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You’re Mine || one

Meeting the guy, that made my life a living hell after years of running away. Do I love him or do I hate him?

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Mature/Angst

A/N: Taking a break from this fic, will start a new one. 

The way he used to look at me, was all gone when he started hanging out with guys that were older than him. Ignoring me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, breaking my heart and messing with it like I was a toy. Of course, I have heard stories about him, some horrible ones. Casual sex, treating women like toys and the worse one gangbangs. This was someone he had become, something he did every day and I couldn’t fathom at all. We used to be friends, me thinking that we were more than friends, was just a huge lie to make myself feel better about the situation. He used me, breaking my heart like a heartless person, he had become and I forgave him every time because I loved him. I used to cry and tell everything he had done to me to Lia, my best friend. There was always something to say about him or the girls that were stupid enough to fuck him, just like the old me. Lia normally would tell me to stop letting people hurt me and stand up for myself instead of forgiven them for their mistake. That must be easy for her, she has always been the girl that said what she wanted, not being afraid what people would think about her. 

As the time passed. I moved away from my childhood home into a bigger city or the capital living there for a year or two before moving back. Where all the pain of mine started, but I guess I got attached to the place, maybe that’s the reason why I’m back. Thinking that he would be long gone from this place, hoping that I didn’t run into him or see him again. I didn’t have anything to say to him, nothing at all. When I finally found my peace, something that will soon be ruined by the one and only Jeon Jungkook, the guy I have been running away from for years now because my heart couldn’t take it anymore watching him from afar. Watching him fuck up every single girl he met, just because he found it fun to mess around with me. Who does that? he does. 

“Missed me?” he whispered into my ear making me jump up a little by his sudden presence, as I stood outside of someone’s backyard at a party that I got forced to go on.  

“What do you want?” I turned around facing him, at first it was hard to remember if I knew who the voice belonged to, but the fact that he asked if I had missed him made everything much easier for me. He looked different but I guess time changes someone’s looks, he was much taller than last time I saw him. Honestly, he looked great, black shirt and pants in an outfit he didn’t put much effort in. 

“Looks like someone have become stubborn, what happened to the girl who did everything I told her? I wonder if she’s still around,” he smirked while looking around for ‘her’ ending it with a grin showing his teeth, that every girl died of seeing. “Want to go inside and get a drink, so we can catch up on things?“ 

"So sad that she’s gone and would probably never come back as well,” I said with a harsh tone. “No thanks, I don’t drink," 

He was surprised to get to see the true me or the changed me, but let out a laughter making me frown my eyebrow. "Why are you at a party, if you’re not planning on drinking anything or have fun?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow. “Wait~ did you come here because of a guy? Then where is he," 

The way he said it and acted showed me that he was obvious teasing me, thinking that I couldn’t get laid. That was just rude of him, I can easily get laid but I’m not like him. I don’t do one stands, I have to be drunk first at least to do it. Does he think that I’m the shy girl that he fucked up multiple times, that was too afraid to say anything about it? How fucking nice of him to think. 

"Bye~,” I said with no emotional and brushed past him earning a call from him but instead of turning around and wait for him, I slightly turning my head back flashing him a smile. 

A couple of hours later, I was still avoiding him. Once in awhile, he would try to get my attention by going up with a random girl closer towards me, hoping that I would get jealous by it. Lia was nowhere to be seen, I guess she’s the one getting laid tonight after all I’m her wingwoman. My eyes were wandering around the party when I spotted something that caught my attention or in fact, I caught someone staring at me. He somehow looked familiar but I couldn’t put the words together, there was just something familiar with him or was that just me being paranoid. I was about to stand up and walk over to the guy but got pushed back down onto the chair, looking up seeing his face. He was slowly shaking his head, as he was doing that he was making sure that I wouldn’t stand up again by holding onto my shoulder. 

“Why do you want to go talk to him and not me? Fun, now you’re looking at my friends. I don’t understand why you’re giving me a cold shoulder, and don’t you dare tell me that I have to think harder. You disappeared for three years, I tried to ask your-” I cut him off. 

“How dare you ask my parents, great it’s just great. Don’t you understand that I hate you, you fucking used me like I was a toy! Just go and fuck someone else because I don’t want anything from you” This was just great, he’s acting all innocent when he’s the reason for the pain I have been feeling for years. I harshly pushed him to the side rushing out of the house, hot tears were already trailing down my cheek. Regretting that I didn’t get drunk, knowing that I would just regret it tomorrow anyway but it would have felt great if I got drunk. Why did I have to be like this? because this is who I am.

The whole way home was me trying to get myself to stop crying, but it seemed useless. I didn’t want it to stop, my body needed to let it all out before getting home. No one needed to know that I met him again, not even Lia needed to know. I came to a dark alley not paying much attention to the dark, slightly sobbing could be heard making the night seem endless not knowing when it would stop. I almost died of shock when suddenly someone pushed me into the stone wall, making my teeth grit together of the pain. My head was still hanging low not really caring if I got raped by a guy on the street because I’m already in so much pain. Maybe it would be a nice fuck with a good looking guy, something I would probably regret like I regret getting to know Jeon Jungkook, regretting that I let him fuck me up. 

“I thought you loved me, baby girl. Why have you become so cold hearted all of a sudden?” he started to kiss my neck leaving wet kisses, holding onto my waist tightly. I wanted to push him away, but my body wasn’t collaborating with my brain. “This isn’t the Y/N, I used to know" 

"Then you surely don’t know me well” I finally pushed him off me, it all sounded harsh but it was true. He doesn’t know me that well, he doesn’t care about me anymore. He ditched me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, leaving me to become a monster and now he’s thinking that I came back for him. Used me for his pleasure whenever he needed it, I won’t let that happen again. How stupid can someone be? He’s stupid enough to think, that I’m crawling back to him. “I have changed something you haven’t" 

When I was about to go away, he harshly pushed me back on the wall making me hiss. He has become even stronger over the years, his face showed that he was irritated and angry. "You truly have learned how to make someone angry, but it suits you” with that he pressed his lips onto mine, my eyes grow bigger while his eyes were closed. 

My hands were on his chest struggling to push him away from the kiss, I have to admit this was something I had missed but I had to remember all the things he had done to me. Making me feel like trash, forcing me to watch him fuck another girl because I didn’t obey him. Making me fall in love with him over and over again, so many times it started to hurt. This was a life I left behind but it looks like I’m going to get it back. The life I hated to live, always wanting things to change but it wouldn’t change. Why was he doing this to me? No one knows because this is his life, he’s used to doing this to girls, but why with me, though? 

He soon moved down to my neck sucking on it slightly earning some moans escape my lips, but I regret letting them out, covering my mouth with one hand so I wouldn’t make him satisfied. He was trying hard to make me feel miserable under his touch, he wanted me to beg for him. I didn’t want to beg for anything, I don’t even love him anymore. The hate for him was stronger than the love that I once felt for him. “I missed hearing them” he purred into my neck, his hand grabbed my hand that was covering my mouth holding onto it so I couldn’t use it. 

“I missed everything about you" 

Disposable pt2

Idk I was just thinking about this last night and thought I might write another part? But I’ll warn you now, if you like sad endings, stop reading after part one. I’m terrible at angst because I’m a sucker for happy endings. (Also @ anon who originally requested part 1, I’m sorry that this is about to turn into something not at all like what you asked for, forgive me)

You can read part 1, 3, 4 

Yoongi x Reader

Fake relationship

Warnings: Harsh language, mild nsfw, alcohol usage.

Yoongi waited two weeks for you to call. And he was sure that you would, because you always did. This had been a relatively normal thing for you for over a year now. Everything would seem like it was fine until one day you said you couldn’t do this anymore, then you would effectively dump him (although in order to dump him you would have had to have been in a relationship in the first place), and then a few days later you would call him again.

It was just the way it was. 

There was something different about this time, however. He hadn’t wanted to admit it, or even think about it at the time, but there was something in your eyes that night. Yoongi recognized hopelessness when he saw it.

He rubbed his eyes, reminding himself that he didn’t care. So what if you never called him? It wasn’t like he couldn’t find someone else. Though, it could be hard to find someone who didn’t ask questions. That was something he liked about you, you never asked questions about his personal life. You weren’t interested in his money, or his status. At first, you wanted the same thing that he did– a way to forget who you were for a while. 

No more stress, no more phone calls from angry bosses, no more parents who wanted to know why you weren’t married yet. It worked so well because the two of you were each others escape. 

