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For two years I worked as an island clearer.  You know those small, fancy, artificial islands off the coast of the Dubai?  Well, every once in a while someone rich would order a customized island in the shape of their choosing.  Maybe it’s a rose for their wife or a face or a turtle.  So the other guys go in with their sand, make the island to the shape required, and then the client is called and told that their custom island is completed.  But sometimes the client says they don’t want the island any more.  That’s where I came in.  Our company was never mad - I mean, in this high-profile island generating industry, you have to be customer-centric.  Just because someone doesn’t want a custom island now doesn’t mean they don’t want one later.

Anyway, my job was to go in with this ship that basically looked like it was half-bulldozer half-barge and clear all the sand off the top until it sunk back beneath the waves and disappeared forever.  I was the only person in the company who knew how to do this job correctly, and I presume the only person in the world as well.  Sure, the island builders could make the island, but they were absolutely pathetic at clearing them. So I guess you could say I had job security.  Anyway, that wasn’t important.  What was important was that I had fun doing it and helped improve the world. Follow your passions!  You never know what great treasures life has in store for you.

Today on "Zen is my bias and I enjoy pain"

You know how it’s suggested that you take Zen as your first route? And then subsequently the rest of the members?

I’m gonna stick by the most common route suggestion which is:

Zen -> Yoosung -> Jaehee -> Jumin -> Seven

Well do you remember his call on Seven’s route, at night on Day 10?

“That’s great… I could’ve made you happy too.”

What if he’s been in love with you throughout all the routes? From what I’ve observed he’s always more loving and SO MUCH MORE WORRIED than the rest of the members, and he always drops hints that he likes you. What if after you reset on this boy his feelings remain and he’s just so confused as to why you have such a grip on him? What if he flirts with you to try to make sense of his feelings?

Another example, that one phone call in Yoosung’s route where he says he should’ve realised his feelings sooner, and then he says “Never mind”.


We all know that Zen has psychic dreams. Through all of the resets he’s the one who’s been reseted on the most. Think about it. Most people wouldn’t reset after Seven, so he has the good end of the deal. But Zen waits for you… and you never come back. BESIDES THE POINT. Zen starts to realise the trend to every reset and every time you appear his feelings are so strong. There’s a nagging voice in his head that knows he’s gone through the same thing before.

This explains why he’s progressively more protective and caring of you as the routes go on. Think about it.

And then I guess he realises that after Seven, it’s the end of the line. What more does he have to lose? He’s waited over 40 days and it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever come back.

“I could’ve made you happy too.”

Hence, I conclude that Zen loves you in every single route. And he will forever.



So like, a few years ago, I was on this holiday in Wales.

And it was pretty nice, my family go there a lot, we stay in a caravan or sometimes like a little bed and breakfast and we just relax and have a nice time, like a week off from everything.

But this one year we were looking through this rack of leaflets about tourist destinations and we found this zoo, Folly Farm, which is really nice and you can see it at

And they had orangutans at the time, but they don’t any more, as you can see on the list of animals they have on their website. My brother likes orangutans a LOT.

So we thought yeah great let’s take a trip to see some animals because the only other zoo any of us have been to is the one in Chester which is fine but we’ve seen it all, we wanna see some new fresh animal friends.

The way there was fun, we took a coach with lots of Welsh families on a day trip and we made a few friends and we still keep in contact with the driver.

Then we got there and that’s when the problems started. My little brother, who was eleven at the time, ran off by himself almost immediately. We couldn’t find him and so we had to split up to search multiple directions like we were in scooby doo or something.

After a couple of minutes, I found him by the orangutans. But he wasn’t just looking at him. He was fucking IN THERE with them, just chilling. I didn’t want to get him in trouble by calling an attendant so I just had to go in there myself and try to get him out. I say try because it was almost impossible. According to him, the orangutans were his friends, and they didn’t like the zoo, and they just wanted to go on a day out themselves. I asked what the fuck he was talking about but before I could drag him out of the enclosure he had run away with one of the orangutans.

I gave chase, of course, but they were incredibly fast. He barreled through the entire zoo with the orangutan in tow, and made it all the way back to the coach. He dived on, and shouted at the driver to GO, GO, GO.

In all my life I’ve never seen something so ridiculous. The moment the driver actually listened, and pulled away, actually driving down the fucking road with a kid and an orangutan just because he was told to and I guess he thought he was being helpful- that was the silliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, my stepdad saw it too, and a zoo employee ran over, red faced and panting and panicking. We got in the employee’s car and followed the coach. We wanted to call the police to help but none of us could get phone signal because, like, idk, large swathes of south Wales exist in a different era or dimension of time I guess.

