guess what i just finished playing

Guess who got emotionally scarred again by playing the Platinum Demo after finishing FFXV?

Me. I did. I never played the Platinum Demo (nor Episode Duscae, bad move on my part). So when I saw that it was still available, I tried it out.


Playing as cute baby Noct when you know how his fate turns out is going to HURT. A LOT. 

Especially when you:

- learn that one of Noctis’s most treasured gifts from Regis was a soccer ball that he had always asked for. Then what he just wanted was for his father to play with him. But since Regis is a busy king, he can’t. So Noct would just wait by the Citadel steps every sunset waiting for Regis to come home, but no one shows up. So he just learned to ‘not care’ anymore. (tears)

- You’re led to believe that his ‘safe place’ is the Citadel, Insomnia. But after you fight an Iron Giant, baby Noct’s real ‘safe place’ appears: the REGALIA. It’s because when he’s riding the Regalia, he gets to be with Regis all the time. (then he gets to be with Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis later on) This makes the whole crash at Gralea and Noct saying goodbye to the car all the more painful. (It was already painful to begin with; but knowing this makes it especially tortuous). 

Noctis has been dealt such a shitty hand. Best worst sacrificial lamb ever. He needs a real happy ending! 


I played the shit out of morrowind but I have no idea what the story in it was or what I was supposed to be doing, I got invested in just exploring the landscape and then I ended up bailing when I realised I couldn’t free all my fellow cat men from slavery. Oblivion I played enough to finish the tutorial and explore the first town and then I got bored and stopped. Skyrim I got as far as installing but have never actually opened. The next one I guess I’m gonna just pay for and be done

Let’s be honest. Being the chill girl is okay for a while. I mean, know how to play the cards and keep your interest. I know how to make you want me without over doing it, and I know how to put in just enough effort to lead you on. But now I’m done with being the chill girl. I’m finished pretending that I don’t care about you just because it’s cool to be evasive and distant. I’m done with hiding my heart away from real feelings just because I think this is what I should do.

I guess I’m just getting sick of acting like I don’t care just so I can play your games and lead you on. I’ve tried to do it your way. I’ve tried to follow the rules by being the chill girl who doesn’t require any commitment. But what happens next…? Does the game just go on and on until one of us gets bored? That sounds romantic…

But really, what’s the alternative? We can both just go on our way, with nothing ever settled and no real feelings ever acknowledged. Or we can let things fade away in time to prevent any hurt feelings (even if we are pretending we don’t have feelings). I mean, sure, like I said, playing the game can be fun. You have that charming appeal of the guy that’s hard to get. I won’t lie, it’s sexy. The subtle side smiles and quick glances…those keep us both playing.

Basically, the rules are that I can casually play with your feelings by flirting just enough to draw in your attention, but not too much. See, if I flirt too much, or show too much interest, I’ll seem overeager and desperate. You’ll actually think I like you…

But now it’s been a while, and the unanswered text messages and the vague plans are getting old. Staying up late anxiously checking my phone for a text message from you is becoming exhausting, especially when there’s probably only about a 5% chance that you’ll actually text me. Reading too far into your comments and trying to decode what they mean about us isn’t getting me anywhere. Heck, your comments that I replay over and over again probably don’t even mean anything, and even if they did, you would probably steer clear of the truth. So if you’re never going to be honest with me, then what am I still doing here? What am I waiting for?

—  Malcolm Mistry
  • me: *plays a game literally all day everyday for weeks*
  • me: *realizes how much time of my life i'm wasting*
  • me: ok i'll be Productive™ after i beat the game
  • me: -finishes-
  • me: what can i play next

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //


Edward Kenway! 
I finally finished this drawing.