For a few months, both of you kept feelings out of it. You were fuck buddies, no big deal. But at some point, something had shifted. He could still remember the first time he noticed it, when he had almost made the mistake of asking you to stay. He nearly didn’t catch himself in time, choking on his words and backtracking so fast that you had actually asked him if he was okay. 

He glared at his phone, waiting for something that he knew wasn’t going to happen.

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Promises (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where Shawns on tour and him and his girlfriend traditionally have post-concert sex but she hasn’t been with him for the last few concerts so she surprises him after a concert and they have rough/passionate sex in the dressing room

Word count: 2,825

Promises (Smut) 

“Hey Geoff, it’s y/n” I said, after pressing on Geoff’s number on my phone.

“Hey, did you land already?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the venue now, I’ll take a couple hours though”

“It’s fine, you’ll surprise Shawn after the concert” Geoff told me, which made me smile widely.

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hey, for every nb person who’s come out and had their gender mocked…. like…. guess what???

other people don’t get to invalidate your experiences bc they don’t understand them or are made uncomfortable by them!! I know it hurts every time someone roles their eyes at you or says your pronouns are made up but like….. they’re wrong. your gender exists. trust yourself and your experiences and don’t listen to those guys!!!

anyway I hope you all have a great day and don’t have to deal with any fuckos

preference #1- how you met (marauders)

im actually kind of proud of this one :’)

James: The day you received your hogwarts letter was the day your life changed forever. You, being muggleborn, had never imagined yourself being a wizard. The only time you ever really heard of magic was when you read, which you did a lot. But now you were here, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express, nerves taking over you as your parents left after giving you a final goodbye. You climbed onto the train and tried to find an empty carriage and when you did you quickly put your luggage up, sat down with your book in your lap, and stared out the window until the train finally started moving out of the station. You were a little sad that you didn’t have friends or at least another person in the carriage that you could share the ride and experience with, but that feeling quickly dissolved when someone knocked on the carriage door. You turned your head quickly, startled by the sudden noise, to see a brunette boy, wearing glasses, returning your gaze. “Sorry to bother you, but do you mind if my friends and I sit in here? There weren’t any other carriages available.” You shook your head, grateful to at least have some company even if the four boys walking in might be noisy. You scooted over right against the window, and the brunette boy sat next to you, with his three friends across from the two of you. “I’m James, and this is Sirius, Remus, and Peter.” he said, gesturing to himself and the other three. “I’m (y/n), pleasure to meet you. Is this your first year as well?” They all nodded, muttering “yep”s and “mhm”s. “Would you like to hang out with us when we get there? You seem really pleasant to know.” said James, looking at you with a hopeful glint in his eyes. You smiled shyly, nodding your head. “I’d like that.”

Remus: You stood up from your seat in the Great Hall, grabbing your shoulder bag full of books and parchment for your homework. You left dinner early, knowing very well that it would take hours for you to finish the load of homework you were given. It was crazy the amount you and your classmates were given, considering it was only the second week of the school year. As you walked out, you could see many other students had the same idea as you, getting up and leaving to their common rooms or the library to do their homework so they could get some rest tonight. You walked to the library, luckily being one of the first people there and getting a seat, immediately taking out your parchment and getting to work. -4 hours later- Rubbing your eyes out of tiredness, you put your finished homework back into your bag after what felt like forever. It was almost 10 pm, which seemed late, but you knew you were lucky as there were still many students packed in the library not even close to finishing their work. You walked down the halls to your common room, your head and sight cloudy from being so exhausted. Your walk clearly showed that you probably fall asleep standing if you really wanted to, that or it looked like you were failing at a straight line test. You turned a corner as you yawned, shutting your eyes and enjoying your peaceful yawn, until it was sadly interrupted when your body crashed into a much larger and muscular one. Your bag fell on the ground, your parchment scattering everywhere, and you were about to join its place on the ground when suddenly two muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you up onto your two feet. “Woah, woah, woah! I’m sorry, love, are you alright?” Your eyes darted up to meet two beautiful green ones, returning your gaze, and suddenly you felt wide awake. “Y-yes, thank you. I’m sorry, that was my fault. I’ve just come back from the library an-” “Don’t worry about it love, let me help you with those.” He interrupted as he bent down to help you pick up your parchment. You felt your face heat up at the nickname he has apparently given you. He handed you half of the papers and you put them all together and quickly stuffed them back into your bag. The two of you stood up and he quickly met your gaze again, smiling. “I’m Remus.” he said, stretching out his hand to you. You shook it, returning the smile and replying, “(Y/n). Pleasure to meet you.”

Sirius: You frantically ran down the halls toward the quidditch pitch, where the try-outs were being held. You were going to be late which made you feel like you had no chance and that all the practice and lessons you had taken over the summer had been for nothing. You had always been interested in quidditch, although you were never really good at it, so you told your parents about your interest and they signed you up for lessons so you could make the school team and see how it went. You’d have to admit, you weren’t half as bad by the end of the summer and you thought you had a pretty strong chance of making the school team, but hopefully those chances wouldn’t be ruined by your timing. Rushing into the girl’s locker room, you changed, and made it out to the pitch with 2 minutes left to spare. You spent those minutes stretching and warming up on your broom, flying laps around the pitch. You had noticed some people in the stands watching and tried not to let your nerves get the best of you, thinking you might mess up or something stupid. The house captain blew his whistle, and you all huddled up to listen to him. They basically told you how they were very happy with the outcome of people and assigned you all positions, before starting a practice match to see how you all could actually play. You tried your best, flying swiftly around the field and feeling confident in your abilities. You made several points, making the people in the stands clap for you each time, and by the end of the match you were almost certain you would make the team. Your guess was right, and your captain had called your name first on the list. You left the pitch with a bright smile, and heard someone call you from behind. “Hey, you! Wait up!” You turned around to see a boy around your age, handsome may I add, jogging towards you. He caught up to you and smiled, his eyes locked on yours. “You were really great out there, amazing really.” You smiled even bigger and stretched a hand towards him, “Thank you, it really means a lot. I’m (Y/n).” He shook your hand, “I’m Sirius, and may I say your eyes are absolutely stunning. I’d enjoy looking at them again, how about this weekend at Hogsmead?” You blushed, looking down. “I’d love that.” He smiled wide, satisfied with your answer. “See you this weekend, (Y/n).”

Don’t Call Me Son

Pairing: none. this is the father-son relationship between Washington and Lafayette. all of you washette shippers, prepare to be disappointed

i have no idea what universe this is, could be either Hamiltime or modern AU

Request: @the-small-croissant : Love your work OML! I just found you and I’m hooked, a huge part of me is obsessed wit the adorable father-son relationship with Lafayette and Washington, it’s not really an actual ship as is is just a father-son thing, but a cute fluffy thing in your writing of that would kill me in the best of ways and yeah, sorry to bother, just not throwing away my shot here to request~ ^^

Word count: 631

Warnings: swearing

A/N: i don’t know if lafayette’s dad was actually a dud, that’s just what i decided to do. i don’t write washette, i don’t ship it. i know there’s got to be someone else who writes fics who does ship it, so go ask them. :) also this is really sweet and i loved writing it. super short and it took me less than an hour. i guess i’m making up for the lack of fics this previous week. anyway, enjoy!




Lafayette heard Alex’s yell from several yards away, and the Frenchman winced. Alex had a temper, and he didn’t have very good control over it. Personally, Lafayette was fine with Washington acting as his dad. The guy was great at it, and Lafayette would much rather have had George Washington be his father than his actual one.

Lafayette couldn’t hear what Washington said afterwards, but Alex came out of the command tent with his head hanging, looking dejected. “He’s sending me home,” the Caribbean immigrant muttered. “Says that I overstepped and need to leave.”

“I heard your yell,” Lafayette said tentatively, well aware that he was treading on dangerous territory. Alex’s face scrunched up and then fell.

“Yeah. He kept calling me ‘son’. ‘Son, I need you alive’ and ‘son’ this and ‘son’ that. I…just…my real dad, the shittiest dad to ever dad, he left. Up and left, leaving my mom and me alone and I don’t want the general to leave me too…I’m just scared,” Alex rushed out, his eyes reflecting his pain. He clenched a fist. “Anyway…see you sometime, Lafayette. Good luck in France.”

Lafayette nodded and let Alex walk down the path.

He cautiously stepped up to the command tent and poked his head inside. “General Washington?”

The general was pacing, back and forth, back and forth, worrying a rut in the floor. He was muttering distractedly to himself, turning a letter over and over in his hands. He looked up at the sound of Lafayette’s voice. “Yes, son?”

