guess this was the first of his movies i watched

When I first watched Chamber of Secrets, I didn’t understand that Tom Riddle literally was Voldemort as a teen. I guess I thought of Voldemort as an evil spirit or being that never really had a childhood. I thought that Riddle was merely a supporter of his who had let himself be possessed like Quirrell had. When I started reading GoF a couple years later, I thought the ‘Tom Riddle’ who was killed had been the same Tom Riddle of CoS, killed by Voldemort once he no longer had any use for him. Eventually I realized the truth.

Call watched Harry Potter for the first time with Aaron( because his father didn't allow magic-related movie in his house)
  • Call: Wow, Harry is pretty cool.
  • Aaron: I guess so...
  • Call: Like, he burnt the dude with his bare hands!!!
  • Aaron: I can burn anything with my bare hands....
  • Call: He seems like a nice guy, but not too nice, you know? The kind that can really kicks some butts. And he is not bad looking.
  • Aaron: ....I can kick a door open? And I- I think I'm kinda nice...
  • Call: And he can talk to snakes!!
  • Aaron: That's it. *left the room*
  • A day later
  • Call: Have you seen Aaron?
  • Tamara: Yes, and I'm kinda worried about him.
  • Call: Why? What happened?
  • Tamara: he has been talking to snakes since yesterday!
  • Call: Oh...

I think

I wanted to be what he wanted

And I became this idea

He wasn’t a Kitten in that distorted sexual sense to me

He was soft and I wanted to hold him close and keep him from pain

But he was also strong and had claws and I wanted to give him space

I was scared that if he knew how gentle he made me feel

He would hate me

He would hate that instead of thinking of sexual things with him

I fantasized about wrapping a blanket around him and hugging him

Watching kid movies together with his cats 

Holding his hand for the first time

But he hates me now anyways

So I guess the lesson is

Don’t think you have any control over losing someone

because sometimes trying to make things better

just makes things worse

Good intentions do not equal good outcomes

I know its so fucking hard to let go when you love that deeply

Its so hard to let go when they made you so unbelievably happy

So impossible to forget the beautiful things they said

But you have to let go

Be grateful you had happiness, even just for a few moments

Please don’t end up like me

So do we imagine Dean’s now calling everyone he’s ever known to brag about how he killed Hitler? I imagine he probably called Cas first, because hey that’s a HUGE deal. Cas would probably be impressed by that, right?

But Cas is still hunting with Crowley, and Dean knows Crowley’s always had a thing for Hitler too (I mean he was watching Nazi movies the first time they broke into his house to try and steal the Colt from him…) so Dean would probably have Cas pass the phone to Crowley just to laugh and sort of rub Crowley’s face in the fact that hey, “I KILLED YOUR BUDDY HITLER!”

And then he’ll probably text Mary, because gosh any mom would probably be proud of her son for that.

>>Mom you’ll never guess who I killed today. HITLER! Awesome right? I killed the actual Hitler! Sammy and I are going for celebratory I KILLED HITLER pie now. Love you.

He’ll have to call Aaron back and update him. Aaron will probably be just as thrilled as Dean was, and yet regretful that he was across the ocean in Germany and therefore wasn’t able to get a few shots in himself.

Then he’ll start in on the list of everyone else.

Hey Donna! How you doing today? I KILLED HITLER!

Jody, how are you and the girls? I KILLED HITLER!

Garth, how’s the married life been treating you? oh by the way, I KILLED HITLER.

Yeah, it’s a good day.

((AN: This is my first fanfic, and it takes place about three years after the war, so Nico is a lot better with human contact, and people in general, so yeah, enjoy it, I guess))

Nico was in his cabin, trying to dress appropriately for a casual movie watching session with a certain blonde son of Apollo. It was about three years after the titan war, and Will and him had become close friends, him having been one of the first people he came out too officially. They hung out quite a lot, and it was safe to say Nico had developed a crush on the healer.

They had hung out plenty of times before, but this time something had seemed different. Will was almost nervous when asking Nico to hang out. He had asked Nico to see a movie, and Nico would love to think of it as a date, except for the fact Nico still didn’t know if he was into males.

There was a knock on the cabin door, and Nico walked over to go answer it, heart beating out of his chest. He finally reached his destination, taking a deep breath before answering the door.