We followed the coach for four hours. Across practically the entirety of Wales. All the way from Pembrokeshire to fucking Rhyl. From the south coast to the north. Honestly, if we’d just kept going it wouldn’t have taken us much longer to get home to Liverpool. We travelled so fucking far in chase of this orangutan, my brother and a recklessly helpful coach driver and every moment of the journey is burned into my mind forever.

This absurd journey finally resolved itself when we got to the white rose shopping centre in Rhyl. Apparently all the zoo animals are fitted with a tracking chip and as we approached Rhyl the zoo had finally managed to contact the police who pulled the coach over and sorted out the whole situation.

We weren’t even angry. Honestly, seeing my little brother again after all that time just made me laugh. We all did. Except the orangutan because I don’t think orangutans can laugh.

But, anyway, the resolution of the story is that folly farm can’t keep orangutans any more because of the lack of security around their enclosure. Nobody got in any legal trouble because the situation was so absurd nobody knew what to do. We left Wales together, and we reminisce on the story at least once a year. I’m just glad we left our mark, even if our legacy is totally bizarre and unbelievable.

Because the zoo, the police in North Wales and practically all of Pembrokeshire have a name for my brother and the coach driver now. A fitting nickname, one that truly captures the essence of what they did, and what they’ll always be remembered for.

They’re known as the Ape-Rhyl Fools.

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hello!! i’m nat and welcome to my first ever follow forever! tbh i’ve been wanting to do this ever since i hit 300 followers but then school and exams got in the way and now i’m already past 600??? (628 to be exact) it might not seem like a lot to some but it’s a lot to me & i’m very grateful for every single one of you here!!! 

february 17 also marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog officially becoming glitchyoongi! 🎉 (and i guess the 1 year anniversary of becoming an official army/stan) in just one year i’ve managed to gain a lot of nice mutuals and a few close friends, and also release a lot of self-made content (gfx, edits, vids, memes etc) which i’m very happy for all the love they got! thank you all for following me and/or liking/reblogging my stuff :’) all of you make my dash a much more enjoyable and wonderful place :’’’) i love and appreciate every single one of you!! 🙆

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Concert- Zach

Request: Could I get a Zach imagine where him and his friends are at Coachella and he meets the reader in the crowd? And like cause she can’t see he puts her on his shoulders (because he’s a giant obvs) and other cliché stuff and like they end up as a hookup and like after the summer she transfers to the school and they just kinda *heart eyes* eachother? Smut or no, either way! Kinda weird and long I guess, so you don’t have to :)! Thank you x

I’m not comfortable writing smut so I didn’t include any

Warnings: mention of a hookup?

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Concert- Zach 

You walked into your new school lugging the backpack full of your new books. The halls seemed to go on forever in winding patterns and you were lost in the sea of people. Following the numbers on the doors and the school map in your hand you stumbled into your supposed Communications class.

“Mrs. Bradley? I’m Y/N, the new student.” You said to the teacher who stood in front of her desk.

“It’s nice to meet you! We’re just continuing our lecture on proper interviewing skills. I’ll give you the notes from last class next week. Go ahead and take a seat anywhere.” She had a soft smile and the laugh lines on her face made you feel more comfortable. The desks were arranged in groups of four so you went to an empty desk in the corner where no one had sat yet. As the students filed in you saw a familiar face. His eyes widened when he saw you and he smiled.

-Flash Back-

You were still overwhelmed by being at your first musical festival, and the fact that you lost your friends in the crowd didn’t help much.  You let the music overtake you and jumped around with the crowd trying to see over everyone else only to realize you were far too short. Trying to see your favorite band you pushed your way through the crowd in attempt to make your way towards the front but you were pushed back. After a while you almost gave up on even actually seeing the concert until you realized the guy a little bit ahead of you was a good six feet tall and pretty muscular, he was attractive as well but you tried to ignore that part.

You tapped his arm getting his attention, “Hey, is there anyway you can give me a boost? I’m way too short for this.”

He laughed and nodded before bending down so he could hoist you onto his shoulders. You were extremely aware of his hands on your thighs as he helped stabilize you making sure you wouldn’t fall before letting go. The view was perfect to say the least. Seeing the crowd and the band on stage was so beautiful and you were completely lost in the moment. That was the moment you realized how amazing the experience was; you had driven three hours just to get to the concert, the venue was beautiful, and you were on the shoulders of an incredibly hot guy. You had official reached your concert goals. After the band finished and another got on stage you climbed off of him and flashed him a smile.