“Is everything alright with Hamilton, sir?”

Washington shook his head, lowering himself into a chair. “No. His wife wrote a month ago and asked for him to come home, as she is pregnant. Then the whole mess with Charles Lee…in short, he’s not doing so great.”

“That’s unfortunate, sir.”

Washington gestured to the chair next to him. “Come sit.”

Lafayette sat next to the general, staring into the fire. He started when Washington cleared his throat.

“He did make it pretty clear that he does not want me to call him son anymore. Would you also like for me to refrain from calling you son?”

Lafayette shook his head. “I don’t mind, sir. You see, Hamilton’s real dad left him when he was a kid, and I think he’s simply afraid that you’ll also leave him. He probably doesn’t want to get too close to you, so that if you do abandon him, he won’t be hurt as badly.”

Washington made a murmur of agreement in the back of his throat. “I can see that. But what about you? From what I understand, you also had a bad father experience.”

Lafayette shifted a bit. “Umm, yes, sir. But I’m fine with you calling me son. You’re a much better father than he ever was. I like having you as my dad.”

A smile broke out over Washington’s face, and memories flashed through Lafayette’s head. He saw Washington welcoming him into the army, being patient while he stuttered half in English and half in French, having trouble learning a new language, encouraging him, training him, making him feel welcome and loved. Washington was a very good acting father to him, and he was glad.

“I’m proud to be thought of as your father,” Washington said quietly. “Now, son, leave, before I get all overly emotional. Go to France and get us some support.”

Lafayette stood, saluting the general. “Yes…” He debated for a second. “Father.”

Washington sighed. “I told you to leave before I got emotional!”

Lafayette laughed and ducked under the tent flap. He walked through the camp and to a port, to find a ship, to sail to France, to come back to General Washington, his father.


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Disaster finds you so easily (part 2)

pairing: Ivar x OFC

fandom: vikings

warning: AU

part 1

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @filippazm @pagan-raider

With a university as big as ours, you’d think it would be easy to avoid one single person. That task turned out to be impossible.  

Ivar had almost the same classes as I did, which was no surprise. He did study the same thing.  

To everyone else he was friendly, too friendly for my liking. It seemed obvious that he didn’t really mean it but good looks and popularity could mask that fact pretty easily. Other people probably took our interactions as a chat between friends, though that couldn’t be further from the truth. No way in hell we’d ever be friends. Maybe everyone else did but I certainly didn’t miss the taunting and teasing remarks he made in my direction every chance he got.  

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King George iii x Reader

Words: 1808 (okay maybe I got a little carried away)

Warning: it’s kind of implying domestic abuse, but not a lot. 

Request: “The king George fic was great, I really enjoyed it! Just in case you didn’t know, to fancy someone is quite colloquial. I just thought it stuck out a bit. Anyway, would you pls be able to write another King G fic about going to a ball together? Thx!" 

Prompt: nah 

A/N: I’m not sure if you wanted a sequel to the last one?? But I didn’t think it would go along well so I didn’t??? Anyways, I hope my writing is better for Hamiltimes 

y/f/c = your favorite color


 You smiled at your parents sweetly as they told you the news, you were heading to a Ball. The Kings Annual Ball, which he held each year. And you were having the honour, well, your family was having he honour, of attending it. 

Your family was close with one of the more powerful families in Britan, only because your father had helped them out when in trouble. So, returning the favour, which their family has seemed to do many times, they invited you. 

 You wanted to squeal in delight, but kept yourself under control, as your mother said, "Please, be on your best behaviour, we know what happened last time you went to a Ball.” You grimaced, everyone knew what happened last time you went to a Ball.

In your mind, it was simple: a man was being quite rude and sexist, so you showed him his place. To everyone else, the story was: You had anger issues, and this man was simply trying to get along with you, as he fancied you. Then, you got so angry that you slapped him in the face in front of everyone. Sure, you had slapped him, but everything else wasn’t true. Him, being a man, he was able to have the bigger word and completely lied to everyone there. You walked out of the Ballroom by yourself, caught a carriage, and went home. When your father and mother returned home, you tried explaining, but your father only called you a disgrace to the family. It was not a fun night. 

 Thinking back to it, you would have done it again in a heartbeat, the man deserved what was coming to him. He made vulgar comments, and he also told you women were too useless to do anything for themselves, then proceeded to ask for a dance! 

 "Y/n, dear, please put on your best dress, the Ball is tonight,“ your mother said, snapping you from your thoughts. You nodded, and walked back to your room. Going through your dresses, you thought, what if I never even see the King? What if I meet him, and he’s rude and arrogant? What if he is like the last guy at the last Ball? You’ve always been like this, and your mother always told you to stop worrying about such things. What happens, happens. So, you brushed those thoughts out of your mind, batting your eyes between two of your favorite dresses. It was hard do decide between them. 

 You ended up choosing a (y/f/c) dress, after a couple of minutes of contemplating if you should ask for your moms opinion. But who were you kidding? She would only say, ‘I think they’re both lovely’ and never actually choose. You sometimes wondered how she dressed herself, let alone making decisions for you. 

 Walking out of your room, you smiled at your mother, "The Final Product, I guess.” Your mother gushed, “Oh, you look beautiful, dear.”

 "Can we go now?“ You father asked, quite impatiently,  you looked at your mother, who nodded, and you nodded as well. Your father smiled kindly and lead you to the carriage that awaited outside. 

 You arrived inside of the Ballroom, where people were talking and dancing and having a great time, the King wasn’t there yet. 

 "Roger, it’s so nice to see you!” Your father said greeting someone, you curtsied towards the man, as he and your father continued talking. You had completely lost your mother, she departed you once you entered. You didn’t know anybody else in there, and if you did, they were certainly ignoring you. 

You walked over to a table filled of champagne, and food. Right at home. You picked up a glass and sipped. No man came up to you, asking to dance, or just to talk in general. It was kind of sad, you could sense other women giving you pity. 

 Just like last time, you were about to leave early, but then you heard something. You heard someone announce, “The King is here!” You almost dropped your glass, but, you set it on the table. Women curtsied, including you, and men bowed, as he entered the room, you looked up at him when he was in front of the room, and you were completely astonished. 

 He was a handsome man, he was better than the portraits. At least, the ones you’d seen. There were some around town, but not many. King George simply walked through the crowd towards the back of the room, everyone moved out of way to create a path. You sighed as he walked the way, but felt a pinch of relief as he didn’t walk your way. 

You wanted to feel the honour to meet him, but you were so embarrassing (told by your dad) that it would be better if you didn’t talk to most people, ecspecially important people. Your dad had stuck that in your mind for so many years, it was overwhelming. 

 You worked your way through the crowd, as they did not make a path for you. You had to shove through them, earning many strange looks, you just repeated, 'I’m sorry’ and 'Excuse me’ until you were outside. Once you were outside, you let out a sigh of relief, you weren’t confined in that room filled with loads of people. 

People who seemed to be judging you as you walked by, at least, that’s what it felt like to you. You were finally able to breathe, no one was around, it was just you and the moon. Nobody to distract, judge, annoy you. You felt free. 

 "Excuse me, miss?“ Someone asked, a male, asked.

 You turned around, and seeing who it was, you jumped up and curtsied instantly, "It’s an honour, sir.” King George smirked, obviously amused by how flabbergasted you were, among seeing him up close and in-person. 

 "May I ask, what are you doing out here, by yourself?“ He asked, sitting on the steps next to you. 

You sat down as well. "I, just, uh–” you stuttered, but he seemed so cool about everything, “I just needed some air, sir." 

 "King George is fine, uh…” He trailed off, leaving you to substitute your name. 

“Oh! Y/n y/l/n, sir– I mean, King George,” you covered your mouth, trying to avoid any further embarrassment. He smiled once again, feeling amused. 

 King George chatted up a storm, talking about the colonies and how he’s losing them, how he’s so angry at the General and a man named 'Alexander Hamilton’? You didn’t know, you were just there to listen. Not ask questions. 

“Would you care for a dance, y/n? I’ve been putting my burdens on you all night, I’m sure you want to make this night worth something,” King George said, standing up, and putting his hand out for you to take. 

 You took it, “I don’t think that would be nessasary, s– King George,” you corrected yourself quickly, “I don’t want to–" 

 "It would be a pleasure, Lady y/n,” he interrupted, “Shall we?" 

 You nodded briskly, "We shall.” King George lead you in, and many–actually, all people stared as you walked in. Except for a group in the corner containing your mother and father, as they were oblivious. 

