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Rin’s reaction to watching Haru swim.  It was so intense he had to be helped out of the pool!

Quote from the novel:

He tried to do what he could to catch up, but when he made the touch he had just barely made fourth place. He didn’t even have the time to see Haruka dive in overhead.

All of a sudden, he felt a light and turned around. Haruka was swimming. Haruka was swimming while shining. His strong energy had become a shining light, and it was so dazzlingly bright it emitted from Haruka.

Rin was unable to move. He couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Rin’s heart was completely enraptured by Haruka’s gliding swimming, that was like a water bird dancing in the sky with it’s wings spread wide.

It was only after Haruka had made the turn that Rin somehow made it up onto the poolside, pulled up by Makoto. With a huge lead, Haruka’s head rose to the surface. Then he started his stroke. (x)

scienceofficer-winifredburkle  asked:

creme brulee, chocolate chip cookie

thanks friend!!!

creme brûlée: describe your style

as much as i hate to admit this but literally all of my clothes are from hollister. so i guess crop tops and high waisted jeans are my go to.

chocolate chip cookie: how has your life changed over the past year?

oh wow a lot actually. i got a new job that love and in this i found people who actually wanna be my friend and hang out with me. also i don’t let anyone walk all over me.

MAMA is that time of the year where every kpop fandom is now on their own. If the fandoms got together before to make kpop gain more recognition in worldwide awards, this is where we separate. But always remember to keep being nice and respectful to every single fandom. Even if their group wasn’t nominated for MAMA, be nice and don’t make fun of them. I think we all have lived through at least 1 MAMA and we all have witnessed the fanwars. Let’s keep it low guys.

I was thinkin’ about a Dangan Ronpa AU where they sing during things like the investigations and trials and, well, photoshop happened.

Dangan Ronpa School Musical.

The cast of DR and their respective songs~

Start of Something New - Makoto Naegi and Sayaka Maizono
Get'cha Head in the Game - Naegi  (featuring Leon Kuwata)
What I’ve Been Looking For - Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa
What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise) - Naegi and Kyoto Kirigiri
Stick to the Status Quo - Chihiro Fujisaki, Mondo Owada, and Kiyotaka Ishimaru
When There Was Me and You - Aoi Asahina and Sakura Ogami
Bop to the Top - Ishimaru, Celestia Ludenberg, Hifumi Yamada, and Yasuhiro Hagakure
Breaking Free - Naegi and Kirigiri
We’re All in This Together - Naegi, Kirigiri, Togami, Fukawa, Asahina, Hagakure, Junko Enoshima