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Is 17 too young for college?

I started college when I was 17. I knew people who started at 15/16. I guess it depends on the person and how they cope in that education basis. It’s a lot of work for yourself. You won’t have teachers spoonfeeding you answers to exams, you won’t have them chasing you up for work that’s to be handed in; it’s very much all in your hands and it can be quiet a shock to the system. If you’re willing to do the work then go ahead x


Gladio’s busy worrying because he can’t get ahold of Iris. Meanwhile, the Empire has blocked every single road around the chocobo ranch. Conveniently, we’re on foot, so we can trudge through the forests instead. I long for the day when my socks are dry again. Maybe we’ll luck out and Cindy will track down the Regalia soon and with it all our spare clothes, we’ve been wearing the same ones for a week now.

I suppose it would have been too much for Luna to ask Ramuh to keep his rain to himself. Gladio keeps sneezing. Prompto won’t stop complaining. Noct’s probably going to get electrocuted, touching runestones that shoot lightning in this rain.

We’re stuck camping tonight. Always a delight when everyone is wet, miserable, and covered in mud. Two stones down, one to go.

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Guess who just spent too much time looking at and blocking terfs and is now disillusioned with the world! It's me!

Oh, Anon. Terfs are a blight and a curse but they’re not everyone. In fact, I very much doubt they’re a majority. They’re just very loud. And we drown out loud hate by being even louder in love, support, and acceptance. Trans women are women. Period.

(PS I encountered a terf once who claimed that doctors who said corsets are safe if used correctly were just being sexist. So I guess MRI stands for “misogyny resonance imaging” now, because we have a scan of a habitual corset-wearer that shows no damage to her body? anyway my point is that, in addition to being general fuckfaces, they seem allergic to research)

you know i keep seeing young jack morrison portrayed one of two ways in the fandom and it’s either “uwu innocent bb who doesn’t do anything wrong” or “grade A insufferable asshole” but i prefer to think of him more as the equivalent of “stressed out college student the week before finals who’s running low on sleep and cranked up on caffeine and is one step away from a breakdown because this is too much responsibility he clearly wasn’t ready for and now he’s just winging it i guess”

What do you think is worse,” she asked quietly, twisting her favourite bracelet around her wrist, “having your heart broken or breaking a heart?” Her friend glanced at her curiously but she wouldn’t meet his gaze. She couldn’t, not with the guilt that was clearly written across her face.
“It depends, I guess,” he replied carefully. “Having your heart broken is awful, especially in the exact moment it happens. You feel as though your airways have been cut. You forget how to breathe. At first you feel too much and then you’re in denial and feel nothing at all, just emptiness. But it gets better. Sometimes within months, and sometimes it takes you years to move on. But eventually you’ll heal.” She looked up, biting the inside of her cheek. “And if you break a heart?”
He hesitated, pointedly glancing at her wrist. “Well, you can’t break a heart and be careful about it. You can’t make it hurt any less, no matter how much you don’t want the person you love to be in pain. I’d say breaking someone’s heart scars you just as much as having your own heart broken.” When she didn’t say anything, he spoke again. “Are you about to break someone’s heart?” Slowly she took off her silver bracelet and placed it on the table. He recognised it now as it sparkled faintly in the bright light - it was the bracelet her boyfriend had given her on their first anniversary. “Yes,” she replied with tears in her eyes, touching the bare inside of her wrist, “I’m afraid I am.
—  Excerpt
The Signs As Things I Did As A Child When I Was Crushing:
  • ( I'm an Aquarius sun / Cancer moon / Aries venus btw )
  • Aries: asks them to hangout
  • Taurus: looking through your camera roll to look at pictures of them
  • Gemini: talks too much and second guesses everything later
  • Cancer: brings them candy (the key to affection)
  • Leo: picks out outfit the night before
  • Virgo: observes how they treat their family
  • Libra: makes jokes about peanuts
  • Scorpio: hugs them tight and lets go
  • Sagittarius: sits by them at functions
  • Capricorn: watches them dance with someone else and sits in self-pity (yo yo the 1975 reference aye)
  • Aquarius: refuses to accept that you're infatuated because feelings are weAK
  • Pisces: stays up all night thinking about them
  • Ruby: Blake, can I ask a question about your kitty ears?
  • Blake: ...I guess. What is it?
  • Ruby: How do you hear out of them? Like, where does all the inner ear stuff connect too and fit in your head?
  • Blake: Ummmm...
  • Weiss: Surely there is space in your skull for the anatomy structure of your cat ears, right?
  • Blake: I imagine so...? I've never really given it that much thought before.
  • Yang: Oh my god, Blake! How do your ears work?!
  • Blake: I DON'T KNOW!

