guess what i just finished playing

Guess who got emotionally scarred again by playing the Platinum Demo after finishing FFXV?

Me. I did. I never played the Platinum Demo (nor Episode Duscae, bad move on my part). So when I saw that it was still available, I tried it out.


Playing as cute baby Noct when you know how his fate turns out is going to HURT. A LOT. 

Especially when you:

- learn that one of Noctis’s most treasured gifts from Regis was a soccer ball that he had always asked for. Then what he just wanted was for his father to play with him. But since Regis is a busy king, he can’t. So Noct would just wait by the Citadel steps every sunset waiting for Regis to come home, but no one shows up. So he just learned to ‘not care’ anymore. (tears)

- You’re led to believe that his ‘safe place’ is the Citadel, Insomnia. But after you fight an Iron Giant, baby Noct’s real ‘safe place’ appears: the REGALIA. It’s because when he’s riding the Regalia, he gets to be with Regis all the time. (then he gets to be with Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis later on) This makes the whole crash at Gralea and Noct saying goodbye to the car all the more painful. (It was already painful to begin with; but knowing this makes it especially tortuous). 

Noctis has been dealt such a shitty hand. Best worst sacrificial lamb ever. He needs a real happy ending! 


Something Unspoken

Peter x Reader

Hey, I know it’s been a while but I recently saw Guardians Vol 2 and was inspired, so I hope you like it!

Edit: Also, would anyone like a sequel to this? Let me know if u do!

Words: 2,306

Something Unspoken

Traveling with the Guardians is not an easy feat what-so-ever, but in all honesty, as much as I complain, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Before I spent my time roaming through the galaxy with my new team, I was head nurse for Tony Stark, and when Peter and the rest of his team had met up with the Avengers, I volunteered to go back with them. They had no kind of medical expert on board, and I craved a new sort of adventure. Cap had tried to talk me out of it, said it was too dangerous, to which I told him how much of a stupid hang up that was, seeing as he was a super solider who had fought off aliens himself. He soon realized how silly his initial argument was.

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This is a short piece from an AU I have where Bruce and Clark met during Bruce’s Batman training. Years later, they’ve been married since before they were heroes, but no one knows. Until Batman is caught kissing Clark Kent.

“You knew Jimmy was there!”

“I- You know how much of a distraction you are, and it was on top of a building full of reporters-”

“You.” Bruce whirled around, jamming his finger into the man’s chest. “Are lying to me. And you are still bad at it.” Kal was quiet for a long moment, standing in place. At long length, his shoulders wilted.

“I… I didn’t plan it, but- but I did notice him,” he admitted, pained.

“Before or after you kissed me?” Bruce challenged. Kal’s silence said it all. “What the hell were you thinking?!”


“What kind of PR can I spin about this?! Batman doesn’t do press!”


Don’t you dare make a joke about him ‘doing’ the press right now.

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Match Maker (Steve Rogers x plus size reader)

Prompt: You and Steve both like each other but have never done something to tell one another. Natasha and Lila help with that. Warnings: like one curse word. Hope you enjoy:)

Originally posted by unchartedghoul

You and the other Avengers had just reached Clint’s houseshead. The others looked very confused of where they were as you all walked in. You, Natasha, and Clint were the only ones who actually knew what was going on and where they were. Then we were greeted by Laura which made the other even more confused. Soon after Clint introduced everyone to Laura Cooper and Lila came running in greeting their father.

“Did you bring auntie Nat and auntie y/n?” Lila asked, you both smiled at her as she ran up to Nat giving her a big hug and then you. You picked her up in your arms and kissing her on the cheek. Steve looked over at you and smiled to himself. Of course she’s good with kids she’s perfect. He thought to himself.

After everyone got settled you and Nat were sitting at the couch and Lila was coloring at the coffee table. Steve was in the kitchen stealing many glances over to you. Lila stood up from the coffee table and walked over to you and sat on your lap.

“Hey sweetie.”

“Auntie y/n I have to ask you something,” she asked, and you nodded “are you and Steve in love.” You almost choked on the water you were drinking and Nat started to laugh.

“No we aren’t in love we are just friends.”

“Well I think he loves you, he is always looking at you.” You started to blush.

“I think love is a little more complicated than that sweetie.”

Nat picked up Lila and sat Lila on her lap “They’re totally in love.” Nat said to Lila and she started to giggle.

