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Can you write a fic where Betty is sick and Jughead takes care of her or vise-versa?

Yes I LOVE this prompt!

Jughead Gets The Flu

“Hey, have you seen Jughead yet today?” Betty asked. She was standing at Archie’s locker, scuffing her shoe gently against the floor, worried.

“Yeah, sorry Betty, he asked me to tell you. He’s still sick. F.P. and my dad are working at a site a few hours away and they’re staying there for the week. Jughead’s sleeping at the trailer park so he doesn’t get me sick.”

“He’s still sick?!” Betty asked, worry crossing her face. “What’s that, like, four days now?”

Archie nodded, placing some notebooks back in his locker.

“Alright, thanks, Arch.” Betty gave him an unconvincing smile, strolling back toward her own locker.

She spun the dial quickly, grabbing her backpack and placed a couple notebooks inside. She had gym next, then study period. She could afford to miss those.

She shut her locker, throwing her backpack over her shoulder, gripping the strap.

She rushed out of school, jogging down the sidewalk, thankful that nobody called out to her to question her.

She walked to Pop’s, ordering a chicken noodle soup and a peppermint tea to go.

Pop filled her order quickly, only one other patron there at such an awkward time in the day.

Next, she stopped at the pharmacy, grabbing tissues, throat lozenges, cough medicine, cold pills (day time and night time, just in case), Echinacea, hand sanitizer and a large bottle of water.

She stuffed the pharmacy bag into her backpack and walked the distance to Jughead’s trailer.

She knocked gently and waited, then knocked again after a few moments had gone by. She heard shuffling inside the trailer, then the door swung open.

“Oh, Bets. It’s you.” A slow smile spread across Jughead’s face. He looked sick, that was for sure. 

His hat was missing, his hair unruly, sticking up in all directions. A few pieces stuck to his forehead.

His eyes were rimmed with hard purple bags, his nose bright pink at the tip. He had a blanket swung across his shoulders. He was smiling goofily at her.

“Come into my humble abode.” He sniffled.

“Thanks, Juggie,” She smiled despite herself.

Jughead sat on the couch, making room for Betty at one end. He extended his legs, stretching but leaving them on the ground. He rested his head against the arm rest.

“I brought you soup.” Betty smiled, placing the soup and the tea on the coffee table in front of them.

“You did!” He exclaimed, trying to sit up. He lost his balance, swaying towards the ground. 

He caught himself as Betty reached out her hand.

“Jughead, oh my God, are you okay?” She placed one hand on his shoulder, the other hand brushed his bangs back and rested on his forehead, checking his temperature. “Jug, you’re burning up.”

Jughead took a deep breath. “I don’t feel good, Bets.”

“Are you going to throw up?” 

Jughead shook his head. “No, it’s not that… just, too hot.”

“Okay, okay.” Betty grabbed the blanket Jughead had around him, tossing it to the floor.  

She knelt on the floor next to him, taking his legs and swinging them onto the couch. “Here, babe, take this off.” Had she just called him babe? Maybe he wouldn’t remember.

Jughead did as she said, gripping the bottom of his tshirt and pulling it off as best he could while laying down. 

Betty touched Jughead’s chest, feeling how hot and clammy it was beneath her hand. “Okay, Jug, they say you need to break fevers with more heat, don’t they? Shit, I’m sorry, I’m not very good at this.”

He didn’t answer, just kept breathing.

Betty grabbed her backpack from the floor and took out her pharmacy bag. She took out all the items, placing the on the coffee table, the grabbed the bottle of water. It was still cold.

“Here, take this.” Betty said, placing the water in his hand. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

She got up, walking to the kitchen. She was looking for paper towel, but she couldn’t see any.

She walked around the trailer, looking for the bathroom. She found it and spotted a facecloth hanging by the sink.

She ran the faucet, making the water as cold as possible, then soaked the facecloth.

She rushed back to where Jughead was lying down, and placed the facecloth against his forehead. While she was gone he must’ve had a couple sips of water, because it was half gone.

He audibly sighed when she placed the cloth against his head. She ran a knuckle softly against his cheek.

“Is that helping, Juggie?” She murmured.

“Yeah. A lot. Thank you.” He whispered. 

Betty placed her hand at the edge of the couch. Jughead must’ve felt the weight there. He quickly slipped his hand in hers, squeezing.

Betty couldn’t help but smile.

“Jug, I also got you some medicine.”

His eyes popped open.

“Thank God,” He murmured, sitting up once more.

His eyes skimmed the coffee table, grabbing for the Buckleys cough medicine. He cracked the lid and put the bottle to his mouth.

Before Betty could stop him, more than half the bottle was gone. He had chugged it.

“Jughead, what are you doing?” 

“I want to feel better.” He shrugged.

“You’re going to be high off that stuff.”

Jughead lied back, resting his head against the arm rest once more. “Guess I shouldn’t tell you that I popped two cold pills before you got here.” He laughed.

“Oh my God, Jug. That’s not good.” 

“I’ll be fine.” Jughead whispered.

Betty sat there, not knowing what to say. She was still kneeling next to the couch, her hand back in Jughead’s.

Jughead was lying on the couch shirtless, the cloth on his head. His eyes were closed and his breathing was steady. She thought he had fallen asleep, so she pulled the cloth off of Jughead’s forehead and replaced it with her hand, checking his temperature.

“Betty?” Jughead murmured quietly.

“Mm?” She answered, placing the cold pills directly in front of him.

“Thank you.” He said earnestly.

“For what, Jug?” 

“For doing this. Nobody has ever taken care of me when I was sick before.”

Betty had to bite her lip from the tears pricking her eyes. Just the thought of Jughead - how many times do you get sick in your life? - having to battle colds and flu’s by himself was making her emotional. Something so many people don’t think twice about, having someone to take care of them. She had just done what felt natural to her. She wanted to take care of him.

She squeezed his hand. “It’s my pleasure, Juggie. Get some sleep, okay?”


“Yeah, Juggie?”

“Will you be here when I wake up?”

“Sure, Juggie. I won’t leave.”

She saw a smile spread across his face as he turned  onto his side. She released his hand and picked up the soup and tea, placing them in the kitchen.

She put the bottled water, cold pills, lozenges and cough medicine on the coffee table and moved the beer bottles and empty cigarette packs into the kitchen.

After a few minutes, she walked around the trailer, looking for Jughead’s room. There was only one bedroom, she assumed F.P.’s, the bathroom, a small kitchen area and the living room. It dawned on her that F.P. must’ve gotten the trailer after Jellybean and their mom moved away.

She walked back the the couch Jughead was on and saw he was shivering. Jesus, what kind of bug was this? 

She covered his body with the blanket and smoothed back his hair.

He opened his eyes at the touch.

“I don’t deserve you.” He didn’t say it in a sad way, nor a happy way. He was overheated and sick and exhausted. He was just being honest.

“You’d do the same for me, Juggie.” She smiled at him.

“How did I get so lucky?” He murmured, closing his eyes.

“I’m the lucky one, Jug.” She brushed his hair back again, his forehead feeling closer to normal.

“Don’t leave.” Jughead said, gripping her hand.

“I won’t, Juggie.”

“Lay down with me.”

“You might overheat again.” She warned.

“It’ll be worth it.” He said, closing his eyes. 

Betty laughed as she laid down beside him.

The Younger Marner - Auston Matthews Imagine

can you do an auston matthews one where he hooks up with marner’s sister but he doesn’t know it’s his sister???

