guess the world doesn't work that way

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how can someone claim to be a "good christian" and then justify being judgmental and hateful like lol doesn't work that way???????????????????????

and then they get that horrible complex where it’s like “well if The World hates me guess i’m being a good missionary that they want to martyr!!!! Oppressed For His Righteousness” like…nah dude pretty sure you’re just a terrible person

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That post comparing Liam to Louis re: fatherhood is so messed up, bc not only (like you said) was Freddie born during hiatus, but he was also an unplanned pregnancy with someone Louis wasn't with anymore! Like fucking hell, what do they expect from Louis? That he tells cute stories about Briana and them changing diapers together? Liam is with his gf and son all the time while Louis doesn't live with B & F! Is it so hard to understand how that could complicate the way he talks about his child?

Literally this tho. Larries have literally no normal human interactions in their lives, I’m guessing, because they just don’t seem to understand that the world doesn’t work like it does on TV: everything is complicated.

I have this weird world where I can’t really do what I want to do when it comes to this show. Like, if I had it my way, I would just ignore Tom now. Literally just skip over whatever scenes he’s in (where he’s the main guy). Is there important plot info I’m missing? Oh, well. Just have to miss it, I guess.

I’ve been trying to make sense of the nonsensical for a year plus now, and I give up on it, basically. Until they pleasantly surprise me, I’ll just assume they’ll continue to make stupid decisions when it comes to him. So, skip entirely? Skip entirely. Good plan. Did they have their sixteenth wedding? Don’t know. Didn’t see it. 

But then I watch with the co. So I have to watch those scenes anyway.

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