“No we aren’t.” You argued as you got up off the couch “I’m going to go take a shower.” You said as you got up and kissed Lila on her forehead. Steve was staring as you walked past him in the kitchen and up the stairs. Steve then turned towards Nat smirking at him, and Lila making kissy faces. Then Lila whispered in Mat’s ear “totally in love.”

You walked out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around your body. You walked over to the bed and saw a note. “Meet is at the kitchen at 6:30. P.s. Wear something pretty.” As you read the words you knew it had to be the work of the match makers, Natasha and Lila, non the less you put on a simple but pretty dress that complimented your figure and put on some makeup.

You walked down the stair to the see the kitchen decorated with fairy lights and Nat, Lila and a nervous looking Steve standing in the kitchen. There was a small radio playing some slow music.

“Nat and Lila what is all of this?”

“It’s a date silly.” Lila giggled.

“Well I guess we better leave you two alone.“ Nat said as her and Lila left the kitchen.

“Wait guys is this a good id…” they had left before you could finish. You huffed. “I’m sorry Steve. They just think we should be together and I know this probably isn’t a good time to be having a date with everything that is happening so I’m just going to leave.”

“No y/n it’s fine please stay,” Steve pushed one of the chair out for you to sit on “you-u look-k lovely.”

“Steve seriously you don’t have to do this to make them happy.”

“Who said anything about making them happy?” You furrowed your eyebrows “it was my idea to do this, they just helped with it.”


“Yes I know it’s probably not the right time to say it but I really like you.”

You blushed “I like you too Steve but why me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you could have any girl you want.”

“Yea I guess and I want you.” He said kind of confused of why you were questioning him about liking you.

“There’s nothing special about me and-” he cut you off.

“You’re very pretty y/n and you’re not like every other girl you are totally, excuse my language, badass.” You smiled at him, sitting in your seat deciding to stay. At the beginning of the dinner Steve was more than nervous about screwing up his chance to be on a date with you but then he started to relax more.

After the dinner a new song came on the radio and Steve stood up “Will you dance with me?” Extending his hand for you to take it which you did. He placed his hands on your waist and you placed yours on his shoulders, swaying back and forth. You were looking down at the ground too nervous to look at him in the eyes.

“This is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever done on a date.”

Steve chuckled “We’re doing it 1940s style.” You laughed looking up to Steve’s eyes, his already staring into yours.

“Y/n after we win the war with ultron will you be my girlfriend?” He began to lean into your face.

You smirked “What if we don’t win the the war?” You questioned as you leaned into Steve’s face

“Good thing it seems we always win.” He answered before he connected his lips with yours.

“Yes!” You heard Nat and Lila shout from the other room causing you to jump apart from each other. When Nat realized she ruined the moment she said “oh sorry.” She picked up Lila and running up the stairs and giggling with her.

You huffed sitting back in seat. “Hey the moment isn’t completely ruined,” Steve said as he took your hand and pulled you up so you were standing again, capturing your lips in another kiss.

Monsta X reaction to you doing a lap dance for them

requested by anon~

warning : it’s kinda smutty idk anymore what have i done ;—; this what happen when such things are requested but note.. i don’t do smut okay…


Originally posted by garisanee

Shownu; It was just some random night when you decided to give Shownu some reward. At first he’d be startled to be honest but when you start doing your moves, he’d be pretty turned on that he’d lick his lips constantly while eyeing you out. He’d be turned on an instant that you’d be able to see his growing bulge. To be honest, he’d let you do your thing until you finish. And once you’re finished, you better prepare yourself since you have to take responsibility for what you’ve just done, well he’s pretty turned on he needs to give you a reward and it’ll be a sleepless night since he’d be making love with you until 3AM i guess?

“*sexy music starts playing* Baby, take a seat first. *you slowly trace your fingers on his chest before gently pushing him towards the chair that you’ve prepared in the middle of your bedroom*”

“O-oh, what’s this? *flushed*”

“A reward for my ever loving boyfriend. Now, eyes on me baby. *bites lower lip and starts doing your thing*”

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho; When the music started once he sat his ass down on the chair, he knew what was up and he’d be really ecstatic about it. Wonho would be restless on his seat when you start doing this lap grind. He’d be biting his lips, holding back the moans when he felt yours touch his crotch. But then, Wonho would also get pretty impatient that he would actually stop you mid-way through the ending. When you’d start doing the body slide, he would totally lose it and would crash his lips on yours, hungrily tasting you before throwing you on the bed. you better be ready to have those clothes thrown on the ground *wink*

“are you sure you want to do this baby? *growls as his lustful eyes eyes you up and down*”