I was looking through the artbook of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and I really got into the concept based on Haytham’s outfit. Later found it in game (I’ve just recently started playing it), and I guess it was also quite similar to the one used by Shay Cormac (in Assassin’s Creed Rouge). Fascinating topic. 
So I started to draw Edward as a templar (or as a “I pretend to be a templar, to get on your ship, burn it, and get what I need”), and as I drew unbuttoned shirt to show the pendant, I realized it’s too cruel to do just a templar version XD So now there are two versions. 
By the way, the idea of his hair in a braid also came from one of the concepts in the book.

Sherlock x Reader: The Dance Teacher

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Requested by @holmessick : Hey, what about Sherlock and the reader dancing together or Sherlock teaches the reader to dance? Like Tango, Walzer or something. ☺

A/N: Thank you for requesting. x

Also, I got home from London last night so I’m now able to continue writing Sherlock/Harry Potter imagines. Have a nice lest of the week everyone!

You unlocked the door to 221B and was greeted by Mrs Hudson who was just walking down the stairs. The sound of a violin could be heard from above.

“Hello dear,” Said the elderly lady.

“I’m guessing I shouldn’t try and talk to Sherlock,” You sighed. “He doesn’t listen to me when he’s on his violin.”

“Oh he’s not playing the violin.”


“No,” Mrs Hudson giggled. “He’s dancing!”


“Yes. He seemed quite good at it.”


After finishing your conversation with Mrs Hudson, you ascended the stairs and saw Sherlock dancing to music in the living room.

“Don’t laugh Y/N,” Sherlock told you and continued to dance.

“I wasn’t going to,” You informed him. “I didn’t know you danced.”

“Clearly you didn’t. You did when you were younger though.”

“How did you know that? I’ve never mentioned it.” You were still amazed by Sherlock and his deductions even though you had lived with him for a while.

“On the first case we ever went on you were in a position where you had been taken and were asked ballet questions from the murderous ballet teacher. If you got three questions wrong you would be killed.” You shook at the horrible memory. He continued, “You knew a lot of the questions about the dance technical terms however you did not know the more complex movements which suggests you used to dance, more likely when you were younger, but did not do it professionally because you do not know the harder terms. Also, your posture. You hold yourself in the way that a dancer would.”

“Well that sums it all up,” You stated.

“Yes,” He said and stopped dancing. “Would you like to dance with me? Just so I can check that the dancing fits to the music. The music is for John and Mary’s wedding.”

“I didn’t think that John could dance.”

“I had to teach him,” Sherlock muttered. You giggled at the thought of Sherlock trying to teach John. “So would you like to do the waltz with me?”

“I don’t know how to do the waltz. It wasn’t a dance that I did.”

He sighed. “I’m going to have to teach you now.”


You were stood close to each other, your fingers were intertwined with his. Your other hand was placed on his upper arm while his was around your waist. He taught you the footwork to the waltz which resulted in you often stepping on his feet by accident. You eventually added turns and more complex movements. It took you a while however it resulted in a beautiful dance. You moved around the room gracefully to the music while gazing into each others eyes. In that moment you felt like you had a connection with him. You felt like you were falling for the man which you promised yourself that you would not do. Sherlock noticed this. Your pupils dilated and your cheeks tuned red. Sherlock felt a feeling towards you too. It was a feeling that he had never felt before. He told himself that love was a disadvantage however his heart rate had increased and he felt an urge to pull you closer and have his lips meet yours.


You’d both stopped dancing and he let go of your hand. He placed his other hand upon your waist and pulled you closer. He kissed you. You were surprised at first however once you got your head around what was happening, it just felt right. You suddenly craved his embrace and did not want the moment to end.

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eh i wouldn't take the guitarist's neighbor seriously mainly because i don't trust anyone who hasn't actually heard his album. also 70s folk rock doesn't fit into the freak outs john misty was having about it being insane and bolder than he expected. well, i guess it would be bold of harry to release a 70s folk rock album in 2017 with a the kind of massive record deal he has but somehow i doubt that that's what's happening

If her tweet is true, the guitarist neighbor didn’t just hear Harry’s album - he played on Harry’s album. That’s the point. She said he’s been away, and she’s happy for his success and glad of the peace. And now he’s back (playing guitar ie noisy neighbour) it means Harry’s album is finished.