“Thank you so much! I’m heading to get some food. Can I buy you something as a thanks?” You asked practically shouting over the crowd.

“I can’t say no to that.” He said flashing you a beautiful grin before leading the way out of the crowd towards concessions.

“I don’t think I actually got your name, I’m Y/N.” You told him looking up at him.

“I’m Zach.” He told you getting in line with you. After you bought food for the two of you, you settled into the grass sitting side by side.

“So tell me about yourself Zach.” You requested before taking a bite of your food and looking at him expectantly.

“I’m seventeen, a junior, and I play basketball. That pretty much sums me up.” He explained with a soft chuckle before looking at you into your eyes. You couldn’t think of anything to say and instead leaned in meeting your lips to his moving perfectly in sync. His arms wrapped instinctively around your waist and yours wrapped around his neck pulling him even closer. You pulled away resting your forehead on his before opening your eyes with a smile and completely pulling away.

Although the two of you never exchanged numbers, or even last names you never managed to get him off your mind.  He was just a concert hook up you never thought you’d actually see again but there he was, as attractive as ever. Throughout the whole class two of you took turns watching each other, glancing away any time the other looked over. But the minute the bell rang he walked towards you with that familiar grin.

“You know, if you need someone to show you around I am more than willing.” He told you trying to be sly.

“Well I can’t say no that.” You responded smiling up at him.

guess it’s time for my first follow forever with this blog! :’) I could never imagine I would reach this milestone so fast, especially after remaking and turning my writing around. and even if numbers are not really that important, it is still heartwarming and incredibly touching to see 6,000 people giving me and my writing a (second) chance.

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almost two years after my 1k follow forever (took me forever i guess), i have finally reached the second milestone of validation on the internet, just enough to motivate me in the upcoming week of exams lmao. all in all, this hellsite is still the only place where i can channel my creativity and where i can chat with the loveliest people about my favourite things, and as much as i like to talk shit about it, you’ll probably pry this blog out of my cold dead hands, because i’ve spent too much time out of my life taking care of it. (also notice how i chose that gif specifically so people confused about my url know what it means aka ‘sagitta’ = latin for ‘arrow’)

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Fic Recs List! (BTS)

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Hello! This is Admin Nis! I’ve been wanting to do a fic recommendation post for a while now! So below are my favorite authors, whose stories make me read them over and over again. I follow all on my personal @xvcolors-blog. Don’t forget to like and reblog their stories you enjoy! And leave them a message too if you particularly enjoyed one of their fics!!!

@an-exotic-writer Everything she’s written! There is so much content on her blog and ALL of it is excellent! Please check her FAQ for links to all her masterlists, and her navigation page before asking for links! Here’s her BTS masterlist :

@bangtan-spells Their stories are very sweet, and all are PG-13 and under! They also take requests from time to time. Here’s their masterlist!

@bangtxnv For fans of the maeknae line in particular, there’s many good reads here! Masterlist:

@heungtanbts I particularly enjoyed “For A Good Time, Call: Mr. Existential”. It was very enoyable to read! Masterlist:

@that-casual-author Found her reads recently and devoured the whole masterlist in two days! Read here:

@trashytaetae I especially love Paper Airplanes! Read the whole masterlist for delightful fluff! Masterlist:

@your-miss-right Caller Number Nine had me screaming for a week and almost made Yoongi my ult. Dangerous but so good! Read all her stories here:

bnha 136 ramble!

This chapter made me smile… a lot…

First off let me start with Sir. Sir sees his quirk more as a curse than a blessing.

He’s hesitant to use it, not just because of the setback it has, but because of the inevitability of an accident or something, or in most cases death.

He’s still grief-stricken about All Might’s future because he knows just how accurate it is, he knows that his foresight can’t be altered.

For a second, I honestly thought that he was still pissed off at All Might, like right here:

but he’s just afraid of people turning out like All Might… 

Look at how sad he is here… this single panel puts a lot of depth into Sir’s character. We get ti see a more vulnerable side of him. It’s not like he hates using his quirk, he’s afraid of what he’s going to see, heck, I’m pretty sure if his foresight didn’t have a 24-long interval setback or whatever he still wouldn’t use it on people…

After what he saw in All Might’s future, what are the chances that it can’t happen again to someone else?

Overall, I just find it sweet how Sir still feels sad about All Might, and how he still cares about him. Nobody really completely understands the weight of his words here apart from Gran Torino, so it’s pretty hard on them.

and omfg to bnha’s ost “my hero academia” while reading this chapter really fits the mood! XD

I honestly thought their relationship would be a little more salty, but this is refreshing though, seeing both of them talk about Izuku and all, even though Horikoshi didn’t go deep into their converstaion…

Sir’s is already starting to acknowledge Izuku, and I really like that, I didn’t expect it to come so soon, but it still made me happy. Sir’s opinion of Izuku hasn’t changed yet, but it’s getting there.

I also want to appreciate the relationship that the big 3 has:

even though we still don’t know much about them it’s pretty obvious that they all got each others back when it comes to emotional situations too so that’s cool.

This was my favorite part of the chapter. Bless Horikoshi for this scene, Aizawa coming from nowhere and unintentionally lightening up the mood was just so sweet.

Tbh, it will be kind of awkward having Izuku, Uraraka and the rest call Aizawa eraserhead will be kinda weird…but I guess I’ll get used to it.


we’ve only seen a dadzawa/izuku scene  like once or so in the manga, and that was after Izuku’s first fight with Bakugou, so this was… really sweet.

I don’t know if it was Izuku or Kirishima that said “I’ll follow you forever” but this was hilarious XD

Gonna appreciate how pretty Overhaul looks here… hot damn he’s a beauty!

I don’t know why but I really just had a hunch that Eri’s room would look like this… also

I want to murder this guy.

I see such a strong connection forming between Izuku an Eri in the future… and I also see a bunch of new headcanons on tumblr. So just like my friend indy said,


Reverse Pining AU: Michael Signs Up For The Play

The day had been going as usual for Jeremy, crappy and soul crushing rejection from his peers along with another test he did not study for, only barely finished in time. He walked out of the room to an excited Christine.
“Jeremy guess what we just-oh wow you look terrible, what happened?”
“Life, school. What’s got you so excited?”
“The play! They just posted the sign up sheet! And I think you’re to like this year’s production a lot more than usual.” She gestured for him to follow her as she practically skipped down the hallway until they stopped in front of the sign up sheet. In big lettering was the name Michael Mell.
“M…Michael signed up for the play?”
“Yeah! I saw him this morning and thought well I know a certain guy who’s been looking to have a reason to talk to him forever now. You can finally give him that letter we worked on!”
“Yeah…I kinda tore that up and flushed it down the toilet.” Christine made a face. “It’s still progress.”
“Well this doesn’t require any writing! You don’t even have to think out what you’ll say to him, it will already be written down and then you two can go from there!” Christine handed him the pen. Jeremy nervously noticed Rich and Jake round the corner. They immediately saw him signing up.
“Hah, GAY!” Everyone laughed as Jeremy’s face turned red from embarrassment. Christine angrily turned towards Rich.
“Hey! The theatre is not a laughing matter, and even if he was gay why should you care? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if-”
“No Christine, it’s alright. I’m used to it. I mean they’re not wrong.”
“That doesn’t give them an excuse to be such assholes!”
“Can we just go get lunch? I’m starving.” Christine reluctantly agreed heading down to the cafeteria and as they got in line Jeremy came to a dead stop, causing Christine to bump into him. Right in front of them stood Michael Mell himself, Christine noticed Jeremy starting to sweat profusely.
“Say something to him!” Instead Jeremy remained frozen until Michael was out of view. By then the people behind the two had started forcing them to move on allowing the boy to start moving again. “If I wasn’t such a romantic i’d say your hopeless.”
“I’m not completely hopeless, I mean I didn’t pass out this time.”
“If I wasn’t standing behind you, you probably would have.”
“That’ll all end today! Play practice will start and I won’t be awkward and-” At that moment Jeremy went to grab a milk when he felt someone's​hand on top of his. Looking up his eyes met Michael’s.

Yall: Yaaaaaaas give me that CONTENT kween!! Yessssssss i love it!!! Amazing !!!

Me: Hey id appreciate you guys sending in asks and questions about my characters bc they help me think of stuff to draw because my inbox is empty and maybe reblog my art because while likes are nice it doesnt help me all that much because reblogs get my posts out to other people so they can see it and be interested in following me or telling their followers to check out my blog

Yall: I cant read. What’s an ib nox?? Never heard of it. Rebagling? No idea.

so yesterday i reached 3k followers (which is insane) and i honestly don’t know what to say?? i never thought so many people would like this shitty blog of mine, but i guess i was wrong? 

anyways,, i’ve met lots of wonderful people over the past 10 months and i have no words to describe how much i love you all - you all deserve the world tbh. so i thought i’d thank you by making my first follow forever with some of my favorite blogs !

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Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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If you’re wondering why this site and every other side gets more and more quiet, it’s because I’m under pressure right now. I’ve to study for my finals, do job applications and so on… So there is not so much time for,my hobbies. But don’t worry, I won’t be inactive forever. I guess it’ll take until May, but I try to post a bit Mercy76 or Hackerkill once in a while. I would also lile to try to make a small artraffle for 600 followers, but I can’t promise anything at the moment. I hope I’ll still have your support and a big thanks to all of you Mercy76 and Hackerkill peeps ❤
If I have time here and now, I’ll answer notes and requests and you are still welcome to send me some. But remember it’ll take some time ❤
What I would like to show you are some more detailed Charactersheets of my OW OCs, but yeah, let’s see when this will happen  ❤

Greetings Jenno

so up until a couple days ago i didn’t even know a hockey side to tumblr existed until i saw it in the trending now section and i guess that’s how i got here. if you post about anything listed below or just hockey in general, like/reblog this post so that i can check out your blog and follow you!

  • auston matthews
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  • just any leafs player tbh
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  • the list goes on forever
Has it hit you that Vox Machina's souls won't be together when they die?

I know I just posted a long thing about the library, but I’ve been thinking: if the pearls on Sarenrae’s beach are her followers and the spirits in the garden of Pelor are his followers and Ioun’s followers are tending to her library, won’t those be the “heavens” each champion will go to?

Pike will be a lovely pearl (like she already is, inside and out) talking with Sarenrae for eternity. Vex gets to spend her afterlife in and among trees, like she spent much of her life. I’m guessing Vax will be stuck in the dark with threads and pools of blood, but maybe not. If Percy does become Ioun’s champion, he’ll spend his forever in her library, getting to organise the books that hold people’s lives and being where he feels most at home. I’m guessing Grog will join Kord, and I’ve got no idea what that’ll be like, but I’m excited to find out. Keyleth will likely join Melora. Again, we don’t know what Melora’s realm is like, but if you ask me, I’m sure it’s beautiful. Keyleth will fit right in. As for Scanlan, I don’t know who he’ll end up with or where he’ll go when he dies, but wherever it is, it’ll be with some other god or goddess.

Overall, what I’m saying is that they’ll all be apart. At least with most (at least most Western) views of the afterlife, souls are generally all together. Whether it’s in Hades (as in Greek mythology), even though Hades is split into three according to deeds done in life, or it’s Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory in the Catholic tradition, souls are mostly divided in very few locations.

But here, with Vox Machina, they’ll all be separated. No more twinnies. No more team tall and smalls. No more Vaxleth or Perc'ahlia or Pikelan or Grogleth or Perc'ildan or Vaxlan or Pikeleth or Vexleth or what ever other ship you can think of. There won’t be any grand mead hall like Valhalla where they can all spend their days just as they would, drinking and recounting the good old days.

We can only hope that their ends don’t come too soon and that their heavens are all they could have wished for.


So, in light of the voltron leaks, I’d like to have a discussion. There are two ways to address people when they make a mistake like this. You can either “call them out” and forever immortalize what they’ve said in a post like with @/sir-scandalous and @/keiths-salt, or you can talk to them.

I saw this person, and immediately what they said rubbed me the wrong way. They seemed misguided and… Honestly? Young. I’m guessing the 14 in their age points to their name, but for them to be witch hunted like this before ANYONE talked them through this is wrong. Even someone I follow on twitter decided to quote tweet them instead of having a discussion.

Now, why am I upset about how this was handled? Because it speaks to the larger picture here. In many fandoms, but especially the voltron fandom, ship wars and embarrassing behavior is common. The major defining factor is that we’re not seeing each other as people. 

They made a petty threat because they wanted their ship to be canon, not thinking about the studio as people who are working to create something. Voice actors, writers, animators, even creators of shows are held up as all powerful idols that can word-of-god your ship into canon and are pestered for it. Insults and threats are thrown out like rocks from a slingshot, aiming to damage others if they don’t do what you say. The only way we can calm this fandom is to TALK to people we disagree with. 

Do you want to know how I got them to realize what they were saying? I talked. Nicely. I told them the reality of the situation and offered a shoulder to lean on if they needed help. I asked others to back off when we’d already talked things out. 

Not everything has to be a battle. Voltron is an example of using your fists as a solution, but if you really just sit down and use some empathy, we can make this fandom a better place.


I’m working on the speedpaint now so that should be up at some point?? Maybe???

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