“oh, heck yes, baby. *you whisper on his ear before moving your hips in a circular motion*”

“*groans* ugh… just you wait.. i’m gonna make you scream my name so hard that you’d lose your voice tomorrow… *licks his lips as he tries to calm his beating heart*”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Minhyuk; Minhyuk was pretty tired out by his schedule but when he came home with you pushing him on a chair with such provoking outfit washed those feelings away as he starts to get excited about this. He’d be so serious that he’d be eating you out in his mind, his eyes totally eyeing you out while you do you moves. When you pushed your breasts towards his face, you’d be startled when he’d suddenly lick it don’t try him he’s gonna flip the table. And before you could even finish your lap dance, he’d be the one who’s gonna be giving you some lap dance baby before he proceeds in bringing you to the bed, totally giving you pleasure until you’re tired out. 

Do you like what you’re seeing, baby? *seductively licks your lips while walking closer to him*”

“Mmmm. I don’t like it.. I love it baby, so fcking love it. *watches you with lustful eyes*”

“Well then… *puts your hands behind on the chair for support, standing in between his legs before pushing your breasts into his face, only to be startled when he licks it* B-babe!” 

Originally posted by wonhontology

Kihyun; The two of you were having some time together and since it’s been a while, you decided to give him some lovely performance. By the minute he sat down on the chair, he’d be totally turned on to see you on the black lacy lingerie he gave you and he’d be 10x turned on when you started doing knee strokes on him. Well, it’d be so clear that he’d be so turned on when you don’t see his smile on his face anymore,as it’s going to be replaced by a serious look, mouth slightly ajar and his eyes totally fixed on you and your body. When you bring yourself closer to him, he’d be body worshiping you with his hands sneakily giving those sensitive parts a touch. Just be warned that you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day after you know *wink*

You look fcking amazing babe, and I love it when it gives me a view of those plump breasts of yours. *shakily breaths out as he pulls you closer to him*”

“Calm down, baby, you’re gonna get a taste of this later. *pushes his hands away before doing circular motions on his lap*”

“*moans so hard that it’d make you wet in an instant* Ugh, baby, don’t stop….. *eyes fixed on yours while licking his lips*”

Originally posted by garisanee

Hyungwon; It was after a formal dinner when you decided to give this boy some reward for being a good boy. The moment you stripped of your dress, revealing a lingerie, he’d be looking at you with that look in the gif while he watches you start doing your thing. He’d be totally in control with his emotions as he just let you do your thing despite doing such sinful acts. But once he thinks that it’s his turn to give you some pleasure, he’d actually time it when you up close to him before he crashes his lips on yours, with his arm wrapped around your waist and hand playing with your nipples. And it’d end up with the two of you on bed, moaning each other’s name.

Oh, just keep that coming baby. *whispers as you start to grind in between his legs*”

“*does another move and another and another and another for 5 minutes*”

“*sees you pull your body towards him; quickly wraps his arm around your waist and crashes his lips on yours, making it into a heated make out until the two of you are now in bed*”

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Jooheon; Man, Jooheon would be loving it. He would let you do your thing until how long you want it to be. But don’t be surprised to see him look at you while biting his lips from time to time. His breath would be so uneven since he’d be so freaking turned out that his bulge would be there to say hi to you despite being under his jogging pants. But then when you’’re doing a move that he really loves, he’d keep you on the place while running his hands down on your thighs before letting out a loud moan. When you finally decide to end the lap dance, Jooheon would just pull you into his lap before taking you in here and there. 

Baby, that was freaking awesome. *he whispers as he pulls you into his lap, his arms snaking around you waist.*”

“*sits on his lap without hesitation* Yeah? Well, what are you waiting for baby? I’m all yours.”

“*smirks before hungrily crashes his lips onto yours*”

Originally posted by kihyuon

Changkyun; This boy would not to miss a thing. He’d have his phone up by the minute you start dancing and despite having his phone recording every single thing you do, he’d still have his eyes fixed on you and your body. You were just wearing some white beater and boxers without any bra on but Changkyun would also be turned on and would be so frustrated at how hot you looked to be honest. And once he thinks that he’s caught enough, he’d throw his phone away before going all in on you. And from time to time, you’d be able to see him smirk at you.

Dang baby, no bra on? *glances on his phone to check if it’s high resolution*”

“*ignores him and continues to do your thing, only to make him more frustrated*”

“Okay, you know what… I’ve recorded a good amount of you lap dancing… *throws his phone away before pulling you into his lap and makes you do your thing*”

Imagine SWR Bloopers

Like, all the characters are safe and happy, they’re just acting, after all.