 This time, a path was made for you, just for being with the King. The King. You would love and hate to see your dads face is he looked, hoping that maybe doing this would prove him wrong, in some way. But there was also a sliver of a chance he would say it was too big of a risk, and you could’ve disgraced the family name. 

 "Are you sure you want to do this, King George? With me, I mean,“ you looked up at him. He continued to direct you into position for the dance, "Please, of course I do. It is a new experience." 

 "You only met me an hour ago, si– King George.”

 "That’s alright.“ The music played, and you both swayed together. You weren’t sure of what he was doing, because you were looking down at your feet. 

 "Are your feet more interesting than me, Dear?” King George asked. 

 You looked up at him, “I’m sorry, I’m not really used to this." 

 The song ended a minute after of pure silence between you two, and you took a step away from him, "That probably wasn’t too pleasant for you, I’m sorry." 

"Oh it was–” he was cut off by a man appearing beside you. Your father. your mother appeared a second after, a little out of breath. "King George, it’s an honour to meet you, sir,“ your father greeted, your mother stood in awe and curtsied. "May I ask, was my daughter troubling you at all?" 

 King George was slightly confused, "No, she wasn’t. It was fine, the dance was fine." 

 Your fathers eyes widened, "Dance? What dance?" 

 You wanted to smirk triumphantly at your father and tell him how wrong he was, how welcomed you were by The King himself without embarrassing yourself completely or your family, but you looked down at your shoes instead. 

"Yes of course, we danced throughout the last song.”

 Your father was silent for a second, “Well, sir, I think it’s best we get going. Come on, y/n." 

 King George stood tall, "I shall walk y/n to your carriage,” he placed his arm out for you to take, which you hesitantly did. Your parents walked ahead of you, whispering. 

You turned to King George, “You really don’t have to do this, George." 

 "Oh, so it’s 'George’ now?” A smirk was growing on his face. The amusement in his eyes flew right over you, you covered your mouth with your free hand, “I’m sorry, Kin–" 

 "Alas, it’s fine. I’d rather you call me George anyway.” You removed your hand and looked anywhere else from where he was standing. Then, you reached outside, where your mother was already in the carriage, your father getting into. 

 King George slid his hand down to yours, and brought it up to his lips, kissing it, “I hope to see you soon, Lady y/n. I will definetly write.” Your face started to flush, you were out of things to say, “I will look forward to it, George.”

 He had a small smile on his face, but gently let go of your hand, allowing you to get in the carriage, next to your father. As soon as the door shut, your father went off, “Y/n, do you know how dangerous that was? You could have done, or said something wrong? You could have displeased him! That was risky, y/n." 

"Yes, father, I know,” you said, looking out the carriage window as the horses started up. You thought back to what happened, that entire night, “And I enjoyed every second of it.”


Answer and tag:

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A/ Age: is but a number.

B/ Biggest Fear: My dad

C/ Current time: 0238

D/ Drink you had last: Raspberry Iced Tea…

E/ Everyday starts with: feeling blindly for my phone.

F/ Favorite Song: of Bangtan’s? Probably Save Me… of Yoongi? HYYH Pt 1 Intro

G/ Ghosts are real?: Could be… sure… why not

H/ Hometown: PH

I/ In love with: Min Yoongi and prospects of greatness… I think I romanticize the thoughts of those two most… LOL

J/ Jealous of: People who got all their shit figured out… then again, who does… so… no one I guess

K/ Killed someone: In my mind? At least 2?

L/ Last time you cried: 3 days ago. I was praying.

M/ Music you last listened to: The Way We Were, Barbara Streisand (not by choice)

N/ Newest thing you bought for yourself: a pack of cigarettes

O/ One Wish: For my dad to change

P/ Person you last messaged: @firebowwowwow 

Q/ Question you get asked often: “Why are you still awake?” “Why do you look so young?” XD

R/ Recommend (Movie? Series? Book?): Designated Survivor on Netflix

S/ Song you last sang: In the wee small hours of the morning… ~~

T/ Thanks. Last person you said thank you to: my youngest sister

U/ Underwear your wearing: Uhmmm… about that…

V/ Vacation, your dream vacation: I’m flying to Seoul this fall!

W/ Worst Habit: I should say smoking… but I think staying up this late is worse

X/ Xrays you have had: really? No other thing you could think of for X?

Y/ Your favorite food: Sushi, Dumplings

Z/ Zodiax Sign: Scorpio

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

(Not my photo, credit goes to its owner/s)

“Fancy a whiskey (Y/N)?” Tommy offered as he approached his drinks cabinet. It wasn’t unusual for Tommy to get the whiskey out so early in the evening but tonight he was particularly unsettled knowing there was a certain piece of news he needed to tell you, he couldn’t really determine for sure why he was so worried - after all you were just friends.

“Tommy, need you really ask?” You huffed jokingly, knowing that he knew the answer would always be yes.

“Point taken.” He chuckled, handing you a tumbler of whiskey. “(Y/N).” He started rather apprehensively as he sat next to you on the sofa before crossing his legs in his usual fashion. “There’s something I want you to know before everyone else, something you deserve to know first as my closest friend and confident.”

“Oh no you’re not in trouble again are you?” You guessed, exhaling deeply.

“No, no nothing like that. I wanted you to know that I’ve met someone - the new barmaid at the Garrison to be specific. It’s only right you should know before anyone else got wind of it, especially considering everything we’ve been through together.” Tommy explained, watching you closely for your reaction.

You and Tommy had known each other for years, way before the war and eventually you had become his only consistent correspondent during his time in the Somme. No matter what cards life dealt you both, you’d alway remain close to his heart.

“Oh wow, that’s such great news. I don’t really know what to say apart from being really happy for you.” You said, forcing out an award worthy congratulations.

In truth you were utterly heartbroken and shamefully jealous. For so long you had grown to love Tommy and all his many faults despite promising to yourself that you wouldn’t walk that dreaded path - a path that’d cause you nothing but pain and misery.

“You have no idea how much it means to me to know I have your blessing.” He replied, hoping to feel an overwhelming sense of relief. A relief that never came.

“You know I want nothing but happiness for you and if she gives you that then who am I to disagree.” You smiled meekly before downing the rest of your whiskey, hoping to numb the wailing banshee that was threatening to escape from the pit of your stomach.

Tommy softly returned the smile back at you, promising to himself that he’d analyse the conflict in emotion he was currently experiencing later. “What ever happens (Y/N), you’ll always be close to my heart.”

“If only.” You sadly thought.

Roommates || Suga || Part 6

Summary: Part 6. You were never one to believe in letting something you love go in hopes it would return… That was until Min Yoongi sauntered back into your life three years on from saying goodbye.

Word Count: 1,729

A/N: I’m back! Trials are over and I’m going to try and post the next parts to most of my series before the HSC sneaks up on me. Anyway, here’s the long awaited next part of  Roommates for you all! Sorry for the minor hiatus and I hope you all enjoy.

<< Part 5 || Part 7 >>

The last time you had felt so disoriented was during your university days; waves of liquor filling plastic cups and burning your windpipe after one too many shots of vodka, leaving you struggling to walk back to your dorm room.

You didn’t think you would have felt that bad once more without the need for alcohol in your system.

But there you were, trying to stay upright as you stared in disbelief at the man before you.


The name came out as a whisper and you felt your lips shake at the distant syllables passing through them. You were worried about the answer - maybe you were hallucinating. It was possible, you had spent most of the morning cleaning so maybe the fumes were finally catching up to you.

You had to be sure that he was real - that he was really standing in front of you here, in Seoul, after all this time.

The man before you smiled and your heart stopped - you knew that smile so well - before he answered with a simple, “Surprise.”

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Foul Ball (Part 3 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by darlingiamobsessed

Summary: Derek Hale college AU; Reader and Stiles become close friends, and the reader gets some interesting news.

Author’s Note: Yaaaaaay! The next part is FINALLY here! This was a ton of fun to write, so I hope you all like it! The next part will hopefully come a bit quicker!

As always, thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for beta-ing this, and for all the wonderful input and suggestions! Basically the whole movie section was written by her since I was having some writer’s block, so tell her how much you enjoy it as well! c;

Warnings: Just some language


“You’re going out tonight, right?” I asked Lydia, plopping down on my bed. She was busy inspecting the clothes in her closet as she answered, tossing a few things onto her bed.

“Yes,” she said, voice soft as she concentrated on her fashion choices. “I don’t plan to be back until probably Sunday. Aiden and I are hanging out.”

“For three straight days?” My tone came out as more shocked than I meant it to be,  maybe even a bit naive, earning a half-hearted glare.

