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  • Jin: Will come and sit on your keyboard while you're trying to do stuff cos he thinks he's far more interesting to look at than whatever that boring shit on your screen is. Plus he's hungry. Always hungry.
  • Suga: Never moves. Like ever. Sometimes you have to poke him just to make sure he's still alive. And then after you've poked him he'll hiss at you. But he loves you deep down, probably because you bought him a fluffy bed.
  • J-Hope: Pounces on your head every morning to wake you up cos he loves you and wants the first thing you see in the morning to be his furry belly.
  • Rap Monster: Walks across the table to get to you and knocks off a) your coffee cup, b) your laptop, c) your entire collection of glass figurines, d) all of the above.
  • Jimin: Will be constantly rubbing against you. Like as soon as you get home he just suddenly appears and rubs against your legs. It's rare for you to get out the house without fur all over you.
  • V: Always chasing stuff. Legit, if it moves, he chases it. Butterflies, spiders, dogs, pokemon, anything. Also eats whatever he manages to catch. So hide your other pets...
  • Jungkook: That crazy ass kitten that just runs around everywhere. Will legit try to run vertically up your walls, so keep him supervised at all times. And watch out for him randomly hiding underneath your legs when he gets freaked out by another cat, especially if it's female.

Boys Over Flowers originally aired January 5,2009 till March 31,2009. It is a 25 episode long KDrama aired on KBS2. BOF is originally based off Yoko Kamio’s Japanese shojo manga series “Hana yori Dango”

Seven Years later, it is one of the most beloved Korean Dramas. It has gotten multi Parody’s and its main theme Almost Paradise is used on multiple variety shows and dramas making fangirls react. 

HERE’S FOR MANY MORE YEARS WITH the beloved F4 and the two lovely leading ladies :D 

Kyu is so honest ~

Yahoo Ticket Live Talk : 

The MC was praising Kyu that all the songs in the album were nice, Kyu suddenly said (pointed at the pic) :

“This is not me!” 

The MC was shocked and asked Kyu what he was saying as the photo was Kyu himself, Kyu said :

“I am not at this level (pointing at his jawline)… This has been edited too much..!” 

The MC kept saying he had never seen an idol saying like this about himself before!  ㅋㅋ  (c)

yo think about this

How about we gather together, like everyone in this website? Then we sit on a circle and put The 7th Sense as the background music. We put an open rice bag at the center of this circle, and 17 scented candles around us. After that, we start calling Bambam for his real name (Kunpimook Bhuwakul), the same for Ten (Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul). Doing that, will conjure Satansoo, and he’ll sing us MAMA, and THAT will conjure Yoongi. Bultaoreune. And they’ll make Monsta X get their first win. After that we can eat pizza together idk.

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It wasn't a fleshlight because it looked like a clear tube. Pretty sure it was either a penis pump or a water bottle

So, I went back to find the scandalous photo…

First of all, let’s take a moment to admire k-fans obsessive attention to detail and frightening ability to zero in on a tiny blurry speck and immediately identify it as possible proof of our boys’ sexual activities. Bravo! I have no idea what that other item is inside the box.  Some speculate a penis pump, some say a water bottle, I saw someone suggest it’s a bottle of lube.  It probably isn’t a flesh light – if that’s a condom right next to it, I’d say it’s too small for that.  Also seems too small for a water bottle.  In any case, thank you all for bringing back this lovely memory of BTS’ early days.

Also - good on them for having condoms around!  Always practice safe sex, y’all! Always!

soulmate! Seungcheol

requested by anon: “Could you plase make a S.Coups soulmate AU?”

summary: in which whatever your soulmate writes on their skin, you get it too and vice versa