Imagine little interviews with them, about what episodes were their favourites and who they enjoyed working with and so on.

Maul and Kanan are actually good friends and Maul found it very hard to act like they were rivals. He kept laughing and saying “I can’t even!” during scenes, which had to be redone.

Obi-Wan and Maul had this little inside joke where they were acting too weak to attack each other. Obi-Wan said “Ow! My back is killing me!” and Maul told Ezra “Hold my prune juice, apprentice! I’m going in!” which just made Ezra have a laughing fit off camera.

Thrawn absolutely loved playing the part of a Sherlock Holmes mastermind, as he said in an interview: “It was very easy for me to play this part. I mean, I am actually what most call a ‘nerd’. Art is my life.” 

During that scene in Hera’s Heroes when Thrawn confronted Slavin for his small-minded opinion on art, Slavin kept laughing and it took about 20 takes before the scene could be finished. Slavin also couldn’t say his line right the first few times and just ended up blowing a raspberry.

Vader and Ahsoka had a lot of laughs on the set, with Anakin/Vader singing “Guess who’s back? Back again?” and so forth. Sometimes they would just randomly appear at the sidelines making peace symbols at the camera. At one point, they sang a duet of My Heart Will Go On in front of Ezra and the Ghost Crew.

Agent Kallus spent a lot of time goofing around with Zeb and actually has a soft spot for Chopper, funnily enough. Chopper would pretend to hand him objects like the newspaper, only to jerk them out of reach, laugh and hand them back to him.

Idk I just need happy AUs <3

Say My Name

//Smut// {also dramatic build up}
word count: 2218

You’re there, across from him. You can see that he wants you, as he bites his lip and slowly moves his hand up your thigh. He gets closer and closer, slipping his hand up your skirt.. your head rolls back and you wake up, sitting in bed.

“Shit, time for school again.” you groan as you wiped the sleep from your eyes.

For the past few days you’ve been going to school flustered from the crazy dreams you’ve been having and it’s all because of him, your classmate crush. You haven’t known him long but from the moment you met him, he’s all you can think about. He ended up transferring to your school a month after classes started, and its been hell- for you at least. He always gives you these looks that just kind of shoots right through you and makes you ache all over.

“Hey, Y/N snap out of it.” said your friend Sky

“don’t tell me you’re thinking of him again…” she said with a serious look on her face.

“SHHHH someone might here you… and no… I was just… thinking. Ya know?” you say hesitantly.

“I swear its the same thing every day. And besides almost everyone knows you like him, Y/N you should probably tell him or just give up” she said as she got up from her seat on the bus

“You and I both know I can’t tell him, my body lights on fire just being around him. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me.” you say as you make your way off the bus with a blush on your face.

“Well you never know unless you take the chance of telling him, who knows maybe he thinks you’re sexy haha” sky shouts as she runs to her first period class.

“Shes crazy” you thought as you go to class

Your first period class was the easiest part of the day because your crush didn’t have that class so it always went by quickly and you could stay focus unless you fell asleep. On your way to second period Sky ran up next to you.

“Hey so guess what.” she said with a huge smile on her face

“Oh god, what is it this time..” you say

“We’re going to a party tonight with Jungkook and Yugyeom.” she said calmly as if she knew you would be ok with it.

“Really, do I have to go?” you questioned.

“Yes Y/N, you have to keep Yugyeom company while I make my move on Jungkook. for me pleeaaassee”  Sky said with puppy dog eyes. “And besides I heard a certain someone might be there.”

“Fine, I’ll go… only for you not him” you say blushing.

Sky and you both walk into class together and see everyone was standing on one side of the room.

“Ok class, everyone is getting new assigned seats since everyone constantly talks during lecture” your reading teacher Ms. Jets says

You start freaking out “shit shIT SHIT!!” you thought.. considering this was one of the classes you had with him ’…

“Sky and Jungkook” Ms. Jet says as she starts to place people together.

Name after name and finally she calls you “Y/N and Ki-”

Wait what did she just say? Your mind starts spinning and you could feel your knees get weak. You walk over towards your seat, which was in the back of the class, he was eyeing you the whole time. When you sat down all you could think of was how good he smelled, you could feel your body heat increase and you suddenly felt flustered.

