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Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Oliver, what if people apart from you could see me as something, someone, deserving of happiness? Not as a hero, mind. Just as “any other boy.”

The idea frightens me. Coward that I am. Me, born of science and ambition gone wrong. I felt that wrongness every day, until you wrote to me. Until you infected me with wondrous, hopeful nonsense.

Frau Pruwitt has given me a book about a certain blind superhero. And now I am feeling something other than despicable.

What have you done to me, Oliver Paulot?


where th FUCK is all the scoutcest

Can Korrasami please just happen? Please? 

Man, I know that there is plenty of narrative evidence in the first two books hinting towards Makorra, and they said “I’ll always love you” and yeah I guess that’s important in a story.

But let’s be real, their actual development was so shitty. I know makorra will happen. I know. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was just done so fucking badly like I really do not understand how that even happened?? 

(*disclaimer: i ain’t here to have a gd fight with makorra shippers. i used to be one of you. i respect people for shipping what they want. but how i feel about how the ship itself was done is different. ALSO HOLY SHIT HUGE -pessimistic- RANT BELOW, check urself b4 u wreck urself)

I’m going to regret posting this.

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Things about 9x21 "King of the Damned" #7

Crowley and his son mirroing or at least alluding heavily to Dean’s relationship with his father. Just take a look at this dialogue:

Gavin: “Why do I hate you?”

Crowley: “I mean I beat you, starved you, came home drunk, beat you some more, woke up hungover and yeah…Well, I beat you.”

Gavin: “I grew up thinking, knowing I was nothing, less than nothing. You worked me harder than the horse. You never let me go to school. To this day I can’t read.”

I don’t know if this has been talked about before, but I have seen nothing of it on my dash. This is disturbing on so many levels that I can’t even truly put it into words. But this right here is the core of all of Dean’s problems and the reason why in the end he took on that mark.

Let’s see, canon def implies that John Winchester was a drunk and it wa also hevaily implied that he got quite phsycial with his kids (“You don’t want to see him when he drinks”, “And when dad came home…”), left them alone for days at a time Dean giving his food to Sam.

But truly, the most hearbreaking part is the last line from Gavin, because that is exactly how Dean has always felt as well: Being nothing! Less than nothing (“I am a 90% crap”). Crowley never let Gavin off easy, instead he was hard on him, which I guess speak for itself when you think of these lines: “A good little soldier” / “I was never a kid”. Plus: Just like Gavin never went to school, Dean left school early as well.

And then we even have Crowley making the connection by asking Dean this

Crowley: “Squirrel, I hope you were nice to your father…”

Dean: “What? Shut up!

John Winchetser has been front and center a lot this season and what he put upon his children and Dean’s narrow shoulders, now we are seeing it snap. And just like Crowley, due to his humanity, doesn’t wan his son’s life to end in tragedy, that is exactly where Dean’s and sam’s life lead: To tragedy.

So when Crowley wants them to spare his son, they don’t back down and the interesting part is Sam’s wording here

Sam: "You change any one thing in the past, the ripple effect impacts everything that follows”

Well colour me crazy, but I think this relates perfectly back to Gadreel’s line about  how when you “alter the sigil, just the slightest, alter the spell.”

I am still sure that this is what the Winchesters and Dean in particular will have to do, re-define who they are and let John Winchester truly die and rest in peace.

Also: Even the ending and how Crowley let go of his son mirrors John Winchester’s goodbye.

There are a couple more things I would liek to expand on, but since I guess some of you are curious what made me so upset, I am not including those points now.

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Light-Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in a while but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each others hearts.

Word Count: 1,666 Words

Warnings: Sweet Father Tony. Sad Pietro. Sweet Pietro.

A/N: Once again this part only has a little bit of Pietro and it’s at the end but the main part is Tony and his daughter for the most part. Let me know what you think. I have had this done for about a week but like I have said before me life is crazier than a soap opera and I was hoping things would calm down but no such luck for me on my end. Oh well sorry for rambling on I hope you like this next part and I have decided that I am sticking with the title ‘Light’ so yeah there is that too… I love you and I hope you are having a wonderful day


Tony and Pepper truly were in love, anyone with eyes could see that, but after the death of Y/N’s mother, Tony’s first wife, Tony had been very hesitant and careful with his and Pepper’s relationship around his daughter. When they first started dating 5 years ago Y/N had been 16. They didn’t tell her at first, even though Y/N never really knew her mother Tony didn’t want her to feel like he was trying to replace his first wife or his daughter in his life because Y/N really was the most important person in his whole world. They eventually did tell her only for her to say she already knew. Y/N was good at that, knowing things before she was told, she had a way about picking up on things in passing and remembering them, something many people admired about her. Pepper had been the closest thing Y/N had ever had to a mother and she was glad that her dad had finally admitted there was something between the two of them. Though Tony was still cautious, he didn’t want to make his daughter feel as though he was choosing Pepper over her so whenever he planned dates for himself and Pepper he would always plan one for him and Y/N as well, this went on for a year before Y/N insisted that it was fine and to just go on dates with Pepper she would find something to keep her occupied, and she always did, usually creating something new or fixing something to make it better.

