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Les Mis ships as Allegiance lyrics
  • Enjolras/Grantaire: "Why would you choose a fool who'd die for his ideals?" "If I had to do it all again, I would"
  • Combeferre/Courfeyrac: "Are you the one who stays with me, through seasons of my life?"
  • Courfeyrac/Jehan: "Just close your eyes and suddenly we're dancing in our dreams"
  • Jehan/Montparnasse: "Life in here may be sink or swim, but he makes it strangely sweet"
  • Valjean/Javert: "This is not over. We are not over. You are my future not my past"
  • Cosette/Marius: "All that's left between us are some vows to say. Just you and me, and nothing in our way"
  • Marius/Eponine: "With you... with you... I cannot be with you"
  • Eponine/Cosette: "We are women who move mountains in the middle of a war! We are stronger than before!"
  • Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta: "But we cannot know how they ever go, the wishes heaven grants. If I could say to you 'not a chance but two...'"
  • Feuilly/Bahorel: "If I were with you, we would fight the world everyday"
  • Mabeuf/his books: What am I supposed to do? Pick up the pieces without you? The world is upside down, and they have come and torn my heart away. I'm done with standing by! Now it's time to do or die!
  • Bonus
  • Les Amis: "Resist! For now and ever, resist! We stand together to insist, before we fight, they do what's right"
  • Enjolras/Grantaire runner up: "I see such strength in you that I might believe it too." "I believe in you"