“Hey Sunshine,” Nico said, moving aside to let the blonde into the cabin with a small smile on his face.

“Aw, the death boy is smiling,” Will teased, a smile that could end world wars on his face, practically lighting up the room.

“Leave me alone,” Nico blushed a little, quickly covering it up by walking towards his bed, where he had his laptop set up on Netflix, and sat down, leaving some space for Will.

Will sat next to Nico a bit nervously, as tonight was the night he was going to try to make a move on Nico. He had waited long enough, and it was driving him insane that he didn’t have the privilege to be able to tell people that he was Nico’s boyfriend.

“What movie?” he asked, scrolling through the different options.

“So this is going to sound lame but we should totally watch Hercules,” Will said, giving off a laugh as he saw it come up on the screen.

Nico gave a huff, having already learned it was impossible to say no to Will when he wanted something, and selected the movie.

It was about thirty minutes in, and Will kept finding himself looking at Will out of the corner of his eye, knowing that it was now or never. He decided to try that really cliché yawn thing that seemed to always work for the guys in the movies.

He managed to pull it off successfully, looking at Nico out of the corner of his eye after it was done.

The Italian blushed darkly, leaning into his touch without thinking about it. It surprised him that this had happened, as he normally hated any kind of human contact.

Will felt the Italian move closer, taking a deep breath before pausing the movie.

“We need to talk about something,” Will started, looking at the raven haired boy, who was still a bit red in the face.

Nico tilted his head to the side, a way of telling Will to keep talking. He was genuinely curious about what the blonde had to say.

“Okay so I…” he trailed off a bit, breaking eye contact with the other and staring down at his own lap, neck going the back of his neck on instinct.

 “You can tell me anything Will,” Nico said quietly, leaning forward a bit to put a hand of Wills leg, causing the blonde to look at him.

Will couldn’t wait a second longer, and leaned forward, gently capturing Nico’s lips with his own. This caught Nico off guard but once he realized what was going on he started kissing back softly, almost as if he was scared of breaking Will.

Will eventually pulled back, though if it was his decision, he would stay like that forever. He gently brought his hand up and cupped Nico’s face, thumb sweeping over his cheekbone.

“I really like you Nico,” he whispered out, biting his lip a bit unintentionally, something he did when he was nervous.

“I like you too William,” he gave a small half smile before leaning back in, having their lips meet for the second time that night, smiling into the gentle kiss they were sharing.

The Human Idiot

Originally posted by chrisevansz

*** Ok big thank you to the anon that requested this because the fantastic four was the first super hero movie that i have ever watched, and The Human Torch was my first crush! Thank youuu! I hope i do justice to my heroes!! *** 

Prompt: “Omg could you do one for the human torch? Like where you’re normal and you’re a friend of Susans who is staying with them and she catches his eye and he flirts with her but she is sassy af and aint havin none of that but Susan talks to her and they hang out some and fluff i guess eekkk “ 

(( Gif not mine, found on tumblr ))

“Wanna see me do a trick with my hands?” Johnny asked you while eating his dinner. You take a bite of your pasta and wipe your mouth, “No.” 

“Ok, ok i’ll do it. geez y/n stop asking!”

You roll your eyes in annoyance and look up in front of you at Johnny who is cheekily smiling at you. 

He sets down his knife and fork and looks at you, “Ok watch this.”

Everyone at the dinner table watch Johnny as he snaps his fingers and flames shot out through all fingers tips, he then puts his hands in a fist, opens his hand up, and the flames are gone.

Johnny looks at you waiting for a response, you roll your eyes and clap your hands sarcastically, “Johnny Bravo everyone.” 

Ben, Susan, and Reed laugh at your comment shaking their heads and continue eating; while johnny frowns down at his food.

“Ya know y/n, you’re in my house, under my roof, eating the food my house holds. the least you could do is tell me my flames are cool.” He says with a wink directed towards you.

You set your fork down and lean towards him, “No. I’m in my best friends house because she was kind enough to let me stay while i look for a job, so think again.”

Johnny copies your action and leans froward, “If its a job you, i already have one for you.” 

You cock an eyebrow up, “And what would that be Johnny boy?” 

“My lover.”

Reed chokes on his steak down at the end, while Susan sends a threatening look at her brother.