Despite Y/N’s instance that she really was perfectly happy with her father’s relationship he still ran almost everything he did by her, which was what brought him into his daughters lab one day. Her lab was almost like her second room; in the center of the room were computers and desks and all sorts of gadgets, like any other lab you would see in the tower, but in the back corner on the right side was a set up of bookshelves filled to bursting with a combination of the books Y/N had been collecting over the years as well as books her mother had collected in her lifetime. There was a rug and in the middle sat a beautiful pink vintage plush chair, on each side of the chair were stands, on top of one was a cup of tea and the other a lamp. Y/N sat in the chair reading a book from her mothers collection, the spine was well broken in and the cover was almost falling off, it had been her mother’s favorite he can remember walking in the door from work to see he curled up in a chair reading the exact same copy on a number of occasions. He stood by the door just looking at his daughter, she looked so much like her mother that it made his heart swell.

“You know dad it is very rude to stare. You are more than welcome to pull up a seat if you wanted to talk.”

“I wasn’t staring I was just admiring how much you look like your mother is all.” Tony took a seat on the floor in front of his daughter pulling out his wallet and then a picture from it handing it over to her. “That was her on our wedding day, she was your age and I swear I had never seen someone so beautiful in my entire life and it was true until I met you and gosh you are just the spitting image of her. I will never get over that. She loved you so much, too much and I think that’s what did it for her. She thought that she was a bad mother and it ultimately led her to jump.”

“I wish I would have gotten to know her that’s all.”

“You do know her, you are her in so many ways, in a way I lost her but still kept her if that makes any sense.”

“It does. So what is the real reason you came? You didn’t come just to talk to me about how much like mom I am. So what is it? Spill.”

“Alright so when you were younger, you were probably 5 or 6, you came to me in the lab with tears in your eyes and asked me if I would ever love someone again like I loved your mother. I asked where that thought even came from and you told me that someone down at the park had said to you that I was going to fall in love with another women and you would get a horrible wicked step-mother and we would have our own kids and I would forget all about you. I told you that you were the number one girl in my life and even though I was positive I would never love someone like I loved your mother if I ever did I would come to you to you and ask for your approval of her first because you are the most important person in my life and you will always be my special little light. Well that’s what I’m doing. I have been putting a lot of thought into it and even though your mother will always hold the spot as my first true love and you as my second, Pepper is my true love now and I want to know if you are okay with me asking her to get married. It won’t change your status as my number one and I promise no children because let’s be real I would have no idea how to raise a child that wasn’t you but I just think that this I where our relationship is headed and I am ready to go at it full force if you will let me.”

“Dad I was little when you said you would ask me, I’m not a kid anymore you don’t need my permission to be happy. If this is what’s going to make you happy then what does it matter what I say.”

“It matters because I made a promise to my 6 year old little girl and I didn’t break promises to her then and I am not starting now so yay or nay to Pepper Potts?”

“Yay, Pepper is perfect I have never met anyone who could put up with you like she can.”

“That’s true. So now that I have your approval I have to go plan a party If I am going to propose I am going to go big and what is bigger than a Stark party.” Tony stood up from the floor dusting off his pants and Y/N stood from her chair to hug her father.

“I can feel everything around me changing and I just can’t wait.”

“Me either Light this is the beginning of the good times for us.”


A few days later Y/N sat in front of her computer typing up a list of things she wanted to tinker with that week when she heard the doors to her lab open; she turned to find Pietro with a sad look on his face.

“Hey Piet, what has you so down?”

“I do not really know I just am very sad today and Wanda is very busy with training so I thought I might come talk to you.”

“Well you know you can always come talk to me. How about we go get comfy in my little corner.” The pair made their way over to the corner of the lab that housed some of Y/N’s favorite things and sat on the floor across from each other.

“Alright so is their anything particular you wanted to talk about?”

“Not really I just wanted to talk, thought it might make me feel better.”

“Well do you have any idea what is making you so upset?”

“Not really. I guess I just am missing my family. I have Wanda but she is always busy and I see the way everyone here acts as if they are a family and it just makes me miss my parents and the way things were before.”

“Well it’s okay to miss your parents but also you need to remember that you are part of this family now and we all care about you no matter what.”

“Thank you Y/N, that helps me feel a little better.”

“Do you want to do something that might make you feel a lot better?”

“What is it?”

“Well I just happen to know that today is the day they are waxing the floors down on level 6 and I also just happen to have 2 pairs of fluffy socks…”

“What is it that you are getting at?”

“Well I think that there is nothing more fun then sliding across a freshly waxed floor in a pair of fluffy socks…except perhaps sliding across a freshly waxed floor in a pair of fluffy socks at the speed of sound.”

“That does sound a little fun.”

Y/N stood up from the floor and walked towards the door. Stopping only for a moment turning back to Pietro

“What are you waiting for hurry up.”

Pietro stood up and looked at her for a long time smiling at how impatient she was being. He never thought there would be someone more impatient than him but here she stood before him half way to the door before he could even stand.

“You are going to wish you did not say that.” Pietro laughed as he came up behind her picking her up and ran out the door and down the stairs all the way to to the 6th floor in seconds where when he stepped off the stairs he immediately began to slide around and ultimately fall with Y/N still in his arms. The pair laughed it off and carefully stood back up and slid down the halls together with the biggest smiles on their faces, their laughter heard throughout the whole tower.