Okay this is my longest imagine because damn, I loved writing this. I didn’t make this dirty as hell because I didn’t think that it would fit real well ???? I also made it end in a way that it could be continued if anyone wanted! Requests are still open and will I ever close them ??? Hope you like it! -Accius

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Darkness in the Light: playlist [listen here]

“You had to have been there.” She sounds sad. Nostalgic. “He was morose and bad-tempered– a total grouch. In hindsight, it’s obvious that he was unhappy with the Jedi Order even back the. But she.. lit up whenever he was around, and some of that light would fall oh him. The way he looked at her–” Jysella shakes her head. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else look at another person like that.”

Note: this playlist inspired by the amazing fanfic(s) Like Young Gods and To Kingdom Come by @kylorenvevo ( diasterisms on AO3). I’m a little late to this bandwagon, but I guess better late than never! I marathoned both stories in two days (I got no sleep), cried a lot, and fangirled like there was no tomorrow. I have not been this invested in a story since the first Throne of Glass novel. SO thank you (Thea) for ruining my life! If any of you have not yet been ruined by LYG, I suggest you give it a read! You’re gonna suffer but you’re gonna be happy about.

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11. Kinky (for the drabble) <3

A/N- Thanks for asking! 
This is obviously NSFW. 

The three times Bucky tied you up


Bucky loved controlled. In every aspect of his life , he love to be at the helm. This included the bedroom. He loved to see how he could manipulate and pull the pleasure from you with every sigh and moan. His absolute favourite thing was tying you up.

It all started when someone had jokingly bought you red fluffy handcuffs, which you thought were ridiculous. You would never forget the way his gaze hardened and the smirk slowly spread on his face when he saw you swinging them around. In a heartbeat he had you on the bed, hands in a tight metal grip. He asked you for a safe word and “plums” tumbled from your lips without a pause. He chuckled softly and he nuzzled your neck as he whispered “good choice”.

He brought your hands to the headboard and with finality clicked the cuffs into place. You tested them despite knowing you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. He kissed his way down your body, and you squirmed itching to run your hands through his hair. He bit you softly at the junction of your hip, “stop moving”. In that moment you knew this wouldn’t be the last time Bucky tied you up.


The moment you saw Bucky put on that red tie for dinner you knew you were in for it later. Throughout dinner he played with the soft silk, whispering into your ear how he was going to tie you up later, leaving fleeting touches down your thighs. By the time you were back in your room you were wet and wanting. When Bucky’s hand found its way in-between your thighs you were panting and begging for me.

The tie zipped through his collar as he pulled it off, the red silk the only pop of colour with his black suit. Taking off his jacket he rolled up his sleeves, eyes on you the whole time. You were laying back on the bed, your wandering hands stroking your thighs, but you knew not to touch where you needed it the most. That was Bucky’s job. He kissed you hard, drawing back to ask for your safe word. “Plums”. It never changed. He smiled and threaded the soft red tie around your wrists, and through the iron headboard.

The intricate swirl pattern was the perfect anchor for tying you up. The moment he tightened the final knot you felt your body tremble with excitement. To be completely at his mercy set your body alight with anticipation and desire. Bucky went straight between your legs, easing your panties off. He expertly licked, sucked and caressed you right to the edge. Right as you were about to fly off the edge he pulled away, mischievous smirk on his face. You groaned and pulled at your hands. “Bucky so help me god if you don’t finish, I’ll-” you threatened.

“You’ll what?” Bucky cut you off. “You’re a little tied up, doll” he mused, nodding to your hands still attached to the headboard. You clenched your thighs together as much as you could but it didn’t do the trick.

“Please” your voice was begging and raw from moaning, the desperation was obvious.

“Ah, there it is” Bucky spread your legs once more and brought you to a mind-blowing orgasm with ease.  


You should have known better really, than to train with Bucky. His testosterone was at an all-time high and seeing you fighting always turned him on. I guess that how you found yourself with your t-shirt holding your wrists together. Thank god, everyone was away on a mission. Bucky was in between your legs, glistening with sweat. You wanted to run your hands through his hair so bad but you knew better than to move your hands. Pulling his mouth away from your neck, he rid himself of his shorts and gripped your legs a little more apart. You moaned at seeing him and his cock throbbing with need. He wrapped his fist around himself and the movement made you squirm. Moaning his name got his attention and he finally entered you. The rolls of his hips were calculated and sloppy all at the same time. The sounds filling the gym and bouncing off the walls were obscene. When he hit that spot with every thrust you came with his name on your lips. He followed quickly behind and rolled off of you panting. Side by side you lay there, trying to catch your breaths and calm down your heart rates.

After a few minutes you broke the silence, “you know, I think it’s my turn to tie you up”.

Bucky chuckled and looked at you when he teased “good luck”.

Send me a prompt from this list and I’ll write a drabble!

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NAME. Belle

NICKNAMES. Bellesie, Bells, once I got called Belli? Belley? When I was younger I gave myself the nickname Bee lmao


HEIGHT. 5'3 (sh)

ORIENTATION. Well right now I identify as aromantic/asexual, but sexuality always changes, so

ETHNICITY. Caucasian 

FAVORITE FRUIT. Oh my god do I love my blueberries

FAVORITE SEASON. I guess like, spring/summer?


FAVORITE FLOWER. Idk I’ve never really thought about it?¿ I like lilies

FAVORITE SCENT. Probably,,, oh wow, the scent of a pool maybe. Chlorine

FAVORITE ANIMAL. I used to be a sucker for wolves, I have like all my old posters n stuff just hanging around, so wolves I guess

COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT COCOA. Tea? More specifically sweet tea (I would give up my firstborn child for a glass of good ol sweet tea)

CAT OR DOG PERSON. Tbh more of a dog person, I mean I have two, but I also adore cats, so,

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER. O boy. Well, for the longest time it was Mikaela Hyakuya from Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End, but it’s drifting to Pidge from VLD now (i still love Mika though ajhajskdhak)


BLOG CREATED. ?¿?Forever ago?¿? Am I able to find the date? My first blog name was twili-x lmao (then it was like,,, celestialmagicc, then something like “the-magic-within” idfk, then h00diesandsweaters, then sunny–shadows,,,)

NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS. 544 (I get followers at the speed of snails I stg)

WHAT DO I POST ABOUT. Anything I guess? Art sometimes (although not lately bc my tablet freaking broke again). A lot of Voltron, that’s for sure

DO I GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS. Don’t make me laugh

AESTHETIC. Uh, I guess like, those pretty pictures of plants that are a little off centered? And the tile floors, and those pictures of like almost empty/neat rooms, idk

FAVORITE BAND. *deep inhale* Of Monsters and Men

FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D DATE. nooooo romance for me thx

HOGWARTS HOUSE. I always either get Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw idk 

I TAG: im just tagging people i know im sorry you dont have to do this tagging people gives me anxietY @hellsitedeath @mikayuuseraph @memes-and-weebs @c-r-i-m-s-o-n-s-i-l-e-n-c-e m sorry for the disturbance pls carry on your way,,

Three Choices - Kirk x reader Leonard McCoy x reader

Imagine: Kirk and Bones are falling for you!
Words: 1,946
Warnings: Uhhhh, swearing?
A/N: Thank you so much for this imagine it was so much fun to write!

Jim was sulking in his room, beating himself up for a close call with Klingons that could’ve resulted in a war. “Listen, I don’t care what you say, I almost blew the whole thing!” He complained, sliding further and further into his chair.

Annoyed that he isn’t giving himself the credit he deserves for saving everyone and fixing the situation, you out your hand on his and begin your lecture.