“He says he wants to spend time with me and work on our relationship,” she defended, drawing out word as if it tasted bitter on her tongue, a hint of sarcasm laced somewhere underneath, poking the metaphorical elephant in the room. I was only half-listening now, pulling up tabs on my laptop and keeping an eye on my phone.

“So, you’re going to have sex all weekend,” I deadpanned, my voice a monotone of stating the obvious. Lydia turned to me and offered a wicked grin, making me laugh. “Just be careful.”

“What are you going to do while I’m gone?”

“Oh, a friend is coming over. We’re gonna binge watch Star Wars and probably eat lots of popcorn,” I explained, eyes scanning over the syllabus I had pulled up on my computer screen for one of my classes.

“Have fun with that,” she mumbled in reply, making me grin. Oh, the joy of being a nerd. Lydia left about an hour later, receiving a text from Aiden saying he was there to pick her up and whisk her away for their weekend long ‘important relationship building bonding alone time’, and, let’s face it, a very… eventful evening. I waited until she was out the door before scrambling for my phone to text Stiles and let him know he could come over any time.

Me: Time for a marathon, I hear it is. Ready and waiting, I will be. Get your ass over here, you should.

Me: Sorry. Yoda stole my phone, the little green bastard. Anyway.

Me: My roommate left so come over any time. :)

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anonymous asked:

saying that mentally ill people need to police themselves is so fucking ableist it's deadass like telling a wheelchair bound disabled person that they need to learn how to walk it's so fucking ugh what is wrong with you

i’m mentally ill and we need to be responsible for our actions regardless of our mental illnesses and if you want to deem that “policing” then… fine, whatever floats your boat.

if you act in abusive or otherwise shitty ways because of your mental illness(es) you better damn well police yourself because it’s not okay to treat other people like shit regardless of whether or not you have a mental illness lmao.

this website fosters a really, really dangerous environment where people feel like because they’re mentally ill they don’t have to take responsibility or hold themselves accountable for certain things and that just isn’t true. i know it’s a very nice thing to believe, i know it’s easier to just say Oh Woe Is Me The World Is Out To Get Me, i bought into it once and had a real great time thinking that i could act however i wanted without facing repercussions because i’m mentally ill and if anyone said i had to face repercussions they were ableist but guess what, that literally isn’t how things work, we have to hold ourselves accountable, and turning around and calling someone ableist every time they say that it’s not okay to do something even though you’re mentally ill is a terribly toxic mindset. mental illnesses can be reasons why you do a thing that you do, but they’re not an excuse or a justification for abusive or otherwise shitty behavior. 

i’ve seen + heard of so many people, many of whom are mentally ill themselves, being abused by people w/ mental illnesses and they’re afraid to call what happened to them ‘abuse’ for fear of being called ableist by a very vocal group of bloggers on this site or the abuser themselves. that’s not what ableism is and that’s just not how the god damn world works

yes, life sucks more when you’re mentally ill. yes, the system is rigged against you when you’re mentally ill. yes, you have to work a little bit harder to survive every day and you may have to work a little bit harder to make your interpersonal relationships work but jesus christ, you have to at least try. is it fair that, because of a chemical imbalance in my brain, something that i cannot control, i have to work a little bit harder to be a good person every day? no, it’s not fair, but i’m still going to fucking do it. i’m going to “police” myself instead of throwing in the towel and allowing myself to treat the people around me like shit

yall are fuckin killing me

p.s. your analogy is wildly inappropriate 

I was going to check someones account before blocking them to make sure they were actually an 🐜ti, and almost choked when I saw that their description had “long time Reylo hater”. Like… is that supposed to make you sound cool? Sophisticated? Well, I didn’t need to check the account much further LOL. Guess it was helpful.

Old Flames Part 2 Barry X Reader

Originally posted by mrseclipse555

Summary:Y/n mysterious moved back to her home town after staying away from years and she is not happy with it. As she tried to find some motivation to unpack her stuff, a piece of her past walks right in her apartment. Will their love rekindle? or is it too late?

Author: Fandomcollector00

Word count: 2825 words


Author’s note: Thank you for all that is reading this story and loving this story, I posted the first part just two days ago, on new years and It has already grown a lot more then I thought it would, so I am so so happy that it is growing so fast. thank you for the new followers I know it is only 18 followers but I love ever single one of them. I am opening a tag list for anyone that would like to continue following this story and I will love to just open a tag list for anyone that like my writing. I will also do request I would really write a fanfic on a lot of fandoms just ask and I will write it. Thank you so much for reading, and let’s get on with the story.

Other parts of this story: 

Part 3

Part 1

  “So are you going to go to coffee with Barry?” Felicity asked as she spun around the chair that was finally put in its place. It took a while, but y/n and Felicity finally unpacked and settled in into y/n’s new place. And it’s been exactly a week since y/n has seen Barry, a week since Barry has invited her over for coffee, and exactly a week since y/n kissed Barry on the week.

   y/n groaned as she put down the plate that she was cleaning. “I told you for the last time, Felicity, I don’t know if I want to do that. It’s like digging up the past that  I do not want to touch.“ Felicity tilted her head, a twitch in her mouth made y/n think that she didn’t have much of a choice.

"You know generally I would give you a choice on the matter, but this time, I think you are just being silly.” Y/n threw her hands in the air in defense. “I’m not being silly Felicity, I just, I haven’t exactly forgiven him from the way we left things you know.” Y/n said, continuing on with the dishes.

“I mean can you blame me? I tried! I tried so hard to work with him, I tried to make amends by leaving him at prom.” Y/n sighed and started at the soapy water in the sink. “I didn’t want to leave things the way I did, I wanted to fix it, Felicity, I did, but, he wouldn’t let me.” Y/n slammed the cup she was washing on the drying tray.

“And no, all of a sudden, when I finally was close from moving on from that once mistake in my life that I regret the most, and he just waltz in my apartment like it was no big deal?” Y/n ranted, “I mean who does that!”

Felicity nodded her head again, “Barry’s changed, you have no idea. He is really trying to be the good guy.” Y/n scoffed. “Barry has always been the good guy Felicity, it’s just he made a lot of mistakes.” Y/n bit her lip. “ Some that I was not willing to forgive at the moment.” But just in that moment, there was a knock at y/n’s front door. She turned her head to the door, then back at Felicity, giving her the most venomous glare she has ever given her best friend. Felicity smiled.

“Well, now you have no choice.” She mused. Y/n looked at Felicity, “Please do not tell me you invited him over here!” Felicity gave her a mischievous look, “Fine, I did not invite him over.” Y/n let out a sigh of relief, a sigh that was a little too soon.

“I told him to pick you up here so you can have a coffee at Jitters.” Y/n groaned and ran her fingers through her messy hair. There is no way that she was anywhere close to ready to even leave the house, let alone go out for coffee. Felicity got up from the spinning chair.

“Don’t you dare over think this, I already planned ahead, so just march your little booty into that room of yours, slap on that pretty face of yours and shimmy into that outfit that I set up the outfit on the bed of yours.”

y/n’s eyebrow quirked up, “Shimmy?” Felicity shook her head and waved her hands around, “Don’t worry about my choice of words and get worried. I will distract Barry while you get ready.” Y/n continued to glare at Felicity but stomped her way over to her room anyways.
She was for sure going to kill Felicity for the choice of clothes she picked out.

It took about 20 minutes for y/n to get ready, and she was hoping by the time that she finished, Barry would’ve gotten impatient and go away anyways, but y/n wasn’t that lucky.

“Felicity, I am going to kill you for the choice of top, I am seeing Barry not going to a strip-” She stopped when saw Barry in the living room. Barry was sitting comfortable on the couch, but when he took when the glance at Y/n walking down the hallway, he was compiled to get up, he shot up from the couch, almost floored from y/n’s appearance.

It was stunning, she was stunning. Barry always that y/n was beautiful, gorgeous even, but somehow after all these years, it’s like it amplified. He knew that everyone changes over the years, but it was at that moment when he realized that y/n really did change over the years. It rendered him speechless, his throat was actually dry from her beauty.

She looked at him shyly, she pursed her lips, biting her bottom lip as she stands uncomfortably underneath his stares. “Wow, y/n.” Was all that Barry was able to muster out. Y/n tried to hold in her blush, no one has looked at her like that in, well, Barry was the only one that looked at her like that. “Hi, Barry.” They stayed silent for a while, not sure who should make the next move, it was Felicity that broke the silence.

