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[17′s Diary] 1509/1510 MANSAE Promotion

The8: We had our comeback today. This is the first day of our schedule, but we’re going ‘til the night. We’re busy, but it’s very good. When we did the broadcast today, there were many people, so I’m really thankful. *laughs* We had a showcase today as well. I felt really happy on the stage. Everyone worked hard today~

Dino: When I think of comeback (comeback, you say?!), it’s really fascinating.  I’m having a comeback after being a singer. *cries* We’ve safely ended our first week. The schedule was hard, but since I got strength with the hyungs, I think we ended it well. It is the start, so we ate meat to cheer up. *laughs* Moreover, the response is good, so I feel good. But since I’ll work harder, I’ll improve. Moving forward, I’ll write history. Aja, aja, hwaiting!!  MANSAE to SEVENTEEN, who’s going to move forward to the top!!

Joshua: We were given a resting time after a long time. So, I had a date with the members. *laughs* We went to COEX and hung out. After a long time, we’ve played games together and ate delicious food. We rested, so we’ve regained energy and will be making good stages.

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@WM_OHMYGIRL: #양갈래승희 사랑둥이 아린이의 생일&팬미팅&게릴라 공연 = 절대 잊지 못할 추억😍 고마워요 사랑해요 많이 (주섬주섬 하트 쨘쨔라란💖

#DoublePonytailSeunghee Lovely Arinie’s birthday & fanmeeting & Guerilla performance = an unforgettable experience😍 Thank you, love you lots (scavenge for this heart tadah💖

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