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Finally wore a yellow crop-top! Now I look like a minion ☺︎︎ Well, it’s been a while since I wore heels. I was like “oh no what do I do if I stumble and fall over??” so I just walked super slowly and ended up late to work!! Guess I like sneakers after all!! Oh, and I’m happy I got so many messages from all the people who have already started playing Hakoniwa! Life’s good ☺︎
—  Saitou Shuka, on the struggles of fashion

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Where should I buy good shoes lol... I guess every day wear sneakers? I only trust your judgment so help me when u can queen

I love common projects! And obviously my YSL sneakers are ❣️ Gucci makes really cool sneakers too! There are so many reseller websites that are selling them for less too! Check therealreal + tradesy 🤔


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Working for the CIA had its perks, one of them consisting of working over seas. Though the plane ride was grueling, you decided to bare with it, rest for a day like your boss had given you (what kind of agent could possibly work under conditions such as jet lag?), and then go meet your new partner for this assignment.

You had been tasked with tracking down an art dealer, Monsieur Donat Girard, who wasn’t actually an art dealer (gasp!). It was another busy work job given to you by your boss, but you didn’t mind much, it gave you the chance to not only test out your French, but to also get a free trip out of it. You couldn’t really complain on such an easy job.

You glanced down at your watch, tapping your foot impatiently against the concrete. Your new partner, whom you had been given very little information about, had yet to arrive and he was almost over an hour late. What kind of agent was he? Who was late to a top-secret meeting anymore? No one, that’s what!

You were getting ready to call your boss and tell him that your new partner was a no show when a man, roughly around your age, stopped in front of you in a slim-fitting suit. One look his way told you what you needed to know and you ended the call to your boss. “You’re late,” you stated, “very late.”

“Beauty takes time, love.”

“I take half an hour in the morning, love. Shouldn’t you know by now time is of the essence?” you questioned, offering him a seat opposite of you. He gladly accepted it and sent you a wink.

“There isn’t any danger yet. Until there is, I take all the time in the world. Which means I take the time to want to impress you.”

“All you did was annoy me. Anyway, if we’ll be working together, we need to establish one thing - I’m not calling you Galahad.” He frowned at this, almost like a pout, and you had to stifle a laugh.

“And why not?”

“I’m not much of a fan of code names. So let me know who I’m dealing with here; what’s your name? Your little agency is more top-secret than MI6.”

“Eggsy and that’s all you’re getting.” You raised a brow at the odd name but didn’t question it and instead nodded.

“I’m (Y/N), though something tells me you already knew that. Though I have to say, Eggsy does suit you. You didn’t always dress like this, did you? I’m guessing sneakers, varsity jackets, hats?” He blinked, clearly not expecting that, and you smirked before leaning in. “I also happen to know every piece of clothing on you is a weapon. Just like those glasses are a camera. I don’t mind - better be safe than sorry.” You did a little wave before chuckling to yourself.

“I didn’t take the CIA as a place to train their agents to be so…observant.”

“The best of the best. Anyway, let’s discuss Monsieur Donat Gigard. Do you know how to speak French?”


“Then I’ll do the talking - he knows English but he’ll be impressed and intrigued by someone speaking his own language. Do you know anything about art?” He shook his head once more before pointing to his glasses. “I suppose that’ll be good enough. Do you know the building?” Once more, he pointed to the glasses and you sighed in exasperation. “Doesn’t anyone do anything the old-fashioned way anymore?”

“Not really, love. Catch up with the times, oldie.” You sent a playful glare his way before you chuckled.

This would be an interesting mission indeed.

Trouble In Paradise (Jeonghan)

Note: Requested! I hope you like this, shy cloud!

- Admin Mochi ✨

Jeonghan stabbed at his phone’s keyboard in annoyance as he heard your giggles from across the practice room. Joshua’s mellow voice followed suit, encouraging you, as you tried strumming at the guitar in your lap again. The long-haired boy couldn’t help himself and allowed himself to glance up through his eyelashes.

You both were sitting against the mirrored walls but you were sitting close- too close. Joshua had his arms around you, guiding your fingers across the neck of the instrument, teaching you to how to strum to the beat. If either of you could feel the heat rays coming from Jeonghan’s eyes, you didn’t show it. Jeonghan bit his lip in contempt as Joshua grinned at you.  

One more smile and I might cut the strings on that guitar….

Slight guilt and surprise at his thoughts washed over Jeonghan as he ripped his gaze away from you and Joshua. He was usually such a pacifist, the mom friend of the group of known as Seventeen. And it wasn’t like you were his; he had no right to be mad.

Yet….he was. And Jeonghan just couldn’t deny it anymore- he had a crush on you.

It had begun five years ago, the moment you became a Pledis trainee and a month before Seventeen was set to debut. You were new to the place and Jeonghan could still remember the cute expression of uncertainty on your face as you walked through the third level, trying to find the other members of your group.