part 2

  • you never really believed in the concept of soulmates
  • how do you find the one person you destined to be with out of the billions of people on earth
  • but your just like “whatever if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”
  • you still have no clear mark of your soulmate either
  • but you realized after a week of stressing out about it, its better not too
  • your currently attending stanford on a swimming scholarship
  • and most people are surprised to find out you major in business
  • “business?? shouldn’t you be training for the Olympics??”
  • though a part of you wants to try the olympics another part of you has a passion for business
  • specifically international business
  • and you now have to decide what language class you want to take as it’s a requirement
  • sighing, you realize its almost two in the morning and you need sleep for your swim meet tomorrow
  • so taking a sharpie, you write “choose a language class to take!!! korean, russian, french, or mandarin!!!!”
  • you have been writing things on your skin since you have to write your swim events on your thigh
  • since then you’ve developed a habit of writing on your skin like a reminder list
  • when you wake up the next morning you see something that almost makes you scream
  • there under the note you wrote on your arm is 
  • “korean!!! :) ;)”
  • despite what your friends tell you, you don’t try to contact him right away
  • after all, if you’ve been writing on your arm all this time, he had his chance
  • but it doesn’t make you angry, in fact it makes it all the more thrilling
  • so you study, dilligently learning Korean
  • you often would write vocabulary on your arm
  • and every once in a while you would get help or corrections
  • when summer comes around the school gives you the opportunity to become an apprentice of an olympic swimmer over seas for the summer
  • and well guess freaking what,,,korea was on that list
  • so now maybe you didn’t have to wait until you graduate and scavenge around for a job in Korea
  • when you arrive your mentor is some coach who trained a gold medalist
  • so you after the late night practice, your new korean friend takes you out to some restaurant
  • the place is kinda small and empty so besides you both, there’s only a large group of boys sitting at the table across you
  • “how was training?” your friend asks
  • you groan, you arm massaging your sore body,
  • “he made me do 100 sit up, 50 push ups, and 100 squats, PLUS 20 laps in the pool, and that was just night training”
  • “damn he’s intense, but i heard you cut 2 seconds off your time”
  • you nod, and you both debate on what to eat, since you both are tracking macros, you let your friend decide on the food
  • staring off into space, you notice the group of guys are really handsome
  • sooner or later, you both are almost done eating
  • “do you have a ride back?”
  • you nod, “yeah I’ll taxi”
  • “by the way, morning practice is at 7:00 am tomorrow”
  • “shit really? ill write it down”
  • you grab a marker from your purse and quickly jot it down, on your arm of course when
  • your eyes shoot up and look over towards the voice
  • everyone is leaning over some cute guy with an out stretched arm
  • you can also see it
  • on the exact same arm
  • at the exact same place
  • with the exact same amount of exclamation points
  • “SOULMATE???”
  • they all whip their heads towards you
  • the guy stands up
  • “SOULMATE!!!!”
  • incoherent screaming happens, jumping up and down, random dancing, singing, and managers trying to calm them down
  • you feel your arm being tugged on and glance at the cause
  • your soulmate grins at you and does head motions towards the door
  • laughing back, you pull him out the door
  • he takes a pair of car keys and opens the door, you and him settle in the backseat 
  • “y/n l/n” you say 
  • “choi seungcheol at your service”
  • you laugh and shake your head
  • you both end up talking in the car for a while
  • “there are 13 of you?!?!”
  • “yea, I’m the leader.”
  • “That’s insanely cool, do they listen to you?”
  • “Most of the times.” you both laugh aloud
  • “It’s a lot of responsibility, and if anyone messes up, or when I mess up, it feels like I have to take responsibility too. Should I have done more?” he gives a sad smile
  • “everyone looks up to me, it surprises me and humbles me too.”
  • you take his hand and give it a little reassuring squeeze
  • “It’s always going to be hard, but look at how far you’ve all come!” you smile, “You all must be incredible people.”
  • you pause and blush
  • “especially you since you’re the leader…”
  • he laughs and starts blushing too, staring at his hand in yours
  • “I’m sorry for unloading my worries, you’re just comfortable talking to.” he says
  • you look where he’s looking and quickly withdraw your hand, your turn to turn pink now
  • “It was nice learning more about you” you giggle nervously
  • Seungcheol reaches out and takes your hand in his again
  • you’re both just staring at each other and smiling and blushing when

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part 2 

The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

soulmate! Jun || soulmate! Vernon || soulmate! Vernon (part 2) || soulmate! Woozi || soulmate! Mingyu (carat version) || soulmate! Hoshi || soulmate! Jeonghan || soulmate! Seungcheol || soulmate! Joshua || soulmate! Joshua (part 2) || soulmate! Seungkwan || soulmate! Minghao || soulmate! Dino



Honestly moments like this make me cringe so fucking hard. There are so many fans who do the craziest shit and are obsessed with Korean culture and make Korean food and try and study the language and have a life goal of going to live in Korea and talk out their ass about how good kimchi is. But as soon as something happens that doesn’t show idols in a positive light they do a complete one fucking eighty and appear so ignorant.

As a nonKorean, you don’t get to pick and choose what parts of THEIR culture is wrong or right. You don’t get to choose what parts of THEIR culture you agree with. You don’t get to shit on them because they think differently to you on topics. Their opinions come from years of their own cultural knowledge and socialization.

I’m so fucking sick of the warped view people have on an entire fucking country. The fetishism that goes on. The weird blindness to only seeing things from a western lense. Because guess what? Korea is extremely conservative in lots of ways. They don’t let you do drugs. Porn websites are blocked. You generally don’t live with your bf/gf before you’re married. Having a child before you’re married is considered shameful. You live with your parents until you’re like 30 and when they tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. Abortions are illegal (but not hard to get). Birth control outside condoms is hard to obtain. And drugs are literally the fucking worst.

And idols don’t live in bubbles. They’re Korean. They have grown up in this culture and they know the rules. They know what is culturally acceptable. They know what could cause a scandal and ruin their career. But they, like all other Koreans, take calculated risks and make decisions based on all the schema they have.

No one FORCED TOP to bring a girl back to his house. No one FORCED TOP to smoke weed with her once. Or on the second time. Or the third fucking time. They were decisions he himself made. He then made the decision to try and lie about it, knowing all that he knows about the Korean culture. There is nothing more to it than that.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s fair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s right. Because it’s what happens. And if you really cares about all this ‘injustice’ to him, you wouldn’t be worried about just him. Lots of other famous Koreans have gone to jail for weed. Lot’s of other Koreans have had huge scandals and felt the force of the public, but I haven’t seen a single thing said about it.

And it’s shitty because you pick and choose who is worthy of being defended. No one said shit about Bom and her prescription drugs. No one said shit about that huge marijuana ring involving idol trainees and rappers last year. Because you don’t seem to actually care about the fact drugs are an issue in Korea. You care about the fact TOP is in trouble. Stop trying to make this a political thing about marijuana, because it’s not. He’s a grown ass man that knew the law and consequences. You just care that your idol got caught.

I get so angry about this shit. Not all of you do it. But some of you honestly need to grow up and see shit for what it is.