guerrilla knit


Things In Trees, pt. I: Guerrilla Knitting found on our way to Forest Park. I’ve seen it before at home, but never covering a whole trunk! I am quite toen about the phenomenon, as I like the idea, but the cloths are often put together without putting much thought into color combinations it seems.


On yarn bombing, or “guerrilla knitting”:

“Some engage in yarn bombing as a fun and creative way to use up left over yarn, others consider it an urban intervention to personalize otherwise cold and impersonal spaces or to make socio- political statements. Humor is often a major component of yarn bombing, which by its nature embodies contradictory idiosyncrasies within itself. 

In its seemingly odd juxtaposition of knitting and graffiti, often associated with opposing concepts such as female, granny, indoors, domestic, wholesome and soft vs. male, enfant terrible, outdoors, public, underground and edgy, the practice of yarn bombing  redefines both genres. Yarn bombing transforms knitting from a domestic endeavor to public art, recontextualizing both knitting and graffiti, both of which are marginalized creative endeavors that fall outside ‘high art.’”