“Y/N are you ok?” he said with a slight grin on his face

Damn his voice was so fucking deep. “Uh, yeah I’m fine.” you replied  

The whole time in class you felt as if you where being watched by him. He was so close that every time his skin slightly touched you it sent shivers down your spine. Half way throw lecture you look over to him and you couldn’t help but stare for a moment, as he was licking his lips, he sees you staring and smirks. You look away with embarrassment. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off through the school. Ms. Jet leaves the class and everyone follows her but as soon as you went to walk through the door someone grabs a hold of you and slams you agents the wall shutting the door quickly.

“You know you get me flustered every time I see that pretty little face of yours.” a deep voice said

You look up to see that it was him, your crush was standing right in-front of you but before you could say anything his lips crash onto yours, you didn’t fight him because his lips tasted like heaven and they were the softest things you have ever felt. Before you realized it your fingers were tangled there his hair, you could feel his tongue begging for entrance against your top lip so you gave him what he wanted. One of his hands slipped up your shirt and squeezed your right boob so tightly but damn it felt good. The other hand was slowly making its way from your hip to the button of your pants, as he unbutton your pants all you could think was how you hope this wasn’t a dream.. finally his hand slips in your pants and starts to play with your entrance.

At this point “Thank god this class doesn’t have any cameras” was the only thing you could think of.

“Damn babe, your so fucking wet. You must have been thinking about me.” he says playfully

He slips his fingers in and starts thrusting them back and forth. “Fuck you’re so tight around my fingers” he hissed “I wonder how you would feel around my cock” he whispered in your ear.

The alarm stopped and so did he.“ I guess we’ll just have to finish what we started another time baby doll he said faintly.

"What about tonight at the party?” you asked sweetly.

“Damn you might really want it haha. Ok come look for me tonight.” he said

Through out the day he kept teasing you in the other classes you had with him. He would lick his lips while staring at you, he would brush up against you every time he walked by you, and he just did little things to get you more flustered then what you were. By the end of the day you were ready to burst.

“Here try this on, I think you’ll look good in it.” Sky said as you both were getting ready for the party. “We have to hurry because Yugyeom and Jungkook are on the way and you know it doesn’t take long for them to get here” she said.

“Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.” you say with a big smile on your face.

“Uh, ok.” she said with a confused look “your quite happy, did something happen at school today?”

“What? No nothing really happened haha..” you replied

“Are you sure? Because i didn’t see you outside when the fire alarm went off, oh and i didn’t see your little crush either” she said

You blushed and as you were going to explain, the door bell rung. Thank god it was Jungkook and Yugyeom.

After arriving to the party Sky and Jungkook left you and Yugyeom alone, so you to talked for a while. The conversation was going good and then you two started talking about relationships.

“So are you seeing anyone?” you asked

“Yeah, I have been for a while. and we plan on getting married after high school” Yugyeom replied “She’s actually on her way here. But what about you?” he asked

“Oh that’s awesome, but uh I guess you could say I’m seeing someone in a way.” you said.

After that Yugyeom met up with his girlfriend and they were gone so you decided to go look around. Going up the steps of the huge house you were in, you came to a hallway filled with doors. You wanted to find a quiet room to release some of the tension you had built up earlier in the day. Every room or bathroom you checked so far seemed to have been occupied and you almost gave up, until you came cross what seem to have been an empty room. You went in forgetting to close the door behind you. As you walked over to the edge of the bed you heard the door close,you spun around seeing that it was ‘him’.

“I knew you’d find me, but you made me wait for such a long time so I’m not going easy on you” He said as he walked over towards you. He pushed you on the bed and crawled on top of you, while holding your hands above your head.

“I know that you want me, but don’t worry babygirl I’ve wanted you to.” He said as he reaches down to kiss your neck.

As he leave little kisses and bite all over your neck he begins to unbutton your shorts, after that he starts to trail down your body touching you everywhere and leaving kiss all over. He finally gets down to your shorts, basically ripping them off you He begins to eat you out

“Fuck, you taste so sweet baby.” He hissed

you arched your back as he continued, and you tried to hold back from moaning. As you were restraining yourself he noticed. “Say my name” He said.

you shook your head no so he gripped your thigh and jolted you cross the bed

“I said say my name.” He said an slight anger

“Ah… Ki- Kim Taehyung” you said loud and clear.

“That’s right babygirl don’t stop saying it.” He said giving you a strong look. Then he started to work on you begin, slipping his tongue in and out of your folds, glossing them them his saliva. As he was working on your clit, he stuck to fingers in and started to trust harder then what he did in the classroom, curling them up and hitting your g-spot instantly. He kept doing it, trusting faster and faster, at one point you felt as if you were going to burst all over him but then he stopped.

