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FIXed the errors this joke is dead but this is them


[ commissions: opened! ]

hi guys this is bening! and im taking commissions….again! i updated the prices, i hope its not too pricey;;

if youre interested pls chat me on tumblr im!! & dont be afraid to ask questions ^^

finished image is in 300dpi png and,,, i guess thats it? :0 please help reblog this! thanks for your support, i really appreciate it! <3

slot: 5/5

no offense but imagine living with hobi? and waking up every day next to him seein his pretty eyes flutter open and smile at you and walk around in his pjs n bedhead and sit down together to watch tv before you get ready with him :( n then he’d like stare at you while you put on makeup or do your hair just smiling saying cute stuff like “"ahhh youre so pretty ” “you know you dont even need makeup ? you look so good either way ” and at night when youre both tired and layin in bed on ur phones hed lay his head on ur shoulder lookin up at u until both of u fell asleep :(( or sometimes hed wake u up w breakfast in bed &its somethin he googled the recipe for bt its missing a few ingredients and is probably a little burnt but u eat it anyways bc it tastes good just because u know he made it :((( and sometimes ud come home to sweet notes on ur bed or flowers on the table :’( sometimes youd wake up to him kissing all over ur cheeks and ud have tickle fights all the time and sneak around the house to scare him and hearing him sing and dance around the house even if ur a few rooms over :(