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Direct IRL references for Neku’s clothes are harder to find than, say, Joshua’s. So I’d recommend looking at pictures of Neku cosplayers to see how his clothes irl would be, how it wrinkles, and etc. His shoes are some sort of sneakers, I guess ;; 

(I forgot to add that his shoes are wide at the top, near ankles.)

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57, 89, 21?

57. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Of course! Lmao.

89. Do you like your neighbors?

I don’t really know them, but they’re alright I guess.

21. Sandals or sneakers?

Well I used to really like flip flops but lately they’ve started to really hurt my feet (at the part where the strap connects to the shoe, probably either as a result of either my feet getting fatter, me getting heavier and putting more pressure on it, or both). And I’ve never really liked regular sandals, so sneakers.

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Hey!!!! For the ask thingy, can you do all odd numbers? Thanks c:

1.Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?
3.what color are your eyes?
Dark brown!
5.what is your relationship status?
Im single..
7.What color hair do you have?
I have black hair!
9.where do you shop?
I dont really shop anywhere specific but i like the clothes at forever 21, ross and the swap shop!
11.favorit social media account?
13.any siblings?
2 younger brothers
15.favorite snapchat filter?
I dont have a snapchat but i like the dog one i guess :o) many times a week do you shower?
It depends sometimes 3 or not at all
19.shoe size?
Im 7 ½ or 8
21.sandals or sneakers?
I dont like shoes all that much but i guess sneakers
23.describe your dream date.
Netflix and chill bro
25.what color socks are you wearing?
One pink and ones gray you have a job?what do you do?
I cant work yet
29.whats the worst thing youve ever done?
Be alive
31.3 favorite boy names
Never thoght about it
33.favorite actor?
Dont have one
35.who is your celebrity crush?
Dont have one you read alot?whats your favorite book?
I dont read much you have a nickname?what is it?
Gam and my other nicknames are of my deadname 10 favorite songs?
Too lazy to list
43.what is your skin type?
Super oily many kids do you want?
47.what type of house do you live in?
49.what was the last complimentyou received?
Don’t remember old were you when you found out Santa wasnt real?
Like 4 or 5
53.opinions on smoking?
You do what you gotta do you might get sick but i cant control that
55.what is your dream job?
I wanna be an illustrator for comics and books you have shampoo/conditioner bottles from hotels?
No their too small you smile for pictures?
Naw i make silly faces
61.have you ever peed in the woods?
Nope you prefer chicken nuggets from wendys or McDonald’s?
65.what do you wear to bed?
Sometimes nude sometimes fully clothed sometimes im shirtless it all depends
67.what are your hobbies?
Drawing you play an instrument?
71.tea or coffee?
Coffee you want to get married?
I dont really understand marriage..
75.are you going to change your last name when you get married?
Im probably never goimg to get married and if i do no you miss anyone right now?
BJ and pluto you believe im ghost?
81.last person you called?
A good friend
83.regular oreos or golden oreos?
Ive never tasted golden oreos but i bet they taste the same
85.what shirt are you wearing?
My galaxy hoodie👌
87.are you outtgoing or shy?
Both you like your neighbors?
Idk my neighbors
91.have ever been high?
Id get beat so no
93.last thing you ate?
Dont remember
95.summer or winter?
97.dark, milk, or white chocolate?
99.what is your zodiac sign?

Sans x Reader: Magic spell part 1

It was odd to be living next to monsters. Sure, with the arrival of the new citizens, the predicament had become the norm for many people. But, there was still something refreshing about waking up in the morning and remembering that you live next door to a pair of skeletons.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it, monsters were a joy to be around and you more than happily welcomed them to the neighborhood when they first moved in. In fact, you had developed great friendships with almost all of them that lived near you. It’s just, “The skeleton’s next door” sounded like the title to a goosebumps book. Actually you were pretty sure it already was, As you finished up your eyeliner you made a note to check later.  

“Hey ____, Hurry up already!” Your friend calls to you from downstairs.

You smile and roll your eyes. what a jerk, hassling you in your own home. Grabbing your bag, you snatch your phone off the charger and exit your room, gracefully prancing down the stairs to join your friend. He smiles and teasingly pouts as you grab a bag of cheerios off the kitchen counter.

“Jeez ____, If you wana see your boyfriend before work you had better be quicker than that”  You stopped stuffing your face with cereal for a second to glare at him to which he laughs and shoves you.

“Oh come on, I know you like him, and i’m not judging! everyone has their weird thing that does it for them, It’s okay to admit that you have a kink for-”

You cut him off with a jab to the stomach. He coughs and laughs, bending over a little out of pain. You turn your nose up at him and move past him out the door. Whatever, you didn’t have a “thing” for anyone, especially not your neighbor.