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ok i noticed that Mo has another pillow at his side, does that maybe mean he hugs in his sleep or that he needs to hug something to fall asleep? bcs i know what(who) he can hug ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . aaand i'm reading too much into things again...


i admit i’ve always imagined he tian as the clingy one during sleep, but after getting your message im starting to reevaluate that because the idea of guan shan having to hug something or someone to sleep is honestly……… cute………………….

imagine him sleeping on his side and curling up around a pillow, wrapping his arms and legs around it and clutching it tightly while his head rests on another one, seeking comfort in it when he’s alone. and then he and he tian get together and at first it’s hard for guan shan to lose the habit, to feel comfortable enough to curl up against he tian instead of a pillow, but it’s okay because he tian is there, pressed up against his back, an arm wrapped around his waist and fingertips slowly rubbing soothing circles into his stomach, holding him tight, and suddenly guan shan finds out that there’s nothing more comforting than the warmth radiating from he tian’s body and to sink into sleep knowing that he tian is close

then one night they go to bed and settle in their usual positions - guan shan curled up around a pillow, he tian curled up around guan shan - but after a while guan shan gently rolls over into he tian’s embrace and wraps his arms around him, tangling their legs together and pressing his face into he tian’s chest as he hums contently against he tian’s skin. after that the extra pillow they used to keep on the bed becomes useless, and he tian is endlessly amused at how he now has to spend at least ten minutes every morning just prying himself from a grumpy guan shan who doesn’t want to let him go (not that he tian minds)

Top Posts (2016)

I’m a little late doing this but I do get some posts which get quite a few notes so I thought I would do a post with my top 10 posts from 2016 ~ as voted (uh, liked and reblogged I guess? they’re all bts which is why i’m doing individual/group top posts after ‘read more’) by all of you guys. Hopefully I’ll do one of these at the end of 2017 too, but for now, thank you for all the love and support you have sent me over the past year, it’s much appreciated ♡

Overall Top Posts

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1. Baby Girl - Jungkook (s)

“Is that good, baby girl?” Jungkook asks, his breath causing a vibration against your core that caused your breathing to increase. As you gather some words to say, he cuts you off by darting his tongue inside of you, but he pulls away again when you don’t answer. “Answer me.”

2. Conceited - Jungkook (s)

“I want you to cry that you love me,” Jungkook continues. He places one of his hands on your waist, the pads of his fingers stroking your skin that is so sensitive to him. “I want you to whimper that you love me. Mewl it. Scream it. Whisper it. Mumble it. I want to hear it over and over.”

3. Kitten - Yoongi (s)

“Do you think that Chanyeol can make you scream as loud as I can?” Yoongi asks. His voice is sincere as he stares at you with a slightly enraged look. Yoongi was always getting jealous and it would either end with him making you scream his name so loud everyone knew who he was, or how would have you begging on your knees to feel him inside of you.

4. The First Time - Taehyung (s)

“Of course. Didn’t I just say you were beautiful? You’re smart too. You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?” Taehyung moves a little closer and this time keeps a hand under your skin yo tilt your head up towards his. When you shake your head a little coyly you notice the way Taehyung becomes far more enthusiastic than before. “I’m going to kiss you then, okay?”

5. Consider Me This - Jungkook (s)

He didn’t mean to let a low growl leave his lips but he made it very clear he was not happy right now. In fact, he swore he wore the expression of the devil right now, he swore he could have torn you apart with just his gaze in this moment. “Don’t act like you care about my studies. We’re going to mine, now. Come on.”

6. Beg For It - Namjoon (s)

“Joonie, baby, have you ever been teased before?” You ask him, touch hovering over the zipper of his jeans. You were hoping that he would push his hips up to speed up your pace, but his self control was unmatched. But you’d break him. “Have you had someone hovering over you and touching you in all the right places until you just can’t take it anymore?”

7. Proximity - Jungkook (s)

“Is that all you’re going to do?” Jungkook asks hungrily. He didn’t like it when you were teasing him, but he would let himself tease you for hours upon end until you were begging him to finally do something. He reaches a hand behind your neck, his fingers reaching up into your hair so he can pull you closer to him. “That’s not how it works. Use them skilful hands of yours and make me come.”

8. Princess - Namjoon (s)

A deep chuckle leaves Namjoon’s lips at your words. He pulls back from you, sitting back in his original position and shifting in his seat a little. There’s an innocent look on your face as you bite your lip, not knowing whether or not Namjoon was going to buy your act and give you exactly what you wanted and needed. “Why, do you want me to fuck you? Is that what you want  princess?”

9. Other Than Me - Yoongi & Jungkook (s)

Your widened eyes travel to Jungkook, his irises blown wide as he watches you with his lips slightly parted. His eyes are on yours until Yoongi calls his name again, trying to get an answer for his question. “Well, Jungkook – do you want to fuck my girlfriend or not?”

10. Your Throne - Yoongi (s)

“Just act like my face is your throne,” Yoongi reminds you, one hand seizing your waist to pull you closer. After a sly eye roll you allow him to guide you until your naked body is straddling his chest and the black shirt he’s wearing just touches your most sensitive area, causing little gasps to leave your mouth on various occasions slowly shuffle over towards his face.

below the line is honourable mentions, individual top posts and also a breakdown of my own favourites~

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Band of Brothers modern au: instagram aesthetics (6/?)

Malarkey, Skip & Penkala

Episode 1: I hope there’s fan service like free or owari no seraph

Episode 2: it cant get any gayer than this

Episode 3: it cant get any gayer than this

Episode 4: I hope it become gayer

Episode 5: I hope it become gayer

Episode 6: I think I ask too much fan service, this should be enough

Episode 7: oh they are hug-…*chek all the evidences* asdfgsahsvshakak THEY ARE ACTUALLY KISSING OH MY GOD

Episode 8: PRAY FOR MACCACHIN (aww..viktor is going to Japan, I guess no vikturi moment in eps 9)

Episode 9: *proposal, maccachin is alive* NOW I’M SO DEAD


The most enjoyable event I went to. I love how this event was created for fangirls like me. The characters was super on point with their personalities. The event was really heavenly.

I was really really shy to ask the cosplayers for photo but the character would actually initiate and make you feel like you were really the star of the show or however you call it. I was blushing the entire event and I couldn’t stop fangirling.

V was really friendly and was the one who served me. Thank you very much !

Yoosung was so adorable that I can’t express my words. “ LOLOL! ” My friend was really fangirl over his cuteness. Same goes for me.

ZEN was really fun to be around with. I wanted to call out “ Zen Oppa ! ” but I guess I was too shy. ZEN was really handsome though ~

Jumin probably made me the fangirl the most out of all. I really like the small “ fanservice ” he gave. Thanks for the head pat !

Seven definitely was the funniest. He also gave me and my friend a little “ fanservice ” too. Thank you very much haha !

I really enjoyed the event and I hope I can participate in it again if there’s another event coming up !

I would definitely miss Jumin and ZEN the most ! Ahhhhh. They were so friendly ! ♡

I’m dropping hints that I love them. I love them.

A really big thank you to those who organized it. I really had tons of fun.

