guess that's it for this follower sunday

I guess if I’m home all day, I might as well do something useful like make tons of stuff.


Here are the first two requests!

People you really like NicoMaki right? Every time if not all my requests there’s a nicomaki one lol Also I get way too into drawing these dorks so stop sending this OTP lol jk

Anyway I’ll keep on doing the other request within this week…wait tomorrow is sunday orz…then within the following days :D

Also thanks to all of the people that wished me to get better! I’m doing my best and I guess that I’m better although not completely recovered ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

Have a nice day!

PS: Last one has transparent bg…

what is coming up

hey guys, Its been awhile.. ive been busy doing a shit load of writing.. I wrote my first 5 minutes to do at an open mic, Hopefully that goes well. 

Anyway.. im working on producing a ton of videos and getting things ready for buffer festival. Are you coming? well why the fuck not? thats silly you should come. 

If you haven’t heard im premiering dare mattg 100 that day, Sunday I think. So there wont be a dare mattg that friday but I will be uploading it on the tuesday after. After Dare MattG 100 goes live thats it. Thats all. I will be (probably temporarily) bowing out of the dare video business and focusing on jokes. Why am I typing this here? who the fuck knows. I guess for the people who bothered to follow this page (I will call you my hardcore viewers) I guess I assume the hardcore people would want the inside scoop on what im up to.

Im not saying this is the end of dare mattg.. but.. it will be while before I make another simply for the fact that I think I have done it all. All of it. Everything. Can’t imagine one thing I haven’t done. Can you? I can’t.

So anyway. Im pretty pumped for dare mattg 100 I wont give anything away right now.. but.. I hope you like it!