“James Tiberius Kirk!” You snapped, earning his full attention and a startled look. “You saved the entire ship, stopped a possible war and handled the situation better than any other Starfleet official could!”

“But I…”

You stopped him there, speaking in a softer tone and looking into his deep blue eyes. “You did the right thing and no one is blaming you for anything because you didn’t do anything wrong. If it wasn’t for your quick thinking things wouldn’t have turned out do well.”

“You think so?” He asked, staring into your eyes and sitting up.

“I know so.”

~two days later~

You ran quickly down the hallway, Bones on your mind as you held the serum for his antidote close to your chest. Gasping only for a second as you saw his condition in the medbay before getting the hypo spray ready to inject the doctor. He had been poisoned by something from an away mission and you had to go back down to the planet to find a cure. It took longer than you had hoped and you feared he would be pass the point of return when you got back.

“Dammit, I’m the doctor!” He muttered, pushing your hands away. His pale face was covered in sweat and his voice was sickeningly hoarse.

“Not today.” You retorted, scoffing at Leonard’s typical behavior. As quickly as the hypo was injected, his face began to clear up and his colour returned. You smiled and out down the hypo spray and finally gave yourself time to sit and catch your breathe.

“You feeling any better?” You asked.


“Bones?” Worried you sat up and looked at him, his eyes were staring at his feet. You go to the grab the tricorder when he stops you with his hand.

“I’m fine darlin’, just a little disappointed is all.” He confessed, looking up at you. He still had his hand on your wrist as he pulled you closer to him. “Sorry for being difficult, I know you went out of your way to save me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It was just Tue affects from the poison talking.”

“No no, that was all me.”

“Well you know what they say, doctors are the worst patients.” You giggled and turned to leave. Your kind hearted personality left the doctor staring in the direction you had gone.

“Hey Bones, you alive?” Jim asked, peering around the corner.

“Unfortunately.” He groaned.

That night you heard a knocking at your door. “Come in.” You called out. Getting up you saw Jim standing by the door.

“Jim? Can I help you?” As you asked this you could feel his eyes staring at your tank top and shorts.

“I don’t think you should go on tomorrow’s away mission. You just got back from another and…” He trailed off.

“Jim, it’s my job. I can’t just, not go. Unless you order me too, but why would you do that?” The two of you we’re snow sitting at your table, his eyes were giving you an uncomfortably long gaze.

“Of course, it’s just…”

“Are you feeling alright? Should we go see Bones?” You questioned, puzzled at his uncharacteristic behavior.

“No, sorry. I’m just a bit worried. This away mission is on a very dangerous planet, who knows what could go wrong!” He explained. You chuckled at this, earning a confused stare from Jim.

“If I don’t go then you’ll surely end up going and we can’t have that, after all you seem to attract trouble wherever you go.” You grinned. Jim smiled back, laughing at his own silly inquiries.

“Yeah that’s true I guess, but I wouldn’t want to see such a pretty face get hurt.” At his sudden compliment you blushed.

“Haha, thanks… It’s getting late and I need to sleep for tomorrow. I’ll be careful, as always. You better too.” You got up and watched him wave to you before leaving.

You sighed, “Oh god, what are you trying to do to me…?”

The away mission was supposed to be a quick scope of the lands and gathering of samples as per usual. But let’s be honest, it never ends up that way. Bones and Spock were in a jungle portion of the planet while you, Jim and Chekov surveyed a small village from a cliff side.

“I say we go introduce ourselves.” Jim decided with a confident smirk.

“No way in hell, have you seen their arsenal? Or was I the only one who noticed their extensive weaponry collection?” You retorted with a scoff, much like Bones would.

“Gee, you sure act like Bones. I thought this was your job, you know, away missions and danger.”

“You of all people know that’s true, but the danger part doesn’t mean running into trouble at every opportunity I get. That’s yours.” Jim laughed out loud and your heart jumped.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” He stated, making you blush.

“Keptin, please keep your voice down. They might hear us.” Pleaded Chekov.

“Who might hear us?” Bones asked with a particularly grumpy tone.

“The natives.” You relied, turning away from Jim and Bones to observe their village, or at least that’s what you wanted them to think. You were blushing and that was a big no no.

“Great.” He replied sarcastically as he came to sit beside you.

A few hours later~

“WHY DID YOU TRY TALKING TO THEM!?” You yelled at a flustered Kirk. The two of you ran up the cliff and halted at the side.

“Scotty, come one man-” Jim tired his communicator again but to no avail.

“Why didn’t I just follow Spock…..?” You pondered to yourself, getting your phaser out and setting it to kill.

“(Y/N), I think we should jump.” He stared into your eyes with sincerity and compassion and concern and all of a sudden your knees grew weak.

“Dammit man, turn your head and look this way!” The sound of Leonard’s voice filled you with relief as you saw him running towards you. “Scotty, I’ve got ‘em!” He announced before you’d were all beamed up. Chekov was cheering and high giving Scotty and you sat on the ground cursing Jim’s horrible ideas.

“Come on, let’s get you checked out.” Bones declared, helping you to your feet. You didn’t protest because honestly you could really use his company at that moment.

“Thanks for saving our asses.” You said as you two walked down to medbay. Then you realized something and your cheeks went pink. He had his arm around your waist to steady you, not that you needed it. You tried to play it off but he noticed your sudden change in demeanor and blushed himself, realizing what he had done. He moved his arm and you continued your walk in silence.

“Hey (Y/N),” Bones said, earning your attention. “Would you like to grab lunch sometime?”

“Oh, I’d love to…” You smiled, he returned your smile and the rest of the day the grumpy old doctor was very happy.

When Jim heard of this his heart ached a little and he was sure to watch the two of you the whole time. You were smiling and laughing and Bones was too. So naturally he was jealous and his solution was to wait for you in your quarters.


You jumped back startled when you saw Jim appear from the shadows. “Oh my goodness, Jim you scared me!”

“Sorry, how was your lunch?” He inquired quickly.

“Oh, um, it was good..” You managed to say, confused.

“That’s nice, as long as you enjoyed yourself.”

“Well, can I help you? Or are you just stalking me now?”

Jim smiled to himself as he walked over to you. He pulled you into a hug and smiled as he took in your smell.

“Okay, I think you need to go see Bones.”

“Oh please no, I don’t want to see him anymore. Just you.” He tightened his grip around your shoulders before slipping a hand on the small of your back. He brought up a hand to trace your collarbone and placed a kiss on your jaw. Your cheeks began to heat up and you placed a hand on his chest, pushing him back.


“Sorry.” Before you could continue he left and you were stuck wondering what that meant. The next day Jim ignored you and so you spent most of your time with Bones. As time went on Jim would talk to you again but not as often as before. You were fed up with him at this point and so you cornered him in a hallway as you left the medbay.

“Jim, come here.” You ordered.

He halted and turned around, eyes flashing with a hint of hurt before softening. “Do you need something?” He asked.

“Tell me what’s going on, I don’t understand what’s happening anymore!” You begged. He let out ahevay sigh before grabbing your wrist and gently guiding you to his room.

“Listen, (Y/N). This isn’t easy for me to say.” Jim stared you in the eyes, and still had his hand on your wrist. He was holding it with both hands now, rubbing your thumb with small circles.

“I’m… Oh boy, (Y/N) I’m in love with you.” He now had you against the wall, his face close to yours and both your faces were flushed with red. He leaned down and hovered right before your lips, waiting for something. You looked into his eyes and saw how desperately he wanted to kiss you but also how much he couldn’t. Why couldn’t he? Bones, that’s why. Bones loves you too, and he knows it. But you don’t. So when he stood up and left, you were stunned.