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Hello! Would it be possible for a soldier to be discharged or even arrested due to a conspiracy of dirty superiors who don't want him to tell other of their criminal actions? Also what are the main reasons for a soldier to be discharged? Thank you so much! :)

Well, I think so, but it might be tricky. 

Asking for the main reasons someone is discharged is like asking what main reasons people enlist for, i.e. too many to really count. I guess I can try to name some of the more common ones. 

Types of Discharge
Honorable Discharge: the good one. It’s also the default assuming you didn’t fuck anything else up. You get full benefits, you can reenlist if you want, and no one will ever question your service. 
General Discharge: not necessarily bad, but it means you fucked something up during your enlistment. You should theoretically still get all of your benefits. You can apply to change a “general discharge” to an “honorable discharge” after six months of exiting service, although how long and how effective your application will be varies.
Other-Than-Honorable Discharge: Basically the military’s saying “you fucked up but we don’t want to do the paperwork for it.” No reenlistment, no benefits. This level is where you start seeing some serious discrimination regarding finding civilian jobs or work.
Bad Conduct Discharge: You fucked up and we did the paperwork for it. You’ve gone through a court martial and probably were in jail. Zero benefits, zero support. 
Dishonorable Discharge: You probably fucking murdered or raped somebody for this one ya brute. No benefits, no reenlistment, no support, and you can’t own firearms. Oh, and good luck finding a job. Like, ever.

Reasons people get discharged:

Overweight/P.F.T. test failure
Soldiers who are over the allowable weight and who can’t pass a physical fitness test are flagged. That basically means that the leadership are keeping their eye on that soldier to see if they improve, and if they don’t, they can be discharged. 
This is a completely imperfect system because while you can’t receive promotions or rewards when flagged, you also don’t necessarily have to stop being flagged to stay in. If your leadership likes you enough or doesn’t care, you can theoretically be flagged for years. I knew of a guy in Korea who’d been flagged for weight for two years. Same with P.F.T. 

If someone really doesn’t like a flagged soldier though, they may start pushing to chapter them (discharge them) ASAP, or whenever they’re technically allowed to. 

These discharges should be honorable, and as long as the soldier has served 36 months, they should receive all of the benefits as any other veteran, such as medical coverage by the V.A. and the G.I. Bill for school. If the soldier has served less than 36 months, they receive a percentage of coverage dependent on their time in service, but not full.

Compassionate Release/Dependency or Hardship Discharge
This is more adequately explained by a more thorough source than what I can provide, so I recommend giving this page a read and perhaps doing a little more research on your own. Essentially, if you or a family member literally cannot carry on with you enlisted, whether due to illness or other hardship, you can be discharged honorably earlier than your contract states. 

Criminal Activity
This can include anything from shoplifting to hard drug abuse. Depending on the chain of command and the severity of the infraction, you may lose position, rank, or be discharged at a level lower than General Discharge. 

Article 15
I intend on doing a master post on the grand and annoying article 15 one day, but basically they’re punitive papers explaining how you did a bad thing and what they’re gonna do to you for it. You can get an article 15 for anything from chewing gum in formation to sexual harassment, so there’s a lot of potential here. Article 15s can be fought if you want them to go to court martial, but most people don’t bother because it’s such a dramatic step to take.

If I had to say, I think the easiest way for someone to set someone up would be either through set-up P.T. failure, planted drug possession, or numerous article 15s. 

PT failure: posture is important during a P.T. test. We have to perform push ups, sit ups, and a run, and if the person judging you is judging you harshly, you may wind up with a much lower number of push ups and sit ups because your form wasn’t correct. An intentionally harsh judge may force a soldier to flunk a P.T. test by not counting their reps.

Planted drug possession: nice and simply. Plant some drugs in someone’s room and then wait for a barracks inspection. There’s very little anyone can say or do to fight that charge. Alternatively, you could drug someone against their will, and then select them “randomly” for a urine test, and then boom: they piss hot, they’re on drugs, kick their ass out.