“Alright, you two crazy kids should be heading off to your date now.” Barry and y/n looked at each other, stuttering as they tried to protest.
“It’s not a date.” Y/n said. “We’re just catching up.” Barry finished. Felicity gave both of them a knowing eye as she opens the door wide open.

“Whatever you say, all I know is that there are two cups of coffee calling your name down at Jitters, so you should hurry up before they get cold.” Y/n just laughed at her friend as she exited out of the apartment, Barry not falling too far behind her. The door was promptly shut behind them, startling the both of them. They both looked at each other and laughed on how odd this date was going, and it hasn’t even started.

“Well, I guess, after you.” Barry offered, gesturing his hand in front of him. y/n gave him a closed mouth smile, “Well what a gentleman.” Barry grinned at her, his dimples showing off the happiness that was seeded in his stomach. “Of course my lady.”

“Cookies are still your  go-to food item huh Allen.” Y/n teased as she heard Barry’s order, “I will never change my mind about cookies y/l/n.” He shot back, handing the cashier the money for his order. “Do you still stand by your unhealthy diet of hamburger helpers?” He joked, “The disguising ones with the fake hot dogs in them? Congrats on not dying after high school, by the way, it’s still a mystery on how you survived off of that diet.” Y/n laughed, “No Barry, thankful for me that habit stayed in high school.”

Barry playfully clapped his hands, congrats her on her healthy life choice. “I am so very proud of you.” Y/n laughed and smiled. She was about to shoot back a playful banter, but the cashier caught her eye first.

“And what would you like Miss?” The cashier asked. Y/n was too busy talking to Barry that she didn’t take the time to even think about her order. She quickly scanned the menu board and blurted out the first drink that popped out to her.

“I’ll just have the Flash please.” Barry tried so hard to cover up his surprise, it caught him off guard and for a second he even forgot that there was a drink named after his superhero counterpart. The cashier grinned and rang up her order. Before y/n even got a chance to pull out her wallet to pay the employee, Barry slapped down a twenty dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change,” Barry said. The cashier took the bill without a second thought and ran off to get their orders.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Y/n stated as she adjusted the purse hanging on her shoulder. Barry shrugged, “What kind of gentleman would I have been if I let you pay for it yourself?” Y/n just rolled her eyes. It didn’t take long for the employee to come back with two freshly prepared cups of coffee and a nice warm chocolate chip cookie.

“Here you go.” She announced, playing their order on the counter. “Have a nice day!” They both grabbed their drinks and headed outside. “Where to know Allen?” Y/n asked, taking a sip of the flash. Surprisingly, it was delicious, this might be her go-to drink for now on.

“I thought we can take a walk in the park for a couple of minutes.” He suggested, “You know, so we can catch up.” y/n nodded in agreement. “If you’re talking about the park that we used to go to as kids, I would love it. Lead the way.” Barry held out his arm for her to grab, and she gladly accepted it.

“Wow, the park has really changed huh?” Y/n noticed.  Long gone was the wooden play set that made it feel like you were managing a pirate ship. It was now replaced with a carefully designed play set that looked like there was no way on getting hurt on it. It also looked like there was no way any kid could have fun on it.

“Yeah, they really child proofed it every since you left. It’s particularly a padded cell. God forbid anyone to get hurt on it.”  Barry commented. y/n’s eyes lit up when she remember the time someone did indeed break something on this very spot. “Unlike the great Barry Allen who broke his leg. Guess they should have child proofed it then too.” She joked, lightly teasing him. Barry laughed and looked down at his feet in embarrassment. “And I was starting to hope you had forgotten about that.”

“There was no way I would forget something like that,” Y/n claimed, “ It was certainly a sight to see.”

“Hey, I’m sure I wasn’t the only seventeen-year-old who has broken their leg on a swing set.” Barry defended. Y/n hissed through her teeth, “Aren’t you, though?” Barry laughed again. “Well, you weren’t very helpful either! You couldn’t help but laugh it up when you were trying to quote on quote help me.”

Y/n tried not to spill her coffee through her fits of laughter, “I was trying to make you feel better and not think about the pain in your leg.” Barry rolled his eyes and bit his tongue on the corner of his mouth. “Oh, my hero.” Y/n slightly pushed him playfully. “But really. You were pretty great that day.” He commented, “You even managed to keep Joe and Iris calm, which is a miracle, to say the least.” Barry’s eyes trailed off as he thought about that moment. “You were always their favorite.” He stated his voice quieter that time.

They trailed off into silence after that, y/n can feel that the past was affecting them and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. She loved that she can still talk to Barry so comfortable after all these years, and thinking about the past was nostalgic, to say the least, but she couldn’t deny that it felt different.

Y/n almost forgot about the strange feeling that was growing in her stomach when she noticed they were walking down an all too familiar trail down into the forest. She grabbed Barry’s arm suddenly when she noticed the tree that they used to hang out around right in front of her.
“Oh my god Barry.” She said, “Can that really be our dream?” She asked. Barry looked at what she was talked about, his grin almost wanting to jump out of his face when he notices that it was, in fact, their tree. “No way.” he breathed out, “I thought for sure that it would’ve been cut down by now.” Y/n smiled at it, she looked up at Barry, curiosity swimming in her eyes.

“Do you think it’s still there?” She asked. Barry shrugged, “There’s only one way to find out.” He suggested. He walked towards the tree, following off the trailing as he walked around it. There it was. Like a glowing symbol. Carved into the bark of the tree was their initials, encased in a heart. Barry laughed at how cheese they used to be.

“Wow.” Barry breathed out, “It’s still there.” Y/n looked at it and laughed, “What a cliche that is.” She joked. But it wasn’t a cliche, not to her at least. Not at the time, and certainly not know. She bit her lip as she was trying to form something to say, but she couldn’t. Looking at it now made her remember just how special that time in her life was. All the familiar feelings and the sting of rejecting came flooding back into her.
She shook her head and looked away from it as if looking at it any longer will make her have an overflow of feelings.

Barry was feeling the exact same thing y/n was feeling, he knew he was stupid on pushing her away from the way he did back then. But looking at the carving on the wood now, just reminded him on how much he vowed to change what he had done. He just didn’t have a chance until now.

Y/n cleared her throat. “Well it was really nice catching up with you again Barry but-” But she was interrupted but a pair of soft, familiar, lips that pressed against hers. Her heart almost wanted to burst out as Barry kissed her suddenly, his large hands cradling her head.

He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. She carded her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

And then, they pulled away. The kiss ending almost as fast as it started.
y/n stammered as she tried to think about what she was going to say, but it was like his kissed as numbed her mind.

“I should probably get going.I should- I should probably get going.” she finished, her tone was breathless, almost like she forgot how to speak. She looked up at Barry’s welcoming, warm, ocean blue eyes. She smiled as his eyes captured hers. “But here is good.”  Barry smiled as he leaned down to give her another kiss, but Cisco yet again has really bad timing. He mentally groaned his phone went crazy in his pant pocket.

“I am so sorry y/n.” He apologized, leaning away, even though every atom in his body wants nothing more but to get closer to her. “But I have to go. Work needs me.” And never until now has work been an inconvenience to him. Y/n’s eyes flicker down to the ground. She tried to hide her disappointment. “No, no I totally get it. Go, do your thing.” She said. Barry pursed his lips together until a brilliant plan popped into his brain. “Hey, Iris is having a dinner on Friday with a couple of friends of mind. You should come.” Y/n looked back at Barry.

“Really?” She asked, “Are you sure?” Barry nodded, he was more than sure. “Yeah, I would love for you to met my new friends and Iris and Joe have been dying to see you again after I mentioned you were back in town.” Y/n smiled wide as she nodded eagerly. She would want nothing more to see Iris again for sure.

He smiled as she agreed. “Alright, great, I will see you then I guess.” Y/n nodded again. She turned around to the direction of her home, only to realize she didn’t get any details. She turned back around to ask Barry where should she met him, but he was already gone. Her eyebrows knitted together.

That was weird. She thought to herself but thought nothing of it. It must’ve been important that he had to hurry. She shrugged and walked her merry little way back home. A new little hop in her step as she felt the happiness warm through her body.

Rap Monster (SugaMon)

Pairing: Namgi/SugaMon (Namjoon/Rap Monster & Yoongi/Suga)
Rating: M (because of one section of smut)
Genre: Humor/Smut/AU

Words: 13,605

SummaryYoongi is awoken in the middle of the night to find a man passed out on his doorstep, and that’s not even the worst of his problems. He has to take care of the guy for a week. Well…at least the guy is cute. Too bad he think his name is “Rap Monster” though…

(Also, Yoongi’s neighbor is literally Satan, he seriously wants to murder a handful of hospital workers, and how the hell can anyone say with such innocence that their name is “Rap Monster?”)

