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It’s no small feat.
It took a leader hiding pain and exhaustion under a careless laugh, an artist brimming with inspiration despite his tears, a friend with a big heart and warm hands to take away the difficult times; a dreamer with ambition and hope to inspire confidence, and an intelligent soul with the wisdom to make the tough decisions in a midst of awe and confusion, to paint this canvas. Here is to five incredible men who work so hard to fill the voids in our hearts with holes in their own. Here is to five brave men who stand to fight the odds again. Here is to Highlight. 

It really is still beautiful.


Soooo I meant to only draw Mirialan!Anakin but…
Things got out of control and I ended up doodling Mirialan Ahsoka and Obi-Wan >>;

To be honest I kind iffy with Anakin’s colour scheme so I tweaked it based off Luminara and… he looks like her kid lol whoops (an AU for another time).

Listen, I’m a sanvers shipper to the max but in that last episode Supercorp was basically canon.

Like how is not this obvious in the writers room?

Flowers?!?! Really?!?!

Kara was literally about to kiss Mon smELl and she still had more chemistry with Lena on the couch.

  • Yellow: When I touch someone I can feel their feelings. *touches Gold's hand* You feel... love!
  • Gold: Yeah, I guess - Yeah, I feel a general unselfish love for everyone.
  • Yellow: No. Sexual love...
  • Gold: No. No, I don't.
  • Yellow: *points at Crystal* ... for her!
  • Gold: No!
  • Emerald: *begins laughing hysterically* She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret! *continues laughing*
  • Gold: Dude! Come on! I think you're reacting a little bit!
  • Emerald: You must be so embarrassed!*continues cracking up*
that moment when:

you are in the middle of writing and then suddenly the best idea comes to you for the angsty part of the story and you get uncontrollably giggly because you know that your followers are going to hate you but all the while you’re just laughing because the pain is going to be great.

that’s me at the moment btw.

2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)


This is my bujo spread for the week so far 💘

from my studygram

google search “7 boys who ruined my life”

At first I didn’t want to be in this house. Because of everything they say about evil witches and wizards coming from slytherin… I did the Pottermore test like 100 times deleting my account and creating it again… Always Slytherin… I guess that’s what I am. So I read about the house and discovered that it was more me than I thought. All the values, ambition, greatness, the friendship. People don’t seem to know that in this house we can be good or evil or whatever we want. What make us slytherin are the things we admire the most… so where are my slytherins?

so @spacebreath had a longing for a hot third-year yamaguchi and I wanted to satisfy this longing but things went a bit out of haND AND THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE TEENAGERS ANYMORE SO here you have 30yo tsukkiyama
bless whoever come up with the headcanon of pigtail yama