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FIXed the errors this joke is dead but this is them

i have a dumb barry bluejeans hc

okokok hear me out

i think we all agree this guy has a dorky and kind of snorty giggly-laugh? its just kind of bubbly and nerdy and it probably equal parts adorable as it is embarrassing. but when he laughs too hard at, like, a dumb joke or something super dumb happening (”lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!”)

he just sort of. forehead boops to someone’s shoulder. like whoever's next to him he just curls in and laughs and no one ever says it out loud but it’s easily without a doubt everyone’s favorite thing ever.


[ commissions: opened! ]

hi guys this is bening! and im taking commissions….again! i updated the prices, i hope its not too pricey;;

if youre interested pls chat me on tumblr im!! & dont be afraid to ask questions ^^

finished image is in 300dpi png and,,, i guess thats it? :0 please help reblog this! thanks for your support, i really appreciate it! <3

slot: 5/5


ahh so im opening up commissions ´v` after the longest time lmao

tho incase the examples are too tiny to see well i recommend going thru my side blog @crybabytime ‘s art tag (its tagged as #my art !) because i post there all the time and they can be seen in their true resolution!

If interested or have any questions please contact the email above thank you!


lil doodles of the recruiter au saihara!! his personality is.. surprisingly sensitive. and he’s a bit of a romantic?