“Oh you think its going to be that easy to get off?” he smirked “Get on your knees now.”

You hesitated, but he jolted you off the bed and slung you on your knees. When you looked up you were surprised to see the huge bulge in his pants.

“You know what to do right babygirl, or does daddy need to teach you?” he said looking down at you.

You thought “Ok I can play along to his game.” So you scudded up close to him, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his zipper with your mouth, setting his pants around his ankles. You start to gently stroke his cock through his boxers, while looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

“I guess you weren’t going to be as good as i thought.” he stated

That’s when you smirked at him and he was shocked. You pull out his member and took it all in at once leaving him breathless. Bobbing you head up and down you noticed Kim Taehyung rolled his head back and bite his lip in pleasure, but you wanted to hear him, so you decided to change things up, you bring your hands up to his hips and begin to slightly scratch him while curling your tongue up around his dick while you were moving back and forth.

“Ah, Fuck… baby… god damn.” was all that he could spit out as he trust his hips and twitch in your mouth.

Before you could get him to cum, he moved, picking you up off the ground and standing you up. He stripped you of everything except the choker and stockings you had on.

“Your so fucking hot, and its all for me.” he said as he crawled over you once again. “I wanna hear you scream my name for what I’m about to do to you.” he said as he gripped your neck.

He was biting you you hard and gripping your hip with his other hand. You arched your back so high, and in that moment he slammed into you, stretching you nicely. You practically screamed loud enough for the whole party to hear, but nothing was stopping you or him. He was trusting in and out of you and you swore you never felt something so wonderful, and you didn’t want this pleasure to stop. While he was moving back and forth his grip on your neck got tighter and tighter, you swore you were seeing colors. He sped up and you could feel him twitch inside of you.

“Cum for me baby.” he said “And say my name.”

Just a few more trust and you release all over him shouting his name. He release shortly after you. After that he gently placed a cover the to of you and began to cuddle you.

“You know this means your mine now… And I don’t ever wanna hear you stop saying my name.” he said as he pushed his face in your neck.

The End

Reverse Pining AU: Michael Signs Up For The Play

The day had been going as usual for Jeremy, crappy and soul crushing rejection from his peers along with another test he did not study for, only barely finished in time. He walked out of the room to an excited Christine.
“Jeremy guess what we just-oh wow you look terrible, what happened?”
“Life, school. What’s got you so excited?”
“The play! They just posted the sign up sheet! And I think you’re to like this year’s production a lot more than usual.” She gestured for him to follow her as she practically skipped down the hallway until they stopped in front of the sign up sheet. In big lettering was the name Michael Mell.
“M…Michael signed up for the play?”
“Yeah! I saw him this morning and thought well I know a certain guy who’s been looking to have a reason to talk to him forever now. You can finally give him that letter we worked on!”
“Yeah…I kinda tore that up and flushed it down the toilet.” Christine made a face. “It’s still progress.”
“Well this doesn’t require any writing! You don’t even have to think out what you’ll say to him, it will already be written down and then you two can go from there!” Christine handed him the pen. Jeremy nervously noticed Rich and Jake round the corner. They immediately saw him signing up.
“Hah, GAY!” Everyone laughed as Jeremy’s face turned red from embarrassment. Christine angrily turned towards Rich.
“Hey! The theatre is not a laughing matter, and even if he was gay why should you care? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if-”
“No Christine, it’s alright. I’m used to it. I mean they’re not wrong.”
“That doesn’t give them an excuse to be such assholes!”
“Can we just go get lunch? I’m starving.” Christine reluctantly agreed heading down to the cafeteria and as they got in line Jeremy came to a dead stop, causing Christine to bump into him. Right in front of them stood Michael Mell himself, Christine noticed Jeremy starting to sweat profusely.
“Say something to him!” Instead Jeremy remained frozen until Michael was out of view. By then the people behind the two had started forcing them to move on allowing the boy to start moving again. “If I wasn’t such a romantic i’d say your hopeless.”
“I’m not completely hopeless, I mean I didn’t pass out this time.”
“If I wasn’t standing behind you, you probably would have.”
“That’ll all end today! Play practice will start and I won’t be awkward and-” At that moment Jeremy went to grab a milk when he felt someone's​hand on top of his. Looking up his eyes met Michael’s.

