I don’t know what we can do from here, and I love it so much. This show fills me with so much joy and happiness that the day after each new episode I just walk around in a daze; I can’t stop smiling and I hum and I say things in sing-song and even if something awful happens I just laugh and smile because of the newest episode of Yuri on Ice.

God bless Yuri on Ice. It has truly made history.

Messy study thing with Mobu because I hate studies but I love Mobu…///

Dear people learning French, be aware of this

Your accent is more than fine, you don’t need to have a Parisian accent to be a legit francophone. French is spoken by 542 millions of people in 30 different countries, and I don’t even know how many different French dialects may exist… French language is multicultural, and you are part of this big community. 

You are a legit francophone even if you make some mistakes. Guess what, I make mistakes too, I check grammar online too, like everybody. French IS complex and French rules are HELL to us, native speakers, too. Seriously, I feel your pain. 

It’s okay if you started learning French a while ago, stopped, and then want to get back to it but don’t really know how to do it. You don’t have to apologize. You are not betraying anyone for stopping for a moment, a week, a month, a year… It’s totally okay. We all have ups and downs and you will find motivation in due time. 

It’s okay if you read French well, write French well but struggle to speak. It takes time to get confidence and speak up. It will come some day, believe me. I learned English just like you are learning French, I had trouble speaking too. Hell, I was impressed by native speakers and lost all my words! You will get confidence as your knowledge will grow, you’ll get more practice and it’s going to be easier for you. Trust me, been there, done that, it’s legit. 

Don’t forget that French is awesome and you are awesome for learning it! 

Guess who got emotionally scarred again by playing the Platinum Demo after finishing FFXV?

Me. I did. I never played the Platinum Demo (nor Episode Duscae, bad move on my part). So when I saw that it was still available, I tried it out.


Playing as cute baby Noct when you know how his fate turns out is going to HURT. A LOT. 

Especially when you:

- learn that one of Noctis’s most treasured gifts from Regis was a soccer ball that he had always asked for. Then what he just wanted was for his father to play with him. But since Regis is a busy king, he can’t. So Noct would just wait by the Citadel steps every sunset waiting for Regis to come home, but no one shows up. So he just learned to ‘not care’ anymore. (tears)

- You’re led to believe that his ‘safe place’ is the Citadel, Insomnia. But after you fight an Iron Giant, baby Noct’s real ‘safe place’ appears: the REGALIA. It’s because when he’s riding the Regalia, he gets to be with Regis all the time. (then he gets to be with Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis later on) This makes the whole crash at Gralea and Noct saying goodbye to the car all the more painful. (It was already painful to begin with; but knowing this makes it especially tortuous). 

Noctis has been dealt such a shitty hand. Best worst sacrificial lamb ever. He needs a real happy ending! 



A nice city (small and big) I finished up today (forgot that I had it, finished it up in like 5 mins my dudes)

and guess what guys, I once again used the amazing @8pxl  ‘s tutorial which can be found –> here (I learned how to use hyperlinks, I feel like both an idiot and a genius at the same time, a gediot if you will.)

(I like how they look like a loong thing when put next to each other, also still learning how to do water effects, I have some ideas, but they are hard to execute in Gimp, and Sai is just not cutting it for pixel art)

My Childhood With a Witch Mother

When I confide in people that I was raised by a witch, they get a really stereotypical picture in their head. Gothic homes, a weird amount of chanting, cauldrons, etc. The Addams family type stuff.

But my childhood was far from that. In fact, I didn’t even realise there was anything different about the way I was raised until I was around 10 or 11.

Because instead of talking explicitly about witchcraft, my mother taught me about the properties of herbs as she taught me how to cook. Or she told me what colours meant when I was colouring in. Or she’d mutter a prayer for safe driving if the weather was bad. I got my first pendulum when I seven, and I wore it as a necklace until I saw my mother use hers for actual readings and decided to join in.

I don’t know. I guess it’s the same as if you were raised by artists, or poets. You didn’t learn everything technically, but you do have a lot of background knowledge deep in your head, maybe a few skills you picked up from them. 

I was never pushed into becoming a witch, either. My mother was taught by her aunt, who was convinced that we came from a long line of witches but there was never really any proof of that. My grandmother didn’t really approve, because my grandmother was an Anglican, but when it became clear that my mother was not abandoning the church, grandma was sort of, “Okay, you do you.”

I decided to really start learning the craft when I was 13 and decided it was cool. Obviously it grew to a lot more than that, but it wasn’t necessarily being raised in that environment that pushed me towards this. I think it was meant to be. 

“You’re Just Going To Be A Teacher?”

No major or job should be a “just.” If it makes you happy, it makes you happy. We need to stop teaching each other and ourselves that money, fame, and/or glory are what make something great.

I’m an Early Childhood Education major. I’m going to be a preschool teacher, and when I tell people that, I hear “aw, you won’t get paid much!” Or “oh, but aren’t there enough teachers?” Or “haha, so you’re going to teach kids to color and eat cheerios?” Or “wow, guess you don’t really care about being successful.

