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Little Cherub; 1580 words
For @queerevak​; Even reacts to the throwback photos of s1!Isak

The thing is, Even had done more than his fair share of online stalking of Isak way back when he first overheard Isak’s name.  Now, though, they’d been living together for a few gloriously domestic months and Even felt like he knew Isak better than he sometimes even knew himself.

So - sue him - he had forgotten just how tiny Isak had once been.

Which is why, when Jonas posted that throwback photo of him and Isak out of nowhere, Even almost swallowed his tongue.  He had been chilling on the bed; just messing around on his phone while Isak finished getting ready to go to Sana’s for the Eid celebration.

He had in no way been prepared for the photo of Isak, probably about 15, in a dark navy coat that looked like it was drowning him.

“What the fuck, Isak!” Even spluttered, trying to get his breath back.

“You said I could borrow this shirt!” Isak protested from across the room and Even snapped his gaze up from his phone because if anything was going to get him looking away from baby faced Isak it was the thought of his Isak wearing his clothes.

Neeeeeeeeei,” Even rolled his eyes, thrusting his phone out for Isak to look at.  Isak squinted at Even’s screen, absently ruffling his hair as he leaned forwards. After a few seconds of looking Isak’s mouth pulled up into a grin.

“I remember that day.” Isak grinned to himself and went back to getting ready.  “We were so young, Ev, it’s so crazy to think about.  So much has changed since that photo, y’know?” Isak shook his head, as if he could shake off the nostalgia.

Even nodded, smiling to himself as he watched Isak potter around their tiny living room/bedroom.

“I totally get it.  It’s like: because you took that photo that version of Isak will always be trapped in time somewhere.” Even wasn’t sure he explained it well, but Isak seemed to understand because he nodded along.

Even was about to continue when a movement on his phone screen caught his attention.  He tapped the screen to light it back up and bit the inside of his cheek, trying to swallow down his pained noise.

“Isak, your friends are trying to kill me.” Even whined, tossing his phone onto the bed.

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Tales fandom user compliation list!

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Eternia

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World

Tales of Rebirth

Tales of Legendia

Tales of the Abyss

Tales of Innocence

Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Hearts

Tales of Graces

Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia 2

Hey there, Tales fandom!!

I had an idea to compile a list of tumblr users by their favourite Tales game, so that other people who also like that game can find people/blogs to talk with/follow! Sort of like a masterlist, of sorts, of everyone in the fandom.

Even if you’re a multifandom blog, it doesn’t matter! Just plunk your URL under the game you like best - and if you can’t pick, put it under two! The main purpose is to connect people to others who love the games as much as you do!!

And if your favourite isn’t on the list, just go ahead and add it!

anonymous asked:

Are you going to do a video of goth wardrobe essentials? Like a list of some of the classic clothing items? That would be a really good idea! Much love xoxo

I have genuinely been meaning to make a ‘wardrobe staples’ video since I started my channel, guess I should onto it huh? :p  Much love back! xox ♥︎