You left and went to your quarters. Bones invited you over for a drink but all you could do was sit in your room with a blank stare. After about ten minutes Leonard was getting worries and came over to your quarters. You heard him knock but you weren’t sure you wanted him to come in. You weren’t sure of much anything now.

Bones walked in and saw you sitting at your desk with a pale face and no expression. “(Y/N)? My god woman, what happened to you?”

You forced your head to the side so you could look at him. He rushed over to you and held your face. “You should come to the medbay, I want to scan you. You might be sick.”

As he tried helping you up you smiled and placed your hand on his hand, putting it back at his side as you stood on your own. “I’m fine, perhaps we can have a drink tomorrow? I’d like to stay here…”

You turned around and waited for him to leave but instead you felt his arms hold you from the back and he placed his head on your shoulder. His face traveled up the side of your face and he whispered in your ear, “I love you.”

After that he left and you sat down at your desk again and your head fell down against the table. Jim and Bones both love you? How can that be? You were stuck with three choices; Jim, Bones or neither.

Which would it be?

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you dont want me + jimon

“Why are you here?” Simon asks, when he feels a presence behind him. He doesn’t look up from where he’s been staring at his tumbler for the past hour. It’s been empty for a while now, just like Simon feels. Empty. The bar he’s currently in, however, is rather crowded. Simon likes it that way. Makes it easier to blend in.

Jace, because from the way he walks, and the way he breaths, it can really only be Jace, sits down next to him.  “I wanted to make sure you were okay,” he says, and Simon scoffs.

“That’s charming. Break a man’s heart and then check to see if he’s okay, which he’s clearly not. That’s not humiliating at all, thanks for that.” Jace doesn’t say a word and Simon sighs, “I’m fine.”

The barman comes over and takes Jace’s drink order, and Simon silently raises his glass to indicate he wants another. God knows he can use it now Jace is actually here. “You don’t look fine,” Jace eventually says, when they both have a full glass in front of them.

“Jace, I know you’re not good with this emotion stuff, but you really need to stop kicking a man when he’s down,” Simon says, anger bubbling up in his chest, “Look, you don’t want me. You’ve made that abundantly clear. And that’s, that’s fine, I guess. I mean, sure, it sucks, but I’ll deal. You being here, however, is not helping, so I’d rather you just leave.”

It’s silent for a while, and Simon hopes this means Jace has given up and will leave soon. The opposite appears to be true. “I lied,” Jace says, rather matter of factly, as Simon swivels around to look at him.

“What do you mean?” He asks, frowning.

“When I told you I didn’t want you. I do. Want you. I just, I don’t know how, I guess. I’ve never,”  Jace sighs, “Look, I’m not really great boyfriend material, okay? I just, it would be better for you to stay away.”

Simon snorts, “Yeah, thanks for the concerns, but I think I can be the judge of that myself, thank you.” Jace looks pained, so Simon rattles on. “We’ve all got shit, Jace. You think this whole vampire thing was easy for me? What I’m trying to say is, if you walk around thinking you’re ‘not good enough’ for people, you’re basically just giving up. Everyone deserves to love, to be loved, no matter how much fucking garbage they drag along. And god knows you have a shit ton. But I know that and you know what? I don’t care. I still want to be with you. So you either except that, or you leave this bar and let me wallow in peace, okay?”

“Okay,” Jace says, and then lurches forward to kiss Simon full on the mouth.

When Simon finally pulls away, slightly dazed, the first thing that slips out is, “So, uh, this means you choose me, right? Just so we’re on the same page, here.”

“Yes, you idiot,” Jace says, rolling his eyes. And then he kisses him again.

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i feel like it's been a few days since you've been around and i hope you've been doing well, feeling even better, and taking care of yourself !

i’ve been away a bit, self care anon (if this is u i suck at guessing fndjfnjkdf) and thank you so much for caring aaaa!! i just got rid of a cold thank god but i’ve been feeling pretty stressed, which i guess is normal now, so i should buck up and deal! thank u i love u and ur messages. 

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I am sending you a big, big hug. It's hard. It's fucking hard. Depression throws you into your own abyss, makes you walk through your own private hell. There are more people who have experienced this than you might imagine. You're not alone in this. You have support, though nobody can carry your burden but you. I don't know if his is any comfort (and if you're religious), but I've learned that God never puts more on our shoulders than we can actually carry. Love ya. You can get better. I could.

You always text me when I feel like shit and honestly, you are such an angel. Thank you. And yes, I’ve been told that too; that life never throws at you more than you can handle. And I really hope that’s true. I’ll just have to try. If other people got better, I can too, I guess. Thank you again.

Before I Met You:

Band Member: Calum

Type: Gang AU

Description: Your boyfriend wanted to protect you by joining the gang but in reality, Calum might have put the final nail in your coffin when the Westside are out for blood. 

You couldn’t sleep, at least not while you had no idea where he was. You tossed and turned while you tried to recall any insignificant details that would enlighten you. The endless list of possibilities filled your mind. Each scene more graphic and dooming than the last, making it increasingly harder to sleep. You hated how Cal chose to spend his free time away from his job. You knew he wasn’t happy bartending but it was better than nothing. You kept reminding him it was something to get him out the house.

But this, the late nights, the bloodied nose, the black eyes, all that had started when he got the job at the Steel Panthers’ club bar. They paid him well enough but only once he’d agreed to join their ranks. He saw it as a way to support your income, it was hard for him to just live off what you brought in. For the first time in a while, he was happy to go to work because he thought they were like minded people. He told you stories about the members, talking animatedly like they were gods walking amongst men. Yet every time you brought up the club and their dangerous reputation, he shrugged, told you he didn’t deal with that kind of thing and grabbed your waist so he could kiss you.

Once he’d finally admitted that the pay rise came with a catch, he told you not to worry about it which just made it a hundred times worse. When he’d told you about joining the club as a member, he’d waited until you were almost half-asleep to whisper it into the dark. You had laughed at the idea as you’d thought it was a joke but when he didn’t join in, you fell silent and sat up. Oh God, Calum, please tell me you haven’t, you’d whispered before the tears began to fall down your cheeks. You had images of his body lying in a dirty alley somewhere. What if you had a knock on the door and you had to identify his mangled body? Calum had started to panic then, he hated to see you upset. He tried to pull you into his arms but you brushed him off. Come on, baby girl, I’m doing this for us. You shook your head and climbed out of bed. No, Cal. This is selfish! You won’t be the one who has to break the news you’ve been stabbed or shot or beaten to death to your family. You had slept in the guest bedroom that night though you didn’t sleep much; you had sorted through a box of your old things and tried not to think of his membership as a death sentence and the club as his executioner.

It wasn’t exactly a new thing for you to lose sleep over your boyfriend. Most days, you arrived at work looking like the walking dead. You’d met some of the guys from the club, they seemed nice enough but that didn’t mean the rest were okay. You often came home from a long, busy day to find your boyfriend entertaining the same three familiar faces when all you really wanted to do was watch trashy television shows and sleep. They ate whatever you cooked and always tried to make small talk with you until it was time to go to the clubhouse. Cal would kiss your forehead and you’d always wonder if this would be the last time you’d see him alive. You hated living with such dark thoughts but sometimes, it felt like they were the only thing that kept you firm in your anti-gang thoughts. Sure, the whole thing sounded great as a movie plot but once the bullets potentially had your name on them, it became less like a Hollywood film and more like a cause for bad paranoia. You ducked into shops when you felt like the guy behind you had followed you for too long, you parked your car closest to a security camera just in case… and you always checked your mirrors for cars that had followed you for miles. Your life was becoming less like your own, you were becoming less like you. The stress had been wearing you down but you had no idea how to break that to Calum.

It worried you more now Cal had finished his initiation and you swore that had been one of the circles of hell. He had come home in the early hours every single morning for almost six months while they decided if he was good enough for their pathetic gang. He’d come home with swollen knuckles, split lips, cuts running down his back. He would try not to swear as you cleaned the wounds and cared for them as you sucked a told you so back in. Another part of his initiation had been based on trust. He’d told you several times not to look in the basement but you looked once. The curiosity and fear of what was in the beaten up boxes got to you so you crept into the basement after Cal had left for work. You pulled back the lid and nearly stumbled backwards when you saw the guns. You’d sat at the kitchen table, your hands wrapped around a drink that had long gone cold, and waited for him to come home. He’d appeared just after two and he had looked concerned to see you waiting at the table. You stood up and pushed away his hands when he’d tried to touch you. How dare you, you’d hissed at him, you had no fucking right to bring your fucking club business into our home. Don’t come near me until you get those – those things out of here. Cal had given you a hurt look but he’d mumbled something about getting one of the guys to help him move them in the morning. The guns had gone by the time you woke up but so had Cal. He’d come home with two black eyes and three cracked ribs that night and after that, you learnt it was easier to ignore the boxes in the basement than have him come back like that again.

You rolled over and stared at the time on your phone blankly. 4:09 am. It was never this bad, half three was the latest when the guys were celebrating. You looked at your lock screen, it was a picture of you and Cal way back before he’d joined the Steel Panthers. The way he looked at you back then almost broke your heart. He’d once looked at you like you were the answer to everything but now sometimes you caught him staring at you like you were unpredictable. You missed seeing his face without bruises and you hated the way he flinched if you hugged him from behind.

You heard a car pull up outside, you pulled one of Cal’s old hoodies on and waited to see if you needed to clean him up again. He’d try to do it by himself after the first few times but usually your slightly more extensive medical knowledge won over his pride. You waited to hear the click of the front door closing and listened for his usual pattern of padding up the stairs to the bathroom to shower but it never happened. The footfall trailed around your living room and into the kitchen then back again. You heard somebody coming up the stairs. The sound was wrong for Cal, he always tried to be as quiet as possible but whoever this was wasn’t bothered about who heard them.

You silently crossed your room and found the gun Cal had started keeping in a shoebox though he hadn’t mentioned it to you after the gun storage incident. You wordlessly thanked your sister for the random gift of gun lessons for your last birthday. You held your breath as you focused on tracking the person mentally around the upstairs of your house. You crept behind the door and waited for it to open. A moment later, the handle creaked in protest as whoever it was pushed it open.

“Hello? It’s Luke. You remember me, right?”

You recognised the voice, it belonged to a guy you’d met when Cal invited the “boys” over. Luke had been the giant sized one, right?

“Hey, it’s okay, Cal sent me.”

You waited, debating if revealing yourself was a smart move or not. Why wasn’t Cal here instead of him?

“He said you were smart and would probably hide,” the guy said with a chuckle. “He said to tell you that Fury better be keeping you safe while he was gone. I’m guessing it’s a dog or something but there wasn’t one downstairs so if it is, I think he got out.”

You sighed, only Calum would make your tabby cat sound like something to be feared. You lowered the gun and returned the safety catch to its original place. You pushed the door and the guy span around, brandishing his own 8mm.

“Thank God for that,” he muttered when he realised it was you. He lowered the gun and crammed it back into his waistband. “I thought they’d beat me.”

Your eyes snapped to his face at his final words.

“You thought who had beat you? Luke, what’s happened?”

He shook his head and began to dig around your room for a bag.

“I can’t say, alright. He’ll kill me.”

“Never mind Calum, I’ll kill you if you don’t say anything,” you said darkly as you glared at him. “What has happened? I haven’t heard from Cal since he left for work.”

Luke bit his lip ring and looked at you guiltily. “I really don’t think you’ll want to hear it.”

He pointed to the bag. “Pack anything you’ll need for a weekend away and whatever you wear for work because you sure as hell aren’t coming back here until the all clear happens.”

You folded your arms over your chest, the gun still firmly in your grip.

“Tell me what’s going on then I’ll pack. I’m not leaving my damn house at four o’clock in the morning just because you tell me to,” you spat at him.

Luke eyed you, he seemed vaguely impressed with your ability to hold your own.

“It’s a long story, we have to go now to get you somewhere safe.”

“I don’t care if the fucking world is burning, I’ve got nothing but time to listen.”

He sighed and threw the empty bag at your feet.

“You pack and I’ll tell you what I know, deal?“

You rolled your eyes and picked up the bag. He took his phone from his pocket and turned it off.

“We screwed over the wrong sort of people tonight,” he said as he watched you cram your work clothes in. “You’re not safe.”

“Just me or are the other families under threat too? I sure as hell don’t want to be responsible for somebody else getting killed because I had a member all to myself.”

Luke looked away from you and picked up a picture of you and Cal from his last birthday. He smiled at it and tapped the glass.

“He talks about you all the time at the club,” Luke said off topic. “He always tells us how you saved him and how this time it’s his turn to save you.”

“Apart from joining the club has just dangerously depleted my levels of safety. If he hadn’t got into the Steel Panthers, I wouldn’t be packing a bag at four in the fucking morning. Now tell me, am I the only one doing this?”

Luke put the picture down and finally looked at you. He looked nervous despite the fact he’d probably done this a thousand times.

“Just you,” he said quietly. “It was Cal’s idea to get revenge for Jay’s death but it got fucked over and the guy they went after saw Cal’s face before he kicked the bucket so now the Westside want to get even.”

Your heart stopped in your chest. You weren’t naïve, you knew that meant they wouldn’t stop until you were dead and Cal was crushed. You bit your lip and zipped up the bag.

“So basically if I don’t leave, I’m dead. So in order to survive, I need to run,” you asked emotionlessly.

Luke nodded and picked your bag up for you. “Basically.”

“Well, fuck me.”

You glanced over to the boy who was supposed to recuse you from this.

“Where’s Cal?” you asked. “If he’s doing something stupid, please just tell me he’s gardening or something less life threatening.”

Luke laughed a little at your comment then nodded his head. “Then Calum is gardening.”

“And probably digging his own fucking grave,” you mumbled as you pulled some jeans.

Luke busied himself looking at old holiday pictures you had hanging on the wall. You pulled on a shirt but put Cal’s hoodie back on because you knew it was the closest you’d get to him for a while.

“If you’re done, we need to go. We’ll take my car then switch it when we get a few hundred miles away, okay?”

You listened as he guided you out of the house. The words mashed together and you weren’t sure what was happening. You were terrified but you refused to let anybody see that. You were going to be strong because you had no other options. Luke told you to wait in the house while he checked the street outside.

You tapped your fingers against the sideboard impatiently.

You didn’t know the guy was right behind you.

At least, not until he choked you with the cord until you blacked out.

Before I Met You Part 2 is here!

223. He gives his younger sibling “the talk” (requested)

Dan: “I love how they didn’t give me a talk, and now they want me to give him one,” Dan sighed as he looked at the time. His parents would be coming home soon. “Well, I mean, he probably already knows a lot, anyway. He’s fifteen,” you pointed out. “I hope so. Cause I know I’m unintentionally going to make this much more awkward than it needs to be.” Dan stood up from the dining room chair and walked towards the stairs. “Do you want me to come with you?” He turned around and thought about it for a second. “Actually, could you? Could you just stand outside of the room and intervene if I say something stupid?” “Sure,” you laughed, knowing the probability of you having to do that was quite high at this point. “I’ll just be out here,” you smiled as Dan knocked on his brother’s door. Once he responded, Dan opened the door slightly. “Can I come in?” “Uh, yeah. Sure.” Dan closed the door behind him but you could still hear their conversation. “I’m not really sure how to start this, so… how much do you know about sex?” “Well, seeing as I’m not a virgin, I’d say I’ve heard about it.” You could see that the smartass gene ran in the family. “Alright. That makes this easy then. No means no, shoves mean no, and always wear a condom. We don’t need any more pregnancy scares in this family.” Your ears perked up at that. Pregnancy scare? “Mum put you up to this, didn’t she?” his brother asked. “How’d you guess?” Dan laughed. You heard him stand up from the bed. “Thanks for looking out for me,” his brother said. “No problem. I’ll let you get back to Bioshock.” Dan opened the door a couple of seconds later. Neither of you said anything until you got downstairs. “Well, that went a lot better than I expected,” he sighed in relief. “Yeah. It seemed like it went pretty smoothly. But what’s with the pregnancy scare?” “Oh god. The most stressful week of my entire life. Basically, drunk sex with the ex a few years back, and her period ended up being a week late. I’m pretty sure my mum aged by about ten years that week. She wasn’t very happy.” “Jesus. Well, I hope that scared him somewhat.” Dan shrugged. “I’m not really worried about him. He’s a smart kid.”

Phil: “Phil? Could I talk to you for a second please?” his mother asked as she peeked into the lounge. Phil’s brows furrowed. “Yeah, sure.” Phil looked at you as he walked towards the kitchen and shrugged. He had no idea what his mother could want. Phil walked into the kitchen and saw her sitting at the table. He joined her. “What’s up?” Phil asked as he rested his elbows on the table. “Your sister has a boyfriend,” his mum stated. “Okay…” Phil trailed off. He still didn’t know why she had brought him in here to tell him that. “She needs to be given ‘the talk’. And I just feel like it would mean more coming from you than from me. She still looks up to you quite a lot.” Phil sighed. He didn’t want to do this at all. But he knew how happy his mum would be if he agreed. “Alright. Fine. I’ll do it.” “Oh, perfect. Thank you so much.” She got up from her chair and hugged him. “Let me know how it goes okay?” she asked. Phil nodded as he walked back into the lounge. “So?” you asked once he sat back down. “She wants me to give my sister 'the talk.’” You could practically see the dread written on his face. “Do you want me to help?” you asked. He looked up from the floor and his face lit up. “Would you really?” he asked hopefully. “Yeah, sure.” “Alright. Cool. So, how do we go about doing this?” “Um, I would recommend that we take her out somewhere, either to a shop or a restaurant and kind of just drop it casually in conversation. Because if we just go up to her room, it’ll just be really awkward. And you want her to feel like she can trust you, not like you’re cornering her.” “How do you know about all of this?” “I’m one of five children, so I’ve had to do this a couple times,” you laughed. “That’s true. I always forget that.” You both decided that you would take her out that night just to get it over with, which ended up working out since she had to buy a dress for an upcoming dance anyway. “So, mum said you have a boyfriend,” Phil began as he drove to the store. “Yeah, his name’s Austin. I’m going to the dance with him,” she said. She talked a little more about what he was like and how they met while doing a group project in English. You and Phil then went on to discuss sex with her. “Just don’t allow him to force you into doing something that you’re not ready for,” Phil finished. “Oh, I won’t. I’ll punch him in the face if he even tries anything.” “Are you sure you two are related?” you laughed.

Every Letter (2/10)

Summary: A pen pal writing assignment connects a young Emma Swan with her best friend Killian Jones. Life sends many hardships their way, but their friendship remains solid through the years. As they both grow older and begin to realize what they want out of life, will their letters be enough? (On AO3.)
Rating: T
Word count: ~7500
Ch1 - Ch2 - Ch3 - Ch4 - Ch5 - Ch6 - Ch7 - Ch8 - Ch9 - Ch10 [Pt1] - Ch10 [Pt2]


She wanted to write to Killian immediately, but recovering from childbirth was more taxing than she’d expected. For nearly two weeks she was lethargic and sore and maybe more than a little cranky.

The only times her mood improved was when it was time for visits with Henry. She would hold him tightly and mumble nonsense against his skin and trace her fingertips across his eyelids and nose and cheeks as he nursed. Breastfeeding was possibly her favorite thing to do. Emma had been warned that plenty of mothers struggled with getting their children to latch, but her sweet little babe was a pro right off the bat.

Emma unashamedly cried every single time visiting time ended, feeling envious toward the foster parents who were lucky enough to spend every day with him. Eventually, she managed to compose herself and let her mind linger away from her child just long enough to give her friend a thought.

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mittensmorgul  asked:

In reply to the now REALLY long meta thingy, and the notion of Amara/The Darkness being like anti matter that needs to be reunited with God, I'm gonna pull out my Sciency Goggles and say no, the darkness isn't antimatter, it's Dark Matter (and Dark Energy), which isn't the same thing. It's been there all along, we just can't actually perceive it easily. It wouldn't lead to the destruction of the universe, more like an expansion of the universe we are able to interact with. (1)

(2) I have a RIDICULOUS number of science-adjacent theories tying the Darkness back to the big bang. And the physics is one of the things that’s keeping me positive about the outcome, because again, Amara/The Darkness isn’t antimatter, she’s all the stuff that’s been “locked away” from our perception since the dawn of time, but actually makes up about 95% of all the mass-energy in the entire universe. Mathematically we know it’s there, and we’re on the verge, scientifically, of proving it.

(3) sorry to go full-on nerd in your ask box. I do that sometimes. I got so bad at one point that this is one of my tags: “i never in a billion years would’ve thought i’d quote einstein and nasa in a supernatural meta” :D

OH this is so much BETTER! Thank you. 

I’m just gonna go get my science geek on now and join you in this because I LOVE science based theories and relating God/Amara to a scientific theory feels me with glee. I guess my thoughts on the matter/anti-matter reading is the negative reading? Since it would literally mean the end of all things once God and Amara ‘join’ together in some way. But It’s funny because as I was writing that I did think that it would sound better if she was DARK matter instead because, well… DARK. Heh.

So we imagine that Amara is the Dark Matter in the universe compared to the visible ‘light’ matter or in this case, God.

Then what we know is that creation could not happen without her (without God’s “betrayal” according to the show so far) and that she has been there this whole time but has been reduced to an angelic bedtime story, invisible to all of God’s creation but still affecting it in a profound way.

Because that is the kicker here. Like Dark Matter, which is theorised to not only make up around 95% of the matter in the universe as you mentioned, but that it is the substance that is holding the universe together, keeping it in motion, and potentially responsible for the current structure of the universe in which life was able to form. The Darkness has a fundamental role in God’s creation. (perhaps in 11x20 we will find out more about this?) There has to be a balance. There cannot be light without dark, there cannot be good without evil, and that for humans to truly have free will, they have to have the choice before them… to eat the forbidden fruit or not?

Without going too far into it, just imagine what that world would look like had the Darkness never existed? Had it never corrupted Lucifer? There would be no sin. Without the option to sin, there is no free will.

When you consider that Angels are supposed to be beings of pure light (so not affected by the darkness and pure creations of God alone) they don’t have free will, they don’t understand the concept of it, and when they do use it, they tend to fall. Human’s already all have a little bit of Darkness in them. That ability to choose chaos over order… maybe thats why Amara is eating the souls? To get back all those pieces of herself that are spread out across the universe in the souls? (because i headcanon now that for God to create souls he had to use her power in some small way - because he couldn’t just create souls from his own ‘light’ powers like he did with the angels - i also theorise that the leviathan was him using way too much of Amara’s power over his own - but meh, that’s all just my own headcanons with very little canon evidence to back up my wildly outlandish claims.)

Going back to the idea of Dark Matter vs Light Matter, unlike the anti-matter idea, there is no cancelling out. the two types of matter work in harmony together to make a functioning universe. You cannot have one without the other (so the physics seems to suggest). So there can be no killing Amara, just calming her, and getting her to understand that she does very much have a place in the universe her brother created, that she is vital to the continued existence of humanity through free will. This could lead to a rather satisfying season end without another death or entrapment and instead one of unification and progression. and it will be our very own team free will that gets her to see it.

This is probably the most positive season end that we could hope for in all honesty, though right now it is more of a wish than anything I actually believe could happen. Since I am unfortunately one of those that believes that either Sam or Dean (most likely Dean) will end up out in the empty by season end.

This ask got away from me a bit! I got over excited about science theory like the geek i am and rambled. Hopefully this is relatively coherent! :)

signs as panic! at the disco lyrics
  • Aries: Our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos
  • I set my expectations high
  • So nothing ever comes out right (Turn Off the Lights)
  • Taurus: It's better to burn than to fade away
  • It's better to leave than to be replaced (Nicotine)
  • Gemini: If I should die tonight
  • May I first just say I'm sorry
  • For I, never felt like anybody
  • I am a man of many hats although I
  • Never mastered anything (C'mon)
  • Cancer: They said if you don't let it out
  • You're gonna let it eat you away
  • I'd rather be a cannibal, baby
  • Animals like me don't talk anyway (The Calendar)
  • Leo: Cause I am a new wave gospel sharp, and you'll be thy witness
  • So gentlemen, if you're gonna preach, for God sakes preach with conviction!
  • (I Constantly Thank God for Esteban)
  • Virgo: Asleep in the hive
  • I guess all the buzzing got to me
  • The rest of the life
  • At night your body is a symphony
  • And I'm conducting (The Calendar)
  • Libra: Boy you better put that pen to paper, charm your way out
  • If you talk you better walk you better back your shit up
  • With more than good hooks while you're all under the gun (London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines)
  • Scorpio: The anesthetic never set in and I'm wondering where
  • The apathy and urgency is that I thought I phoned in (Camisado)
  • Sagittarius: I was drunk and it didn't mean a thing
  • Stop thinking about
  • The bullets from my mouth (Hallelujah)
  • Capricorn: I'm skin and bone
  • Just a king and a rusty throne
  • Oh, the castle's under siege
  • But the sign outside says, "Leave me alone" (Always)
  • Aquarius: I don’t love you I'm just passing the time
  • You could love me if I knew how to lie
  • But who could love me?
  • I am out of my mind
  • Throwing a line out to sea
  • To see if I can catch a dream (She Had the World)
  • Pisces: If all our life is but a dream
  • Fantastic posing greed
  • Then we should feed our jewelry to the sea
  • For diamonds do appear to be
  • Just like broken glass to me (Northern Downpour)
A Place For Us To Dream || Interlude III

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (58/65)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy!

Special Note: This chapter – with the previous two – is dedicated tobadwolfrun. MK, you’ve been an unending source of support and inspiration while I’ve been working my way through this story, and the lengths you go to review it and make sure I know how much you love it are honestly the only thing that keep me posting sometimes. Thank you <3

I hope I do your favorite episode justice.

You are mine…

You will die…

You’ll never be free

“Rose, wake up! Rose!”

Rose shot up, gasping for breath as her head snapped back and forth. She was safe. She wasn’t on the bus. She wasn’t being possessed. She wasn’t about to die.

She was fine.

Donna shifted to sit on the jump seat with Rose, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Rose hadn’t talked much about what had happened on the bus since they’d left Midnight, but the nightmares had plagued her basically every time she closed her eyes.

“Ssshh, you’re alright.” Donna smoothed Rose’s hair back gently. “You’re alright, see? You’re okay.”

Rose leaned against Donna, still shaking a bit. “It…It was in my head,” she whispered after a moment. “It was talkin’ to me…tauntin’ me…”

Donna held her tighter, sighing. Rose usually bounced back from things pretty quickly but this…this had shaken her badly.

And Donna didn’t really know what to do.

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anonymous asked:

Nice find. Eretria looking at Amberle that makes it very clear that she cares and IMO loves her. I mean Amberle 'killed' the guy, which I guess was her first time. Eretria is the only one of the group to have killed and knows what it feels like. So she def wants to comfort Amberle, because she knows there is nothing they can do for the girl. My babies! Thank god for princessrover because it got me over my sq addiction. This is sooooo much better.

Thanks, noonie<3~ Though I think Eretria killed a ‘human’, or human-like person for the first time in ep7 when those hunters were hunting Amberle for her ear. Eretria never killed anyone before that point that wasn’t a troll, she was a thief and a burglar. But when those hunters followed them down to the abandoned school, Eretria had no choice. You can see how disgusted she is with herself here: 

They ambush the first guy and Eretria stabs him in the shoulder when she could have gone for the neck. 

Then the guy fights back and turns it back around on her. 

Then Amberle knocks him on the head but he doesn’t die. 

Eretria looks at him in horror before she notices the robe. 

They ambush the 2nd guy and again Eretria doesn’t kill him right away even though she could have. 

He fights back and attacks Eretria. Amberle then saves her but gets knocked down. Eretria then goes for the bow. And shoots the guy in the eye. 

And they give us a few seconds to show Eretria’s reaction. Because if she’d done this before then they wouldn’t have bothered with this many scenes on Eretria’s face. 

This is a face of a girl that has never killed in her life before. And she did it to save Amberle. *-* 

Chapter 36


I sat in the waiting room of the hospital scrolling through twitter and reading texts on my phone. I was in my feelings from reading the things people were saying. It seems like they don’t like any woman I date.
It’s been about an hour since we got here. Between her fainting and all the things people are saying I’m going to lose my mind.

@crazyforbreezy: I hope those things they said about Robin aren’t true keep your head up @chrisbrown

@toopretty_: @chrisbrown always attaching himself to some basic bitch

@everythinggreat_: @chrisbrown don’t leave her she’s perfect for you #teambreezy

@gettingpaper: @chrisbrown is seriously the dumbest motherfucker on earth. I bet he knew she was a prostitute and paid her

I swear somehow someway it always ends up being my fault. I can’t wear a shirt without being scrutinized for it. The girl I love has a past that may not be the best, and because she’s not perfect I’m the problem. I swear when I get my hands on who did this I’ll kill them.

“Chris she’s going to be alright relax” Ashley said taking a seat next to me.

I put my head in the palm of my hands and sighed “I hope so Ashley because I need her.”

Ty, Ashley, the baby and I sat and waited. I called Mercedeh and she said she’d be here soon. I couldn’t rack my brain around who would do this. Robin did have many people who didn’t like her so the list is probably long.