No, I will be teaching your children how to enter elementary school and do well. I will be teaching your children how to love and laugh and learn, how to grow up. I will be with your children during their formative years, and I will be part of the reason they turn out to be the best generation yet.

I teach because it’s necessary, because the preschool years are so important and teachers that care are so needed. I don’t teach kids to color and eat- they can do that at home. I give children a base for math, so they’ll be able to keep up in kindergarten next year, and one day they’ll be doing precalculus and it’ll be thanks to the preschool teacher who taught them what numbers meant. I give children the gift of language, so that they can understand others and make themselves understood in turn. I teach children how to learn, how to understand, how to get what they want without hurting others.

When people tell me they don’t get people who want to be teachers, or they think it’s ridiculous since they don’t get paid enough, I laugh. I will get paid what I need to survive, and I will be doing what I love. To me, that is success. I may not have a fancy car or huge house when I’m older, but I will be loved and appreciated and respected. If not by you, by your children.


So over the past week I’ve been working on an au that started as a pet shop/flower shop tsukyam au but I ended up adding magic to it and a bunch of other fun things.  
Long story short; Yamaguchi is learning how to master plant spells from Suga while also helping him in his gardening shop, while Tsukishima, someone who wanted to try to live a magic free life, ends up getting a job in a pet store run by two shapeshifters. (more notes about it below. I ended up writing a lot whoops)

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“Hamilton” starters

There are 117 more under the cut!

  • “You gotta fend for yourself.”
  • “Just you wait!”
  • “You never learned to take your time!”
  • “Pardon me. Are you [name]?”
  • “I’m getting nervous.”
  • “So how’d you do it?”
  • “How’d you graduate so fast?”
  • “Can I buy you a drink?’
  • “While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice: talk less. Smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”
  • “You can’t be serious.”

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What I’ve learnt after my first semester of university

Now that I’ve had my first university exams and finished a semester, I wanted to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how I’m going to improve. 

  • Keep up with lecture notes from the beginning. I started a few weeks in and never quite managed to catch up
  • While making notes, combine lecture notes with information in textbooks
  • Actually make you understand the notes you’re writing up
  • Make quizzes on quizlet as you go along and not near the end a week before exams
  • Use quizlet on the train  
  • Bring a flask of tea more often to avoid the temptation of expensive hot drinks
  • 9am-5pm lectures are the worst. Especially on a Friday, but they are survivable
  • Go to more lecturers. Even if I did catch up the ones I missed and watch them online. It’s easier to understand the content after being there, taking some notes and listening
  • Aim to finish coursework at least several days before the deadline so there’s more time to proof read
  • Always start coursework before you need to because unavoidable things could happen or you might underestimate how long it’s going to take
  • Do the prereading, it’s fine if it’s just minimal and looking at the lecture slides. Better still, read a textbook chapter on a topic
  • Know exactly what’s going to be in exams and exactly what you need to know from the beginning
  • Plan rest days after coursework is due for motivation and to stop burnout. Just rest and do hobbies on these days 

Not sure how me being naked in the back seat with my driving instructor is going to help me learn how to drive…oh well I guess he knows what he’s doing.

The Signs THE 1975 Lyrics
  • Aries: If you never shoot you'll never know, if you never eat you'll never grow//
  • Robbers
  • Taurus: I'll give you one more time, we'll give you one more fight// Robbers
  • Gemini: She's got a two-tone everything, way too intelligent. Moving but she just can't move// She Way Out
  • Cancer: Don't you need me?
  • I, I think I'm falling, I'm falling for you//Fallingforyou
  • Leo: You're cold and I burn, I guess I'll never learn//Settle Down
  • Virgo: Hey now think about what to do, think about what to say, I think about how to think//Chocolate
  • Libra: I gave you something you can never give back, don't you mind//Me
  • Scorpio: God only knows but you'll never leave her//Robbers
  • Sagittarius: What's the fun in doing what you're told//Girls
  • Capricorn: Now if you just take off your mask, to find out everything's gone wrong//Robbers
  • Aquarius: Why don't you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?//Heart Out
  • Pisces: Step into your skin? I'd rather jump in your bones//The 1975
DnD Character Asks!

Characters in the tags, askbox open, character synchronization set to maximum! Throw a number or two in my askbox along with a character, and I’ll answer those questions! 