Out in the crisp autumn air you smiled and took a deep breath, swallowing the mouthful of cheerios that you were gobbling before letting out a giggle. You’re name was ____, you worked at a small art studio in the center of town, and you are full of DETERMINATION!


“ Footsteps, deep breath, everything is allright~ chin up, i can’t, step into the spotlight~”

You’re jerky best friend sang sweetly as the two of you walked down the sidewalk. The song he was singing was one that you had heard plenty of times before, probably because he sang it so much,but you didn’t mind. You smiled, burying your face deeper into your scarf and humming along with him, the positive words and soothing melody filling you with warmth.

~* “When this world is no more, the moon is all we’ll see~ I’ll ask you, to fly away with me~” *~

The two of you are walking in a very classy neighborhood, huge houses scrape the treetops, and gigantic oak’s line the sidewalk. The wind blew a few leaves down from the trees, falling softly to the ground around you as the two of you continued to walk. You look up, watching as a shower of gold and red dance down from the sky. Its times like these, you’re mind is completely at peace and the world turns in your favor, when you feel so lucky to be where you are.

A sharp bump to your shoulder wakes you from your daydreaming and you look back at your friend who has stopped singing and is now gesturing towards the bus stop a few yards ahead. Its then that you’re eyes fall onto your neighbors, the skeleton brothers.

Before he can spit out a smart ass comment you rush past your jerky friend and swiftly walk up to the brothers, who were accompanied by Toriel and Frisk.


Papyrus, the taller and much more energetic of the two brothers, cheerfully greets you with a hug before handing you a soggy bag of pasta. By what you can tell, it contains not only tomato sauce and noodles, but chopped carrots.

“oh, thank you Papyrus, i..I can’t wait to enjoy it for lunch!”

You kindly accept the gift but quickly stuff it too the bottom of your bag. He seems incredibly pleased and bounced on the heels of his red boots. He’s wearing a yellow button up shirt, a light orange sweater with white stars on it and and a pair of tight scarlet corduroys. To say the least, he looks incredibly cute.

“you look great today Pap, what’s the occasion?” You half giggle as you ask him, not being able to help as a wide smile spreads across your face. He blushes, a dusty shade of orange covering his cheek bones


“my bro has a date”

you hear a deep and smooth voice interject as the shorter and much calmer of the brother’s appears, Sans. your heart skips at the sight of him,  blood rushing to your face. He’s wearing his usual heavy blue coat with a pair of baggy grey jeans and sneakers, guess he decided to dress up today too considering he changed out of his slippers. He looked really nice in actual pants, you bet we would look great in anything…or lack thereof even.. You mentally slap yourself on the cheek and shake your head.

“Oh does he now? Oh Pap, i’m so happy for you!” You smile and hold the taller skeleton’s hand, he smiles and laughs out of embarrassment.

A tug at your skirt  moves your attention downward, to where Frisk is smiling up at you.

“well goodmorning Frisk, how was your week?” You ask them happily. They quickly sign back and you pick up “good but boring” which makes you laugh

“Oh well, that’s school for you. But you’re going shopping today, and shopping with you’re mother is always fun!” You say excitedly and russell the hair on the top of their head, making them giggle and sign back “yep! always!”

Soon the city bus pulled slowly up to the street corner, it’s huge frame struggling to stop a few feet away from your little group, its tires screeching as the door opened. You smiled and waved as Toriel, Frisk and papyrus boarded the crowded bus

“Have a good day you guys, be safe!” You shouted. Frisk waved goodbye to you from their window seat next to their mother and so did papyrus, to the confusion of the other passengers. You giggled, what a bunch of goofballs. “alright ____, time for us to head on to work! Yeah, so fun!” You’re friend cheered and raised his arms in the air sarcastically. You laughed and shoved him, joining him in his fake celebration. You looked over to Sans, who was staring at you with a warm smile. He seemed to snap out of a trance when you noticed he was looking and his gaze shifted to the leaves on the ground. “well, see yah. Have a good day you two, watch out for freak leaf tornadoes” You giggled at his words and he seemed pleased. “you too Sans, what are you up to today?” You ask him shyly   “oh i’ve got a great deal of laying around to do today, got to catch up on my beauty sleep ya know” He said with a wink. You felt a blush creep to your cheeks and you smiled, fidgeting with your clothing before clapping your hands together.“alright, well have fun with that sir! It’s time we get to the studio, lots to do!”  You say, the butterfly’s in your stomach starting to tickle far too much. Your friend seemed to notice and scoffed, waving goodbye to Sans before allowing you to shove him down the road. You looked back after walking a few feet and saw the small skeleton walking lazily down the road in the opposite direction, holding his hands behind his back and looking up at the leaves, you’re heart skipped and you marched on. 


Part 2: