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She visibly flinched as he accidentally brushed the hair off her forehead, and they both froze.

He stared.

For 3 seconds.

Anger and shame flushed across her cheeks, as she tried to push him away, but he held onto her hands firmly, refusing to budge, as memories of fifth year came flashing back.

He had heard about the incident between her and Granger, or at least some garbled version that came of out Hogwarts rumour mill. But he’d never actually seen it before, and had just assumed it wasn’t a permanent curse. And now, realization downed on him that she must’ve carefully did her hair this way all these years.

“I – ”

“Go away, Malfoy,” Marietta Edgecombe’s voice hitched slightly, as if she were blinking away tears.

He didn’t.

“Granger did this?” He wanted to ask why didn’t she fix it, but he knew that she must’ve tried. “I – Pansy’s … I’ll get Pansy to make her undo this.”

“I don’t need your help,” she bit out.

His mouth twitched slightly, annoyed. (He knew he should probably be more patient, and her reaction was not really surprising, but he was still slightly annoyed.) “At least your scar might be fixable.”

Confusion slowly replaced anger on her face.

He let out a sharp, bitter laugh before unbuttoning his shirt, letting the sectumsempra scars show. Snape had saved his life, but even dittany hadn’t been able to heal all the wounds. Some things left marks. “You’re looking at the proud handiwork of the wonderful Chosen One,” he informed her.

It was her turn to stare.

“And people call them the Golden Trio,” she finally murmured.

So golden,” Draco grimaced, a bitter smile forming as he echoed the word. His hand slowly cupped her cheek, and she didn’t try to push him away this time.

sheakspaere  asked:

how do you think jackie and hyde would react to their son on daughter coming out as gay or bi???

We are talking about a coming out in the 90s, probably.

For what we’ve seen in the show, both characters don’t care much about other people’s sexuality (mostly because the show didn’t care to actually talk about that, just once in season 1. And the kid’s reactions are more of the fact that they don’t believe that Buddy is gay, but not because of his sexuality but because none have a gaydar like Fez’s).

Particullary, I think Hyde would be ok, no matter the kid’s gender. Jackie wouldn’t care either, but will be worried about what other people may do to them or say to them. She would probably be fighting everyone and internally it means there’s a part of her that is still thinking about what other people may think of her child, her family and her.

I think this experience would make her let go of the rest of that part of her that started to disappear when she started dating Hyde, that she will finally let go of what other people may think. That’s a possible scenario. Ultimately, I think she would accept and love her child no matter what.

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No sorry false alarm, before we do that I want to talk about this kind of puzzling note on the 2nd edition.

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in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other


does teruki hanazawa is gay or european