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Hey everyone, welcome to Fan Fusion Friday! Where I fuse two Gems from Steven Universe to make someone entirely new.

This time, Pearl and Peridot are fusing to form the calm and calculated Prehnite

Gemstone Information: Prehnite, the stone, is one that boosts knowledge of the outside realms, and contains spiritual energy. It heightens the senses, and calms the nerves, allowing your will and intelligence to become one as they bring you the ability of precognition. This stone also aids with visualization and medititation.

Relationship/Personality Analysis:
Prehnite is a calm, intellectual strategist. She’s very articulated, as well as charming. A calm, and curious version of Sardonyx if you will. But Pearl and Peridot’s egos both shine through subtly on the battlefield. When these two combine, they use their intellectual powers to their advantage, using ranged attacks from afar rather than the melee that other Gems are praised for. Need to move metal for a wicked attack? Ferrokinesis. Need to bring up sand as a barrier? Psammokinesis. Need to create a barrage of floating spears to shoot lasers/send flying at the opponent? TELEKINESIS. Need to calculate WHERE each object should go when using these amazing abilities? Precognitive Manipulation!

Design Choices:
Holy crap this one. Have you ever fused Peridot’s hair with Pearl’s hair? It’s MADNESS. Anyways, I kinda went with a little bit of a Tracer vibe for the hair. Tracer’s a character from the MMO Overwatch btw. For the actual outfit? I just went with what felt right I guess. The knee patterns and metallic forearm cuffs were me bs'ing by the way. The color scheme however, was very intentional. I decided to put Peridot’s colors on top of Pearls, so green on the top and cyan/yellow underneath. Idk why I did that, but I like it a LOT.

Abilities: Prehnite possesses shapeshifting abilities, she can fuse, and summon Pearl’s Spear. She can summon Pearl’s holographic clones, use Peridot’s ferrokinesis, psammokinesis, she gains the ability of telekinesis, and she also has a very high intellect with the addition of precognitive abilities.


Name: Prehnite
Gemstone: Prehnite
Fusion Components: Pearl/Peridot
Gem Placements: Forehead
Weapon: Spear/Ferrokinesis
Quote: “If my calculations are correct, which they are, the dissipation of your form is eminent.”

Watch the speedpaint here!


I drew ara’s new design for after the bad thing aaand I decided just to sketch him in it a lot and heck- he’s so much more paranoid and scared it hurts my heART


A compilation post of Tony and Friday sassing each other in Invincible Iron Man #1-2.

And a bonus favourite of mine: the fact that Tony Stark programmed this kind of vocabulary into his AI.

(part 1/??)

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