guess this is better than nothing


Sooo was tagged by the gorgeous @sukiieeeee for the selfie tag
Oh well I’m not really comfortable with it but i wanna see my lovely mutuals too
So this is better than nothing I guess
I’m sure your screens cracked by now lol 😂
So again no pressure,
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Apparently if I ever have more than 2000 dollars with ssi (If I even get approved) then I get cut off

and also I cant get food stamps? it sounds really awful but I guess any amount of money is better than nothing

Autumn Sorrow

( Inner Thoughts )

It’s been what… Hours? Days? Weeks? I can’t tell, but time seems like it’s been carrying on longer. I never thought my mother’s death would affect me so much. I had spent so long hating her that I forgot how much I truly missed her, even when she did me wrong. I guess I had it better than some, despite how she left me. Lindaldra never told me I was worthless, she… she never called me a failure, or hit me. Never judged my intelligence. I was suppose to be aborted, given the type of company she was working for, but she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of me.

How am I supposed to feel about this? A part of me feels like I never truly knew who my mother was. I never knew what her goals were, what her favorite color was, how she grew up… Nothing! I don’t know anything. But she knew me, even after leaving me, she knew me. That’s not fair. Why didn’t I know my mom? What if she died without knowing I loved her?

A pause was taken, her gaze moving up to see the clock’s hand shift over to the next hour, ticking in accordance. She placed her face within her hands, propping her elbows on the ball of her knees.

I’m a disappointment to everyone. My mom, Trastinari, Stitch… especially Stitch. The poor girl is missing and I’m sitting here doing nothing about it. Why? Because I’m a selfish bitch… Even Teliyna, someone people refer to as a monster, has more compassion than me. Am I incapable of loving someone?

Lifting her head, she leaned forward, picking up her glass of champagne, pressing her lips to the cool rim as the fizzy substance drew down. Closing her eyes, heated tears came in like a heavy tide, but she wouldn’t let them reach the bank or brim.

What’s my purpose? Maybe I am better off dead, or maybe I was built to destroy. Either way, I’ll get by…

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why the dao companions join you
  • alistair:because we're the only grey wardens left lol
  • morrigan:because my mom made me go
  • sten:because it's better than staying this cage i guess
  • leliana:because the maker told me to
  • wynne:because you're helping the mages & didn't kill me so i guess we're cool
  • oghren:because ur going to the deep roads and where the he LL is branka
  • zevran:because you didn't kill me when i tried to kill you haha oops no hard feelings am i right??? :^) :^)
  • shale:because i have nothing better to do
  • dog:because i love u
The signs as panic! at the disco lyrics

Aries: You’ve got these little things that you’ve been running from. You either love them or I guess you don’t.

Taurus: Fixation or psychosis? Devoted to neurosis now.

Gemini: Things are shaping up to be pretty odd, little deaths in musical beds, so it seems I’m someone I’ve never met

Cancer: There is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends. And I meant everything I said that night, I will come back to life, but only for you.

Leo: I’m the new cancer, never looked better, you can’t stand it.

Virgo: You remind me of a few of my famous friends, well that all depends what you qualify as friends.

Libra: There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for.

Scorpio: Can’t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid.

Sagittarius: And truth be told I never was yours.

Capricorn: Genius only comes along in forms of fabled foreign tongue, dripping eyes and flooded lungs.

Aquarius: Its better to burn than to fade away. Its better to leave than to be replaced.

Pisces: You fooled me once with your eyes now, honey. You fooled me twice with your lies.

To Subban’s mind, hockey is the one pro sport that eats its own. If you listen to basketball coverage, he says, 90 percent of what they’ll say about the game’s biggest stars is positive, but hockey just isn’t like that—for him or anyone else. “Even Sidney Crosby—look at all the heat he’s been taking. This guy’s the best player in the world, and he’s getting the heat he’s been getting? Really?

I got so excited at the demo reel yesterday that I thought HEY HO LET’S UPDATE AND COLOUR THAT SKETCH FROM A WHILE AGO :U (seriously, how cool was that demo reel?? music?? 3d model turnarounds?? christmas came three quarters of a year early this year)

he’s pointing to a display board of vital information, NOT flippin’ any birds to anyone.


I think I can now confidently say that there’s nothing better than a good nap hahah! I guess three days of walking around Town takes its toll on you because I was so tired today I just came home, ate, and slept hah!

I don’t have any events on for the rest of the week so it’s just me and Heir of Fire for the next few days, which I’m looking forward to! I’m only 150 pages in so far but I’m enjoying it so much more than Crown of Midnight, which I’m sure is an unpopular opinion hahah!
What’s everyone else reading?

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