“Hey look at that guy over there” Mason pointed out to you  “Guess what his name is” he questioned, oviously knowing the answer.

“I don’t know Mason just tell me” you sighed, not wanting to play the guessing game right now.

“His name is, oh stop it Liam!” he exclaimed, making you look over at your extremely jealous friend.

“Anyways his name is” Mason started but then a deep voice behind you finished it for you by saying “Brett”

Both Mason and yourself quickly turned around, but you slipped on the damp grass, making you fall right into Brett.

Thankfully he caught you so you didn’t really fall on the ground, but it was still quite embarrassing. He made sure you were okay before sprinting off to the rest of his team, but after the game he specifically made sure to find you and make sure you still okay.

//Soooo… yeah, I’m still alive. Sorry for disappearing like a month ago? Tbh I started playing Mass Effect and it took over my life. Finished all 3 games and all the DLC and then Breath of the Wild came out? Which is awesome btw, it’s just equally taken over my life

And… I guess I sort of needed the break as well? You all probably have seen how much I’m struggling with my muse with how little I’ve been on, not to mention it’s what will hopefully be my last semster, which I don’t think is helping.

ANYWAY what I’m trying to get at is I’m gonna try to come back, but we’ll see how effective I am. I’m honestly not sure how many threads I’m going to keep, if any, just cuz it’s been a while; I still  have to think about it. Stuff that I can think of responses to right away will probably be kept, at least until I can figure out if my partners want to continue. The rest, well, that’s up in the air, I guess we’ll see what happens?


Guess who just finished Orsinium! Fun epilogue ideas for DC players: go tell your High King how you murdered his ally and essentially jeopardized the existence of your entire alliance. :3

Bonus: you_did_what_now.png

Name: Ha, just call me Outlaw.
birthdate & location: 05/31, Ohio, USA
nickname: Depends on how hard I’m failing at life.
gender: …what, I can’t say I’m an amorphous blob? Too bad, we get to play the guessing game. (If I’ve mentioned my name to you, you ought to know my gender.)
sexual orientation: -waves hands- WHO KNOWS NOT I. (I’m not homosexual, that’s all I know.)
favorite movie: Star Wars (ALL OF THEM), Warcraft, Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn.
last book you read: Finished: “Steadfast” (retelling of the Steadfast Tin Soldier fairytale). Working on: “Unnatural Issue” (retelling of Donkeyskin). Both by Mercedes Lackey. Ordering “Etched in Bone” by Anne Bishop. Waiting eagerly for “Blade of Empire” to have an official release date HNNNNNNGH.

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20+ years later...

*future teenage son walks into the living room looking somewhat pissed*

Me: What’s wrong, honey?

Son: I just finished looking up my name on the internet for that assignment. 

Me: Oh. Haha… *voice takes on an unnaturally high pitch* Yeah, told you it meant “vigorous spring”. 

Son: Mom… *glares* you named me after one half of the “most shipped slash pairing in fangirl history”. 

Me: *breaks out in cold sweat*

Son: Not to mention my middle name just happens to be that of the actor who plays him.

Me: *really breaks out in cold sweat*

Son: *sigh* But I guess he is kind of gorgeous. *flips his long-ass hair* Just like me.

Me: *cups his cheek tenderly* I have raised you well, my son.


My father always encouraged me to be an actress. I guess, as a parent, you can look at your child and see what they are kind of prone to and I was that kid; I had a video camera when I was a child and filmed everything and organized plays and I was always on camera too. I would never just be behind the camera, hello! I would put myself in as the star. I did do the plays in high school before I dropped out and finished high school on my own. I fell in love with theater in high school and it was something that my parents really encouraged, probably up until the moment I said `I`m gonna go do it tomorrow`. They`ve been great.