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lepetitcomte  asked:

Favorite Harry tattoo?

All of them!!! Including the BIG he wrote on his big toe, I love his tattoos so much but if I have to choose a favourite one then I’m gonna go with

It’s so aesthetically pleasing and well done, and even if I don’t know the meaning behind it, of course, it still holds an important meaning to me personally because he is my anchor.

Then of course there’s this one 

which I love for entirely selfish reasons since it’s my initial! But apart from that, the font is gorgoeus.

Also, we can’t forget this masterpiece, which is so Harry I actually weep

A moth!!!!! ON HIS TUMMY!!!!!!! Like… butterflies!!!! In your stomach!!!!!!

And well, I guess it’s  a crime not to mention the ferns tattoo here, which hugs his love handles so nicely, it’s so pretty!!!!

I shall call him squishy!!!!!

And if I don’t talk about the ship tattoo when I’m discussing Harry’s tattoos then I feel physically sick so 

Conclusion: he’s so beautiful and his tattoos are just as beautiful!