You lean back in your chair and smirk at him, not missing a beat;

“Id rather burst into flames, than to even think about liking you.” 

He smiles widely at you before reaching down at his plate, picking up a hand full of peas and throwing them at you.

You give him a bitter look before standing up and putting your plate in the sink, and pushing your chair in. 

You start to leave when you hear Johnny call behind you, “You know my doors always unlocked y/n!” 

You roll your eyes as you shut your door, “And you already know mines always locked Johnny!” 

He doesn’t respond, but you can hear his laughter carry down the halls.


There was a knock on your door that brought you out of your sleep, “Who is it?” You grumble out.

“Y/n its Susie.” 

You slowly get up and make your way over to your door and unlock it. 

Susan makes her way in and lays down in your bed she pats an open space next to her for you to lay at. 

You follow her directions and lay down, “Reed being a prick again?”

She chuckles and leans over to prop herself up to look at yourself, you copy her action. “Not this time, i wanted to talk to you about Johnny.”

You groan at the mention of Johnnys name, “Why? We didn’t hook up if thats what he’s telling everyone again.” 

She smiles at you fondly before blurting out, “I think you should give him a try, you guys would be cute.” 

You pretended gag which caused a giggle from Susan, “And you call him immature.”

“I am not immature, you’re just delusional.” 

Susan rolls her eyes at you, “Y/n i know you kind of like him, and he likes you. You know all his comments are weak attempts at flirting, right?”

“He likes me?” 

Susan looks at you in disbelief, as if she couldn’t believe you didn’t know; “Of course he does! Whenever you’re not around he always talk about how cute you are, and tonight after supper he asked us for advice on how to win you over.”

You lay on your back and stare at the dark ceiling, “But, he’s a player Susie. you know that i hate players more than anything,” 

“Johnny would’t play you. i know him and his feelings, he’s my brother y/n.” 

You turn your head to look at her, and she looks honest. “ Y/n, you won’t be with us that much longer. Please just give Johnny a try, its worth it.”


At around 11 you give in and knock on Johnnys door, “Johnny? its y/n.” 

“Its unlocked!” 

You open the door and walk in to see him eating chips and watching TV, he acknowledges your presences and mutes the TV, “ I forgot that you’re doors always unlocked,” you sheepishly admit to him. 

“My door is always unlocked for you.”

You smile at him and he smiles back at you, “Whatcha need y/n?” 

You sway from side to side, “I was wondering if i could sleep with you tonight?” 

Johnny leans back surprised at first but soon smirks at you, “My beds also always unlocked for you.” 

You laugh at his comment while covering up with the blankets, Johnny sits up and raises his arms over his head, “You finally did it!” He exclaimed. 

You turn to him and give him a puzzled look, “Did what? Sleep with you?” 

Johnny turns to look at you; “you laughed at me. Thats all I’ve ever wanted you to do.” Your heart tugs a little at his comment. 

“But the sleeping in my bed works too,” he says with a wink.

You push him slightly and laugh, “You’re too cute Johnny boy.”

He looks at you and is quiet for a moment. 

“You’re perfect.”

Your eyes direct themselves to his, “What?”

“I said you’re perfect y/n. in every single way, and you don’t know how happy i am to know that you’re here with me right now.” He explains to you. 

You smile gently at him and smile while reaching out and cupping his cheek with your hands, “Im glad I’m here too.” 


In the morning the morning you wake up to find yourself laying on top of Johnny while he’s sleeping peacefully. 

You smile up at him before kissing his neck and getting up.

When you enter the kitchen you see Ben standing and drinking his coffee, while Susan and Reed are talking by the stove. 

When Susan sees you enter the room and smiles big and runs up to you along with Reed and Ben.

So they were all apart of it.

Before you could answer Johnny walks into the kitchen and gets a bottle of water for the fridge, “Good morning all freaks,” He waves  to the others before walking up to you and kissing your cheek then your lips; “Good morning my princess.”

 He intertwines your hands and you both walk into the living room, while Ben starts to follow turning behind him to look at Reed pointing a finger; 

“You owe me 50 bucks.”

God i hope this was ok for you guys, i feel like the past few one shots were straight trash. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

More thoughts on ARTTL Part 1

I thought I would share more thoughts I had about the first movie for A Round Trip to Love, even though I had shared my initial thoughts about it before. However, after watching it so many times over, I have finally realised how great this production is, how amazing the cast and crew have been in their planning of every action, gesture, expression, camera shot, camera angle and more. I guess what I really want to express is, the novel may be different from the movie, but that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t as good. A main difference would probably be Lu Feng, because we get to see his side of things now, and although events may be slightly different from the novel, I have to say, I truly admire how they’ve shown their love story in a whole new way. Before I continue, I’ll just say that this is going to be a long post, so let’s begin…

A gunshot is fired. What is going on? Who are they? Before we can understand what’s going on, we’ll have to look at their story that goes all the way back to their youth.

I want to focus on Lu Feng for this post today. Why? Well, there’s a variety of reasons, but I guess it’s mainly because I don’t think people see his pain as easily because of his personality. We’ll have to go back to the young teenage Lu Feng then. In his youth, we can see a bubbly, cheerful Lu Feng that wasn’t presented much in the novel. We see a silly side to him when he eats his yoghurt messily, sees his childish competitive spirit come out as he races with the stranger at the race track and a shy teenager in love as he hesitates to put his arm around the oblivious Yi Chen.

He goes a little far at times, especially that time at his house with Yi Chen as his anger gets the better of him, but we see a gentle side to him when he comforts Yi Chen, hugging him and carrying him home, all the while trying to express his feelings as best as he can, even though he’s not good with words. There’s a romantic side to him as well when he sneaks out with Yi Chen to give him the ring (that he designed) in a room he decorated, and although the moment is short-lived, in that moment, they are both content by just being together.

But people change, and we can see this gradual change in Lu Feng years after when they meet again.

The first shot we get of Lu Feng is this — a cold expression with a frightening sharp stare. It feels as if all the warmth has been sucked out of him. Why?

But then, Lu Feng makes a surprise visit. “Fix my computer,” he says. But he doesn’t seem to be all that bothered about it as he first questions where Yi Chen’s “girlfriend” is at. Here, we see hints of the teenage him when he says “I’m hungry”, obviously wanting Yi Chen to make him some food. Is this not similar to his whining in the past? He then leaves Yi Chen with his keys and tells Yi Chen to find him with those keys when he’s ready to start anew with him.

Alas, a misunderstanding pops up as Yi Chen finds out about the marriage. He doesn’t know that Lu Feng has been trying to cancel it. This is where we first see the beast in Lu Feng. Yi Chen hands him his resignation letter coldly, and he’s furious. Why was Yi Chen still refusing him after all these years? He doesn’t understand, he has tested Yi Chen a few times for his reaction, he knows he still has feelings for him, so why? The pain of the refusal then builds up on the pain of the lack of replies from all the letters he had written when he was overseas and Yi Chen’s words as he said that he had lost the ring. This pain is finally too much to take, and he releases it by trying to force himself on Yi Chen.

I think this was the most heartbreaking scene for me. Lu Feng’s confusion and pain was so clearly depicted in his silence when Yi Chen uttered the words “I don’t love you anymore”. That pause and silence had made my heart stop for a second there.

Then Yi Chen finds out about the letters he wrote, and you may think that everything’s going to be fine and dandy from then on… until you see the trailer for the second movie.

I have to say, his lines in the trailer still echo in my head from time to time. The image of him lying alone and hurt in bed while looking at the wedding invitation was painful, but what made it so powerful for me was probably his words. “All of you better watch out, one day, I, Lu Feng, will stand up again.” After giving up the world for the one that makes his world, Yi Chen betrays him by getting married. Of course, we know Yi Chen has his troubles too, he has to keep his promise to his mother, but the fury in Lu Feng is unleashed. It’s bone-chilling really, to even think about what he does to Yi Chen from then on, but let me go back to the start.

The gunshot. Lu Feng’s shocked expression when he sees Yi Chen shielding him. We see his worried self at the hospital, obviously having snapped out of his blinding anger. He realises what he has done, what he had been doing. But as to what happens next, we’ll have to wait for the next movie to be released or wait till I finish translating :-)

Of course, Yi Chen has suffered his fair share of pain as well. Both sides have been suffering throughout the years. When Lu Feng left, Yi Chen had to face everyone and everything alone, his teachers, his schoolmates, his family. To be stuck between your family and your lover is probably one of the greatest pain in the world. Not only that, he has to live as if nothing has happened, and that means no one to confide in, no one to rely on. His trust in the world and his confidence is shattered, as many of you would know from the novel, so I won’t drag this post any longer by elaborating. (Because his pain pains me too :’))

What I really wish to say is, we should give credit when we should, and this is definitely a production to appreciate. As the crew has said before countless of times, they have poured blood, sweat, tears and a heck lot of money into this, and I would say, this really deserves to be on the big screen. The actors have done a really good job, especially at expressing the characters’ emotions, so I’m really looking forward to see more from them. All in all, although this probably isn’t the best platform to do so, I want to extend a big thank you to them, and of course to all the viewers here accompanying me too. Let’s show them our support so that they know what they’ve been doing is worth it all and that the next movie can come out soon!

  • *Jim trying to convince Bones to be his CMO*
  • Bones: Jim, I hate space.
  • Jim: If you give this a a chance, you're gonna love it, I promise. It's like the movie Expendables 2. First time, hated it. Second time, hated it. Third time, it was okay. But then the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, TENTH time I watched it, I realized something. It's just, it's not good. It's not a good movie.
  • Bones: .....
  • Jim: So now that I've convinced you, let's go tell Starfleet you're in!

I was supposed to write this up two weeks ago, but yeah the only thing that lingered in my mind was that mid-sem II examination 😞. I spent my days and night with hectic and busy life, as a student that was about to sit for midterm. And finally, midterm dah habis! 😊

Back to the topic. 22nd Feb 2017, yeah I am finally 19 years old. I am more than legal enough to watch 18+ movies at cinema 😛

The nice (and I bet memorable) date began sharp at 12:00 pm, Shafiq approached me and guess what he was the first person that wished me! 😂 To generalise, his parents’ anniversary’s date is also on 22nd Feb, no wonder lah dia ingat kan hahaha.

As usual, I went to class to attend my lectures (as it was Wednesday). C3 tutorial class got blackbox (a term that we use when there is neither tutorial class nor lecture). And yesssss! My tutorial mates surprised me up by singing Happy Birthday song and bringing in two boxes of Pizza Hut into 315 room! 🤓 I was so clueless, I did not expect that to happen. They had been planning for that surprise for a week. That feeling, only God knows. I was just like a cenderawasih flying using my own pair of miracle wings on the cloud nine 😇. I spoke out my appreciation words to them (while Zack was recording me), and to be frankly speaking my eyes were full of joy tears while I was talking until I could not convey my words smoothly! ☻ And at the same time, I could see there was liquid pooling in Faiq’s eyes (together with his reddish face). I bet he was too happy on my behalf and also due to his plan that was well planned! 😉 Fyi, Faiq and Zack were willing to run from academic block to the main gate of KMKu just to get those two boxes of pizza (before that Faiq skipped Chemistry class for 15 minutes to call Pizza Hut Kulim for an order). Zack lied to me, telling me that he wanted to go to toilet (I was too dump to believe what he said 😅) The rest, girls, were contributing some money, and following every single part of the unpredictable plan. They were doing at their best, together with sacrifices! We had our food, laughing, chit-chatting, flashbacking the moments that we used to celebrate birthdays in former schools, and everything! To sum up, we really really really had a nice morning (close to evening actually). 😁

Not to forget, I also received Spicy Ramen from Zaris. Kinder Bueno from Solihin. Magnum from Masyitah. Cute sweets from Sha. Secret Recipe cakes from Asyraf. SR Noodle Tom Yum Soup from Lah. McD from Syazwan. 😄

I owed these guys alot. As a token of appreciation, I posted each and every present I received on my instagram. I hope that they would feel being appreciated. You guys are the best mates that I have ever known and existed in my life! 😚

Can I Have This Dance // L.R.H.

a/n: I literally wrote this in fifteen minutes just now but idk i like it. and I watched all 3 high school musicals yesterday and I cried so here’s this I guess

summary: you and Luke have some fun while watching your favorite movie ;) jk but no this is pretty cute tbh

You can feel Luke’s breath on your hair as he lays behind you on the couch. You’re on the last movie of your High School Musical marathon. High School Musical 3 was your personal favorite, but Luke insists that the first is the best, as the original always is. You can feel him give a little kiss on the back of your head occasionally, or his quick, short laughter at the funny parts. It was difficult for you to sit still and not get up and sing and dance, but with Luke’s arms wrapped around you, you were trapped, not that you were complaining.
As Gabriella was talking about prom on the roof with Troy, Luke started to shift behind you. Assuming he was only trying to get comfortable, you stayed in your position but not for long as Luke swung his legs over yours, stood up, and reached out for your hand.
“What’s this about?” you laughed as you took his hand and stood. As Gabriella offers to teach Troy to waltz, Luke says, with a ear to ear grin,
“May I have this dance?” you couldn’t help but smile and giggle as you replied,
“You may.”
As the song Can I Have This Dance (your personal favorite) began, Luke put one hand on your waist and the other held your hand out to the side. You rested your hand on his broad shoulder as he began dancing almost perfectly, except with his long legs and big feet he couldn’t help but step on you a few times. He sang along, too, starting quietly, almost whispering, and eventually at the top of his lungs. You joined in, laughing every time he stepped on you or either of you messed up the words. You danced all throughout the living room, Luke spinning you every once in a while, and even lifting you once. You couldn’t take your eyes off of the beautiful, goofy, grinning boy dancing in front of you. you grinned back, feeling yourself suddenly flood with love and happiness. It seemed as if you were dancing for ages, but eventually the song came to an end. Luke gave you a final twirl then pulled you back over to the couch and pulled you into his lap. He kissed the back of your neck through your hair and whispered,
“What would I do without my dance partner.”

y’aaaaaaaalll hold on. so i’m in my room u know being ~antisocial™~ and i guess my fam is watching force awakens, mind you we all saw it in theatres, and all of a sudden i hear my dad yell ‘ BB8 RUN ! ‘ boi when i say i was startled … i was /shookt/ and then he goes ‘ he’s a soccer ball he should go faster than that ‘ and my bro is like ‘ dad he’s made out of metal ‘ and my dad just can’t stop reacting to this movie and im tryna understand how his ass can act like this is the fiRST TIME he’s watching it…my good sir, r u fr???

“I’ve only been to Disney World twice in my whole life (both my high school years). On my second trip I got to meet Peter Pan. He was my first crush growing up as a kid and his movie still brings me back to my childhood whenever I watch it. He seemed shocked when he first saw me, which instantly made me feel self conscious. I guess he saw how flustered I was because he kept hugging me; he even let me kiss his cheek when I asked. That interaction really helped me live a childhood fantasy of mine.”

Shatt + Singin’ In The Rain

so Shiro is a lamppost twirler

i mean he fuckin grew up w singing in the rain, he loves that movie, the first time they’re walking around and it starts raining he just runs up to the nearest lamppost and starts belting “I’M SINGING IN THE RAIN, JUST SINGING IN THE RAIN!”

matt is so embarrassed, the blush is literally reaching his ears
(also it’s the most adorable thing, holy crap, shiro is so cute when he’s smiling like that)

so matt does the logical thing
he teases shiro relentlessly
and spends like two weeks watching videos of “make ‘em laugh” 

and the next time Shiro brings up Singing in the Rain (bc it happens every so often)
(shiro may have screamed a little)

and then they dance and sing and collapse in a pile of laughter

thanks @lordwhatfools for the prompt ::)

I showed my friends their first monster high movie, unfortunately it had to be boo york because the only character they knew was elle eedee, and they LOVE elle eedee
the general census was (if you could guess) that they love elle eedee and that deuce is a “good boy doing his best.”
theyre also computer animation majors so they just LOVED the animation lol

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: motherfucking poe dameron jesus christ fuck dude mother fucking star wars movie bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit god damn captured by the first order fucking stormtroopers and shit right fucking captain phasma god damn shooting things god damn this shit i can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck the first order man motherfucking finn finn you rescued poe fuck rescued poe motherfucking rescued poe with his bare hands fucking rescue shit poe dameron i’m very tired no man I’ll just talk about star wars all day shit man you must be so interested in the shit I have to say about star wars fuck dude i just watched it a couple of days ago fuck captain phasma man man she fucked over poe and finn rescuing poe john williams did the soundtrack fuck this guy who captured poe i don’t like die i can’t think of who the fuck captured poe all i can think of is the guy who created the guy who captured poe who the fuck captured poe KYLO REN

psychic: what the fuck

The Little Mermaid in Concert - June 4 - My Experience

Just got home from watching the Little Mermaid . What an incredible show and wonderful experience. What struck me is the majority of the audience were adults (mostly 20′s and 30′s if I were to guess). And we were all watching the movie raptly as if the first time. And though I would guess that most have seen the movie folks were still delighted by the characters and charmed by the film. 

The actors were awesome. First Sara sounded amazing, truly was fantastic. Titus looked like he was having a ton of fun. My section was clapping and singing Under the Sea in unison. Also his Sebastian accent was spot on. The kid that played Flounder was adorable and very talented. Norm Lewis who played King Triton had the booming Broadway voice and though his solo was short he sounded incredibly powerful. Rebel Wilson was hilarious, she kept winking and hamming it up to the audience. At the end of her solo Sara took her hand and they left the stage hand in hand. It was adorable. John Stamos was fantastic. He took the conductors baton and started waving it around during his solo. The audience went wild. 

Then there was Darren. Oh wow that man has a strong presence and so much charm and charisma. At the beginning of the show he walked out in shorts, a shirt and King Triton’s Trident. My friend turned to me and said, “I thought he was playing Prince Eric.” I’m like yeah but it’s Darren. LOL. Anyway he introduced everyone and of course when it was his part he said the whole “me.” Her Voice is probably my least favorite song from the show but he did great and I loved that he played the guitar as well. Darren really shined during If Only. All 4 actors sang beautifully. I especially loved when Sara and Darren had their little duet during the song and the screen showed them next to each other though they were standing apart on stage. Really cool. Anyway Darren was fantastic and his voice soared beautifully at the end of the song. 

After the intermission there was a violinsolo by Sandy Cameron. She was unbelievable. She played a medley of the LM soundtrack, accompanied by the orchestra, and she was walking and dancing as well. We were all awestruck by her talent and energy. 

Another favorite part was when Sara introduced Jodi Benson. The crowd went crazy, like totally nuts. Then she said she would like to sing. I had tears in my eyes. This woman’s voice is so much a part of my childhood that listening to her live felt like a dream. What an incredible moment. I don’t even know how to describe the feeling. I’m so glad she was included. 

Alan Menken started the show with a medley of his songs, from Aladdin, to Hercules, to Little Shop of Horrors, to Newsies and Galavant and many others. What a dream to listen to the man who has created so much of the music that I grew up and that I still cherish until today. 

I’m so glad I got the chance to see the show and experience the magic. I’ll never forget it. 

The moment they fall.

An example of what you can expect. Slight smut warning. (Wow, some of these got really long. Oops. Can you guess who my bias is? :P)


Xiumin sits at the kitchen counter, watching with an amused look, as you sing Transformer while cooking. You stop singing when you hear him laugh.


“Nothing,” he says, smiling. “I just love you.”

Your eyes widen and a blush settles over your face.

“That’s the first time you’ve said that.”

“Really?” Xiumin says. “Huh.”


Suho looks over at you to ask a question, but you’re fast asleep, eyes closed and breathing deeply. He laughs under his breath, remembering how you had squealed about this being your favourite movie, and how you said you’d never get tired of watching it.

He turns the tv off, and leans back on the couch, turning to face you. He watches you carefully, the flutter of your eyelids, the scrunch of your nose, and your lips set in the most endearing pout. 

He could watch you forever, he realises with a start.


You notice Lay has been staring at you for the past ten minutes, and you glance to where he’s sitting in the passenger seat, raising a brow at him.

“Is something wrong?”

“No. I just thought it was really sweet how you gave your lunch to that homeless man.”

“It was never my lunch. It was his. I was just the one who bought it,” you say.

He smiles, thinking about the way you had crouched down next to that gruff, haggard looking man, one who others simply walked past, and had given him your food, and more than that, your respect. 

Lay has always believed in angels, but even he never expected to fall for one.


Baekhyun’s grip tightens in your hair, as his orgasm crashes over him. He groans, dropping his head into the crook of your neck and mumbling incoherently, as he pumps into you.

“Fuck, Y/N. I love you.” he lets out in a rush.

You simultaneously look at each other, both equally shocked. He lifts himself off you, and flops onto the bed, lying on his back. You sit up, still staring at him, and he cringes at himself.


“I know,” he says.

“I thought we had an agreement. No emotions, no strings attached,” you frown.

“I’m sorry,” he looks up at you, his brows furrowed and his eyes sad. “I can’t do that anymore.”


Chen throws you onto your bed, not at all gently, and you moan from the impact. The room is dark and your mind is hazy under the influence of the twelve and a half shots you had. No busses this time of night, Chen had to drag you home on foot. No wonder he isn’t being gentle. 

He leans over you, trying to get you out of all the leather and chains you have on, and into something comfortable. As he works on your jacket you grab him by the collar and pull him closer, your faces nearly touching. 

“Chennn, you’re ssho pwretty,” you slur.

He tugs your hands off and gives you a disapproving look. While he’s turned around, scouring your drawers for clothes, you take off everything else, left in only your underwear and bra. When he turns around, he nearly has a fit, his breath catching in his throat and his heart beating wildly in his chest. You bite your lip and look up at him through a hooded gaze.

He throws the t-shirt in his hands at your face, and turns around, angrily telling you to put it on and get to sleep.

Shit, he thinks to himself, recalling what he usually does with girls in situations like these. I actually like this one.


Chanyeol winces as you hold the ice pack to his swollen lip.

“It hurts,” he whines.

“That’s what happens when you don’t control those long ass limbs of yours in the club.”

“How was I supposed to know she had a boyfriend.”

You roll your eyes at him, and move your face closer, gently blowing on his wound. Chanyeol’s breath hitches, and he swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat.

“You okay?”

His eyes are wide and his cheeks tinged pink. He nods violently, shuffling away from you and avoiding eye contact.

“I’m all better now,” he says, clearing his throat. “You can go now.”


“Thanks for the party, guys. You really didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”

“It’s your birthday, Kyungsoo-yah, of course we did,” Xiumin says, patting Kyungsoo on the back.

“Besides,” Baekhyun says around a mouthful of cake, “We didn’t do anything. Y/N planned the whole thing.”

“She even made the cake herself,” Suho says, smiling wide. “It’s delicious by the way, isn’t it, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo gives a nod, and you look down at your lap, your face heating up. He has his eyes on you for the rest of the night.


“What the heck is wrong with you? Get in here!”

You let Tao lead you inside, shivering and wet from the rain. He throws a towel at you and you wrap yourself in its warmth.

“Idiot,” he whispers.

“I told you I wasn’t going to leave until you forgive me,” you mumble, making your way over to the couch and settling down next to him. “Tao, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never help the guys prank you, ever again.”

He grunts, which you take as “apology accepted,” and you lean your head on his shoulder, waiting for him to shrug you off. When he doesn’t, you look up at him. His eyes are soft for a moment, before he fixes his face in a scowl once again, turning away.

“Sorry,” you say, lifting your head a little. “I’m getting your clothes all wet.”

He stops you, hand pressing your head back down.

“Be quiet, and sit still.”


You just finished yet another dance battle with Kai. Is it you, or has he gotten competitive lately?

“Okay,” he pants. “You win…again.”

“Yeah I do!” you grin, twirling around and doing a little dance, much less graceful than you were a minute ago.

When you turn back to him, he’s staring intently at you. 

“What is it?” you ask, touching your face.

He swallows hard and looks away, “N-nothing.” 

His cheeks are flushed. Must be all the dancing, you think.


“Y/N,” Sehun hisses, his eyes filled with horror, as you slip your arm out of his hand and make your way over to the bulky, six foot man, currently looming over a young boy wearing a nametag.

You came out to do some shopping with your best friend, and you were having a great time until some dickwad started harassing the store clerk. You had tried to ignore it, but enough was enough.

“Hey, mister! Didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?”

Sehun watches in amazement as you hold your ground against a man who looks like he eats weights for breakfast. When the man backs down and leaves, Sehun smiles despite himself. You walk back to him, grinning in triumph and Sehun puts on a stony appearance.

“You’re crazy,” he says.

“I’m a superhero. I fight for justice,” you stick your tongue out at him, and he rolls his eyes in response, fighting a smile.

“If he did something to you, I wouldn’t have helped.”

“Yes, you would have,” you say, smirking.

Yes, he would have.