“Family of Ms.Rox?” a doctor called out.

“I’m her sister” Ashley said walking towards him.

“Robin fainted due to shock and stress. We made sure that she was hooked up to an IV and that she’s resting. You can go see her and she’s asking for a Chris. We’ll be keeping her over night for observation and she may go home in the morning. Overall as long as she rests she’ll be fine.” he told her.

“Thank you, what room is she in?” she asked him.

“287” he said before excusing himself.

Ashley turned toward and tilted her head toward the direction of Robin’s room.

“I’m going relax” I chuckled before getting up to head to her room.

I couldn’t move my feet quick enough. Almost two hours of worrying about her I wish I could fly to her room. When I finally reached her room she was laying down. She looked pale and worried.

“Hey beautiful. How are you feeling?” I asked walking to her bedside.

She looked up at me and put her arms out for me to embrace her. I obliged her silent but loud request.

“Chris I’m sorry” she cracked.

I chuckled “what are you sorry about? I know everything about you now. I know the real Robin. Stop worrying about everything else.”

I felt her tears soaking my t-shirt “I don’t deserve you.”

“Well you got me and I’m not going anywhere. Now relax yourself” I said kissing her forehead.

“Chris I’m scared. I have all these extra problems to deal with now.”

“I’m going to handle it. Just get better.”

I looked into her eyes and saw all this fear and need. I guess she’s been through so much that it scares her. All I can do is be there for her as best I can. On cue Ashley, Ty and Mercedeh walked in. Thank god for them.

“Bitch next time you faint I’m going to wake you up and make you faint again!” Ashley joked.

“I’m sorry chica everything sort of just hit me and I fainted.”

Ashley embraced her and I smiled. Ashley was always the girl you could depend on never to hurt Robin. Even when we weren’t together she always kept me in the loop on Robin. Ashley was to Robin what Ty was to me. No matter what happened we were family. I admired her for it.

“Babe Ty and I are gonna roll out and let you have time to yourselves.” I said before kissing her soft pink lips.

“Hurry back and please bring me food please.”

I nodded and Ty and I headed to the car leaving the girls alone. We got in the car and I was headed one place.

“Yo you headed where I think you headed?”

I nodded “yeah nigga. I think this Kevin nigga did this. I mean who else knows Robin’s life like that. Plus, if it wasn’t him I bet he knows who it was.”

Ty nodded and I stepped on the gas. Earlier I texted some if the boys could find him. I got his address and that’s where I’m headed.


We got to his house in about forty minutes. When I pulled up he was just stepping out his whip.

“Kevin!” I called out jumping out the car with Ty following.

“Aye man, I saw the news earlier bruh. Y’all know who’s behind it?”

I raised an eyebrow. Was this motherfucker for real?

“I came here, because I thought you were behind this.”

He threw his hands up “nah I’m a lot of things but a bitch ain’t one. That shit right there was a bitch move.”

I nodded “aight man good talking to you.”

We hopped back in the car and I headed to McDonald’s to scoop Rob some food. Something don’t add up. If I stayed any longer I was going to seriously hurt that nigga. What the fuck is going on yo!


Chris and Ty left so I took the opportunity to let the girls know who was behind this shit.

“Y’all know this is India’s doing right?” I asked them.

“What?” Mercedeh asked confused.

“Before Chris and I got back together she threatened to do this. I just never thought she’d see it through.”

Ashley turned red with anger “you know I’m going to kill that bitch right. I swear you shouldn’t of told me that shit!”

I sighed and refrained from saying anything. If it isn’t one thing it’s the next. Seems like I can never be happy. That’s one of the reasons I left Chris the first time. This whole situation is making me rethink leaving August.

“Robin cut it out. Your not leaving Chris again” Ashley said reading my mind.

“Ashley I’m not, but maybe it would’ve been better had I not come back. I keep making problems. This didn’t happen with August ever!”

I put my hands in my hair and I started to feel lightheaded all over again.

“Get me something sweet to drink. I feel really weak. The sugar should help.” I said.

On cue Chris walked in with my food and I immediately dug in.

“Well I know Chris wants to probably spend as much time with you until visiting hours are over so we gonna head out” Ty said coming to hug me goodbye.

“Thanks for coming guys I really appreciate it” I said.

“Oh please you’d do it for us” Mercedeh said.

Eventually they left and Chris kicked off his sneakers and joined me on the bed since it was big enough for two.

“I love you beautiful” Chris said kissing me so passionately.

“Mmm I love you too baby” I said pecking his lips a couple times.

He dug into the bag and pulled out some stuff he bought for himself. I was starting to feel better knowing Chris was here. Despite feeling like we can never be happy I know he makes me happy.

“Stay here with me tonight. Help me keep my mind off of all this mess baby please?” I asked kissing his cheek.

He chuckled “I stay here you know your not going to get sleep and we don’t want the patients making noise complaints.”

I blushed “oh God you horny fool. Just stay I need you.”

“Aight I’ll stay, but what I’m getting?”

“A chance to keep me sane and no sex in this hospital you nasty fool. My kitty has had quite enough the past two days.”

He chuckled and kissed me “ok fine have it your way. I just want to hold you anyways.”

In the middle of our little exchange that was getting heated this man walked in.

“Excuse me, Robin?” he called out.

I looked up and dropped my entire container of fries in my lap. Just when you thought your day couldn’t out do itself anymore it does.

“Hello Robin” he said.

“Tr-Tre-Trey! I thought you were dead!” I said shocked.

“Who the fuck is Trey?” Chris said.


I sat back sipping a glass of wine smiling to myself. My revenge was getting to be real sweet. My next target was going to be Ashley. She’s been happy far too long.

My phone rang interrupting my thoughts.

“What is it?”

“Chris came lurking for who did this and I just know it was your sneaky ass. Watch your back India and leave me out of it” Kevin warned.

I laughed “are you mad because I did what you couldn’t? Please I don’t have to watch anything, but these bitches suffer.”

I hung up the phone and laughed. Wait until my next plan falls through. Their lives will forever be upside down.


“Hey,watch out!” All you see is the blue sky above you as you tumble backwards into the ocean. A large man has just knocked you clear off the yacht with a piece of luggage he chose to carry over his shoulder. Turning to look behind himself, hedidn’t see you and swiped you right into the water where your VIP guests are busy boarding their luxury chartered vessel at Calivigny Island’sprivate dock. The vessel on which you just got a job as a crew member. Not agreat start to your very first official charter.

CaptainTaylor tries to make light of the situation by joking that it’s your initiation as the large man apologises profusely to a salt-water-soaked you while youclimb back on deck. “It’s okay… really, I’m fine.” Your very wet little white uniform has become somewhat transparent and clings to your body like a wetsuit. During your unplanned dunk in the ocean, the VIP guests boarded and you try very hard to slip below deck to get dried off and changed. No such luck. They spot you and you reluctantly drip their way to be introduced. “This is our crew’s newest member… the baby of our family…” Baby? Captain Taylor has appointed himself as the dad on board, sternly managing his young brood of crew members. You’ve had to tone down your independent, know-it-all streak quite a bit since being hired.    

“Poor baby! You’re soaked to the skin.” The young man takes hold of your right hand in both of his, rubbing it gently. “I apologise for my body guard’s carelessness. He should have been paying attention to where he’s going. I’m really sorry. Are you okay? I’m Justin, by the way.” 

He looks you up and down as you’re shivering like a Chihuahua, the wet fabric of your uniform clinging to your chest, leaving nothing to the imagination.

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