His life is a walking hell.

A/N: Ah~ The first long ass BTS fic I ever wrote. Brings back memories lol. Comments/reblogs/favs appreciated~

Yoongi is quite sure that the world is starting to hate him. In the last week the soles had fallen out of his favorite pair of red converse, he’d bombed the midterm of his Algebra course (but fuck math honestly—he didn’t give two shits about learning the quadratic formula), and now it’s 1 in the fucking morning and someone is pounding at his apartment door. He realizes it’s the hag that lives on the second story—the hag that always tells him his music is too loud even when he has headphones on­—and with an agitated huff flings himself out of bed. This isn’t the first time that witch has started banging on his door at weird times of the day so he already knows he can’t avoid it and goes to shut her up.

He pulls open the old wooden door angrily, not caring that he’s only wearing pair of plaid sleeping pants because he’s honestly not worried about this 80 year old lady checking him out even if he is good looking, and—shit, her demon cat is with her. How the fuck does that fat shit not break her neck when he sits on top of her head all the time? He really doesn’t get it, like—

“Your boyfriend is hurt,” she interrupts his thoughts, and Yoongi is getting angrier by the moment because is this bitch delusional?! Maybe she forgot to take her old-people medicine because Yoongi hasn’t had a boyfriend in months—maybe even years (he doesn’t try and keep track of time at this point)—and—

“Help him,” she speaks again, turning to stare down the front steps of his house, and despite the fact that Yoongi wants nothing more than to turn around and slam the door in her face he looks. He looks and sees that…someone is actually lying dead still at the bottom of his steps. Holy shit.

Heart thrumming in shock, Yoongi’s anger is momentarily pushed aside as he hurriedly jumps down the steps and kneels beside the person, praying that the guy’s not dead because he really doesn’t have the time to deal with the police when they’ve already visited him once this month because of a noise complaint from that old hag. And speaking of the old woman—

“Hey—,” Yoongi barks, turning his head up the steps to look at her but she’s already disappeared. Instead her demon cat is in her place and it hisses at Yoongi, promising his demise before it disappears as well. Yoongi is sure to spare a moment to flick off their now empty space before he returns to making sure the male at his feet isn’t dead.

Luckily, he’s not. After a few moments of silence Yoongi can easily hear his soft breathing and that’s somewhat reassuring—because now his chances of dealing with the police have diminished—but the guy still isn’t getting up.

“Yah!” Yoongi says with a bit of an attitude, shaking the guy’s shoulder gently—because either way he doesn’t want to chance fucking the guy up more—and as expected mister not-dead-but-sure-looks-like-it doesn’t move.

Now Yoongi’s getting pissed. Because first the annoying cat lady on the second story wakes him up in the middle of the night, then she tells him he has a boyfriend which for some reason in itself pisses him off, and now he’s outside half naked on this cold fall night, and there’s a dude—who he’s convinced is just passed out drunk at this point—on his doorstep and he won’t WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Yoongi’s just about ready to throw in the towel and leave the guy there—because why the fuck should he care anyway—when all of the sudden a car drives by, it’s headlights illuminating the scene, and Yoongi spots blood.


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“You can’t have her, she’s mine.” Junho stated.

“You wish she was yours. She’s mine and that’s not gonna change.” Taecyeon said confidently with a smirk.

Junho scoffed and replied “We’ll see, let’s settle this then. Tonight.”

You and Junho had been pretty close lately but so have you and Taecyeon.

Although you weren’t in a relationship with either one of them, you could clearly see that they became very jealous whenever you gave the other attention and not them.

You had to admit, it made you feel good that two gorgeous, incredibly talented and charming men wanted you and you wanted them back. The only downside was they wanted you to choose just one, and you couldn’t so they came up with an idea to try and help you decide.

Your phone buzzed with a text from Junho and then Taecyeon less than a second later.

Junho: Hey can I stop by your place tonight? I wanna talk.

Taecyeon: Hey, cutie. Mind if I come over tonight?

Could it really be a coincidence that they both texted you at the same time asking to come over?

Whether it was or wasn’t you couldn’t say no so you sent them both the same reply “Sure, stop by at 9”

Taecyeon and Junho were hanging out at Junho’s place waiting for you to text them back.

“9 o'clock” Taecyeon said out loud, his voice dripping with arrogance, not knowing they both got the same message.

Junho leaned over to read what you sent and laughed “Don’t get cocky, she sent us the exact same message.”

Taecyeon read your text to Junho to confirm and felt embarrassed “Oh” he mumbled “well I gotta get changed, see you at her place” he said as he got up to leave to his apartment.

“Change for what? You afraid she’s gonna choose me when she sees how ugly you look?” he laughed at his own joke and got comfortable with no intention of changing.

“What, you’re not afraid that she’s gonna choose me after seeing how ugly you look?”

Junho stopped laughing and glanced down at the sweats and t shirt he was wearing. He let out a nervous chuckle and admitted “Okay, maybe I will change.”

Taecyeon just shook his head as he went out the door.

Nine o'clock came around and you were practically burning a hole in your floor with how much you had been pacing since your boys texted you.

It definitely wasn’t a coincidence that they both wanted to come over at the same time. What did they want? Especially together. Were they both going to say they wanted to end whatever it is you had together? The curiosity was killing you but you kept reminding yourself that it was already 8:45 so you had to just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

8:50 came around and you heard a knock on your door followed by someone shouting “Oh, you thought you were slick, huh? I guess great minds think alike.”

You opened the door and saw Junho running down the hall towards your apartment door and Taec was the one who knocked. Apparently they both came a few minutes earlier to try and beat the other.

“Hey, babe” Taecyeon said sweetly as he pulled you in for a kiss. As he tried to close the door behind him with his leg Junho stopped it with his hand and pushed Taec to the side. He stepped in front of you with his classic smile before saying “Hi, baby. I’ve missed you” and grabbing your hand to spin you before placing a slow and passionate kiss on your lips.
They were putting on a show for you and you were absolutely loving it.

Taec pushed Junho just as he had been pushed causing Junho to chuckle and step back.

“Hi” you started slowly still not sure why they were here together “what’s going on?”

Both of them reached for your hands at the same time and then stared each other down to see who would give in.

My boys, you thought as you took one hand in each of your own.

“Let’s sit” you pulled them to your sofa and motioned for them to sit and they did. You sat on the coffee table facing them and asked again “So what’s going on?”

“Well I was just telling Taec earlier that you’re mine so he should just give up already.” Junho spoke casually.

“And that made me laugh because I told him the same exact thing.” Taec added just as casually with a laugh for dramatic effect.

Oh no. You thought this day might come but it didn’t make it any easier.

“I’m both of yours” you said giving them both a sweet smile.

“Yes but that’s the problem, we’d rather not share.” Taec said with a wink.

“So we want you to choose one of us. No sharing, just you and me” Junho continued

“Actually it’ll be me and you but you know” Taec challenged confidently.

You sighed not knowing what to do “But how can I choose when I want you both? That’s too hard for me.”

Taec and Junho looked at each other with a devious smile. Taec spoke first “See, we thought you might say that”

“And that’s why we came up with a plan” Junho chimed in.

A second ago they were competing for you and now they’re finishing each other’s sentences.

“So what’s the plan?” you asked, your curiosity killing you even more than before.

They rose from the sofa and approached you slowly.

No way, you thought. They can’t be doing what I think they’re doing.

Just then Taecyeon bent forward and captured your lips in a soft kiss that quickly became more passionate and desperate than he ever kissed you before. At the same time Junho grabbed your hands and pulled you up so his body was pressed against your back as his hands roamed your body and he kissed your neck. The feeling of his lips and tongue slowly working on your neck while Taecyeon kissed you deeply and cupped your face was incredible. You moaned into Taecyeon’s mouth causing him you lick your bottom lip and move one hand to one of your breasts.

Junho wanted your attention so he took your hand in his and pulled you to your room where he began undressing you. Taecyeon didn’t complain as he was enjoying seeing you being stripped. Junho wasted no time in getting your shirt off and was rewarded with the sight of your plump breasts in the red lace bra that he always loved seeing you in. He groaned and turned you around to face Taec “I think she knew this was going to happen” he said close to your ear sending shivers through your body.

Taec walked towards you deliberately slowly “Hmm, I think you’re right” he said as he turned you again to undo your bra and toss it to the floor. Junho immediately brought his mouth to one breast leaving light kisses all over and sucking on the nipple while one hand caressed your other breast making you arch your back when he squeezed gently.