1. How many dead parents do they have?

2. How good are they at tongue twisters?

3. Biggest regret?

4. Are they formally trained or have they gone through a more organic learning experience for their skillset?

5. If they could hang out with one famous person in 18th century American History, who would they want to hang out with?

6. What’s their theme song?

7. What fictional character are they most like? Was this an intentional or accidental influence?

8. Paper or plastic?

9. What’s their dump stat?

10. What’s their best stat?

11. What is their favorite anime?

12. What’s their favorite beverage?

13. If they can use magic, what’s their favorite spell?

14. Most heroic thing they have ever done?

15. Most despicable thing they have ever done?

16. Are they a hero or a supporting protagonist?

17. What’s their favorite food?

18. Would they rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?

19. They have to go live on a deserted island. They can take one thing and one person. What do they take?

20. Are they religious? If so, what god or gods do they serve?

21. How did they become an adventurer?

22. Most amazing monster they have ever killed or helped kill?

23. Thoughts on death?

24. Do they have any interesting skills?

25. Favorite animal?

26. Expansion of civilization or the preservation of nature?

27. They’re at a tavern. They bump into a big burly angry drunk with a combative attitude. What happens?

28. What do they do between quests?

29. Biggest positive and negative influences on their life and development?

30. Would they smooch a ghost?

Why NCT Dream needs to die.

NCT Dream is fucking creepy, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Of course, I fucking know that NCT Dream is meant to appeal to a younger audience, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re a kpop idol group. An underaged kpop idol group.

The youngest member is 14 years old. FUCKING 14 YEARS OLD.


Not to mention, the fact that kpop idols in general are so sexualised is just fucking creepy to think about. Oh yeah, sure, at present their unit’s just an innocent group of underaged boys who are meant to appeal to a super young female audience, but eventually that’ll spiral out into the mainstream medium of kpop, which is, you’ve guessed it, SEXUALISATION! :D 

I just think it’s fucking stupid that these kids are busy promoting their stupid careers rather than, oh I don’t know, being kids.

Also, the fact that SM Ent is trying to appeal to such a young audience is fucked up to begin with. Like, what, self insecurity needs to be churned in at a younger age, does it? There are so many people in this world that develop severe anxiety and physical insecurities because of people presented in the media. Bringing in a younger variety of idols is just going to make that worse for our future generations.

So yeah, SM can fuck the fuck off and kiss my fucking ass.

So don’t go

Don’t go to an event if you have the chance of meeting someone you’re gonna hurt

Would you like it if you were him?

Standing in front of so many people

Being rejected when you’re supossed to be loved by all (bc you’re their fan , you’re an ahgase)

Biggest lesson you’ll learn in life is not to do something that would make you pain.

Even if Youngjae is not your bias , even if your bias is closer than you ever dreamt but so far . YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE ANOTHER PERSON FEEL LESS (loved) THAN OTHERS.

How often people only care about their feelings and forget others have feelings too.

Now Youngjae is crying.

Tears you ain’t worth it. Guess at least this person will learn a big lesson.

Don’t make others feel less in order to achieve your goals. 

Nobody will love that part of you.

I’m rly sorry to have to read this kind of fan accounts.

C’mon we’re on xmas. Spread the love. 

LOVE GOT7, love your fav group. Love their music. Love the fans you knew thanks to the fandom. Love what  life offers to you. Stay positive and make others feel better. You will (eventually) feel better too. 

masha-russia  asked:

Hello :) Could I ask you how did you make these gifs post/121213352496 ? Did you use Lighten or another mode? How did you manage to blend them together? Thanks

(x) hey! there are really hundrets of ways how you can make these gifs, but this is basically how i end up doing them/what i’ve learned with time:

  • if you want to make an image show up on a dark background/get rid of the dark background, set it to “screen” (or “lighten”, play around with the settings until you think it looks good)
  • if you want to make an image show up on a bright background/get rid of the bright background, set it to “multiply” (or “darken” again, play around with the settings)
  • “soft light” and “overlay” are settings you can test out, too, it all depends on the source material you got)
  • not every scene is suitable to be blend together, if you don’t think a scene is 100% perfect for this, use a different one, but, you can always try out adding a new layer and brighten or darken parts of your gif with black or white
  • personal tip: have the colouring ready before you blend gifs together, you’ll see better how it will end up and sometimes it reduces the cleaning up you will have to do

i haven’t saved any of the psd files but as far as i can see almost all of the gifs i made are blend together on a dark background, so i should have used screen or lighten.
i tried to re-create the first gif:

these are how the gifs look like separately:

both scenes are rather dark, but! the upper part of the second gif (I’ll just call it the group) is much brighter than the lower part, which will help us a lot making certain parts stand out,
alright, make sure both of your gifs are converted into “smart filters”, after i duplicated one of the gifs into the file of the other, i’ve set the gif with the group to “screen”

my gif looks like this now:

well, since we can’t make out their faces anymore we are going to get rid of the bright parts, add a “layer mask” to the gif you’ve set to screen and paint with a black brush on the parts you want to delete!

now my gif looks like this!

this is how i ended up doing every gif of the gifset, except for the green gif. you see the flying hovercraft above of prim’s head, right? the hovercraft is rather dark and the background of the scene was bright, i’ve set the gif to “multiply” or “darken” and it should basically ended up like you can see it now, i’ve possibly deleted parts through a layer mask though like i’ve shown before.

i hope this helps!