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This


Edward Kenway! 
I finally finished this drawing.

I was looking through the artbook of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and I really got into the concept based on Haytham’s outfit. Later found it in game (I’ve just recently started playing it), and I guess it was also quite similar to the one used by Shay Cormac (in Assassin’s Creed Rouge). Fascinating topic. 
So I started to draw Edward as a templar (or as a “I pretend to be a templar, to get on your ship, burn it, and get what I need”), and as I drew unbuttoned shirt to show the pendant, I realized it’s too cruel to do just a templar version XD So now there are two versions. 
By the way, the idea of his hair in a braid also came from one of the concepts in the book.

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Anger mail

Ruki (reading mail): “This mail is about the strange behaviour I see sometimes from people sitting next to me on the night bus during tours. Once the person beside me took out a jar of kimchi, and just put his chopsticks right in and ate it as a meal, he even drank all the juice, and to top it off he put the jar on the floor and it was rolling around all night”

Kai: R U SERIOUS!!?!

Ruki: “I couldn’t sleep because of the smell and the sound. I think you guys uses buses on your tours, but has anything shocking like that happened to you before?”

(everyone laughing)

Uruha: Would you be allowed to open a window on a bus? If it smelled?

Kai: (laughing) But idk that’s kinda…

Uruha: But imagine if it was a bullet train, like if it smelled like alcohol or something omg


Kai: Ah yes, I guess we should talk about who ended up being behind that pudding incident from a long time ago?

Ruki: Why do we have to?

Uruha: Why are you forcing it?

Everyone: uuhuhu

Kai (laughing): Who did the pudding incident!?

Aoi: Was it someone you know?

(everyone chucklin)


(everyone dying)


Reita: But we haven’t used a bus in a while.

Kai: Right.

Aoi: Yeah definitely….

Uruha: Huh? Didn’t we use one in Sapporo?

Reita and Aoi and Kai: AWWWW

Kai: That was just you!

Reita: It was an Uruha-kun-only bus.

Uruha: No no no

Reita and Aoi and Kai: mmfufufuuhuhu

Reita: It was an Uruha-kun-only bus~

Ruki: But when we did take buses, everyone would just start playing games right away and not talk.

Reita: Oh, like back in the day?

Ruki: Yeh

Reita: Yeh

Ruki: But there was a kinda fragrant smell…

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Reita: Smell of what!?

Ruki: HUHU……HUHU……….

Reita: Everyone was quiet…just playin games on their screens…..

Ruki: I would put in earphones and not be listening to anything

Kai: What!?

Uruha: That’s dark!

Reita: That’s scary! …I bet your phone wasn’t even on.

Ruki: And the glass in Sapporo was super foggy. [I guess the bus windows??????]

Uruha: Let’s have Ruki join us sometime and play Monster Hunter!

Reita: You already made Ruki play Monster Hunter with you a long time ago!

Uruha: Ahh…

Reita: Yeah, and he killed a Velocidrome, and you were watching from the side like “Wow! Amazing! You killed it!”

(everyone dying laughing)

Reita: You were just talking shit, like you were entertaining a guest or something…

(everyone still dying)

Kai: Wait, are we gonna finish the conversation from before?

Reita: Nah it’s already over

Along for the Ride – Prompto x Fem!Reader // Chapter 1: Photoshoot

Word Count: 3666 
Adult Themed but SFW (Later chapters will be entirely NSFW. We’re building to it. I’m a sucker for sexual tension, ok?)
Reader specifics: She has some sort of fashion color in her hair. It can be any color(s), in any amount, but it’s there. 2. She has a small tattoo on her right bicep. That is all. :D

Author’s Note: This little chapter was what started my journey into Prompto hell. It has since taken over my entire damn life and it’s all thanks to someone else’s photoshoot one shot. It was fine, but it left me un satisfied. I’ve tried my hand at modeling before, so the flow just felt inorganic. I also just couldn’t wrap my head around (the canon version of) Prompto just banging a chick he just met during a photoshoot. So I was like…I’m an ok writer…I could write it…then I needed it…and before I knew it, I was neck deep into 9 chapters and I now have an overarching plan to fix the end of the damn game. (Facepalm) I’ve been consumed.

I ALMOST didn’t post this. I’ve been reeling, trying to make it perfect. Then my dumb ass muse was like, “PREQUEL!” 

Then it was like, “ONE SHOTS!” and I started like 4 that are currently incomplete because I keep going back to this damn chapter and fixing it. If I don’t just post this, I’m going to find a reason not to. 