Meanwhile Taec threw his shirt to the side and molded his body against your back, licking that sweet spot on your neck before sliding down your shorts and panties that matched your bra. He wrapped one arm around your waist to keep you still and slid his free hand down to your already extremely wet core.

“Ah, baby. You love this don’t you?” he whispered to you as his fingers found your clit and moved in circles.

“Yes” you breathed out not able to focus on any thing besides the pleasure these men were bringing you. All you knew was you were desperate for more of both of them.

You reached out and massaged Junho’s rock hard erection through his jeans and pressed your ass against Taec’s erection making them both go crazy.

“Please, I need more”

Taec pulled away to take his jeans off while you did the same for Junho and pushed him on the bed ready to take him into your mouth just the way he loved it. You bent forward and lifted your ass higher giving you the perfect position to please Junho and be pleased by Taecyeon. Taec took a moment to admire his view again, squeezing your round cheeks before giving the right one a firm smack.

The sting of the smack caused you to moan onto Junho’s length making his head fall back as he laced his fingers in your hair. You loved seeing him like this completely taken over by the feeling of your mouth on him. You circled your tongue around his tip a few times before flattening your tongue and repeatedly licking the one vein that always made his hips jerk up.

“My sweet girl, let me feel your lips on me” he spoke as he lifted his head and looked at you with hooded eyes. You licked your lips and brought his whole length into your mouth without breaking eye contact and slowly bobbed your head up and down savoring his taste and constant moans.

At the same time, Taec was teasing your clit and your entrance with his member using your own wetness against you to drive you insane.

You whimpered when he pushed into you half way and pulled out completely leaving you feeling empty.

“What was that, babe? I didn’t hear you.” he wasn’t going to please you until he heard what you wanted and you didn’t have the strength to play hard to get at the point.
You released Junho from your mouth much to his disapproval and looked back at Taec

“Please, I need you to fuck me, Taec.” you told him and spread your legs more for him.
He smirked at you and said “Good girl” before shoving into you completely and earning a loud moan from you before you went back to Junho who was becoming desperate to feel your mouth again.

This time you switched between sucking him fast and hard to going excruciatingly slow leaving him feeling needy and satisfied all at the same time.

Taec on the other hard fucked you hard and fast never breaking his pace. His hands gripped your hips hard enough to bruise and it felt so good. He bent forward to kiss up and down your back while filling you up even more and hitting that spot that would’ve made you cry out if you didn’t have Junho’s dick in your mouth. Junho loved the way your moans sent vibrations into him causing him to tighten his grip on your hair and bite his lip.

It wasn’t long before all three of you were close and you knew just what to do. You took Junho deep into your throat and didn’t hold back any of the moans caused by Taecyeon taking you from behind.

“Fuck” he shouted as soon as his tip touched the back of your throat. He layed down on the bed ready to release himself into your mouth as you took him in deep again and licked his vein at the same time. You felt him tense and his warmth flow out into your throat as he cursed again and called your name.

As you licked him clean, Taec’s already fast pace picked up and he pounded into you while reaching one had around to your clit and rubbing it fiercely determined to make you come with him. You choked out a moan causing Junho’s length to twitch in your mouth before releasing him and squeezing around Taec as you came together. He buried himself inside you and rolled his hips as he rode out his orgasm and helped you ride out yours as well.

Taec pulled out of you and layed down next to you while Junho brought your mouth to his for a kiss before you fell to the side and became sandwiched between the two of them.

As all three of you regained your breath you broke the silence and said “I think we’re gonna have to have another round for me to choose”

Smart Mouth Chapter Four

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Rating: Teen First two chapters are Nc-17

Notes:  So much for porn without plot am I right? I have the beginning of the next chapter started and some ideas for where to take it, but my boyfriend is coming over so I have to stop for the night. Message me if you have any requests or some ideas you’d like to see in the story. I’m happy to take any recommendations. into consideration. 

I wish real life have montage moments. Specifically things like battling other trainers, and traveling around Alola. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I have an awful attention span, and I got bored so easily. I had errands to run, but I needed money before I could get it done. Thus were the days I spent wandering around the islands of Alola, finding any trainer willing to battle me. Most of them thought I was a member of Team Skull, but they were so mad at the group they were willing to battle just to vent some frustration. I had a few close calls, but with some potions and regular trips to the Pokemon Center I made enough cash to buy a new outfit in Malie City. I needed to make one stop before I went to Poni island however, so I took a boat trip over to Akala Island.

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Missed Calls
This is an angsty play off of lyrics. The song is Missed Calls by Mac Miller. As always, feedback is much appreciated.

Long days, longer nights.
You keep startin’ fights, think you always right.
Call you up to tell you I ain’t comin’ home tonight.
Say you wanna leave me, it’s just talkin’ but I know you might.

“Hoseok, I haven’t seen you in five fucking days!” You couldn’t believe him. Another night at the studio? You might as well live alone at this point.

“Suga and I are working on something. It’ll be done soon babe, I promise.”

That’s what he always said. It will be done soon. He’ll be home first thing tomorrow. He fell asleep at the studio, but he can do lunch. Oh, too busy? Don’t worry, he’ll send delivery for dinner with the same note, “Might not make it home, I love you.”

Surprisingly, he made it home. The feeling of his hands settling against the curve of your waist was one you had almost forgotten. As quickly as he had crawled in bed, you crawled out. An unnerving knot settling in the pit of your stomach, as bare feet followed you to the couch.

“Don’t do this. Not again.”

His pleas were almost so convincing, so sincere. “I don’t want to fight Hoseok, just go to bed.” you curled up on the couch, refusing to let yourself cry. He put a blanket over you, and sighed a small apology, before making his way back to the bedroom.

Now get along, I get along, I go.
You sing along, to every song you know.
You play your part, I’m playin’ mine.
You breakin’ hearts, ain’t breakin’ mine.
Since growing old is takin’ time, I’m actin’ like I’m eight or nine.

People would talk. They would say how you didn’t support him, and how he deserved better. They were wrong. You did support him, you loved his music. You were always left in awe at the way his body moved so effortlessly when he danced. You knew how talented he was, and you were proud of him, believe it or not. You loved him.

But you were alone, constantly. You were left home to entertain yourself. Even when he was home he was completely wrapped up in his music, as if you didn’t exist. It was clear he didn’t love you nearly half as much as he loved his career, and that crushed you.

“What the fuck is your problem? You’re acting like a child with out a god damn cookie!”

“I’m acting like a child?!” You screamed in to the phone. “Because I want to spend more time with my boyfriend of five fucking years? Because I miss you Hoseok, I’m a fucking child?!”

“Baby, I’m sorry, just calm down. I will be home shortly, and we can talk, okay?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled, “whatever you say.” You hung up, and continued packing your bags. You honestly didn’t expect him to come home soon, or at all. So to see him standing in the doorway as you packed up your make up, and a few stray bathroom items, made you jump.

“What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” You choked on your words, “I- Im leaving you.”

I’ve been on the same shit.
We run into each other, and it’s like we don’t even speak the same language.
I guess people always going through changes.
Didn’t think I would lose you once I got famous.

“Y/N! Hey, I didn’t think you would come!”

You forced a smile, “You were great up the J-Hope. I’m glad you’re doing so well.” You glanced around for an escape. You felt stupid coming to his show. You hadn’t seen him for almost 6 months since you left, and in such a short time his career had taken off for him. You were happy for him, really, but this person standing in front of you wasn’t someone you knew anymore.

“Look it was great seeing you, but I-” he cut you off before you could finish.

“I miss you Y/N. Why don’t you ever return my calls?”

You frowned at him, “I’m really proud of you, but I have to get back to my friends.” You didn’t glance back as you walked away, fighting back the tears welling in your eyes.

Nearly 1 AM, on que, your phone rang. It was him again, and you sighed sharply before sending him through to voicemail. He was probably drunk again, he always was these days. Spewing the same desperate please, the same promises. Part of you wanted to believe him, but the other part knew you couldn’t take the heartache.

“Y/N please, please answer me. I miss you. I want you to come home. This is still your home. I love you. I love you so much, and with out you this place isn’t home for me anymore. I promise things will be different. Please call me. Fuck. I love you. Please.”

You wiped tears from your eyes, and deleted the message. As much as you wanted to go running back to him, and tell him how desperately in love you were with him, you knew dating him now, in his rise to fame, would never be the same as it once was.

Kept breakin’ promises you said you’d keep.
So you can leave a message at the beep.