As for the final one, you can be recommended for discharge if you have too many article 15s, and they don’t even have to be all related. I knew someone in AIT was being threatened with discharge because he had an article 15 each for showing up late to formation, another one for not cleaning his room thoroughly enough, and another one for, you guessed it: chewing gum in formation. 

These are all relatively minor infractions and most NCOs I know wouldn’t bother giving someone an article 15 unless the soldier had made a terrible habit of all of these things, (for reference, that soldier had a habit of showing up late, but the other two were not habitual enough to warrant an article 15 imo) so it’s very easy to see that the leadership of that soldier just particularly didn’t like that soldier. 

In all of these circumstances the soldier can request a court martial to prove their innocence, but you’d probably need to hire a defense attorney, and you’d need to actually come up with evidence that supports your innocence. It’s really hard because your leadership can basically craft all the evidence in their favor, but it’s not completely hopeless. 

Good luck to your poor soldier! 

-Spc. Kingsley

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i love taylor swift so much i would die for her twelve million times even tho she probably wouldn’t let me because she is too kind altho i guess because she’s kind she’d want to let me achieve my dream of dying for her so maybe she would let me die for her if i asked nicely

Queenie Goldstein is an empathe

Do you ever stop and think about it ? She can hear people’s thoughts ofc, but she can also hear their heart, aka know their past and their deepest fears and desires. Still she didn’t turn bitter and hateful. How amazing ?! So now, the headcanons :

  • It was a conscious decision to keep an open-mind towards anyone, in hope people would be the same with her

  • She inherited her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother before her etc. - much like Parseltongue in the Gaunt family comes from Salazar Slytherin, except she doesn’t know who it originally comes from
  • Her parents died when she was very young, before her powers really revealed their entire potentials
  • She had to teach herself how to control them. Tina helpedby supportign her and  letting her experiment with her mind as much as she needed
  • When she was at school, she suffered from chronical insomnia because she just couldn’t shut other people’s brains out
  • When it happened, she would go into Tina’s dormitory and they would talk for as long as was needed
  • Now she’s very good at speaking so softly that no one can hear her if she doesn’t want them to
  • Tina can organise her thoughts so that Queenie will hear them clearly
  • Sometimes she speaks to Queenie through M.A.C.U.S.A. this way
  • Queenie still had lots of sleep issues as an adult but it’s not as bad. However on days she feels poorly she has more trouble keeping control of her powers and NYC can be overwhelming very fast, so she learned spells to isolate the apartment

  • When she entered puberty she could hear men’s thoughts about her body and it terrified her for a while, then she learned how she could use it against them
  • That’s why she teased Jacob at first
  • She knew how sweet he could be, but she also reminded both of them she had to deal with other men before him and she wasn’t just a pretty face he could fantasize about
  • She fell in love with Jacob just minutes later when he stopped thinking about her naked and started imagining her working with him in his bakery, as his friend and his equal and his lover (in this order)

  • Her powers are potentially terrifying, she could break people’s minds if she wanted
  • She doesn’t want it though
  • But she still could
  • That’s why when she takes the decision to go look for Jacob she doesn’t hesitate for a second or even imagine that someone could stop her
  • She’s a force of nature, but really she’s such a nice person that she never becomes a threat to anyone
  • Except if you threaten people she loves
  • One of Tina’s exes-turned-bully from school will have awful nightmares all of their lifes

Other headcanons :


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kiacii brought me here through her repost, i'm not in any side, i already knew about your animation and it's lovely, i just didn't watch the second season because, i lost interest, but no! not in yours, but in all fanon stuff, because some fans ruined the fandom (not you), like i said, i'm not in any side, i just think you should be more kind, (please don't stop reading), they are just too excited and don't know the stress of an artist in the week, make a vid talking about this, they'll hear you

Uhm… I uh… I’ll be nicer I guess.

Oh wait, how about they’re nice to me as well? No?… that’s too much to ask probably. Yeah you’re right

Also I think that it’s kind of stupid that you allow others’ behavior towards something to dictate what you should like or not.

Just friendly advice