So here you go my lovely Prompto fans. I hope you enjoy it.


(If I tagged you, it’s because I’m pretty sure you appreciate Prompto. I hope that’s ok!!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾)

@xnoctits, @ridingchocobros, @louisvuittontrashbags, @dirtyffxvconfession, @chocofeathers

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Little Rascal (Guardians of the Galaxy)

word count: 894

summary: Y/N and Rocket bond and Groot gets himself into some trouble. 

a/n: Because baby Groot is so fucking adorable AND I just loved the Guardians so much! No romantic relationships (a little bit of gamora x peter) and the reader is protective of Groot (but who wouldn’t be?)

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Let’s be honest. Being the chill girl is okay for a while. I mean, know how to play the cards and keep your interest. I know how to make you want me without over doing it, and I know how to put in just enough effort to lead you on. But now I’m done with being the chill girl. I’m finished pretending that I don’t care about you just because it’s cool to be evasive and distant. I’m done with hiding my heart away from real feelings just because I think this is what I should do.

I guess I’m just getting sick of acting like I don’t care just so I can play your games and lead you on. I’ve tried to do it your way. I’ve tried to follow the rules by being the chill girl who doesn’t require any commitment. But what happens next…? Does the game just go on and on until one of us gets bored? That sounds romantic…

But really, what’s the alternative? We can both just go on our way, with nothing ever settled and no real feelings ever acknowledged. Or we can let things fade away in time to prevent any hurt feelings (even if we are pretending we don’t have feelings). I mean, sure, like I said, playing the game can be fun. You have that charming appeal of the guy that’s hard to get. I won’t lie, it’s sexy. The subtle side smiles and quick glances…those keep us both playing.

Basically, the rules are that I can casually play with your feelings by flirting just enough to draw in your attention, but not too much. See, if I flirt too much, or show too much interest, I’ll seem overeager and desperate. You’ll actually think I like you…

But now it’s been a while, and the unanswered text messages and the vague plans are getting old. Staying up late anxiously checking my phone for a text message from you is becoming exhausting, especially when there’s probably only about a 5% chance that you’ll actually text me. Reading too far into your comments and trying to decode what they mean about us isn’t getting me anywhere. Heck, your comments that I replay over and over again probably don’t even mean anything, and even if they did, you would probably steer clear of the truth. So if you’re never going to be honest with me, then what am I still doing here? What am I waiting for?

—  Malcolm Mistry

Bet you can guess what’s on his mind… ;)

Sam Friggin Winchester

You know when you try to play it cool, but you just can’t?

Like all you want to do is finish what you started, to hell with the consequences and who in the hell watches?

Yep. That’s me right now.

Sam friggin Winchester left me all kinds of sprung up before we took a seat in front of this witness. Goddammit, man. I can’t stand it. The burning desire deep in my core was starting to fill me up, making my whole body vibrate with want. 

And you know what’s worse? The way he was staring at me. Every chance he got, even when the witness was staring at him, he would send menthat look. You know the one. Where he would squint his eyes just slightly, hinting at the savage he was in bed. Yes. You heard that right. A savage. Sam was a freak in bed. But I guess everyone knew that. 

And he wasn’t making things easier. Especially when he licked his lips, eyeing me up and down the moment the witness turned her head to look out the window.

“Ex-excuse me for a moment,” I muttered, feeling my throat go dry. I quickly rose to my feet, and trying my damn best to maintain the sliver I had of my dignity, I kept my eyes off of Sam before exiting the living room and heading to the kitchen.

That was a fucking mistake.

The moment my hands touched that countertop, another pair of hands gripped my waist from behind, taking the breath from my lungs. I knew it was him. Who else would follow that grip with the pressing of his solid frame against my back? 

“You thought excusing yourself was going to save you from tonight?” came his hushed, sexy voice in my ear. I felt his lips grace my lobe and I suppressed a shiver. “Baby, I’m just getting started.” 

He whipped me around to face him, his hazel eyes piercing mine. At first, having this new Sam around, the one without a soul, that is, was a bit of a turn off and I wanted nothing more than to shove hot coal down his throat. 

Now however…with the way he was staring at me…

“I’m going to make you scream tonight, Y/N/N,” he whispered, his lips barely touching mine. “And you’re going to be begging me to keep going.”

My heart skipped a beat. Yep. I was definitely in for it tonight.

And I friggin loved it.

I hope you like this, @neversatisfiedgirl / @kalliravenne *hides face*

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